That was a very original device back in the day, as you can see, it’s slightly curved and the price tag that you can find this model at its five hundred and four dollars on the carrier. Sprint in USA, it debuted in January as the first phone with the Snapdragon 810 processor inside the first mainstream phone, and it has a smaller diagonal than the first G flex. It goes from six inches to 5.5 inches in this case. As far as the design goes, this model has a curved body, a curved display and the thickness ranges from 7.1 millimeters in the sinner parts for nine point: four millimeters in the thicker parts: okay, so the weight is 152 grams, which is 25 grams lighter than the G flex, one it’s also 11 millimeter shorter than the predecessor and six millimeters narrower. As i said, the diagonal has decreased from six inches to 5.5 inches it’s also comfier to use is it excellently in my hand, I have no trouble scrolling around and moving around and it’s even comfier in the pocket compared to the predecessor. Also, I have to say, it’s a bit more rigid when it comes to flexing it. When you play with the LG G flex, you just wanted to flex it all the time. This time, this model is only made two flex by accident, or in extreme case you shouldn’t be trying to do that a lot, and by that I mean placing it on a flat surface and pressing it hard till it becomes flat instead of curved.

As I said, this is rather internet for those accidents where you have it in the pocket and gets flat not to play around. I have to say that this is a plastic glossy body with a self healing back apparently LG claims that the back will self heal faster than the one of the G flex, one it used to take about 3 minutes for a scratch to heal. Well now it takes 10 seconds according to LG. Our model has a few scratches already. It appears other reviewers tried it out with. I don’t know nails and things like that or cutters. Anyway, the auto heal concept works. If you have it in the same pocket as the keys, not with nails or knives, or things like that, so you shouldn’t apply pressure. If you want to scratch the phone, you should only scratch it by mistake. That’S LG’s concept here it doesn’t work miracles that auto heal. It only hears those minor scratches that everyone of us give to their phones. Once again, I have to say that we got some excellent one hand usage here. Although the phone is slightly sick slippery because of the glossy case, there is an interesting concept. Take texture at the back. There are circles radiating from this area here that look very nice, the phone will turn silver and a beautiful red version. At the front we got to the due regard: glass, beauregard glass is basically pour you a glass three with twenty percent extra protection from LG.

What also have at the front, we got the earpiece, we got sensors, you got a phone camera and we got a notification. Led right here and that’s pretty much it at the front side. Moving on at the back, we have the main camera. We got the door tone flash next to it. We got the laser autofocus. We got the volume buttons and the onoff button right here. They have good placement and good feedback when pressing them and then comes the speaker right here in this area, you can remove a back cover using this little hole on the side and it’s surprisingly easy to do the removal of the back cover. Here we go under it, you can find the micro, SD and micro sim card slot, as mentioned right here on the side, battery is non removable, and once again, this is the speaker. Let’S put this back on. There is nothing on the sides what so ever since the volumes are at the back, the volume buttons and you want to button on the back and at the top we can find the infrared emitter and a microphone another microphone at the bottom and micro, USB port And audio jack other things worth mentioning here is the fact that we have slim pizzelles, for this screen, as you can see, is not an edge to edge screen, but lee close to it, because these edges are very very Slee. The conclusion is that the design is very comfy and elegant.

It has probably the best one hand usage for a phablet that I’ve encountered so far. It comes in silver, red and it’s. A beautiful thing to play with certainly will attract attention of the, but around now. As far as the hardwood is concerned, this model comes with a 5.5 inch plastic OLED screen with a full HD resolution inside the phone we have a Snapdragon, 810 processor and it’s an octa core 64bit cpu clocked at up to two gigahertz. The GPU is an Adreno 430 and there are two versions of this device. One comes with 16 gigabytes of storage, this one and two gigabytes of RAM and the other one 32 gigabytes of storage and also three gigabytes of RAM. I have to mention that the 16 gigabyte model will come with about nine gigabytes, free of storage, which is a bit of a bummer. You will get about 7 to the bytes of system. Applications on board of this model. The micro SD card slot takes up to 128 gigabytes extra as far as the camera lowes 13 megapixel shooter right here with optical image stabilization and do all that flash 2.1 megapixel shooter for selfies on the connectivity side. This FG phone G flex 2 brings LTE category 6, Wi Fi, abgnac 12 and gps and glonass Bluetooth, 4.1 and FC infrared FM radio, DLNA micro, USB 2.0, with the TV out support and USB host, not very sure about the micro visibility has slimport andor, MHL or Bolt anyway, let’s get to other things.

