Now that has the snapdragon 650 in it an upgraded camera and, most importantly, a micro SD card slot now can be used in that dual SIM slot. So show you quickly: we have our recent apps home and back key here and in front facing five megapixel camera there’s, our proximity and ambient light sensor and the earpiece, and on the left side we have the Micro SIM tray on the back. We have a fingerprint sensor, loudspeaker it’s, the me logo, there 16 megapixel camera now and dual LED flash and on the right side, volume up and down and the power on buttons there. Now these parts here are made out of plastic and the backing plate here is metal and on the top IR blaster 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a secondary mic for noise cancellation and around here the bezel. The trim is all made out of metal and the quality is very good. The build quality very nice feels quite premium in hand and if definitely for the price range it’s going to be hard to beat this mobile phone. So let’s have a look now at some benchmarks and go into further detail. So here we are in the me UI 7.1 skin. You can see. It’S got a bit of an Apple look to it, the iOS and it’s their own skin that doesn’t well. It supports widgets and then all your application icons all on one there. So there’s, no like a drawer, it’s, okay, but there’s a couple of things I don’t like about it.

The couple of things like if, for example, just using the phone dialer, this directory comes up. So that the Chinese and they’re everywhere you go now, there were about three or four applications. I did have to uninstall that were Chinese someone you can’t, remove you can’t, remove. The me wallet me account some of that stuff. Unfortunately, you are stuck with now. You will see that I do have Play Store there. Now this model didn’t come with placed or installed because they don’t have play store in China, so the sellers, the resellers on Aliexpress, paying good gear best, they will install their own rom or they will install Play Store for you now I managed to install Play Store With a Play, Store, installer and everything’s working, fine, the speed of Play Store is running as it would on any other phone it loads in pretty quick there and it does work in landscape mode. Unlike the launcher, the launcher does not work in landscape mode. Is another annoying thing about it. It’S fixed like that. So I do recommend the once you get the phone you probably just want to dump the launcher, get Apex or Nova Launcher that’s a lot better or evens in Zen. Launcher 2 is another one that’s quite nice, and you can fine tune things here there. You are able to hide notifications from certain applications, which i think is a really good feature to have that. I would like to see on other mobile phones, because some things can be really annoying.

Even though you’ll have your phone offline games like clash of clans, will give you a notification that your Army’s, ready or whatever, even though you’re not even connected online, but here you could disable that which is handy feature and you do have again quick access to everything. You’Ve got the torch, you can turn on brightness. One thing I also do like is the read mode, which is good, so that removes there blue light from the display to not affect you. I sleep so much so that’s another little option there, a nice little extra. They have added with the me UI and overall, as I mentioned, I mean it’s. Ok, I think a lot of people might find it. Ok, it’s perfectly fine, but the power user out there is probably just going to put Apex Launcher on and the browser lots of Chinese and wouldn’t recommend using it. I mean it’s just seems to go through the Chinese search engine as well. Whether you can trust that, whether someone’s watching what you’re searching I don’t know, but this has come straight out of the factory and you can see the keyboard there’s standard one. So we do have an English keyboard, but we’ve got Chinese on there as well. Now you can go along and just install Google keyboard and remove this. I haven’t done that for the perb is over this video, but is what I will do if I’m going to keep this mobile phone.

I will put the Google keyboard on there just to get rid of some of that Chinese in there and overall typing on the keyboard is just fine that, as I mentioned it’s using another search engine there. So, even if I were to type in tick tablets, I don’t even know it’s going to bring it up because it’s using a well looks like I might actually bring it up there. No, but it’s a lot of Chinese search engine. So you have to go through. Google, so I would even recommend using the default stock browser application. They have included there for you, isn’t, really something you want to be using. So you want to download Chrome or another browser there in fact, I’m just going to do that now, install Chrome and then run a couple of web pages and see how quickly they perform so head over to chick turbulence. Calm and now that is going to load in, have a look and see just how smooth that is there’s a lot of images on the website and it handles that just fine it’s, very smooth. I have no problems with browsing and using this phone it’s just so smooth and you don’t really see I haven’t seen or detected really any stutters at all, so the web browsing experience is 9 out of 10. Really you can’t really fault it for what it is on a mobile phone and here’s how they said. So you have a 64 gigabyte, Samsung Evo, just need to place that in this way and there’s my sim card it’s a nano SIM that I had that I had to use an old adapter there that I’ve got to put that in there and that just slots In like so I’ll very quickly show you how the fingerprint Center works, so you need to have a PIN number already set up.

