A mid range phablet that was announced at IFA 2014 is the follow up of the HTC Desire 816, and that one was a phablet that we like a lot that’s. Why we’re very interested in its follow up so we’re dealing here with the device that costs price type of three hundred and fifty dollars as far as we know in USA, so 350 gives you a 5.5 inch phablet with some pretty solid specifications on board. This model comes with a glossy plastic cases you can see here and just like the predecessor head, it’s, not slippery in spite of being glossy plastic it’s, quite a big phablet, as you can see right here, and obviously since it’s a phablet and since it’s big one Hand usage isn’t exactly an option here, although I have to say it handles that pretty decently. Ok, so let’s get to the figures: HTC Desire, 820 measures, 7.7 millimeters in thickness, it’s, actually thinner than the HTC Desire. 816. The major seven point: nine millimeters in thickness. It weighs 155 grams, while the predecessor weight 165 frames, so that’s a 10 gram decrease. It has rounded corners as you can see, and also slightly rounded edges. The bazaars of the screen are quite big, but is the mid range device? We don’t need to worry about that aspect. The device is a bit of a fingerprint magnet at the side and at the front, and even at the back, depending on the color version.

You’Re buying the device is quite light and plasticky and feels a bit like a toy because of the texture of its plastic case. This phablet has at the front the front camera the boomsound speakers and the sensors, and now we move out the back where we find the main camera that protrudes quite a bit and it’s easy to cover with the hand, and it has a plastic ring around it. The flash here and nothing else at the back at the top, we find the audio jack in a microphone or at the bottom. We only find the mic USB port. On the left side. There is a lid, it can be open like this, and it covers up to sim slots and a microSD card slot. If you have the single sim version in turn, a no sim card slot, you have the dual sim version: 2, nano SIM cards and the micro SD or available here under the lid. Just like the predecessor. Only this time, the lid doesn’t feel as flimsy on the right side. We got the onoff button and the volume buttons with grey accent that, frankly speaking, I don’t quite like it makes the device feel a bit cheaper. This grey accent that’s also available for the camera and for the size of the phone, so the white and grey version doesn’t quite cut it. For me, as far as the column, choice goes anyway, let’s get back to the bottom, and so they have good feedback and overall, the design is ok.

For the phablet at least, the device is light, it’s quite easy to use it’s very comfy to hold, but the camera is a bit easy to cover up, and then that is like a very nice toy to have. As far as the hardware is concerned, the HTC Desire 8 20 overs and 5.5 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 over 720 pixels, and this time we got Gorilla Glass, 3 protection that the predecessor didn’t have. The screen is an IPS LCD and the processor inside the phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 it’s an octa core 64 bit unit. We also get on adreno 405 GPU. Other specs include 16 gigabytes of storage on this device and there’s also microSD card slot. That can increase the storage without 2 128 gigs. As far as the run rose we get to kita bytes and the camera as well at the front is an Omega pixel shooter for selfies, while at the back there’s a 30 medic should megapixel shooter with LED flash on the connectivity side. We get to the full coverage to get 4G LTE Wi Fi, dual band Wi Fi, direct DLNA, Bluetooth, 4.0, gps, glonass, NFC, FM radio and micro USB 2.0. In the section we like to call others well, we can find an accelerometer proximity sensor, ambient light sensor. Stereo speakers and calm paths. As far as I know, there is no notification LED, but I may be mistaken in case the ridge one should be here, but so far I haven’t seen it, although in the settings area that’s something thats related to notification flashing anyway, the battery here is a lithium Polymer unit, with a capacity of two thousand six hundred million per hour, that on paper, offers four hundred twenty four hours of standby or 22 hours of talk time.

As far as we know in our test that involves HD video playback on a loop with Wi Fi. On and brightness of fifty percent let’s see how much time we achieved. So we achieve the time of seven hours of 13 minutes of continuous video playback. Meanwhile, the HTC Desire 816, the predecessor until seven hours and 44 minutes with the same battery capacity. So, just a half an hour more so overall we’re doing fine even compared to the predecessor. We are above the LG g3 that has a similar diagonal and only achieved five hours and six minutes of play bags, a playback Butler below the flagships, the ones from this year and the one from last year with every Jews you’ll get about one day or one Day and a half from this model once again with average usage, which means some phone calls a bit of gaming, some web browsing picture taking and all that basically one day of regular use or even one day and a half, we did an extra tests. It’S, the pc mark, one that simulates continuous usage and we got to five hours and 25 minutes. Meanwhile, the oneplus one scores five hours and 15 minutes so we’re doing fine again. We also beat the LG G flex 2 that scores five hours and seven minutes in the same test. Ok, so, overall, the battery is pretty much okay for this mid range phablet, the charging takes quite a bit two hours and 57 minutes, while the predecessor required a huge three hours and half so that’s an evolution overall, the battery is good and if you want more From it, you can squeeze more from it thanks to the power saving options.

