So this is basically the alt LTE version of the e4. With a few upgrades and this product was actually announced just a few days after the e4 and launched in store in April 2015, so it’s a fresh, fresh device. The price tag in Europe is 129 euros, and this is more of an upgrade compared to the e4 than you’d expect it’s still a low end, experience form with a budget price and some pretty good specs. As far as the design goes, we got a plastic case with a soft touch back with a nice texture and it doesn’t feel as cheap as the plastic back of the e4. The grip is quite good and one hand usage has improved on this model, especially because it’s, less narrow and the diagonal has decreased. The e4 had a 5 inch screen and now have a 4.7 inch display on this model. The thickness has decreased. The e4g measures 10.8 millimeters in thickness by the e4 measure 10.5. This model weighs 135 grams, the predecessor, 144 grams, so it’s lighter and thicker. It was a three millimeters narrower so that’s a good thing. We got a wraparound case here, just like the e4 and just like the Nokia Lumia 520, for example. So wrap around case means that it also covers the edges. Not just the back. The battery is not removable, and here it is the micro, SD and SIM card slots on the side. The build is quite solid and having a glance at the sides at the front we can see the front camera and the earpiece notification LED in this area.

Here, sensors, obviously the side buttons trademark, onoff button and volume buttons are pretty comfy, while at the back we find the main camera flash and microphone plus the speaker right here. Looking pretty big, the micro USB is on the side, and the case is rounded in the corners that you can see right here. It also got a lanyard port here. This is not a waterproof, phonic is wandering, and this is quite an evolution. The e4. It looks better and it’s more comfy that the conclusion in the design area now, as far as the hardware is concerned, the e4g brings a quad core cortex a53 processor clocked at 1.5. Gigahertz is the mediatek mt6752, according to cpu z. According to the sony, official website is the mediatek mt6752, the GPU well it’s a mali t760 that actually performs better in games than the one of the e4. The processor mentioned before dates from 2014, who are the Xperia e4 at the processor from 2013, so that’s an update, it’s, quite a big jump, especially in the graphics area. The GPU area, other specs offered here well include 8 gigabytes of storage, of which we get four point: seven gigabytes, free microsd card slot, 1 gigabyte of RAM and now it’s time to have a glance up the benchmarks we’re going to start off with quadrant, in which We scored a pretty impressive ten thousand two hundred and fifty points. The Xperia e4 had only eight thousand four hundred and forty five, as you can see here, and we even managed to be the carbon titanium, s6 and leagoo lead one being also pretty close to the Huawei honor 6 and HTC One m7.

Next up we got onto – and you know totally at the score of thirty two thousand seven hundred and fifty three points. We even managed to be the Samsung Galaxy a5 HTC, One m7 HTC Desire, 820 and even the BlackBerry passport. That has three gigabytes of RAM. While the e4 had 18k points so a very impressive score in an total, we also did a 3d mark test. I storm extreme 5030 points, while the e4 had 2037 we’ve beat the galaxy a5 again and carbon sparkly for yet another impressive result. Okay, now it’s time to have a look at the big bench tree in the single core test. We had 726 points in the multi core test, a very impressive 2167. The predecessor has the 351 all work 1174. We managed to beat again the HTC One m7 and samsung galaxy a5. All those results are impressive, and this model has less lag than the Sony. Xperia e4, that one itself didn’t have much lag. It only started applications a bit slower than you’d expect even for a low end device. This one starts applications a bit faster and obviously you can run games quite new games, considering the CPU and GPU, for example, we’re on reran, Riptide, gp2, a game, a racing game with 3d graphics, quite well, with no lag and after 15 minutes of playing it. The temperature got to 33 point three degrees Celsius, so there is no overheating here, which is good news on the battery front, we’re, getting a little eye on 2300 million for our unit, the same capacity as the Xperia e4 on paper.

We are promised 60 64 hours of music. The e4 was promised 48 hours of music in our usual test involving HD video loop with Wi Fi zone and brightness at 50 we achieved 8 hours and 40 minutes of playback time, which is very, very impressive. The e4 give us 7 hours and 20 minutes, and if you really want a comparison here, we even managed to beat the length of the Galaxy Note 4 and Amazon fire phone with this huge time we mentioned before the charging. Well, that takes a bit longer 3 hours and 34 minutes, which is about 10 minutes less than the e4. So a bit of an evolution in the settings area, you can add even more juice to your battery through some power saving features, they’re called stamina modes. So the first time in a mode we’ll be able to set the Wi Fi and data off when the screen is off. You can restrict performance if you want to, and then there is the ultra stamina mode that you can see here and offers up to a week of use by totally deactivating useless features and keeping the main ones sony promised to deliver a 2 day battery. For this phone and have to say they delivered a great experience as far as the acoustics go, we got a great Walkman player here with its nice user interface and it’s special options and settings like clear, Audio plus enhancements that includes these five customizable channels surround sound Clear stereo, clear phase and X loud that actually work when being used now let’s get to the actual listening experience: okay, so yeah.

