Sony Xperia E4g Review (English/ Full HD) –

So this is basically the alt LTE version of the e4. With a few upgrades and this product was actually announced just a few days after the e4 and launched in store in April 2015, so it’s a fresh, fresh device. The price tag in Europe is 129 euros, and this is more of an […]

Sony Xperia E4 Review (Full HD, English) –

So this is a new review format and see this lower end device were going to go to its specs and design features really fast. So the Sony Xperia e4 measures ten point five millimeters in thickness and it weighs 144 grams. It debuted this spring, so it’s a fair device and at 153 it’s, […]

HTC Desire 820 Review (Affordable Midrange Phablet) –

A mid range phablet that was announced at IFA 2014 is the follow up of the HTC Desire 816, and that one was a phablet that we like a lot that’s. Why we’re very interested in its follow up so we’re dealing here with the device that costs price type of three hundred and fifty […]