This is it power and we got power saver that would concern cpu usage to reduce the screen, brightness thermal vibration feedback and put other data connection to sleep when the screen is off. This is the power saving mode there’s, also an extreme power saving mode. You can set up its activation at a certain level, and this is what it’s all about it changes the UI offers access to the minimal basic features, and it also sets up the interface styles. It deems the screen and the data will be off in standby. Of course, this extends the battery greatly, maybe even double it if I’m being optimistic. Okay back to the cities area there’s more to see in the battery Department, so we got here a session of the power saver in extreme poverty. We got battery usage history, but I’ll ever sleep mode. That turns off the tap on activity during long periods of inactivity and finally fastboot. Okay, now let’s stop audio, as you can surely notice. We got front facing boom sound stereo speakers on this phablet and, as usual for HTC, we got a pretty simple music player with a simple UI in the organization of tunes in recently played artists, albums songs, playlists and that’s about it. Okay, other than that the settings are very basic. We got no equalizer here we got settings for album, art, artists, photos, lyrics and Wi Fi only so I guess it’s time to actually check out the acoustic experience here.

We go. Ok. Now, the conclusions we got a cute visualizer that’s for sure the sound is crisp clear, pretty loud without good bass, a warm Sun there’s, absolutely no distortion or noise, even at high volume and all the notes are hurt. Just fine now let’s see the headphones that’s. The player that comes with the phablet here we go as you can see: they’re not behind headphones that come in the HTC One m8 or D 1 and 9 they’re a bit more angular in design. Still they fit wedding in the year. They got a flat wire. So they don’t get tangled. They got a small remote once again, pretty comfy very loud, and I do mean very loud, be careful with them good bass and perfect percussion, one of the best percussions I’ve heard on headphones. Also great guitar. There is a special bonus on option you’ll find in the settings area, keep in mind. That is no equalizer here that aren’t any very cool settings to play with just that singular option here so boom sound on or off and only available when you’re using headphones. Well, what it does is, it makes some sort of a surround effect, increases volume and bass a bit and that’s pretty much it. Since we have connected the headphones, you can show you FM radio with a very basic interface. It finds stations pretty fast and works pretty. Well now we also have a decibel meter that we used the store devices and let’s see what came out of these devices test.

So first things. First, we tested the phone with the back facing the decibel meter. We achieved 79.3 decibels, which is underwhelming and then, with the front we achieved 81.6 decibels. This was testing a special sound that we use and we play back. However, when gaming we achieved a better 80 4.4 decibels, so that’s the final value. 80 4.4 decibels. Meanwhile, the iphone 6 plus will score on 80 3.8 decibels, so we beat it by only a bit and the predecessor scored a bit more 80 5.4 decibels for the desire. 816. Frankly, speaking from what I remember, the design 816 was a bit louder than this model by the way the players before comes with Flex support, and obviously these bumps on speakers are no match the ones of the HTC One m8 or even HTC, One m9. But overall the acoustics remain good. Now i want to talk about the screen. This is a 5.5 inch IPS LCD 1280 over 720 pixels Gorilla Glass, 3 protection, the predecessor didn’t, have it sunlight behavior is what i would call so so not exactly crisp, but also not exactly them, so it behaves decently in sunlight. There is no video player we’re going to have to rely on the gallery, which means we don’t have subtitles. Sadly, the gallery supports avi files and before files and KB files, WMV files and once again, no subs, so let’s check out the video, no special options here. Maybe a site from a stranger option: it’s, clearly oversaturated and a bit widely.

