You can also get a 32 gigabyte, which is the entry level model and 128 gigabyte, one which comes in black, with a ceramic finish, so you can see the build of it is quite premium. Looking we have a glass front and a glass rear that feels very nice fits in your hand, quite well with the 5.1 5 inch screen it’s 1080p by the way – and we have our power button on the side here and volume up and down very easy access To it and the fingerprint scanner here on the front which tends to work quite well, the location of the fingerprint scanner, there well it’s, something that takes a little while to get used to. But if you’ve got a samsung phone you like that. But I started to get myself quite accustomed to the rear fingerprint sensor. It was on the redmi note 3 pro and i quite like that, but this isn’t too bad so continuing on with the phone. We have a microphone right here, our USB type c port loudspeaker, and here we have recent apps button back button and the screen itself actually has a bezel all around. If i go into the internet browser here, you can see that it’s not actually visit us there’s. A two millimeter black bezel that goes all around the outside. Now, if I have a look at the front here, we have an ambient light sensor, earpiece 4 megapixel front facing camera there.

Another me logo and this middle trim goes all around the outside. There is a nano SIM tray takes 2 nano Sims, so jewel, sim, no micro, SD card support, unfortunately, and the back has a curved Gorilla Glass. 4 finish: this is a 16 megapixel. Camera 2 LED flashes there and we do have a secondary microphone IR blaster and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack overall, very nice build does feel premium in hand, and I do like it. My only complaint is that it is very slippery when your hands are cold and putting it down on surfaces. You have to be very careful. That is really the only downside of having the glass everywhere. So I recommend a skin or a case for this as soon as you get it so let’s have a look now and into more detail the mobile phone and just how well it performs, as well as the cameras, so the 1080p panel is quite bright. I find it has good colors, good whites and it doesn’t tend to change too much when you’re looking at it from different angles. It doesn’t get all washed out or anything like that. It’S, an IPS display fully laminated with the Gorilla Glass protection on top of it and it’s definitely a good screen, I think worthy of a flagship. You can see the black levels there now here’s a look at the screen and direct sunlight. I can make it out. Quite clearly – and it does have 565 nits of brightness, which is very good, but the camera is struggling to pick up the screen very hard to actually portray just how it looks like in person but I’m able to read it, and I don’t have a problem.

This is one of the better screens, I would say for sunlight legibility, so here we, the ROM, and you can see it – has logos, icons that actually look very similar to that of Apple’s iOS and everything is just included. So your widgets. This is a clock as actually just a widget there and all your apps. In the same exact thing, there is no app drawer which a lot of people might actually miss. If you come from Samsung, for example, with their TouchWiz, you have the app drawer, but you can create folders and things like that now, when I first got the phone, there was a lot of bloat already pre installed on it. Luckily, you can remove literally all of it about a good 90 95 of that, but there will be some things that remain and that is, for example, some of the actual me applications here like their game, epic location and that’s, going to all be in Chinese. So there’ll be a lot of these applications is going to pop up that are going to be in a Chinese, the what I’m going to get rid of now. This particular run that I have is the you could say the Chinese version it’s, not the international ROM. All it supports as Chinese in English there’s no multi language on there, so you’re going to have to wait for that and it didn’t come with Play Store. Although you can see, I have Play Store here, it is now possible to install that with the Play Store.

Installer I didn’t get that installed. You can ask your seller where you get this from ask them if it does have Play Store already installed, if you’re worried about having to install that yourself. So you have a look at the minor details here. What version I’m running so it is Android 6 it’s running on there, and the version of the me UI is seven point two point: six stable. Apparently I haven’t had any problems with it. It hasn’t crashed on me anything like that now when I first got it into the unboxing I had 7.1 and it was quite a large update that I had to apply and download which took a long time, because I think the download was actually being pulled from The service in China so a little slow there and it was around 700 bytes, but it just I can’t, actually see what it changed, but hopefully increase the stability and performance and speaking of which the wrong performance is really good. I I haven’t had any problems with it, but it doesn’t feel as fast as my Samsung galaxy s7. I don’t know why, but I just think it’s the way it is and the recent apps menu is a little different. This is the way that show me like to do it it’s their impersonal way. So you scroll along like this, to swap between your different apps there, and if we have a look at our free available ram.