Then you just go in and add your fingerprinting I’ve already got one fingerprint already registered. I think you can register up to five. I think it is just go ahead. One more so, you have to confirm your PIN again just another security step there and all you need to do is place the finger, your finger, that you want to scan or use on the back of the sensor phone vibrates, and you need to do that. Ten times and there we go that should have done it now. Let’S set up and unlocking and unlocking using your fingerprint is very quick, so just lock it now simply place your finger on the back there and boom it unlocks it’s, very quick and works literally nine out of ten times now. The Mark’s bloody people like to see benchmarks. Well, I benchmarked quite a few things and just kept taking screenshots once I ran them all. This is the ice storm. Unlimited 3dmark sling, shot Geekbench 3 score and to to 6.04 score quite a good score there. That is quite high when have a look at that result. It’S impressive, when you think about the price of this particular mobile phone and it’s, almost getting eighty thousand and and two to six that’s, just a little bit of the CPU information there. You can see that it runs at idle, it actually runs all of those cause. They seem to be on all the time. The few more details, I compared that to my galaxy note, 5, and this device actually runs out on some of the results there, which is interesting.

This is the work performance that it got with PC mark now, little storage speeds quite good. There read of a hundred and forty six megabytes per second off the internal storage and a writer, fifty that’s, not bad for any 32 gigabyte emmc a foot that to be particularly fast and there’s a little more information there on the CPUs. So, in order to test out the battery life, what I did and what I normally do with most of my phones, I charged them to 100, and then I run the PC mark battery life test. So I let it run from 100, with the wireless on and connected up with the network to so it had signal left all of that on and configured the display to the correct brightness levels they suggest so the display was calibrated too, and I just let that Run – and these are the results I got out of that particular battery test, so the test only just really finished: it’s a 20 battery life and I’ll just quickly show you the battery uses, so PC mark taking up 21 hardware, of course, being the screen and the Screen on time was 8 hours and 47 minutes, so not bad at all, and if I just show you the history details, you can see there that the signal mobo network signal that I had was quite good. So in the green there Wireless was on the whole time awake the whole time display on the whole time, 8 hours, 47 minutes and I’ll show you.

The PC mark results, here’s the score details, so it’s calculated they work battery life of just over 10 hours. So 10 hours and 18 minutes in total and the final details here are work. Performance score are 5555, so scores quite well there with the 4 thousand milliamp hour battery so overall, I’m quite pleased with the battery life. Now, if you’re gaming a course, that’s, probably going to really take quite a knock on the battery life, because gaming does consume a lot of battery life because you’re running the GPU at the max CPU at the max. So you can probably expect quite a few hours of less than that. Maybe it’s going to be gaming a lot during the day, then maybe you’re, only looking at about 6 hours of use and now to very quickly compare the scores between the redmi note 2 and the current one I have now. So you can see. That is a massive difference when it comes to benchmark scores with n22 and that power you can actually feel definitely within the UI and the only place where the redmi note 2 actually wins is on the multi core score, because it has an extra two cores. So it’s a six core versus eight cores, but the single core score is much higher there too. So when it comes to performance, you can see there clearly that the redmi note 3 pro is definitely a lot faster than the redmi note, 2 and here’s.

The 4g LTE speed that I managed to get out of the phone, not bad. I mean that’s just as fast as my galaxy note5 got at the same time, so perfectly fine speeds there. You will have to check with your network provider to see which LTE bands are supported before you buy this, especially if you’re in America, if you’re using people like Sprint or ATampT that have different bands that you really want to check that out before you go ahead And buy one of these a very quick look at the GPS. It does pick up GLONASS, satellites and your standard GPS satellites and the accuracy seems to be okay. First, lock, didn’t, take long at all, took probably about five or six sick now I’m outside here. In my car that’s, better sunlight coming through the window, as you can see, and the screen is on full brightness, I can still make it out perfectly fine. It is winter here at the moment, so the sun’s not as strong as it would be in summer and I’m, imagining in summer, is going to be a little bit more difficult. But at the moment the time is 240. You can see so 240 winter Sun and perfectly usable, which is great to see so quickly run through some of the camera options we have, it does have HDR but flash. We can control a few manual controls here, manual mode fisheye, and if we swipe up, we get a different filters.