In the same that are more lighted you find YT Hugh. The screen is pretty bright, it’s, crazy, but pixel density is not very high. You can actually feel that without wide viewing angles and a reflectivity isn’t a problem here. Luckily, I also have to mention that this model does not have a black deep, a deep black excuse me and the pixels are of the RGB stripe. Fine, you can see them here. These are the pixels of device under the microscope, RGB stripe. We also measure the brightness with a Lux meter and we achieved a level of ‘3 locks units on white, it’s, good we’re, past the Sony Xperia z2 or the LG g3. That achieve 200 plus units, the desire handle 16 had 362 units, so we beat it as well it’s a bit brighter than the present predecessor and the screen is quite good and quite bright. So no objection here nothing to complain about and it can even rival the HTC One m9 that wasn’t particularly bright. Ok in the settings area, if you go to the displaying gestures, you won’t find anything special here: there’s no color calibration with a whole style font size brightness, including an auto brightness option, screen timeout flash notifications. What I was saying earlier have notifications, media jus said and that’s it. There is no color calibration once again. Okay, we reach the camera area and I have to get my muse and buy new. I understand the subject that we’re going to film and take photos of okay, so on the back we’re getting a 13 megapixel shooter with a BSI sensor, 28 millimeter, lens, f, 2.

2, aperture and it’s a 423 sense that those are exactly the same specifications as the ones Of the camera from the HTC Desire, 816, basically the same camera with a single LED flash at the front. We got an improved selfie shooter this time on 8 megapixel shooter compared to the family, the pixel one of the desire 816. Now, as far as the camera UI goes here, we go typical HTC if you’ve seen a desired device for the past year or so it’s. Exactly the same experience this on the left side, we got flash option and at the bottom we can find the core options of the camera. We start off with the capture modes, a boatload of them even more than the HTC One m9. So we got some slow motion, video fast ad, which is basically full HD 60 frames per second, if I’m not mistaking let’s, also capture night HDR, sweep panorama and t shape, anti shake manual, mode, portrait, landscape, backlight text and finally macro. So a lot of options to play with, if you choose to select the manual, will find a few extra options like white balance, exposure, ISO shutter and focus every one of them being customizable with a slider that reminds me of an older nokia, lumia, PureView interface. Okay, there are also extra options at the bottom. Here we got I so again, exposure white balance and color effects to play with quite a few of them, a thing for which HTC has been famous throughout years.

We continue the analysis with this area here, where there are more settings by the way forgot to mention something also goes up to 1600 soft back to the options. We got the custom camera so that we can say we got dropped 16, 29, 43 or 121 makeup level and more camera options. Auto smile capture, voice capture touch to capture lock, focus during according continuous shooting review, duration self timer resolution. It can be 42, 24, 23. 68 in sixty 60 to 90 or 42, 24, 31, 36 and 42 3. Then there are the image adjustments, which are contrast, saturation and sharpness, as well as video quality settings. You can film in full, HD or HD. If you want to other than that, let’s see what else we got here: general settings, great geotag, shutter, sound volume, button options, tips reset and that’s pretty much it on the right side of the interface. You can find the gallery shortcut, shutter button, video button and the main capture modes, the main usage mode for the camera. We got obviously camera selfie, speed capture that uses both the front and the back camera, and once again you can put your face into the pictures. You can use both the front and the back camera at the same time with split capture, and then this photo booth that will capture a series of surface and insert them into a special collage that the ones you achieve in photo booths in airport or train stations.

Then there is a selfie option that includes a beauty slider that you can see right here, removing your wrinkles or other imperfections. We got HDR and portrait as well without a time on exposure, white balance and some effects to play with, as well as options related to your selfies and even full HD selfie video. If you want other than that, I have to say that the zoom is not exactly fluid here, it’s slightly leg, if I can say that, or maybe I’m just used to flagships nowadays, also the focus isn’t exactly fast, and neither is the picture taking this way to Keep the screen pressed, you will be able to lock the exposure and focus, which is a feature that you already knew, probably from other models, so let’s actually take a picture of this castle and quickly analyze it. Here we go, so I would say that the level of detail – good, not excellent, since about the third room, will show you that you lose some details. This is a mid range phablet, so overall I’d say it’s decent for the first impression, but let’s get to the gallery and we’ll talk more so now, let’s check out the gallery of shots were taken using this handset, as you can see, there’s a lot of them And I have to say it was a very sunny day and in a photograph a lot of flowers. Most of the shots were pretty much burned because of the Sun.

