Now that phone is anything but too light. Well, the Roma slide on it, but spic wise it’s not light at all. It has a dicker core, jaleo, x20 cpu, four gigabytes of RAM, a Mele, t8 80 GPU, 32 gigabyte, rom 3100 milliamp hour battery a 16 megapixel camera and a fingerprint reader. So is it any good, well that’s? What I’m here to find out the 1080p 5.5 inch display is covered with Gorilla Glass 3 and has 2.5 D class, also a front facing five megapixel camera on the rear, a 16 megapixel camera with a dual tone LED flash and below it a fingerprint reader on The right side, a volume up and down in power buttons on the left side of the two dual SIM tray there. So we have one for a SIM card, the other for micro SD. If you wanted to use one or another secondary SIM on the top, a 3.5 minute headphone jack and on the bottom, there is a type C port for fast charging can fully charge the phone in about one and a half hours nailed, speaker and microphone. So these screen colors are quite good for having any problems or the black secured it’s not going to be the greatest 1080p screen you’ve looked at, but I do feel that it’s decent for the price range being angles are just fine long as you remove the screen Protector it’s still viewable in direct sunlight here I’m able to dial numbers launch applications without any problems.

Now, GPS performance, I found to be very good. It gets a lock literally in seconds and driving around town in my car, then have any issues with Google Maps losing my position, so the Apollo Lite has a very light rom. It has no bloatware when you get it there’s no plan pre installed, crap that you find for most manufacturers that try to cram social media, their own social media websites upon new their own applications. None of that all that’s. There is the essentials and there’s Play Store there, of course, and the performance of the ROM is very good. Hey Leo x20 is a good multitasker. Having 10 calls, it has no problems, so I have literally no complaints about the wrong and not much to say about it that it just is fluid it’s fast. It works, and I do like the fact that it is bloat free. So I ran the usual benchmarks that I like to run on these devices and it’s have a look at that. So this is the Geekbench 3 score. Here. Is the n2 26.2 score the ice storm extreme score, slingshot? Yes, 3.1. Now the wireless speeds is where I ran into trouble network speeds on this device and not good at all. They are very slow. I don’t know whether I have a faulty device or not, but this is not a good speed here now. My desktop PC, other mobile phones and other tablets can get 50 megabits per second almost downloads and about 20 25 upload it’s, no any of those speeds, and when I went out into town with the 4G connection, I had good signal strength, but I wasn’t too bad.

You can see it a little bit lower here and the schools that I got here, not good, very slow speeds. On my me max, I was able to get literally between 5 and 10 times faster. So again, the performance of 4G and wireless is very poor. Now battery life, this is the PC mark score. With the display calibrated to 200 Nets of brightness, I managed to get almost 7 hours, considering the battery capacity of 3100 and the M hours that’s, not a bad score and display on time 5 hours. 50 minutes almost 6 hours and the memory usage normally is around 50 when you’re using this here I have, for example, average memory use and three hours was 2 point 2 gigabytes, giving me 1.6 free. There is plenty of memory on there for you to go a little crazy, multitasking what’s it like a gaming, while it’s super smoother every single game. I have tried them le T 880 has no problems playing and rendering these games in 1080p. So everything is very fluid. Now the camera performance of the 16 megapixel rear, shooter isn’t too bad. Now the shutter rate is good. We get a basic setup here. It does support high dynamic range. We can do panorama shots video mode. Unfortunately, we can only record now a maximum of 1080p and YC. Now a recent firmware update actually removed the ability to record 4k video. Now we only have to say basic setting here, which is video quality high, which is 1080p that’s as high as it’s going to go no 4k sitting.

There, unfortunately, luckily show you here a few samples of the front and rear cameras. This is a front facing camera sample. It has a five megapixel front facing camera and we’ll see how it adjusts to different lighting conditions. I was just in the shade there and now I’m going to drive into the Sun because I’m, not looking at the camera now, because that would be dangerous and here is a red camera sample. Now the audio has been recorded on the phone itself and you can only shoot in 1080p for some reason they disabled the 4k option with a recent firmware update, which is a real shame, because that was one of the features of the phone. Hopefully, verne is going to bring back that option, so is it a keeper? Well, I do like to performance on the romm. It is really good to see no bloatware on there to start with, not like other phones, but you have to spend 10 or 20 minutes going through there disabling and removing all the bloatware crap that they normally pre install and try to force upon us. The performance of the ROM itself is a very quick and snappy can play all the latest games. The build quality is good. The rear camera can take a decent enough photo, but it’s not that great at low light. Most aren’t in this price range and the fingerprint read I found to be hitting this at times and now it’ll work most of the time, but when you need it to work the most, it will sometimes fail on you there and you have to have two or Three attempts to get it to unlock now, the camera.

Why on earth did Vernie go and remove 4k? Now they advertise this quite heavily that a head can record 4k video just to go ahead and remove that beats me. That seems like a very stupid decision there on their part and the voice call quality seemed to be a little bit muffled at times, and they did also notice very poor speeds when it came to wireless and 4G. Now most of the time we’re on the internet. Downloading applications – and I didn’t like having to wait around because of the slow performance of this mobile phone. So can I recommend it? Well, not really. I do believe that in this price group there are better mobile phones out there.