We got an accelerometer proximity sensor and active noise canceling on board, as well as Dolby acoustics from what we know. The battery was dealing with here, it’s, a lithium polymer unit, with a capacity of 3000 million per hour. The predecessor had a capacity of 3500 million per hour and in our test that involves a video playback with Wi Fi own and brightness. At fifty percent let’s see what’s the duration be achieved, and here we go, as I said, HD video playback on a loop, Wi Fi own Bratton’s, fifty percent for hours and seven minutes, which is a pretty big letdown see. This is sort of a flagship, the g flex, one offered us 12 hours and 15 minutes, and the four hours here are very low, but even below the HTC one m7 and Nexus 5 that we usually use as a negative comparison turn. Meanwhile, we also did a pcmark test. Pcmark will stress the battery and put it to various trellis activities till it runs out so five hours and seven minutes of use time in the pcmark test, we’re above the HTC One m9 that’s called for hours and 57 minutes and pretty close to the oneplus one And it’s five hours and 50 minutes, this one is a better value than the one before the charging. Well, this model supports the quick charge technology, so you get about sixty percent in 40 or 50 minutes of charging. In our tests, we achieved a charging time from zero to one hundred percent in one hour and 47 minutes, which is better than G flex, one that achieved it, employers and several minutes.

There are still better models out there like the galaxy s6 that achieved one hour and 10 minutes of charging. The charging is pretty much okay, but the big problem here is the weak battery playback time about four hours of usage, which is not very good. However, once I use the phone with a regular usage pattern a day by day pattern, I achieved about one day of regular usage, which is pretty decent. If you want to know about battery saving is pretty straightforward. You go to settings and battery activate that receiver change. A percentage and that’s the only thing can tweak here. As far as I know, you cannot change other options ready to battery saving, which is a bit of a letdown. Overall, the battery is a bit of a disappointment in the video claim area other than that should be pretty good. First things, first, we’re about to test the acoustics here. This is the speaker of the phone. It came without headphones. This is a test unit which means it’s not for resale and it’s, not a finalized version. We got a small speaker and pretty much the same music player as the one we have on the LG g3 simple interface that stabbed songs, albums artist, generous, sounds listed right here. Options include playlist, shuffling delete, share settings, sleep, timer and audio effects, with an equalizer with the quad big bass, boosted treble booster water, booster and custom, with Chef, seven channels to tweak your acoustic experience.

We can also change the pitch and speed the tunes if you want to now. Let’S, actually just listen to something and draw some conclusions. Okay, so I just play it with those options pitch and speed, and the overall experience is pretty loud, clear crisp. We have a very good base, the sound is warm and, frankly speaking, it can cover a part of a conversation. However, we use the decibel meter and we weren’t exactly impressed by the results. The results are only decent, not huge or very impressive. This is it. Eighty 2.9 decibels the same result of the front and the back it’s, not flagship level. The galaxy s6 achieves 89 decibels, iphone 6 plus 80 3.8 decibels. So overall the acoustics are only good, but they won’t break any barrier. If you want extra options or the sound, you can go to the settings, sound that sound profile volume you can set up the vibration strength, ringtones notification sounds and things like that. There’S no extra options like some enhance or door do things like that. So good acoustics and we move on to the screen. This is for 5.5 inch ur here a plastic OLED screen with a full HD resolution and do regardless protection, usually OLED screens, all that panels have diodes on a sheet of glass. This one is using plastic thanks to LG’s plastic Polly technology. We got here a density of 403 PPI and the video player is basically the gallery application.