You can use as well and we can go into the video mode, and this allows us to take videos but there’s, very few settings in video mode. In fact, there’s only slow motion, which I can enable for some reason and time lapse. Now these settings only allow us to record in full HD full HD standard definition and just normal HD, so no 4k there, but you can record 4k if you use the Google camera app, which does work by the way I have tested that out so show me. Also decided to increase the megapixel count of the camera, so it’s gone from a 13 megapixel camera and the redmi note, 2 and 3 to now a 16 megapixel version, and is it better to be honest, I’m not going to do a direct comparison in this video? Otherwise, it’d been way too long, but I might do in another video, but to be honest, it’s not really that much better. I can’t honestly see much of a difference. Low light shots still come out pretty terrible, now here’s a photo here of one of my cats. Just chilling out and it’s low light here taken in the evening and if you zoom up and have a look at it really close, it is blurry and sometimes in the low light. The focus is completely lost. It’S just completely washed out it doesn’t get the focus right and other times, it’s, quite good, with the focus status but not know like low light hopeless, but when you’ve got good lighting conditions, for example, this flower here looks stunning.

I mean it really does look really really good. You can get all the details there, so it’s taking some good photos in good lighting conditions and that’s pretty much exactly how it was with redmi note, 2 and redmi. Note 3, with a 13 megapixel camera daytime photos. Good now the video, the video quality is still quite average. Here’S a sample you’ll see that the audio could be improved and so could the video, I think, and now the native stock application for the camera doesn’t support 4k. But if you use Google camera, then you can record 4k videos because the chipset supports it. So does the sensor and here’s the sample that I recorded, but you can see that the framerate is sometimes suffering it’s dropping down, not particularly good 4k video there. I would rather get a mobile phone that’s dedicated to 4k out of the box. You other photos macros again, very good, colors aren’t bad. If you want to see all of these photos I’m showing you all the samples and the videos, you can click the link in the description. There’S a download now it’s, quite a large file but that’s where all the originals are that I took so. You can download and have a look at those originals and compare them yourselves and here. Moving onto the front facing camera takes an okay photo and it can record 1080p video to quality wasn’t too bad. I prefer this is a sample of the photo facing camera on the show me redmi, note 3, why this is ok, can shoot 1080p so overall it’s safe to say that in good lighting conditions, you’re going to get a very decent photo, a printable usable photo from The camera low light you’re, not you, have to hold it extremely still.

The slight movement in low light results in a blurred photo and the video quality still average so show me still have some work to do when it comes to the camera. Improving things now, just to show you the loudspeaker, how loud it is, and the audio quality, as well as quite good, the phone, if used as a phone, what was originally intended for call qualities are really good. No problems sounds clear. The person on the other end said that I sounded very clear. They sent a clear to me so all good, no complaints at all their call quality is good and the default applications I’m going to use a default music app. Just to show you that what you’re in for it’s going to pop up with all those Chinese here, but then you can go across to your own music and find out what you want. But you gain there’s a bit of Chinese here and there with some of the stock application. So you need to be aware of that and you’ll probably end up just trying to remove those apps and go with something like play: music or your own power amp. For example, will be another good one here, so just find my song, I just moved over now the reason I’ve chosen this track here is hopefully won’t. Give me any copyright issues but and to demonstrate the loudness of the speaker it’s quite loud, and when you have a incoming phone call, the ringtones as well very loud and phone.

You can set it to vibrate, just like any other phone. Now the audio quality via the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is quite good. There’S no hassle statical now found it to be reasonably good. I mean I have no complaints. It sounds good to me now under the headsets and audio effects. There are various settings you can tweak there as soon as you plug in your headset along here. You can then adjust and change to use the me sound enhancer, so you can turn that on and select, for example, I do actually have a set of me headphones right here. This particular model HD audio, so you can go along and find them if they are listed and it will tweak the sound to that particular headphone set and overall sound is good. Equalizer can use that also just like any other but it’s good, that you can set these settings here and not in an audio application because just goes across the board. So you listen to a video. It will still be affected by the equalizer here, so not bad. At all and you can change and assign what the remote buttons do as well, which isn’t too bad okay, so we’re, seeing the benchmarks. But how does the Adreno 510 handle gaming just going to test out a few titles here now? Some of them are quite demanding, screens 1080p, so that’s definitely helping it so it’s, not a 1440p screen have a look.