When the Sun met the flowers, the colors got a bit burn in the process. However, the green was filed good and for the macros it was quite hard to focus. You know to get a proper shot, but when I managed to that the macros work, great everything captured here – has good texture and in the shade we got good colors. Also do some selfies, but more about that later. Once again, the red didn’t come out quite okay, but the Blues were pretty much reasonable and also the yellows were not very into acid. We got good texture and good colors in the shape. This is a selfie, and the details are quite good, can start assuming game a lot, and you see that turns out who this is the picture I mentioned before the photobooth mode and now back to the main shots. We have won a bunch of colorful flowers here. This is the blue. As i said, the buoys captured okay, the green is also ok, but when we start to reach colors like red things, won’t get us precise and accurate. So this is finally a good macro. This is a magnolia flower and the details are excellent. Once again, you have to be careful about focusing in order to get a proper macro once again, a picture that has been burned by the Sun. You have to be patient with the focusing in order to get results such as this one or this one right here.

This one is actually a very good shot, because you can also see the other flowers in the background. Ok, even more shots of magnolias and we proceed, as I said before, the Reds are captured, ok, they’re, very burnt by the Sun, and that also happens to the yellow. And now we reach the HDR. So we got a regular picture here and, as you can see, HDR tends to whiten it up. It adds a white issue on top of it, and we also did the second addr later on once again a burn shot. You cannot even tell what color this flower is more fun shots of flowers, that’s. Probably the key word for the entire camera experience on a sunny day. Colors will be unclear and shots will be burnt a bit a pretty clear picture here once you’re in the shade things start changing and quality increases this time, a good idea of HDR, so regular, shot and HDR shot. Basically, the whole yellowish you caused by the Sun is removed thanks to the HDR, so that’s pretty much okay, and then we got a series of cherry flower shots that are excellent. The pink is caught excellently, buy this camera sensor that did a fine job capturing those pink flowers. The images are usually crisp, detailed, good level of detail, and we also did a panorama that’s pretty wide. The resolution is 94 40, 896 pixels, and we caught a lot of detail. There are no artifacts and the stitching was pretty much okay.

Another problem that the camera has is that it cannot exactly catch moving subjects easily. So if the subject moves, it will become blurry. The image will become blurry, get more shots here at the end, and we even use the camera at night when you’re using the flash. Obviously the colors come out. Okay. However, if you capture a source of light, you see a halo effect happening. If you can see here about five extra purple raised around the light anyway, this camera was not been to be tested at night. We did that as an extra, but even then, if you, the flash you’ll, be reasonably satisfied with the colors you will achieve at night. The conclusion regarding this camera is that, if you’re meeting a sunny day, you’ll have problems with burnt pictures, especially the red hues. However, if you go into the shade and your patient with the focusing can create some very nice macros and, as I said before, the quality of the selfie is very good. The skin texture every scheme detail, and even the background was nice using this 8 megapixel shooter. If you really want the comparison, I would place the back camera somewhere between the galaxy s4 and the LG g2 and that’s a pretty small margin. As far as the video goes usually you’ll film, in full HD and before 30 frames per second and about 20 mega per second betrayed kiss, so video number one let’s turn up the volume it’s an mp4 full HD file, its crisp with a pretty nice exposure change.

This is an area with which, with too much light in and suddenly will move to an area with less lighting and exposure changes in a pretty good way. As you saw, the video was also a big burn, which was a problem also present in the pictures. For those of you wondering what’s the audio like well, when you’re capturing video, you will also capture stereo audio, which is quite good by the way this sample you’re. Seeing right here is the 720p 60 frames per second sample it’s. The fast HD option, as I mentioned before, I was telling you that it’s actually full HD well it’s only HD at 60 frames per second, as you can see, it’s very cinematic feels like you’re watching a movie, but if you’re watching it on a PC, you will Feel that the quality isn’t as crisp as you wanted it’s only a EDM on a full HD screen that can be felt cinematic motion phys like a documentary and not very crisp. Ok, the next video here involves a cat and it was involved soon it’s, a full HD video with pretty poor stabilization and the quality of the images lost. One zooming in. If you look at this cat on your CC, use that it’s pixelated because of the zoom engine and also I’m unhappy with the stability Shin video number four it’s, all about slow motion with the feline again. The resolution is pretty low here. You’Ll find that, out later on, we have a cooler, slow motion.