What we’re dealing with here is a pretty long and clear experience with an okay base. There is no more muffle in. If you put the phone on a flat surface like this, the Xperia e4 suffer from muffling this one doesn’t. We got a full visualizer that you just saw, and you probably heard just a bit of a distortion of the maximum volume. We also get a pair of headphones and bonded with this device. It’S, not a pair of premium headphones. The wire tends to tangle. We got a big remote here, and these headphones are not very comfy in your ear, but their sound is very good it’s very loud. We got a good base and loud and clear experience. We can obviously connect the headphones to the device and achieved FM radio connectivity. We also did a decibel meter test to test. How strong is the speaker at the back, and this is what came out at the front of the device we achieved 86 decibels while other bad at the back. Eighty six point five decibels and once again, no muffling. Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia e4 had a 2.9 decibels and, for example, the HTC One m9. Eighty six point: nine decimal. So just look here how close we are to that very impressive. We beat the iPhone 6 plus that have eighty three point: eight decibels very good acoustics for this low end device and once again you have FM radio with RDS. Now, as far as the screen goes, this is a 4.

7 inch er it’s, an IPS LCD. With a resolution of 960 over 540 pixels, the e4 had a 5 inch panel with the same resolution. This screen is less bad in the sunlight. It has better contrast and we got RGB stripe. Pixels now it’s tend to view a video and see how the screen does in this screen test. Ok, so the image is crisp is pretty bright. We have realistic colors, there is no over saturation, RGB, strap, pixels and quite wide viewing angles. If you look at the review of the Xperia e4 it’s clear, there has right here and as far as the brightness is concerned, we use the lux meter and achieved an impressive 424 Lux units. The Xperia e4 had only 217 Lux, so that’s quite a jump. Meanwhile, we beat D 1 plus 1 and its 404 Lux. We beat the HTC One and 9 and its 362 locks so once again, very impressive, a great screen and you can even play with some options. Already to this screen, you can adjust the brightness, the white balance, equalling some RGB features play rotation and smart backlight control that will keep the screen on once you’re looking at it, so overall, a very good display. Now we get to the cameras, 2 megapixel, selfie, shooter and fire make a pixel main camera with LED flash HDR digital stabilization and 4x zoom as usual for Xperia phone. We got a ton of options to play with.

You know them from any other expedient advice that we’ve reviewed over the past year. We got auto that’s ready to adapt to adapt to dozens of scenes, be careful what you press, because some of the options may be a bit more complex, okay, so Auto Scene. Recognition is able to recognize if a no mistaking around 50 situations for the camera, we got a manual mode with a ton of settings to get them here. You can see a lot of scenes and a lot of option that will engage the are in image stabilization and we also have a sound photo materiality features and more to download. If we want to a thing worth mentioning here. I complain in the review of the e4 that the zoom was not so it well, this time, it’s a bit more fluid the zoom, so that’s, good news. Okay, will you beside the interface we get to the actual picture? Taking we have selected a few samples for you to view the ones that we consider the best the best photo samples okay, so we got the picture number one picture number one is a landscape shot with the trees being a little bit blurry and we want you To show you some details loss here, however, the colors are realistic, the lighting is OK and this is a better shot compared to the Xperia e4. I also have to mention that, in the review of the Sony Xperia e4, we found that 50 20 of the shots were being moved by your unpatient, focusing this time only about 10 or even less so the focusing is better.

Next up, we get to a macro shot and if the macro shot of a flower, a similar one you don’t have to in e4 – and simply it looks great, we got incredible details I’ve, seen great cameras before great low end cameras on carbon phones on Lumia phones, But this family picture sugar produced a great macro this time, good colors, blurred background and excellent quality of the foreground. So pretty much perfect macro for low end phone. We obviously had the glance at the panorama, even though the Starlight was in front of us. It came out pretty nicely resolution 49, 12 over 1080 great colors, a bit curved great details and there’s no problem with the Sun being ahead, it’s a bit better than the e4 panorama. Then we felt the need to tell the shutter by taking shots of a fountain close up, and you can see the small water bubbles in the air, which means we have a great shutter, and I mean great shutter speed by this. You can catch water drops and we caught some shots of a spinning globe the same one we caught really four and in the meantime, we managed to catch it perfectly, while the e4 had it blurry, because it simply moved and the details are great. You can see the water sprinkles here and the texture is quite nice. Ok, finally, we have one more flower shot. This is to show you the realistic colors, nice texture, good details and the crisp image, also good exposure, even though it was a sunny day.