It comes with a lot of codecs supported, luckily and even subtitles as far as we know. Ok, if you’re in the video playback area you’ll see a few options here, we got the audio option. We got the option to go back on 40 with a small preview and then tap it to reach that area. We got this pop up. Playback feature. You keep keep doing other activities while you watch your small video or go back to its bigger version. Okay, let’s see what else we got here: screen ratio, subtitles sharing and trimming settings and details you can play on lock screen. Take a screenshot select the play. Speed. Video auto off and finally, you can zoom in. If you want to ok, I just go to go back and enjoy the full experience we got here so conclusions about the screen or dealing with a crisp display with a brightness that’s let’s say we do. The screen is slightly over saturated, the colors are very, very vivid. The image is clear, however, if you remember the LG G flex, it has a very beautiful curve that made everything feel beautiful. When you watch the video on it, you would like hypnotic just like the IMS I max screen, but the cinema. The idea is that a very curved device makes the video look different in your hands this time that effect isn’t present. Sadly, I also have to say that we got pretty wide viewing angles here, as you can see, ok and this screen offers pixels, that of the pen tile metrics kind.

You got diamond shaped pentyl, metrics pixels here each pixel has four sub pixels and also have to mention that the screen behaves pretty poorly in full sunlight, so it’s rather reflective. These are the pixels under the microscope. As I said, pentile metric diamond shaped and here comes the disappointment. We have a Lux meter that measures the brightness. We achieved 266 lux units. This is a test unit, as you probably know, and I have to mention that, after using the phone for a while in the brightness area, the slider here, you will be notified that the brightness has decreased about eighty percent in order not to get a device very Hot, which is probably the reason why we achieved such a low lux level anyway, the g flex, one had 246 locks, so this doesn’t evolution and with this value here we are below ninety percent of all the phones we’ve tested this year, which is a bit of A disappointment even the HTC One, nine that would be the size, a lot reached. 300. Se 262 locks the iphone 6 plus 600 5 lakhs. So we’re not doing that. Fine. If you want options for the display, you can get plenty okay, so we got home screen. You can select home or easy home. You can have to be the smart bullet in change. Your team download, more change. Your wallpaper play with screen side effects, allow home screen looping then go to the lock screen.

Select screen lock, set up screen swipe effect, wallpaper shortcuts. Whether animation and this one will bring rain, drops to your screen to our lockscreen begin terribly entirety of it once it’s raining outside. You can tweak the combination of the virtual buttons in android. You can hide those touch buttons in certain applications. You can change the font type and the font size make the brightness change automatically or manually deactivate. The notification LED screen, timeout can be changed and, finally, you can change the screen mode to standard vivid or natural. If you want less saturated, you go with natural. If you want oversaturated with vivid there’s, the screen of effect choose from here daydream and finally, auto adjust spring tone that saves power by adjusting screen brightness automatically with analysis of image. Color, ok, so overall, the screen is pretty much unimpressive, at least on paper and judging by the locks value, I have to say that is pretty crisp and the colors are very vivid, but the brightness is probably its biggest issue, and it also my things nice things Here that I must show you the sort of like a glance mechanism that allows you to quickly see your status area and time by little by little swipe like that so that’s. What I wanted to show you in the end of the screen part now with guts to the camera area, so keep that in mind. The screen is a left down as far as the brightness goes, so the camera.

This is the same 13 megapixel shooter was the one of the LG g3. Basically, we have optical image, stabilization plus phase detection autofocus. We have a dual tone LED flash, and this camera gets the support of an infrared answer and face detection focus a front. There is a 2.1 megapixel shooter for the selfies, now let’s check out the camera interface that’s, hugely simple, once again, like on the LG g3 very few options, which is not exactly a bad thing. So here we go on the right side. We have the gallery shortcut. The video capture button, the shutter button and the back button. Well, on the left side, we have the main capture options: flash option from camera shortcut that will bring you to an area where you can see a beauty, beauty slider. I will treat your face. We can Auto panorama and duel in the mold area and finally domain settings area HDR that can be set to auto and condo. Modern phones like realloc cs6 on or off then comes the resolution. You can take photos in 13 megapixels, which is basically 4160 31 20 or 10 megapixels, 9 megapixels or 3 megapixels that’s the photo the video can be taken in 4k, full HD, HD or HD slow motion at 120 frames per. Second, you can activate voice commands. You can say cheese, whiskey or kimchi. Take a picture like it just happened and you can deactivate it. There is a timer. There is a grid, be applied and that’s.