I do mean very cool and we proceed and start looking for more videos. We should also have video of cherry flowers. Here we go, this video suffers form burnt, colors and a bit of strange blurriness at some point. Usually this flower, this Pinto should be creased. However, somehow they managed to be blurry with a good work, would add your once again and pretty much okay exposure change. While filming, I promised you a cool, slow motion, video and I’m here to do the work, so we saw some ducks flying around and this is the video i managed to capture two ducks were fighting, and here we go that’s pretty impressive if it werent with a Poor resolution 768 over 432 pixels, which is a bit underwhelming, we put lettuce in the temptation, and we also filmed at night don’t – expect anything right here, of course, marinas yellowish hue, not clear image or colors, but once again it’s a mid range phone. This is only an extra tests. We didn’t expect it to look other than it does. Ok, so overall, I’d say that the filming is not exactly on par with the photo capture. I expect a bit more. Of course, if you see this review and you check out these samples on this screen, they may look ok, but if you see them on youtube or on your pc, you’ll see that they’re not exactly what you expect even from a mid range phone. The problem is that HTC has a custom glass with very good cameras, and this time we do have very good photos.

Aside from the burnt pictures, we do have very good selfies, but the filming well, it only has good audio and that’s about it. Ok, now we’re done with the camera. Keep this in mind very good photos colors. So so it is very sunny and very good surface. While the filming would be better, maybe we can operate in the future. As far as the ending is concerned, you can press edit and you can use effects, filters frames and tools in order to change the look of your pictures. Okay, so now we’re totally done with pictures and picture taking and editing, and I want to discuss performance performance – involves temperature, among others. So, after playing 15 minutes of the game, Riptide gp2 with achieve a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius, which is quite hot, you miss the device. The phablet here gets a bit hot, but not in any area that could affect your gameplay and it won’t burn your hand. That’S for sure, so it gets a bit hot, but doesn’t bother you. As far as the phone section goes. You got speed dial. We got special options from for a large dial pad. You got block contacts, we got a bunch of settings to play with actually a lot of them. We also have internet calling smart tile, and this phone is able to use a special feature that allows you to rheank louder when it detects it’s in a pocket. Overall, the cones were pretty loud, very clear, have good signal, so nothing to complain about here now, we’re in the area of benchmarks.

It was very hard for me to this side which Hans’s compare this phablet to so I simply went to the predecessor, the desire 816 and the galaxy note 3, because I wanted to compare this to something superior to see how well it faces it. And finally, the all of you, x2 soul, handset. For the simple reason it has an octa core MediaTek processor and I wanted to see a notable Snapdragon faced against an octa core MediaTek. Okay. So here we go. We start with quadrant in Quadrant with scored twenty thousand 58 points, while the HTC Desire 816 for 12000, 736 galaxy, note, 3 21 thousand points and all the x2 sold 14 thousand six hundred and fifty four points next up: there’s I’m 22, with the score of 30 1406 points, while the HTC Desire 816 had 20 1272 and the Galaxy Note. 3. 30. 5725, the all you x2, so 27000, 630, so overall, I’d say we’re doing quite fine. Nano mark 2.4 is also here and in this test, with what 59.95 per second the predecessor is. There 816 scored 58.1 galaxy note 3 60.3 and hold you x2 soul. 57.2. Then there is the bell amo test and in the bell amo test, we managed to score let’s see here we go. This is the html5 test. I was looking for 23 90 points, while the predecessor had 14 29 galaxynote3, 2884 somo very far and finally, audio x2 soul 2624 in the ville amo html5 test.

3Dmark is also an important test. We couldn’t neglect it in the ice storm unlimited test. We scored 92 76, while the predecessor had 4832, so that’s, a big evolution and a galaxy note. 3 has a huge nineteen thousand points. Meanwhile, the audio Expo soul had only 71 38. So this battle here is between a Snapdragon, 615 octave or accompanied by two gigabytes of RAM: a Snapdragon 400 quad core of the predecessor and 1.5 gigabytes of RAM, the galaxy note 3 in its snapdragon 800 and signature bytes of ram and finally, all the extra soul. With Tullio bats around and an octa core MediaTek processor, okay, let’s see the next benchmark now, okay, so indeed bench three, we scored the pretty creepy number 666 in the single core test and 25 22 in the multi core test, while the desire 816 had 436 and 14: 16: the galaxy note 3, 947 and 2987 and the audio x2 soul for 45 verses. 24. 64. Next up is the gfx bench test and in the 1080p TX of stink test we had 15 frames per second, which is very good compared to the predecessor. Nights 5.8 frames per second, while the galaxy note 3 had 22.8 and the audio experts. All eight point, seven frames so i’d say for doing the motorcade. We didn’t hesitate to test the speed of the device via Wi Fi. Then you form a got a second download. 21 upload the predecessor had 21 and 22 and all you extra soft, 12 and 19.

