So this is a new review format and see this lower end device were going to go to its specs and design features really fast. So the Sony Xperia e4 measures ten point five millimeters in thickness and it weighs 144 grams. It debuted this spring, so it’s a fair device and at 153 it’s, certainly or lower, and offering the back feels like it’s made of a cheaper plastic, but the front is a fingerprint magnet. This is quite a wide and massive phone, especially for a five incher. However, the one hand usage is pretty much okay, as you can see, it can reach all the areas of the screen without having too many problems, so at least that’s good, and I have to mention that, in spite of the fact it doesn’t feature a glossy case. The handset is pretty slippery. You can remove the case, the back part of the keys by starting from the lower right area. It feels a bit like a wraparound case of a cheaper Nokia. Lumia phone, as you can see, the battery is not removable, and here we have the micro, SD card slot and micro SIM card slot on the side. Micro, sim and microSD right here. Let’S put this back in case you’re wondering this chip phone. Has the notification LED right here at the front next to the front camera and up the back can find the speaker, the main camera and the flash where the phone does the front camera and on this side, the microUSB port load? On this side, the trademart onoff button and for the buttons right here other than that, I have to say that we get a pretty rounded design.

The phone is pretty slippery and you can easily get dirt or dust in this area here and in this earpiece area. Right here this is not a waterproof phone and the design may not be sexy, but it’s utility. As far as the hardware goes, we get here a quad core processor it’s, a cortex a7 mediatek clocked at 1.3 gigahertz. We also get the GPU. Does the mali 400 MP 2 and there is 1 gigabyte of RAM on board, as well as a gigabyte of storage and a micro SD card slot? Okay, now, if you wanted to know about the benchmarks, we obviously have those for you and we start off with quadrant in quadrant, we scored eight thousand four hundred and forty five points, which may not be an impressive score unless you start comparing it to other models. Like we have here, which means we got a table here of the motors reset past would actually quite close with a carbon titanium, s6 Fonda’s pretty popular in India. We also beat the league elite, one that we tested recently and some all reforms I’d say were doing decently. We also did a GFX test and we achieved 530 point nine points in the t rex test and if you want some comparison, we also have comparison here and the comparison shows us that will be the carbon titanium. S6 again. The league will lead one, the Philips w8 510 and were pretty close to the galaxy f5 for some reason, and then with the basement, SX test 4944 points let’s see what models we beat here.

As you can see, we beat the league, we lead one again, some all your phones and surprisingly, we even PD Samsung Galaxy a5, which is a pleasant surprise for Sony fans. Finally, this browser mark, in which we scored nine hundred and eighty two points and a comparison, follows obviously in browser mark when we beat a few older models, the carbon sparkled v and we were reasonably close even to the HTC one. The scored only about 80 points. More than us in browser mark overall I’d say that this model manages to handle its benchmarks, pretty well with squat or cortex a7 processor. It doesn’t suffer from lag, so you can easily scroll around the interface if there’s no lag per se, as you can see here. However, when you start opening an app that hasn’t been opened before there is that little bit of extra milliseconds that some people may call it like. The processor was made in 2013 it’s, a bit old it’s a lower and GPU, but we’ve seen it on a ton of devices. The device you see here is able to run the game. Riptide gp2 with you, okay and a few other 3d titles as well. Now, as far as the battery goes, we have a lithium ion unit here, with a capacity of 2300 million per hour on paper. It gives you 48 hours of music, but in our test that involves a video playback with Wi Fi on and brightness of 50.

We achieved a pretty good 7 hours and 18 minutes of playback, so 7 hours and 18 minutes of continuous HD video playback, and this has been compared to other models. As you can see, we managed to beat some heavy hitters HTC Desire, 820 Amazon fire phone. Even the HTC One and 9, so the favorite time is pretty much ok. We also did the test of continuous usage the PC mark test, in which we scored 5 hours and 52 minutes once again, a good result. We beat the oneplus one LG G flex, 2 HTC One m9, so I’d say the battery is quite good on this model, maybe even close to being a selling point. However, the charging is pretty much appalling, almost four hours or better set three hours and 46 minutes which is above of your lower end units or UN Philips, but certainly below heavy hitters like iPhone 6 plus or Desire 820. So almost 4 hours of charging that’s a no no overall Ikon the battery pretty good. As far as the player goes and continuous usage. And if you go to the settings area and if you are accustomed to a sony, xperia device, you’ll find the usual options related to power management. We got a stamina mode that extends battery life, the activation connectivity and the ultra stamina modes. That only lets some parts of the feature activate another device, some extra modes ready to Wi Fi and low battery. Ok, this is it in the battery area it’s time to test the audio, because a trademark Walkman player here with his usual interface, based on a menu on the left side and on big tiles at the center plus the audio settings.