Normally we have around 1 point 8 gigabytes free on first boot, it’s, one point seven at the moment, and just some of the applications are stock ones. Of course, you’re going to get even more Chinese with them there. So just bear that in mind. For example, the default browser just comes up all in Chinese. It is geared for the Chinese market there, so you probably want to just dump that – and install Chrome, for example, would run a lot better, but even using this stock app here just quickly show website. That does tick turbulence calm. It is not exactly a light web site, but the performance of it is very fluid and very smooth there and there’s there’s, literally no lag with that it I’m going to load a website. They haven’t it loaded up before you see here. Look the default search engine Chinese one so so we’ll see how long this takes to load. That seems rather quick and very fluid it’s. Just super smooth, no problems with that. The days of phone’s lagging, I think, are now gone, especially with the Snapdragon 820. Here their performance is just really really good. Now show me also has some interesting settings under the additional settings menu within there me UI here there’s a couple of things here that I just thought I’d show that I quite like now the notification light you can go through it’s just up here and change the Colors of of it completely to suit and see there you’ve got a whole range of colors that you can sit there to, which is, which is handy, it’s nice, to be able to tweak that.

But there’s also other couple other things here too. So under the battery and performance and a lot of people on the media, tech, powered ones, there’s also a mode that you can change the way, their performances. So you can sit the cpu to be on performance mode. Now, when it comes to the Snapdragon chipsets, that menu is not enabled, it just seems to be media tic only for that now. Our other interesting features here that we do have as these system animations. You can disable that and put it to hide the animations. If you want things to look and feel faster, I’ve just left it all on the default settings here and under power. This and interesting features here that I do like. For example, you can have it’s scheduled to turn on and off when you want, you can have it scheduled to turn the profile that you want on at certain times. For example, you can put it into flight mode at 1100 p.m. and have it come out of flight mode at 700 p.m. and 700 a.m. now. I find this feature really handing a which other mobile phones would have this now free available storage. You get around 50, something gigabytes, I think it’s about 54 gigabytes on the 64 gigabyte model and of course there is also 128 gigabyte model that is in black only and that’s the pro version. It also has a ceramic finish on it just around here and a little more higher quality and also weighs a little heavier.

I think it’s about 150 grams versus the hundred and thirty grams. This weighs and the entry level model has only 32 gigabytes of storage. Now I don’t think anyone’s going to really buy that one, because you can’t expand the storage there’s, no micro, SD card support, which is really sad to see why on earth are they not putting micro SD card slots and this mobile it’s supposed to be a flagship For crying out long wrong show me very wrong to do that, and you don’t actually have to push down on the home button for it to go back to home. You can literally just touch it and it will sense that and boom it moves over on to home there. So there are a few little quirks with it, not everyone’s going to like this. You can also cause put your own launcher on there. If you don’t like it, you can put Nova launch or apex launcher on there. So let’s have a look at some of the benchmarks I ran. I took screenshots that everything went through so first up. This is the end to to score, which is very high. Very nice score there, indeed over a hundred and thirty thousand and see that’s higher than they made eight now. This is the internal storage speeds, quite fast nearing almost four hundred megabytes per second sequential reads there and almost two hundred megabytes sequential, writes it’s, u FS 2.0 and not the old emmc standard.