Basically, all we have in terms of options. So you cannot customize the exposure white balance that I saw you get to play only with auto auctions, which is not exactly bad. The zoom goes up to eight times pretty impressive. The focus is pretty fast, pretty precise and also fast is the actual capture and the results are pretty impressive. As you can see huge level of detail – and I do mean huge to look at the tower here – this one here – I’m actually zooming in on it right now – and the phone does a fine job at capturing details. Ok, so let’s make this castle go away because you have a huge gallery to show you usually when I say huge and talking about 100 pictures. Now we have passed the 200 pictures mark 216, so there’s a ton of stuff to show you. We have daytime sample night I’m sample in lower samples and even some photos taken during the mortal kombat x, lounge isn’t, that cool okay. So we start off with the daytime samples. It appears the 16 method of the 13 megapixel shots are taken in 423. As far as I can see here, probably the 10 megapixel ones are taken in 16, 29 anyway daytime shot. It was a very sunny day in the mountains, which means snow, which means extra light and reflection, but we didn’t have any problem with that. So snow and mountains no problem with the reflections we got vivid and realistic colors available here and a pretty detailed panorama that looks gorgeous.

Usually phones have problems with snow and sun and their combination. It is a dual shot. We can use the camera to capture both your face and what’s happening behind the main camera, so main camera and front camera at the same time. Okay – and this is an example of HDR regular shot with the trees and the mount is being slightly dark and HDR shot that likes them up, without exaggerating the brightness, which is pretty cool, a shot with good colors. And if you zoom in you can see the details and you’ll see that the image doesn’t get blurry or pixelated. We also did some selfies and have to say that the quality is quite decent it’s, not to the level of the galaxy s6 or HTC. One and nine, but it does the job, although a bit more blurry, and now this is the turn of the fantastic macros that we did. So this is a blog just a simple rock, but you can see all the texture of the metal and the rock here. Even the moss on the rock now we get to the flowers and a really impressive part: okay, so flower number one now that’s a macro that’s, totally a nice macro and another one. This is the model that probably takes the best macros I’ve seen this year. Maybe aside from the galaxy s6, which is a pretty big compliment for LG, I was very impressed by the LG g3 last year and it’s, probably the same sensor, so it’s pretty much the same performance, which is a good thing.

The images are very crisp. We have great details and another attempt at the macro. These shots were taken in motion, while descending from the mountain pretty fast, so very good, shutter speed as well, more colorful shots in full sunlight without any problems, without any creepy reflections check out the details on this dog, so random dog being petted, and you can zoom In and see every thread of hair on his cute little head, this is a graffiti and this is an addr of the graffiti first thing, a lot of shadows. You cannot exactly see what’s happening here, you apply HDR and everything is shown perfectly. This camera offers perfect white balance, exposure and focus, and now we get to the indoor shots and those who are taken during the launch of mortal kombat x, a lot of people, a lot of flashes, a lot of screens and a lot of gaming and still the Phone handle dip order. This is mortal kombat gameplay everybody’s playing as you can see. There is no Barinas. There is no focus loss, no problem, no problem with the shutter speed because of the fast motion of the spins, so fantastic, even indoors, very good, a perpetual, very good, shutter speed. You can catch moving subjects without a problem and now it’s the final test. The night time test, where we see what’s the low light ability of this phone so picture number one without flash decent level of detail without flash and then with flash.

I would have to say that the flash of the phone is so powerful that it kind of burns the colors of the pictures. This one is better. You would mistake it for a daytime shot. If you didn’t know it was taken at night and it even handles the light pretty well, I remember the same scene being photographed with galaxy note, 4 galaxy s6 and an iphone 6, and i don’t remember it being so bright. So this model has better a virtual, very good colors for a photo without a flash at night and even better with the Sean. Once again, the flesh is so powerful that you may burn the colors of your pictures, like it happened in the last samples. This one’s here are totally burned by the flash okay and now this is sort of an attempt at a macro during nighttime pretty decent, I would say it’s time to analyze the videos, because the photos were very impressive, so videos here we are, the capture happens in Mp4 full HD or 30 frames per second, and we got video number one on the mountain, crisp and good acoustics, full HD and before that defense. The second good focus good stabilization. This fail video was taken at about the height of 1500 meters and the wind wasn’t. Exactly a problem compared to what other phones would have suffered, he will have great focus and great colors. Then comes video number two, which is a 4k clip that looks mighty impressive.