The flowers are not burnt, like I’ve seen on some mid range phones from HTC, so this is a very good camera for a 5 megapixel shooter and I frankly have no complaints about the pictures. Now. As far as the video, though, we filmed in mp4 Full HD, 30 frames per second 17 mega per second bitrate stabilization was poor, as you can see in sample number one. So this is sample number one. Video sample number one, an okay exposure, good colors and pretty good acoustics, but a bit of a motion blur happening here. I like the details, but I don’t like the stabilization and the motion blur. The quality is okay, but maybe not full HD. Okay, in my view, the second video well, the second video involves a fountain and water sprinkling water. You will meet focus loss here, especially at the start. Acoustics are once again pretty good lighting is also okay. Details are reasonable and colors are okay. We also did a video capture with efore of a fountain, and this one is marginally better than the one of the e4 I’d say that overall, this camera is about 20 percent better than one of the Xperia e4, although theoretically the two handsets have a lot in Common, it could be a bit better on the video capture part, but I have to highlight the very good acoustics of the video capture. As far as the phone polling goes. We got 4G LTE here we got Wi, Fi and NFC in the connectivity area.

You can reach 150 megaparsec on downloads. We got GPS without bluetooth, 4.1 and during phone calls that good clarity of the sound good quality, loud experience when calling people and good signal the web browser provided here is chrome and let’s access our website, provided we can do that by the way. This is the virtual keyboard that’s a bit cramp, in my view, it’s a bit cramped on this four point: seven, eight, seven back to the browser. As you can see, we got pretty good speed in Chrome and it’s a bit faster than doing in on the Xperia e4, in my view, once again cramped keyboard by the small diagonal. As far as the software goes, this is Android 4.4.4, like on the other model. Frankly, speaking for device launched in April 2015, I was inspecting lollipop. We have virtual Android buttons. We got a custom Sony wide with a bunch of cute looking custom widgets aside from the stock ones and a bunch of custom, wallpapers and other things like that. This one UI is colorful and flat. At the same time, it has elements from the PlayStation experience. We could use your Walkman album and video applications with some elements in common, the apps feature tile based interfaces, and I mean big tiles, also a left side menu. This happens in Walkman also happens in album, left side, menu and transparency, and this is what also happens in video bit times and left side menu again and once again, transparency.

Okay, we also have unique widgets and that PlayStation feel of the background UI in the multitasking area. You can trigger those floating windows. Basically, minute versions of applications they’ll be placed on the screen at the same time, for an improved multitasking with certain apps. The settings area looks quite nice. Many device makers have neglected to personal this in a nice way. The icons here are pretty flat, minimalistic and nice. Looking, I have to say that the apps are neatly arranged. You can read about our own order, alphabetical, most use or only see those installed generally it’s best to keep your own order. If you want that, among the apps that are placed on here, we got social life, basically a free port and blinkfeed rival, and it not bad looking as you can see, based more on pictures and text. Obviously, the Rosary, the text we got track ID, which is basically Shazam precursor. We got garmin for the navigation you got sketch for dueling and some picture editing and AVG for your antivirus needs there’s also office. Suite is preparing to do some pro activity things overall, there’s, not much broker here so that’s, good news, okay, it’s time for the verdict, the Sony Xperia e4 is clearly an upgrade. Excuse me this one Xperia e4 g is clearly an upgrade the e4. It has a very opening price of 129 euros, total the prawns it has a bright screen, good audio, nice texture. It gives you LTE connectivity on a budget price.

It also has good benchmarks, great battery life and a solid case. Those are the pros now let’s get to the cons. The Sony Xperia e 4g has long charging. Its video capture could be better and seeing how it was launched in April 2015. I would expect it to have lollipop and somehow it doesn’t also the smaller diagonal may be a problem, so I put in the corner section don’t be mistaking. This is a very solid phone and we’re going to give it a nine point, one out of ten for design 9.5 for Hardware, a very big grade for a low end phone and finally, our 9 out of 10 for OS and UI. This handset gets from us a nine point two out of ten the Sony Xperia e 4g is an e4 killer, a Lumia killer and is great for young people. Why? Because it offers two days of battery life at Sony promised a great display, great acoustics and great camera plus we can use it for games and social networking via LTE. If you want it’s, probably the best low end phone. That story has ever made and one of the best low end phones with ever tested here at GSN, dome, calm, so hope you liked this review. The Sony Xperia e 4g is clearly gon na upgrade from the e4 and gets a nine point. Two out of ten from us.