Literally, this is loose in foam. Three ultra here has a six point: eight inch screen. I will consider that almost a tablet, because seven inches is a tablet this isn’t that far off, but you can put this one here in your pocket. Well, that is, if you have extra large pockets, the phone has a premium build to it. You can see it has a unibody alloy housing. That is, this claim, does not have any antenna lines and, in fact, is the first mobile in the world to have none. Yes or no, there are some little lines along here that you can see one there and two at the top. Those are antenna lines so correct me. If I am wrong, I don’t think it is completely free of them there. So, on the right hand, side there is a power button, you’ll notice that there is no volume up and down rocker here. Instead, we have two SIM trays. Now they both support. Nano Sims or the secondary tray here can support microSD cards up to 200 gigabytes on the back. You’Ll find the volume rocker a little awkward to get to in hand feels good, and you can access that power on and the fingerprint scanner at the front works flawlessly. But access to the volume up and down when in call is possible, but you have to shimmy around with your fingers a little bit and it feels awkward and not really that nice, so the camera on the back as it’s going to be very premium.

So this has a 23 megapixel Sony 4×3 sensor in there and has auto focused face detection, autofocus, desist and IR for distance calculation, as also has a color correction sensor on there to try and get those colors spot on along the top. We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack secondary mic on the bottom. There are two loudspeakers which do sound quite decent. I will have a sample of that coming up the mic there for voice calls and a USB type c port that does support display out, which is one of the few marbles that do at the moment. On the front, we have an 8 megapixel selfie cam earphone piece and the ambient light sensor, and we do have on board a Snapdragon six five two. Now they can clock up to 1.8 gigahertz. We have four gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyte internal internal storage. There so spec wise, quite decent, not bad at all, seems to cover most areas. Apart from it does lack NFC and we do not have wireless charging not in this price range, at least with a maximum brightness of 452 lumens. The screen is perfectly viewable here in direct sunlight. The 1080p IPS panel offers good colors, not punchy colors like a Super AMOLED display from Samsung or you see in other brands, but I find them to be good now. You can tweak and adjust the colors to your own personal preference, you’re able to tweak the warmness or you like a cooler white, then you’re able to do that with this blended application that they do include it.

So just how big is it here’s a little size? Comparison so we have the samsung galaxy ace with a 3.5 inch screen, which looks very tiny nowadays, and here we have the samsung galaxy. Galaxy edge is 6, with a 5.1 inch screen. The me max, which has a 6 point, 4 4 inch screen and then finding these 6.8 inch screen of these zenfone 3 ultra there’s a dual sim setup here, so you can have dual 4g nano Sims, so notice them there at the top, a second innocent and The second tray or a micro SD card here I have 128 gigabyte micro sd card in there and that works without any problems, as it was claimed that you can use up to 200 gigabyte ones. So it’s, based on android 6.0.1, with the Zen 3 UI, which is azusa’s own custom skin on top of it, and it is fast and fluid I haven’t had any lags on that now. One thing I did not like about it when you first get them on my phone and start to set it up. First off, you have to go through a lot of setup screens. Secondly, there is so much bloat on there and once you connect to the internet, the phone will automatically start and suggest applications for you to download, and a lot of that is a Zeus’s own social media applications that you probably wouldn’t even want to use anyway, but They force that upon us and it is quite annoying, and in the past I mean I had the zenfone 3 so there’s in phone 2, and it had that much bloat on there.

I just looked at it and sent it back. This is almost as bad now. They have their own few little tweaks on here, there’s, a lot of things that you can tweak and customize and there’s n motions you’ve got gesture support. You’Ve got the touch gestures where you can double tap the screen to wake that does work so copying off that LG g2. I think it was it brought that in with a tap to weight feature there, you can also draw gestures on the screen to quickly launch applications like the camera there and that works just fine. So the speed of the UI it’s fluid I haven’t had any stutter or lag. I haven’t had any problems or issues with it. It works expansional. Is it the best you way around? Probably not, but I think most people I think, can be okay, whether it should be okay with it. You can, of course, install your own UI. You can go along with something like Apex or Nova Launcher if you’re not happy with it, and luckily a good 95 percent or so of those blower applications can be uninstalled or disabled. Having such a large screen makes typing a breeze. Really we get the numerical keys at the top there, which is good five rows there and it’s very easy to type on. I found that I don’t get hardly any type of typos, not nearly as many as I do on smaller, so 5 inch devices.

I don’t have particularly large hands either, and normally I do thumb typing. My particular model here has four gigabytes of RAM, so that’s quite a healthy amount there. The other version, the one that has the 32 gigabytes of storage, has three gigabytes, which are still ample really for running Android, and you can do a lot of multitasking here. I have quite a few apps open there, and everything is quite fast swapping between them. I haven’t noticed any real stutter or lag or anything it seems to perform quite well so people that do like to do a bit of heavy multitasking. They shouldn’t have an issue here with this mobile, so just to quickly show you I’m running chrome here on the me Macs, and this, of course, is these in phone 3 ultra now you can see there’s a dpi scaling different, just look at the menus. How much space it takes up on the minmax and I think, it’s more suited and perfectly scaled really on the zenfone 3 ultra now the performance I’m browsing here with his n3 ultra is very good. The screen is really accurate. I have no plates it’s super smooth in chrome and I’ll. Just show you an admitted YouTube clip here, just to show you how that runs so here’s the unboxing of this actual phone. Now that I’m reviewing and just show you how that runs, and then we have the packaging so very plain, looking kind of packaging black and because the speaker sound, really good and it is quite a mess of device with this screen and everything just offers.