I can’t wait to show this on youtube, it’s crisp. It has perfect exposure, white balance and great details and, once again seas were at the height of 1500 meters. You will respect the wing to be worse, but a microphone stand right perfectly get next. Video video number three is the one where we test the zooming ability of the camera. So here we go start off with some snow and some steps and proceeded to zooming in for a huge level of detail. You would expect the screen to become brewery pixelated, but, as you can see, good level of detail now, it’s time for the stabilization test, we were descending from the mountain high altitude movie. Pretty fast and stabilization was quite good, also pretty good focus, and then we got a slow motion. Video you can actually accelerate it. A bit still slow motion, 720p 120 frames per second and let’s, see what else we got another video. This one sees a bit cinematic. Okay and on ybor video this time this is the mortal kombat lounge it’s filled with people and things, and the capture is great. Finally, the supreme test night time capture first without a flash, pretty good aperture, pretty decent colors, okay, light sources and then comes video number. Two that uses the flash to create an almost daytime experience very powerful fash use its reflection on a bench. An excellent color was about to 1am at night, and still I would have to say that colors are great for nighttime, okay it’s time for the conclusions related to this very nice camera.

Overall, I would place the LG G flex 2 on the same camera level. At the galaxy note for the LG g3 and about ten percent less than the galaxy s6 and the iphone 6 plus, however, you always have to remember one thing here and let’s go. I just have one favorite sample to show you with pretty much speaks for all the performance of the device this one here. This is a place I always used to test. Nighttime cameras, iphone 6, 6 plus the galaxy note. 4 galaxy s5 s6 – and this is probably one of the best apertures I’ve, seen one of the brightest nighttime sceneries in this area, which is great. So we have a great camera on this phone people usually say: it’s the same camera from the LG g3. I say it’s just a pinch better, which is a huge compliment for this model. Now, as far as photo editing is concerned, let’s have a look here and I’m just going to go ahead and select a picture from this huge gallery. Let’S say this one here and you can press this button here and you’ll see quite a few editing options, so you got Auto, I got crop rotate. We got something called looks with a few options here, with a tune image, selective details, vintage drama, black and white HDR scape, retro, lock center focused in shift and a few frames so once again, quite a few editing options. Now I want to talk about the performance on the device and you cannot do that without talking about the temperature, so we play the game here: the game, Rita, gp2, that’s, basically a short of 3d benchmark title and we achieve the temperature of ‘.

9 degrees Celsius. So the device does not overheat, although it’s pretty close to the limit of getting a bit hotter, so ‘.9 degrees Celsius. As far as the web browser goes, this is the web browser here. You can also opt for Chrome if you want to it’s on board and let’s load up gsm gong calm, as you can see it loaded pretty fast, and this is what the website looks like in landscape here. It is pretty fast scrolling and reasonably fast pinch to zoom. As far as the keyboard goes, we got a pretty ergonomic keyboard, well, spaced button on you, mary crow, and i can see that it fits the screen pretty well there’s. Also, one special one hand option here now. As far as the phone area goes, we got a pretty big dial pad very good noise, cancelling with that special extra microphone and once again, one handed operation plays a part here. If, like I mentioned in the area of the keyboard, other stuff were mentioning is the collection of options that we got here. We got the cord check, we got connection vibration, noise suppression in order to suppress background noise. On my end, during a call, enhanced voice, clarity and power, tiens called the experience. The actual experience of the calling is loud with that would signal and clear sound, and now we have reached the area of benchmarks. I decided to compare the LG G flex 2, with the LG G flex, one the HTC One m9 that shares the same processor and the samsung galaxy s6.

