The common are here with the LG g4. As you know, today, it’s April 29th yesterday was April 28th and LG unveiled the g4 flagship handset in an event in New York and London today, we’re showing you a brief preview of the LG g4 in a pre release version, as you can see, it’s pretty snappy And were playing here with both versions, the one with a plastic back and the famous one with a leather back that looks pretty fine. It has this stitching here in the center. It has a very nice texture, a very good grip. The phone is also slightly curved, as you can see, it weighs 155 grams and it has a 5.5 inch screen. The resolution is quad HD and this one is a quantum LCD panel that has a 20 wider color reproduction compared to the LG g3 model. It also has 20 25 higher brightness compared to the LG, g3 and finally, 50 higher contrast compared to the predecessor inside. We can find the processor a hexa core processor it’s, a 64 bit unit, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808. It includes a dual core: cortex, a 57 setup and a quad core cortex, a 5050 31 the quantity of RAM. Well, we got three gigabytes here and the storage is 32 gigabytes, plus a microSD card slot. The operating system it’s android 5.1 lollipop with the LG ux 4.0 on top, as you can see, there is no bloatware, just like LG promised and at the back you can find a 16 megapixel camera with a dual tone flash and with a sensor that measures one About 12 of an inch and an F 1.

8 lens, this lens allows the device and the camera to capture 11 more light than the galaxy s6. It also offers optical image stabilization on three axes and not two axis like the LG g3 so on operate. We can also perform a row capture with this device and use the camera interface. It has three modes, we got the simple mode, that’s totally easy to use very intuitive. You just tap the screen and we take a picture. Then we got the basic mode that offers you the same options that you had on the LG G flex: 2. We got HDR auto on or off. You got a resolution here we can film in 4k we got voice command and auto panorama and double capture. And finally, there is the manual mode that is the innovation on the LG g4. We got options related to the shutter speed to the ISO, to the focus you can set up manual, focus to macro or landscape. Depending on your needs, you can play with white balance. Also, depending on your needs, there is a histogram here. There are a ton of options here. So photographers will be very happy with this. As I said, there’s also a raw capture option and up front. We got an 8 megapixel selfie shooter, which will keep people very happy if they want to take selfies detailed selfies. As far as I can see, it’s pretty crisp and you can say kimchi or cheese – to take a shot which I just did without pressing the screen.

Ok, here we go inside, you have a battery with a capacity of 3000 million per hour and you will be able to buy back, covers with wireless charging as accessory. You can remove the back cover and you can remove the battery on the LG g4. So let’s. Try and remove this back cover in case you’re wondering you can also remove the cover with the leather back. Here we go. Let the speaker right here. We got the salts here and the 3000 milliamp hour battery. This is the camera area and obviously the physical buttons placed at the back. This is quite a same phone. It ranges from six point three millimeters up to nine point: eight millimeters since it’s slightly curved. So this is the LG g4 and as far as the software goes Android lollipop with LG UX 4.0 V that LG health. Here we got music. We got smart settings with remote, smart tips and this smart notice that lets you know how to get dressed in case it’s raining. Let you know about birthdays of people and also let you know about a variety of other features and settings that will help you in your daily tasks. We couldn’t help performing a benchmark here. This is 3dmark. We or 10000 265 points in the ice storm extreme test. This is a pre release version, so we’re not taking it for granted. We got the Snapdragon, I had an 18 processor inside and I really want to check out this video here just to see what the quantum screen looks like pretty crisp.

The colors are very bright. Also pretty realistic and they seem to pop out of the screen. Brightness is pretty high. The viewing angles are also pretty good and let’s show the music volume since we’re, here good high notes and pretty good bass looking forward to test the headphones of this model. So this is the LG g4 time for a quick gameplay session in Riptide gp2, just to see how the water is handled here under dynamic lighting be sure to check out the leather back models until good, dynamic lighting with reflections and nice water effects flashing on the Screen, okay, so that’s about it. We also did some photo samples of the device which you can find here. We try the selfie or two and some macro captures and all that I have to say pretty good details, nice, colors and all that. But we have to wait for the final versions to new figure out what’s happening here. In the meantime, I found something interesting in the settings area when it comes to battery usage. There is a game optimizer feature which comes in handy for gamers, so this is Jason on comm hope you liked this short preview of the LG g4.