This first title here is Mortal Kombat X, clash of clans very popular title. I know it’s not a demanding game really, but it can run slow when you’ve got really big level, 10 cities or lots going on the screen that it runs very fast, very fluid, and it actually looks really really good on the screen, probably just because of the Colors the color palette that they use at this game just makes that screen the colors just pop out and looks really really good, hopefully that’s, coming across in the camera of how nice this 1080p screen really is it’s, not bad at all. You see what the viewing angles now just quickly do a very quick, a check. You see attending this game, just fine, no problems whatsoever, not that you’d expect it to be lagging on this one that I have seen some tablet or mobile phones lag with this game. Real Racing tree, you might not be a a newish game anymore, but it still looks great Real Racing 3 and looks really go on the screen and, as you can see now, it performs really well very smooth modern, combat 5 blackout now, for some reason, there’s no Sound on this I’ve seen this happen before I can’t remember which mobile phone it was now so reviewed a few, but it looks to run the game very smooth but that’s a bit of a problem. There’S no sound looking around here, yeah it’s not really lagging, and no, I don’t, think there’s any lag at all.

This can lag I’ve seen it running literally attends frames per second on some of the Bay Trail tablets and even other mobile phones that have a weaker GPUs and chipsets, but the stphanie running really nice, just a shame: there’s, no sound budget hunter 5. So this game is perfectly playable runs really well. I don’t think this mobile phone is going to have any trouble playing all the latest titles. The most demanding titles GPU is handing everything just find this chipset. Now, when it comes to temperatures, it’s tiny little tiniest tiniest tiniest little bit of heat coming from around this area here, but honestly, it’s, nothing, it doesn’t seem to get that warm or throttle. Now I have played it a lot longer than this. Current video is showing you, but it will get my thermal probe out and have a very quick look see. It barely heats up it’s only getting to about thirty degrees. Of course, if I was charging and playing at the same time for a two or three hours continuously, I imagine what would get over up to 35 or something like that. But so far the temperatures of this particular chipset. The Snapdragon 650 seem to be very good and not heating up like the 808, and if I check the front getting warm around the screen, perhaps pretty much the same around 28 degrees. So here the thermals it’s getting up to what’s the highest 64 one of them pa thermal one, so that must be our CPU, so 64 degrees internally and externally, 28 30 degrees.

So those temperatures, I think, are very good. So is it dragon tail or Gorilla? Glass. 3, I don’t know I don’t think anyone really knows, but it does have some form of scratch: resistant glass on there and I’m. Just going to do a very quick test now I’m not going to go overboard I’m, not going to throw the phone around or shoot at it or shoot a crossbow at it or anything like that to see how resistant the screen is, but I’m going to do Is just use the knife, my unboxing little pocket knife here and OH to show that it is sharp on the end, I will show that it does cut paper quite easily and I’m going to do the same on the screen and I really hope it’s not going To leave a mark, but here we go do the same and I move it around a little and I am actually pushing down quite hard. You probably can’t see that on the camera, though alright did it leave a mark, hopefully not otherwise. His phone’s gon na be pretty useless to me. No, I can’t see any marks. I can’t see a mark at all there, so it does have some form of scratch resistance there. If I was to force down extremely hard, I bet you. I could probably put a mark on it, but I don’t want to do that, but that was, I think, hard enough to know that if you’re going to put it accidentally in your pocket with some keys or some coins, then the screen at least shouldn’t get scratched Up the rear metal on the back, of course, that’s another story that of course, will scratch, and so will the plastic and I’m not even going to try that so there we have it.

I think this is quite an amazing phone for the price you’re getting flagship performance without the flagship price tag. You have some features like the fingerprint sensor, an improved camera. The chipset, the new Snapdragon 650, is very capable, very powerful and overall there’s not much to not really liked about this phone. Apart from their money, little niggles, i have with the me UI 7 Princeville chinese apps, the fact that it doesn’t come with Google Play that’s. What you get with every mobile phone out of China, but overall, I think this is a really good buy for the price and it’s very hard to beat this phone’s performance for around 200. Us thanks for watching the view, hopefully see you back in the channel, with a more up and coming reviews on mobile phones and tablets.