Here we got usual clear, Audio plus we got these custom channels here we got surround sound, clear, stereo, clear phase X loud and actually, if you deactivate these two you’ll see that the sound becomes pretty poor, so it’s better to keep them activated. Let’S actually listen to attune, so you just saw how much the X loud option and the other one matter here. I have to say that the volume is reasonable for a low end phone and the sound is a bit muffled. There is no base to speak of here and, if you put a device on a flat surface, the muffling gets really bad, so the speaker loses a serious number of decibels. What I liked about the speaker is that it gives out high notes in a pretty hokey way. Obviously, the Walkman player is always a plus. It has a nifty visualizer we can play with. As far as I know, and should be here, somewhere, media server, walkman, tunes and that’s – what I was talking about this is the visualizer, everybody loves it and one of the pluses of the Walkman player anyway. I have to say that the equalizer offers 5 channels. You get surrounding the headphones X, naught and clear face and without them it’s pretty bad. We also did a test with a decibel. Meter worry not and let’s see what happened here. So this is the decibel meter. At the back of the phone 80 point. 9 decibels were at the front because awfully muffling things get a bit bad 76.

2 decibels. So overall, I’d say that we were pretty close to the huawei honor, six that achieves 81 decibels and the LG G flex 2 that achieves 82 decibels. So pretty much okay, but no based and that muffling problem take down the experience a bit. We also appreciate the fact that we have quite a few options in the audio area and as far as the display is concerned, this one is an IPS LCD with a resolution of 960 over 540 pixels it’s reflective it doesn’t handle sunlight very well, and it has A plastic screen coating that may bother you, especially in sunlight, as I said, with an RGB striped pixels and the actual experience is shown here. We got the sample to show you, and this is it. We got pretty much opaque, colors wide viewing angles, not very wide because of that plastic. Think of another screen, it’s, not a very practice plane. I give you that much and once again, RGB stripe pixels a place. The colors are: ok, they’re, not oversaturated, they’re more on the realistic side and contrast isn’t very good here. We also did a test using the lux meter and the result wasn’t very good. We achieved 217 Lux units, which is very low, usually all the phones and tablets. I played with over the past year or two years, go beyond 300 Lux unit, so not good at all. There are special options for the screen here in the display area you can play with the white balance.

You can adjust it. The RGB settings here screen rotation, sleep, smart data control, which basically involves looking at the screen to keep it activated and notification, light settings and that’s about it. I have to say that, overall, the screen is a bit of a letdown it’s, a mediocre display even for lower end device. Now, as far as the camera is concerned, we get a 5 megapixel shooter at the back with LED flash and autofocus. While at the front there is a 2 megapixel shooter for selfies. If you’ve seen a Sony, Xperia device before know what to expect a ton of options to play with and a ton of modes, this is the basic mode in auto mode. We have manual some photo augmented reality features you can stream live on YouTube play with creative effects, timesheet births trip panoramas. Also here in the manual mode, you can play with even more options like scenes. A lot of scenes, white balance, flash obviously resolution HD our ice table so for a low end phone, but pretty well set up the more disappointing thing about this. Camera is the zoom that’s, not through it at all it’s, even laggy. It doesn’t respond well to the touch okay enough about the interface. Nobody wants to see that detail and it’s time to look at the pictures. We have selected a series of pictures for you, the best we came here. We took around 50 or 60 items and we selected six of them to show you or better set five on them to show okay, so picture number.

One is a panorama that you can see right here and I have to say, it’s not very wide, but the colors are pretty much okay. The panorama is a bit curved, it was taken pretty fast and the advantage here is that it has no artifacts. Then we go to a graffiti shot. This graffiti shot was surprisingly good. It has good texture, good color is pretty crisp and bright. The picture came of the good exposure and was taken during day time. I liked both its color, the crispness, the texture and the fact that it managed to be produced by a family of pistol, shooter on a lower end phone, and then we get to probably the best shot taken with the Sony. Xperia e4. A macro shot of a flower. We achieved good detail here, good clarity. It took us a lot of patience to focus with the number of attempts trying to create macros. Well, this one came out the best. We can clearly see all the petals and all the parts of the flower regarde good colors blurred background to highlight the foreground, so good Montreux. Finally, the last or one of the last picture is this: one here is basically a shot of a fountain sprinkling water around. This means to get a pretty good shutter speed, we’re catching moving items here without wood, water, texture, ok, clarity, good brightness, and we did try something similar with another moving object later on moving earth globe and the shot wasn’t as impressive as this one of the water.