A very rounded package, as if you’re using a tablet to quickly go through some benchmarks that it did run on the device. So here is the 4g speeds that i got not too bad at all. I didn’t find I had any issues with the 4G coverage or speeds here’s, the Geekbench, 3 score and 26.2. Now the internal storage speeds. It gets a read of 205 and writes of 122 that doesn’t do that quite fast. The ice storm score, maxdale ice, storm, unlimited and finally, slingshot ES 3.0, the GPS on his M phone. Three works really well. I’Ve had no problems getting a lock lock. Time is very quick and only literally takes a matter of seconds and driving out of my car. I never lost a position at all, so how’s the battery life, so it’s got a four thousand six hundred million hour battery, which is quite a large one, and I managed to get nine hours and one minute from the PC mark test, with a display correctly calibrated To 200 nets now the me max got 13 hours in 10 minutes, so this is quite a bit behind and I find the battery life to be a little bit disappointing here and the screen on time you’re able to achieve is around about eight hours there. I got 7 hours and 48 minutes, but you can get approximately 8 hours and 10 minutes out of it now charge times. You can get to 60 in 45 minutes, which is really fast, and you can fully charge from about 3 battery and just under 2 hours.

Now audio quality has this claim that it has dual five magnet speakers and that they sound pretty good. So let’s have a listen to them I’m, using a different microphone here. To have a listen all right, you can see that they sound really loud and they’re. Probably actually, some of the better speakers I have heard on a mobile phone, this beat actually even tablet speakers. They are really good and the sound quality that comes out of the 3.5 millimeter Jack I’ve used some Sennheiser CX six hundreds. I think they are and it sounds really good. The included headphones also do not sound too bad. Now they have some surround 7.1 marketing hype behind them. Honestly, don’t really see too much of a difference there. I think it’s just marketing really now the camera application will show you all the settings. We’Ve got a lot of them here that we can change and tweak, as it goes all the way up to 3200 optimization. You can either leave that on or off cam resolution by default is set to only 16 megapixels, even though it supports right up to 23. We do have the optical stabilization. Smart autofocus give me also be tweaked the tree, everything you think can think of their you’re allowed to change video quality preference between quality or performance performance. I think we’ll try and always keep the frame rate right up there and camera modes. There are a lot and we do have the super resolution that they have marketed.

They can take a 96 megapixel photo and I found that. Yes, it does capture more detail but there’s a little bit of a gimmick there and not really that much better than a 23 megapixel photo on the camera and also show you that you can swap over into manual we’re able to adjust everything exposure, white balance shutter Times high setting being 52 seconds to get those streaking tail lights for night shots manual focus settings use, so the shutter speed taking photos is really quick. Most of the time. Sometimes, when you’re in lower light settings – or you have the flash enabled it can be a little slow resulting in a blurred photo there, but it really happens, but it has occasionally happened to me there. You can also hold down, tweak and adjust. You can lock the auto the auto focus white balance, and then you can tweak the exposure to your liking. Of course, you can go back into the menu mode there. So, most of the time the automatic setting let’s take a good photo. I’Ll show you some examples here, so there’s a 23 megapixel photo and we never look at their 16 megapixel photo here. I find that that actually looks a little better, which is no doubt why they just lift it. On 16 megapixels, the setting now low light you’ll see the loadout samples right here can take a few good clips. Good photos, I should say, really have no complaints with the camera.

It does take some good images and here is a front facing sample the depth of field setting, allows you to blur out the background there quite nicely and lastly, here’s a 4k clip. So let’s have a look at our and how the autofocus works see. Taking a little trouble in focusing on this plant now, can it play all the latest games? I will test out some demanding games here, but I do find that the audrina 510 GPU is perfectly matched to a 1080p screen. Now, if it had a 1440p screen, that would probably be too demanding and we could get some slowdown. But as you see now, it can play every single game out there perfectly fine, with very fluid frame rates. This game is a vainglory, a shot 8 airborne and even a quick look at a PlayStation Portable emulator. So what about thermals? After a good gaming session of about half an hour, I notice that it go up to about 35 degrees, surface temperatures, but where it does get quite warm and a Zeus do actually warn you about this wind fast charging. It does get quite hot to the touch you can see here at the moment, it’s around 38 degrees. I have seen it get up to about 40 degrees. The type C port does support OTG, but you’re going to need an adapter for that to work, but they’re, really relatively cheap and easy to find and the type C port will also support display out you can charge at the same time, if you use the correct Adapter now I don’t have some problems with getting the HDMI out to work.

On my monitor, I think it had something to do with HDCP issues, but it worked fine on my LG TV. One of the other features the phone has, because it has such a large battery as you’re able to put it into what’s, called reverse charging mode, so it will charge other devices. Now you don’t have any adapters included, but if you do get one, then you can plug in other mobile phones, for example. My MMX here connect that in and you will be able to charge that other device you can see. Now it is charging and if you do get yourself a type C to type C cable, then you could charge other type C devices without the need of any adapters. So to recap here I think this is a great media, focused mobile phone, perfect for playing games. Viewing the web watching movies taking photos as well with that 23 megapixel camera. It can take a decent snap and is probably one of the better cameras you’ll find on a large mobile phone and the video quality is good. But there is an issue with the continual autofocus, sometimes there in the video it has problems getting a lock and the battery life found that to be disappointing compared to competitors. Another thing, too, is that a Zeus: they really just do cram too much bloatware on this mobile phone. I do like the screen and nice screen I’ll go in there and very good sound quality too.

Thank you for watching this review.