So once again, very nice. There were also browser tests, like the browser mark here 1461, and this is certainly better than the 625 of the predecessor but lower than the galaxy. Note. 3 is 3000 points, also better than the audio x2 soul and it’s 818 points in SunSpider, where the lord is the better. We had a pretty low score 1452 we’ve, seen handsets rich as low as 300 here and the design hand. 816 was actually worse. With 1500 points and the auto expo soul is better with 1000 points. Finally, we couldn’t help doing a base mark test, and this is it base mark x, medium quality, test, gaming performance score. Ten thousand three hundred and fifty one and HTC Desire 816 had only seven thousand pound points, so the evolution is pretty much clear in the end when we draw the line out of the 11 benchmarks we performed in. Eight of them were above the oil fuel model and in 11 out of 11 we triumph in front of the predecessor. Of course. The galaxy note 3 beats us in all the tests, but were not very far from it. There is no lag in the interface, no matter what you’re doing and no matter what tasks you’re subjecting the phone too, and also games with 3d graphics around just fine like the game, Riptide gp2 that we usually use as benchmark. Here we go Riptide gp2 right here. Great lighting, dynamic shadows and all that water effects spit sensation on the track, responsive control, and here we go.

I have to say that feels like a lower end game of the brain implosion from this tablet. Implosion is a very complex game. It’S, a hack and slash title that looks excellent and ran perfectly on the device. As you can see, a Riptide gp2 is no problem for it, either very cool water effects, very nice presentation and that’s about it. Ok, now we go to the OS and you I area if you’re wondering what the software is here, we’re about to find out by the way the device was recently updated, not to kill cat, not to lollipop. Excuse me: it stays at it yet with an android 4.4 point for with HTC sense 6.0 on top, and we also have those brand new teams as usual. This is the HTC phone, so we got blinkfeed on the left side of the screen. That includes your news and social networking feeds. It can include Twitter, you can put facebook, google, you can also include GSN tome. You can find us this list here with a bunch of unboxing videos. Lately you got highlights, and you got other options here like compose services and apps at content, remove content and other things like that. We can add the link the infeed tumblr Twitter, slowing, Google, Facebook calendar Foursquare or Flickr okay, so this is being fit in a nutshell. You already know it from other reviews and other devices. Multitasking is done with nine thumbnails. You can flick up to close them and they get rearranged or close them all at once.

As far as the browser goes, if it is, this is the stock browser on the device. You can also opt for chrome. If you want to and we’re going to load gsm, oh calm, the browser is reasonably fast: doesn’t win any words, but the fluid pinch to zoom works. Fine and the keyboard it’s been a trend recently that HTC implemented huge keyboards on this device. This one is pretty well space is very easy to type something in it and, as you can see well spaced huge buttons very easy to handle on a 5.5 inch screen. And now, if you pinch the screen, you will be taken to the widgets area. We also see the widgets apps and shortcuts the widgets are you buy between the stop Android ones and the typical black and white ones that HTC proposes? You can clearly see a tendency for black white and some gray in those widgets. Of course they manage to look pretty fine while being minimalistic, and they include the cool weather widget that has been here for me memorial times, even the devices from the HTC Touch series, if I remember one okay, so HTC sense, 6.0 brings a minimal interface with a Lots of black white and grey, of course, the trademark green on the UI is simple. The icons are simple: there’s, no gloss it’s, also very fluid and efficient at doing what it does, which is handling of tablet. Smartphone in the drop down area.

You can gain access to notifications and if you do Abdul finger shut to the bottom, you can see the quick settings, including ones, photo no disturb HTC, mini plus or power saving. And then we go to the settings area where there are the usual options related to connectivity, media output, personalization of homescreens, wallpapers, apps, widgets, screen panels, themes ringtone the other stuff, like that: a constancy, location, security, accessibility, backup displaying gestures, sound, call, app storage power, language and Keyboard and finally date time, printing and about now we get into the apps area, and I want to talk about the pre installed apps. We got a lot of bloatware here. We start off with the mail calendar and maps. Of course, Google Maps very fluid experience on the big screen and pretty fast localization of our position. Okay, then we got the gallery and we got Zoey that for a while now has not only been focusing on creating the Zoe, but also socializing with people you can offer them favorites post a comment or even remix there’s. Always you can discover people you can find friends in this app, so it’s also social networking app. If you want to create a Zoe it’s as simple as stepping what I just tapped, you select your content, including videos and photos. You press, ok and be able to choose a team. Basically a filter, the music and you’ll be all set. People already know Zoe for more few years ago, so it’s not exactly a huge change, maybe some UI tweaks and maybe that social networking aspect.

