You can see now. That’S got a hybrid two: dual camera setup for depth of field shots, and this particular model that I have is powered by a Hallyu x.25 and has a 64 gigabyte to run let’s have a look and see if it’s any good. The ribbon Pro has a 1080p screen. It is covered with scratch, resistant glass and has 2.5 D, rounded edges a front fingerprint reader, which is very fast and effective, 5 megapixel front facing camera at the bottom. You will find a type C port. Now this doesn’t actually include a fast charger with it Show Me, has included only a standard charger which is 5 volts, 2 amps. But if you do connect up a fast charger, you can get fast charging out of it. There’S also a microphone and loudspeaker is located here on the right side. There, power on volume up and down buttons they are made out of metal on the top. There is an IR blaster, 3.5 minute, a headphone jack and secondary mic for video recording and noise cancellation left hand. Side is our hybrid SIM slot, so that will take a nano SIM and a micro, sim, dual SIM and a micro SD card. And finally, on the back, you see it’s a got a brushed metal finish to it, which is quite nice. Now it is smooth to the touch it’s coated with a plastic there, and we have a 13 megapixel Samsung sensor with the secondary 5 megapixel sensor used for depth of field shots, and there is a dual tone LED flash.

The screen is a 1080p unit which outputs 521 and it’s of brightness that’s very bright, but it is bright enough to be eligible and very light conditions and direct sunlight as you’ll see here in direct sunlight. I feel solid in hand and overall, I think the build quality is good it’s, not up to the likes of premium devices that you’ll find from Apple Samsung and all the top manufacturers, but it isn’t too bad for the price range. So my version here has 3 gigabytes of RAM and the Jaleo x.25, which can clock up to 2.5 gigahertz and the GPU is a Melly T, 880 and it’s a running Android 6.0 with the me UI 7.3 skin performance of the ROM is quick and snappy with His 10 calls I’ve had noticed that as a lag. What soever? What I have noticed is a little bit of Chinese in the operating system. You can see along here in the top, and that is because I have the Chinese wrong. If you don’t want the Chinese in it, you’ll have to wait for the global ROM. The fingerprint reader works flawlessly, but you first must wake the device before you can unlock it, and I actually preferred the old location being where the 5 megapixel camera is now so sound quality. How does it sound? Well, I found their audio quality for voice. Calls is very good. The 3.5 minute need a hit phone jack as well has a good output and I’ll just test.

Now how this speakers sound the allowed speaker isn’t too bad it’s, reasonably loud it’s, not the best. I have heard definitely doesn’t compete with the zenfone 3 ultras dual speakers now, for those who want to see the benchmark scores quickly, show you those. So here is a Geekbench 3, not a bad score and 2. It almost gets. A hundred thousand ten calls definitely helps there with a performance when it comes to benchmark scores. Icestorm was maxed out, I storm extreme maxed out and the slingshot score. Finally, BC mark work performance score. These are all very good scores and when I was down in town with some really good, 4G signal managed to get 46 a megabits per second download and 23 upload and here’s. What I mean about having the Chinese and the ROM, you can see there’s a lots of stuff here it was updating, was even giving me how many gold medals the Chinese have won in the Olympics and finally battery life. I ran the PC mark battery life test with the display calibrated to to hundreds of brightness and it got almost nine hours, not a bad score there, but a little bit less than the redmi 3 Pro and the screen on time was 7 hours and 28 minutes. Gps works great on first launch. Audi takes a few seconds to get a lock and I haven’t had any issues with the driving around and using it in town. So here’s a quick look at the camera, so we have the standard.

Camera functions. Take a photo. Video recording there now you cannot record in 4k, unfortunately, because the sensor does not support it, so it’s only HD and if you want slow motion, 720p slow mo there now there’s this new feature, which uses the secondary 5 megapixel camera to create these depth of field Shots, so you can focus in on your subject right there and then using this mode, you’re able to select the amount of f. Stop you want. So the background blur. You can see now that’s blurring out and you’re able to tweak that right down to f 0.95, which is a very blurred and right back up there to almost normal. So here are a few samples of that now. That’Ll show you so this here is the front facing five megapixel camera. What about gaming performance? Well, it has a Mel, 8880 and ten cores and it can play all the latest titles super smooth flawlessly without any problems whatsoever. It just here now for ten minutes with the game running just to get an idea of just how warm it’s gon na get and you’ll see here. It’S heating up just warm to the touch that’s, not too bad the screen. But I did notice that the rear metal housing does heat up quite a bit moment’ only around 34 degrees, but the hottest I have seen it get is 38 degrees. So to recap, my findings here thickness is quite a nice phone.

It has a very bright decent. 5.5 inch 1080p screen. The performance is great, there’s no lag. It plays all the latest games without any problems whatsoever. My only complaint really would be this dual camera setup. Do we really need it? I would have rather had a optical image. Stabilized 16 megapixel sensor there that could shoot 4k video. I think most people would probably agree with me on that one. There sure you get those nice blurred out backgrounds, but hey that’s, really only good for maybe just directly uploading to social media. Besides that that builders, decent better life, is good and yeah it’s, not too bad if you’re looking for something a little cheaper from Xiaomei, have a look at the redmi note.