That has a bit more powerful processor. Here we go, these are the benchmarks and the screenshots. So first things. First G flex, 2 scores twenty six thousand eight hundred and ten points in quadrant, while the predecessor scored only 20000 HTC One m9, 28000 and galaxy s6 36000. Next up we got on 22 and in on 22, we had a score of 40 7688 for the predecessor. Thirty five thousand and HTC One m9, 52000 galaxy s6 68000, which is quite a big difference. We got here there’s also Nana mark to here. We had 58 frames per second, the g flex, one had 59.9 HTC One m9 59.9 as well, and the galaxy s6 59.4. We obviously double amo test here and the score in the html5 test was 4353, which is quite good. The g flex one had 2979 HTC One m9, 2971 and galaxy s6, a huge 5462. The 3dmark test score was also quite good, as you can see right here. In the ice for multimedia test, we had 20 1880 points, while the g flex one had only 12000 and the HTC One m9, 20 1517 it’s all very close to this one. Meanwhile, the galaxy s6 has 22000 141. So once again, pretty close for model DT bench 3 is also here with a score of 1012 in the single core test and 3016, the multi core test. Meanwhile, the g flex one had 870 over 2100 points. Htc one m9 had one thousand seven over 3843 and find out the galaxy s6 1477 over 5000 77.

This is a battle of the Snapdragon 810, which is this one versus the Snapdragon 800 G flex, one versus once again Snapdragon 810 on the HTC One m9 and exynos 7420. On the galaxy s6, the first to model the G Flex’s have to eat a bite of rom by the other models have 3 gigabytes of ram. Ok, we proceed with GFX, and here we have a score of 42 frames per second. Indeed, 1080p t rex off screen test the g flex, one hat 22.8 HTC one m9, 26 and galaxy s6 46 frames per second. We also did a speed test that gave us 21 mega percent and in download and 2016 pump load. These are Wi Fi speeds, while the HTC one and nine had 29 and 27 pretty impressive in a galaxy s6, 21 and 20 browser mark is also in the mix with the test, and it is the result, was 1807 points, quite good suprisingly. The previous g flex, head 2665 HTC, One and mine, was actually lower 1658 and the galaxy s6 had a huge 2724 in sunspider the lower the better and it was quite low. So this is good: 691 G flex, one had 910 HTC One m9 head 1174 and galaxy s6 528. We couldn’t help performing a base mark x text. The score was 30 7170 HTC. One m9 had 17000 and galaxy s6 20 6863. So this one is actually a pretty good score. Overall, this model is able to win only one out of the 11 battles when it comes to the galaxy s6 duel.

If it’s dueling with the previous G flex, it wins nine out of 11 if its battling the HTC One m9, with 6 out of 11 battles getting past the batter of the benchmark, I have to say that this model doesn’t suffer from any type of lag. It can easily have multiple apps open at the same time and you can easily work with all of them and play a game with 3d graphics like the game, Riptide gp2 and its rival. The brand new driver from Ubisoft also the same team racing boats on pretty well rendered water or not by not, I mean not so well rendered water. Ok, so here we go. This is Riptide gp2. You can max out its details because you have a powerful Snapdragon. 810 processor inside and I just press the on button by mistake here we go very nice appearance for the water nice speech. Sensation is pediped very crisp, graphics. The speed may be a bit too late at this point. Comfy for gaming will controls nice water effects and splashes overall it’s good looking behaves well nice personalization nice reflections and well rendered water yeah that’s. What I wanted to show you that again, Riptide gp2 runs without a problem and we got 3d graphics in it and it doesn’t give an overheat after running the game. Now, as far as the OS is concerned, let’s see what we’re dealing with here. So about phone software info we’re dealing with android 5.