So this is a lot faster now, and this is the slingshot score. Icestorm. Unlimited – and I did try and test out here – this is the 4G speeds closest to me now. I wasn’t getting very good upload speeds here, but I think that was down to some network congestion. Download speed was fine and you can see here this speed right. There that’s my wireless network and I normally get 50 megabits per second download and 25 upload, so it’s not far from that and not bad at all. All around the house. I found that I’m getting good coverage and good speeds using my wireless network there, and I did repeat that test for the first test of the 4G there, the LTE speeds did come out a little faster with the upload, so something’s going on there way network. Now GPS is interesting. I haven’t found the GPS to be particularly good. Now I do get the block quite quick and I had my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. Next to me, it got the app receipt infi as well, but what the edge saw was 20 satellites and it locked onto 20, this sort of 15m locked onto nine. You can see. We do have some GLONASS satellites there, but for some reason it’s not using them. It isn’t locked onto them only the GPS ones, so I don’t know whether that’s some sort of issue there, then maybe a Chinese phone is not allowed to lock on to GLONASS.

I don’t know I’m only speculating here but it’s, interesting, that it didn’t use them and here’s the Geekbench 3 score, not a bad score at all. You can see how that compares there to some other devices it’s a multi core. Definitely a lot faster than the galaxy is 6. There now better lies something that’s very important in a mobile phone, so I ran the PC mark a battery test. I calibrated the display to 200 minutes of brightness as they suggest, and this is the result here so it’s. Given me a total work time of just shy of 9 hours, which isn’t too bad, considering this only has a 3000 million hour battery most flagships. Now, at least the Samsung’s have larger than that. What if you look at the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge and it’s got 3600 in there, it wasn’t too bad at all. So here you can see some of the schools there as well. If you are interested in that now, the the screen on time that I managed to get and we’ll have a look so power telling me. I still have 14 hours left, but that’s not correct. So you can see. Pc mark was the the main consumer there. The battery life under the apps, of course and hardware, was the screen and the screen on time is 7 hours and 38 minutes, so not bad at all, and you can see there was a steady decline in the battery nothing there.

So I had the wireless sign and the mobile signal the network on the whole time. You can see the time I was awake doing that test. This is when it got to 20 battery life. It stops. So the me five does support Qualcomm quick charge. Three and I found the charging to be very quick – indeed, it fully charged from about ten percent in just over an hour and twenty minutes to walk you through the. So we have a 16 megapixel camera that has a 4 axis. Oh, a s and it’s a 4 by 3 ratio, the sensor so it’s, pretty basic we’ve got right here. This is our video mode and if we scroll up like this, we get three options. So the very little options when it comes to video recording. Here we have the settings. You can go along here and set the video recording quality resolution, so you have 4k Full HD, HD and standard definition. Now there’s a bit of a bugger. This doesn’t actually save the settings, so once you reboot the phone or lock it even sometimes that setting will go so we do have some 4k samples that I will show you now now show me claims it has a for access. Oh, i yes, let’s, have a look and see I’m just going to hold it with two hands: walk along normally so hand hold no selfie sticks, and hopefully you can pick out from the sample.

You see there there. There is a bit of pixelation or artifacts due to compression there when looking at the blue sky it’s, not very good to see and the autofocus is sometimes off. I find the quality personally to be average at best and disappointing for a flagship, mobile phone it’s. Not what I expected the OAS seems to work. Ok, so moving on to the camera mode, you can see. We get a lot of options here. We have a audio photo, so you can take a photo as a morning on there panorama manual mode manual mode actually has a very few options, not very much you can change here, so we’ve got, the focus can be changed, exposure time ISO and the white balance. Now ISO goes all the way up to 3200, so very high ISO there and something other settings as well. We get to have time shift timer fisheye, and you can also include time watermarks on the photos and salves. A few other options right here. Picture quality by default is set on high face detection age and gender dislike the front facing camera. Also. Has that option and you can tweak the sharpness saturation contrast so I’ll show you a few camera samples that I took when I was out and about you now. The low light photos still like most Chinese mobile phones are quite disappointing compared to the likes of other flagships and here’s a sample now from the front facing camera.