Okay. So then we got this media folder with music youtube play music, FM radio, playable Spanish tournament photos. Then we got the google folder, chrome, Gmail, Google, news and weather hang out to voice, search and play games, Facebook and the car mode that offers huge icons and voice command. So you won’t be distracted while you’re behind the wheel. Okay, we’ve also got clock. Htc guide a kid mode power by zoodles, which we’ve seen on many other devices got people play store and a Productivity folder that includes scribble drive, Polaris Office, internet and tasks crippled is basically an alternative to the S note from Samsung. You can create a birthday card. You can draw stuff select a variety of colors, a variety of wot tips for your pen and you can even insert content a web content. You note insert a picture template and evil play with some stickers: I’m pretty funky stickers for that matter. Okay, so tasks is your basic task: managing application with reminders included because stocks we got tools like calculator flashlight, whether voice recorder and padded dashboard. We got the file manager and the list goes on and on. Look at HTC, backup, HTC toad view power to give, which is a very interesting thing. Basically, you can offer this device up to be part of a network that will process things like curing on a curable disease or a project that may save the world soundex that’s bound to give you offer a bit of your processing power to a big network in Order to cure diseases and do some research.

Then we got nokia here. I cannot guarantee this was pleased out of the device I found it on this device, so I’m, guessing it was pre installed. Maker here has become very popular on Android. Lately it works like a charm, it offers offline downloads, very simple interface. The maps are very well done, and these are the layers map tricycle traffic with pretty good updates. Okay, then we got teams which comes straight out of HTC One m9, allowing you to customize or choose your experience. You can either download one from this store, including an Avengers team, so that’s cool or make your own. You start from a picture. You draw its basic colors and then you can create the team. So if i want to go to the camera shots pick this cherry flower, it can become my main theme for the phone and i can upload it to the store, so other people can model it. As well and that’s how the icons would be customized as well, starting with this as a main template, so hopefully that out of pink a very girlish team, it understood what the pink flower is all about. So, overall, I have to see that there’s, quite a bit on float, were going on here, a lot of apps eating into your internal memory and now it’s time for the verdict. This is a phablet it’s at current fifth tablet: it’s comfy to use copy to hold in the hand and comfy to play games one and watch video.

It has an okay battery good boomsound speakers at the front and also very good headphones. We got a bright screen in brighter than some of the flagships from last year we got two good macro shots taken by the camera, also, a very good selfie, cam up front lots of main camera options and the device is able to run new games like the Previous dimension, implosion – that is a very complex, tightness, still works perfectly on this device. We got good benchmarks and a very nice user interface typical for HTC cannot on the con side. Those are the pros now here are the cons. We got an oversaturated display that behaves so so in sunlight. We got burnt pictures when facing powerful, sunlight a bit overwhelming. Excuse me a bit underwhelming video capture and the device gets kind of hot during games, but only kind of – and you note in areas that will bother you also. I must mention the bloatware and the fact that don’t, like this ray accents in the bottom area, the camera area, these gray accents – are not to my liking, but other color versions may suit the phone better. So, overall bird pics saturation of the screen and video capture are the main drawbacks. Now, if I were to give this device a great web, the grade is 9 out of 10 for design, and the grade is eight point: eight out of 10 for hardware and finally, nine point three out of 10 for operating system and user interface.

The final grade is nine point: oh 3 out of 10. This is a very good selfie machine, it’s, a very good to music, listening machine and it’s, a very good gaming device as well. I just mentioned pain, two or three games on it: two games, a very fluid. The spring is excellent for gaming and for videos. The format is also very friendly for gaming and videos and, aside from some of the camera aspects, some of the main camera products it’s a pretty good tablet to pay. The price is also pretty good and set from a few flaws. I have to say: HTC did a fine job offering us a good successor for the HTC Desire 816. That was an excellent device. Last year there are times when I feel that the camera of the predecessor was just a bit better, but at least we have the selfie shooter that improved so HTC Desire. 820 gives a nine point.