1 point 1, which is basically a lollipop with the same Optimus UI from the LG g3 applied on top of the smartphone. We got the carousel multitasking here. You can swipe to the side to close stuff up or press clear all then all of them. Obviously, and if you go to one of the home screen and keep the screen pressed, you can see a section for apps rejecting wallpapers, with the widgets being the typical ones from Optimus, UI or stock ones from Android. If you pinch, the home screen use your collection of homestead, you can touch and hold to edit them. You can remove them and you can add that extra little the leftmost screen this one here that has the LG health feature and the smart tips. Lg health is basically on s health alternative. If you know Samsung devices and there s help well. This is basically another version of it in LG’s vision. You can see your steps, your calories, your kilometers, the distance. You can and there’s even a map of your tour. Once you start doing your fitness run or whatever you’re doing you have a goal. You have your daily profile and you can even perform a physical check out by connecting to a thermometer a scale or a blood pressure. Monitor. Ok, then, the smart tips that offers you tips regarding the usage of your device, so that’s the x home screen. That gives you the sips there’s. Also this interesting widget here it’s more than a weather, widget and a time widget.

It gives you recommendations of things to do. For example, it’s telling me there is a birthday coming up, it’s telling me that a two day goal of fitness has been achieved and it’s also recommended me to get more than out of the device. For example, if you notice is your calling the same number a few times and it haven’t saved it in your contacts area, it will recommend you to save it and that’s. Only one of the aspects that this smart area offers you implemented by LG. Ok, now I get to the drop down area, it’s, a two phase drop down area, so phase 1 and phase 2 as usual. It includes modifications. It includes the cards from google now and obviously the quick settings area that will feel very familiar. If you see in an LG device before so, we got these sliders here for the brightness and the acoustics, and the quick settings include usual connectivity options as well as some extras specific LG devices, with a quick demo that we’ve already known for a while now, quickmemo Plus allows you to take a note, the note on the screen, so, if you’re inside the map – and you want to show a friend your address – you can do that you can scribble on top of it, you can erase it. You can change the pan, the thickness, the tip the color and all that basically can take a note state on the screen by triggering the quick memo.

Plus connectivity options are here as well. Hotspot NFC, qslide, quick remote to slide, is basically a collection of apps that can be shown sort of like the pop up Play feature from Samsung. There are multiple floating windows on the screen: that’s the basic idea. Ok, you can close quick side. You got quickly mode that will be integrated in your drop down area. You can quickly start the TV change, the channel or power of the TV we got voice made that’s, basically or let’s, say: Google, no alternative for better set s voice alternative, because I rather compare it to s voice from Samsung, then to Google. Now so let’s actually hear connection what’s the weather like open music, and I open it actually starts playing the music, which is pretty cool, I have to say so that’s, basically the voicemail application over biology here, since we keep fumbling in this area here and playing with The quick settings let’s go to the actual settings where you find the network’s area. Nothing fancy here, the sound area that you’ve already seen this play area you’ve also seen it and finally, the general area where we can find language and input. There’S also an option here or pointer speed which feeds kind of new haven’t, seen it on other devices, and then we also got one hand usage somewhere here location, a constant seen cloud accessibility. This is the one handed operation with a few stop settings for the dialpad, edgy keyboard and lock screen.

If you want to use stuff easily with one hand, because something called shortcut key, you can associate tasks to the volume buttons the physical volume buttons at the back. For example, you can trigger the camera by keeping the volume down button pressed so let’s do that, keep indeed pressed and as trigger the camera, so success. Okay, other options you got here, you got security with a few encryption features and add verification. Then we got gestures that include the usual putting the phone to the ear to answer, call automatically flipping the phone to snows an alarm flipping the phone to pause, a video and other things like that. You can also calibrate your own sensors in case you want to know there is a quick circle keys which are remembered from the LG g3 and also from the g2. If I no mistaking this special case, we have a small round window here, sort of like the small windows of an airplane or submarine, and it will show some info in that round area. And now we have reached the area called dual window. If you’ve seen a Samsung device, it’s, basically the same thing, it splits the screen in two and lets you use two apps at the same time, keep the back button press and you trigger the Internet, Explorer better set the web browser and gmail. For example. The screen is now split into two and you can actually bring content from one side to the other.