This is a video that are recorded on it with D default settings, Mme five recording with the front facing camera two four megapixel camera, what they call, I think ultra pixel, like the HTC s, so just holding it panned out not using a selfie stick or anything Like that, and just have a look and see what the quality is like now to cover the audio on the device, I have been using. Some actual me kid phones and some other ones, some sense energizer or have you pronounced that probably got that completely wrong and the audio quality coming out? The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is very good, I’m happy with it it’s very loud as well and there’s. Also, a few other features here that the ROM does have, so you can actually go along and use their me sound enhancer for your headset, so you can go long and just change a few things and set the actual headphones that you have if you plug them. In correctly, of course, once it detects, you’ve got the headphones there. You can turn that on and go along and select the particular brand of me headphones. You have and it will tweak them according to the one you’ve got there. So I have, I think, it’s the standard edition here. So if I select that and just boosts up and tweaks the sound and actually I have noticed a bit of a difference there, I know it’s a bit of a gimmick, really it’s just like to equalize it.

But you haven’t equalized the setting on there too, so this this will overall everything when it comes to all your output going through this 3.5 millimeter jack. So, no matter what music application you’re going to be using, it will still go back and use the actual equalizer settings. You have here so I’m just going to do now. A quick, sound test so to jump over to the internet, go into YouTube and display a track that’s not going to give me any copyright issues. Okay, it’s a little hard to pick up with the microphone I’m using. But I can tell you now that this loudspeaker is definitely better than my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge it’s a lot louder. It has more bass to it and overall I’m, very happy with the audio quality. On this, I can definitely say that the audio quality is premium for this premium flagship device that show me have so now. The one part here let’s have a look at some gaming on it to see just how well that performs so just clear. The RAM make sure there’s nothing running so we’ve got 1.8 free there plenty of RAM, so first up I’m going to have a look at Epic Citadel now I know that’s, not a game, it’s more of a benchmark, then I’m, just going to run it to show You just how good it looks and how smooth it runs. This is actually on the most highest high end settings here, so I selected extremely high visual quality, or do they call it so the rendering is on ultra high quality that’s, what they call it.

Ultra high quality, to show you how it is now quickly check the temperatures as well flip that over 25 degrees. Now this is where it’s going to get hot right on the back there. So we’ll keep an eye on that. Then you have a look at just how smooth this runs. Okay, it’s been helped because the fact that’s only a 1080p screen is going to make this, but it’s just super smooth and I’ve run the benchmark if you’re interested it just gets 60 frames per second. Every time for every sitting, but very smooth, very nice, okay, so let’s get into a real game and I’ll have a look at ashfield. Eight. This title here is eternity warriors for now just turn the volume up here to Maxima. So you can hear how loud the sloughed speaker is. Super loud, come barracks and Real Racing 3 modern, combat 5 strike. Two, the monarch target eliminated, confirm extraction, location, we’ve, got company, you, okay, let’s, have a look at the temperatures, just how hot is it getting? It feels quite warm to the touch 28 degrees that’s, actually not that bad at all or 30. There I just saw, but still fine look up the front of the screen. 28.4. All in all, I think it seems to be doing quite well there yeah that’s, not really that warm at all so to quickly go over. My pros and cons of the me5, the Snapdragon 820 is an excellent performing chipset in the Adreno 530 is a very powerful GPU that can play all the latest games at super smooth frame rates, no problems at all when it comes to gaming.

The battery life is decent. The loudspeaker on the bottom is also very good. Excellent call, quality and the build and finish is that of a flagship differently, very nice. If a tad slippery you’re going to probably want to put a case on this or use skins. Now the Achilles heel of this mobile phone and like most Chinese mobile phones, is the rear, 16 megapixel camera. I find to be quite disappointing in terms of 4k video. There are a lot of artefacts there. There are some focus, hunting issues and overall, not that of a flagship device. I feel, but if you can get past that and the me UI skin you’ve got yourself a decent mobile phone, a very powerful mobile phone for a good price. Thank you for watching this review, hopefully see you back on the channel with more up and coming videos on it.