So with shutter speed here, brightness and clarity. Finally, the fifth picture is one landscape shot here with okay clarity, good colors and details it’s a bit on the dark side. The Sun was in the cloud, but I like the exposure of it and crispness of the letters we get some trees in there get some metal it’s a metal stage actually and in spite of the shadow, the details were decent for a megapixel shooter. These are the shots. I would call most representative for the camera. We obviously took more. We have a full gallery to look at when the full text video will be published. I have to say that, overall, looking at all the samples, I noticed that about 20 percent or 15 percent of them are moved, so you have to be very patient with the box at the camera. The colors look good and this camera is not very far from other low and has to be tested from the likes of carbon and other Indian or Asian companies. On the video side, we’ve selected two clips to show you – and here we go – we have one that involves a park scene from the top. This clip has an okay focus and exposure it’s, also slightly burly blurry at the start, but then it becomes clear. The rustic was surprisingly good, colors, also good and realistic by the way we’re playing with full HD mp4 files here with a 17 Naga per second bit rate and a 30 frame per second framerate.

And then there is the other clip. The clip with the fountain starts off pretty bad, with some focus loss, but once again, good audio, pretty good clarity for a low end phone crisp image and actually pretty oaky stabilization. Giving the conditions I’d say that the video and photo capture are okay for the price focus. Loss does happen quite a bit here and if you’re patient, with the focusing we’re taking shots, you’ll be happy with the pictures. Keep in mind that you’ll get some blurry shots here and there it comes with a price tag of the phone. Okay, so we’re done with the camera is time to get to other areas, for example Ricardo phone calling features here. I have to say that this device comes with HSDPA, gps, bluetooth, 4.1 and FM radio. There is no NFC or infrared there’s still DLNA, like a good signal loud calls, but there’s no noise. Cancelling. If you want to see some web browsing, we have to resort to Chrome and in Chrome we’re, going to go to gsm own comm by the way a pretty comfy keyboard here on this five inch screen pretty fast browser, it’s Chrome once again – and you saw before The browser mock result that was pretty good, okay, so we’re done with the browsing it’s time to talk software just little bit and then the conclusions. You probably guess that were running android kitkat android 4.4.4, with a custom sony UI on top with colorful and complex widgets, and a background that reminds us of a PlayStation console.

We can change the wallpaper artists, you can change themes and we got those typical, unique media acts, Walkman, album and video, as well as a PlayStation application. All of these apps have something in common. You got big squares, we’ve got a bit menu on the left side. Bachman has it album, has it big menu on the left side and video also has it. However, in videos case, this area is transparent, which is quite good. Looking. Okay, multitasking is obviously triggered by swapping to the side, but that are also a bunch of floating apps. A feature we’ve seen in the past on many Xperia phones. If you want to do a bit of extra multitasking, you have these floating apps on the screen. Okay and then there is something called the social life and news from social life. You can see it right here. It allows you to see a bit of news. A bit of social networking feeds basically it’s an alternative to Flipboard and blinkfeed. In a nutshell, we can add feeds drugs, select, keywords and that’s about it. I’M, not very sure about the social networking thing, because the app has been updated and now it’s called news from socialite, which may or may not be separated from social life. We got a flat and colorful UI. Here then, still a bit of gloss, although we’re in an age where gloss, isn’t, very modern, on you ice, you can still change themes. If you want to pretty much customization here, you go wallpapers, widgets and apps, and those are the things you can play with, but there are more relative, 2000 from Disney and a few other things.

The whole UI is big on transparency and one last mention here plain style. You can find out Track ID a precursor of Shazam and track by the TV that finds your TV shows. We got office tweet here as well and Garmin navigation. In spite of that, we don’t have what I would call bloat well here we only have a few apps to play with and not a huge amount of them, which is pretty much ok. There are a lot of online stuff online things to shown this device and each app has its own online section. The video app the music app the photo app all of them offer you the option to see your online things, and I also want to show you the temperature of the device after playing the game, Rita gp2 for 15 minutes, we achieved 34 points is degree Celsius. So there is no overheating here, it’s time for the verdict here for the pros and cons. So let’s start with the pros this one Xperia e4 is an affordable phone that’s for sure only a bit over 150 bucks. It has an OK camera if so, the samples before it has a lot of camera options, plus more downloadable, a very good battery. Surprisingly good battery, ok audio, there is no overheating and no bloatware and can run 3d games. Ok, however, on the con side, we got a massive phone, a fingerprint magnet, the cheap plastic at the back, and there is the plastic layer on top of the screen, ruining the experience.

It’S, not a bright phone, only a bit over 200 Lux, a very long charging and some of the pictures will be taken will inevitably be blurry. Also, the CPU onboard is another old, since this is the fall launch in 2015. Ok, so let’s give it some plates I’m going to go ahead and give it a 7 point: 8 out of 10 for design and 8.6 out of 10 for hardware and the 9 out of 10 for OS and UI. The final grade is 8.46 out of 10 and I will recommend this for people going on a vacation, and I would also recommend it if Li the Xperia e 4g didn’t exist is good, for the camera is good for the battery for the acoustics. Basically, if you want to go on a trip that’s, what you need audio battery and camera, so if you ready to spend 150 on it, go ahead, but keep in mind it has a cheap plastic case, not a very good screen and long charging from jessamine. Calm. 8.