So if you want to write an email, you can also take text from here and put it here, for example, and that’s only one example of the stuff. You can do with these two windows, be careful not to accidentally enlarge. One portion of the dual sided screen like I just did anyway, once again, let’s try it. Sadly, it accidentally enlarge the window. Anyway, usually you can take the text up there and we managed to do it, and you can also take pictures as far as i know and move them around and you can put stuff in the clipboard in case it won’t want it to know more. So basically split the screen into two areas and there is also split view option here. There is a date and time storage, battery and smart cleaning. You want to free up some space and clean some of the memory in the temporary folder files. Then we got apps default message app back up, and I said printing about phone and that’s everything to know about the settings area. Now we have written part of the review where we analyze the a place, the preinstalled applications on the phone first thing. First, I want to mention that in case you want to take a selfie of yourself and you don’t want to touch the screen or perform a voice command. You can simply make a fist with some of the camera to trigger the timer and take that selfie.

Okay, with that, out of the way we proceed to the app list, we got the main google apps, like Gmail, Google, playbooks play music play, newsstand play games, drive, photos and hangouts, then there’s, something called box which is a an alternative to dropbox. If you don’t a dropbox, you have box and you can keep stuff in the cloud and work with your office. Files from a distance calculator and calendar are also here with a pretty material design calendar as well as LG Optimus UI elements without chrome, clock contacts, downloads, email file manager, in keeping with the optimist you why and with dropbox integration, FM radio gallery internet without google maps That, strangely separated from the google application, folder is to be working out, redefine its finding us pretty fast okay, and then we proceeded to messaging music phone Play, Store and quick remote that you saw earlier. This is your TV, remote application. You got an infrared emitter here and you can control your set top box, blu ray player, TV set and other similar devices. Then we got quick memo plus that’s, more than a note taking application. It allows you to scribble to draw use a variety of pens. Colored tips brushes and transparencies, you can accept texts and you can also insert other content like images, videos, audio record voice or even location and add a reminder in the mix, as well as some weather features. There is also a mode called service, there’s LG smart world, which is basically your App Store on this phone, with special bundle steams.

Sadly, the country I mean doesn’t have a special account for this store. Next up, we got tasks which feels right at home. If you have ever used a task manager now we got think free viewer, which is basically your way of viewing documents, basically like sort of a Polaris Office. If you want a comparison because update center with that voicemail voice recorder, the beautiful weather that’s, also very simple, courtesy of AccuWeather YouTube and that’s pretty much it does the full list of green style application. Okay, and now is the time of the verdict for the LG G flex, 2. On the plus side, we got a country, a good looking phone that’s quite elegant. It has a pretty much self heal back. I see pretty much because it’s so feeling when you scratch it by accident, not on purpose it’s a resilient phone. You can also do a quick charging if need be in about 40 minutes. It can get about sixty percent of juice. The screen has vivid colors and all so the pictures they have vivid colors the camera at the back is simply great and we have 200 pictures to prove it. You only have to glance at them and understand what I mean. We have excellent optical image, stabilization, excellent night shots, great clarity and a very nice interface also has the pros. Now, on the con side, we do have some drawbacks. We got a pretty much poor battery and an unacceptably low brightness.

The phone gets rather hot and when I say hot, I would have to mention that sometimes after using the phone for a long while in this area here I will be limited to about eighty percent and the phone won’t. Allow me to go to full 100 because it tells me the temperature is too high once again. This is a test unit, not the finalized phone, so maybe it’s the fault of the test unit. I also have to mention that there is very little storage free. If you buy the 16 gigabyte version of the phone, you only get about nine gigs to play with, but you can purchase a microSD card and everything is solved. Ok now some grades for the g flex book for design a pretty good 9.3 out of 10 because it deserves it for the hardware we have to penalize its battery and screen sorry so 8.2 out of 10 for the hardware and for the beautiful UI and operating System i’m, going to give it a nine point: five out of 10. The final grade is a solid nine out of ten. The standard point of this phone is the very, very good camera, excellent, aperture and low light capture. We have to remember that also excellent acoustics. If you want to make it your concert going phone you’ll be able to that. But you have to remember that the battery is kind of Chevy. The design is comfy, so it’s actually a very good concept phone because it can take a punch or a mosh pit, and you also record some nice videos overall, it’s a solid form for youngsters, because it’s quite elegant and original looking.