Now that sounds unbelievable. This here is the Li max from Li echo and they’re, offering such a spec at such a low price. But is it any good or not? Well that’s? What I’m here to find out so let’s have a look in detail, so the front of the device has a 2k screen that is covered with Gorilla Glass, 3 protection. It has an 8 megapixel camera status LED and we do have hardware menu buttons along the bottom. On the left side, the dual SIM tray, which takes two nano Sims on the bottom, the loudspeaker microphone and the type c port. Now this type c port does have an included adapter in the box, so we are able to connect our 3.5 millimeter headphones on the right side of the volume up and down buttons and the power button and on the top adjust the IR blaster. Sadly, no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is a real shame to see they remove that and on the rear. The fingerprint reader, 21 megapixel camera and the dual tone LED flash and secondary microphone. Now the board in general does feel good in hand, and I have no real complaints about it. Apart from the volume, rocker does feel a little bit loose and you can hear it rattle if you shake the phone well for hydra, dan7 it’s, a brightness. The screen is viewable in direct sunlight here, as you can see, but ideally i would like to see it a little bit brighter.

I could still make it out. I can still dial numbers, which is the main thing, so it is running EUI 5.8. Now this is their own custom, skin their own custom launcher, that is on top of Android 6 and you’ll, see that’s an all in one. There is no app drawer, so it’s very similar in ways to the me UI that shall may use along here. We have the recent apps, which also doubles as L, toggles and screen. Brightness controls and everything can be found here, it’s a different setup, there’s, no more slide down to pull down the toggles that you’ll normally find on most roms. It takes a little while to get used to other than that there is some bloatware on there that comes pre installed. There are a couple of live TV, app programs there that I don’t need or want scrolling to the left. There you’ll see another leave you blow to you kind of application. It just shows you some latest trailers and videos again, something that I don’t think most people will want on there now there is a solution to fix that with a custom ROM from XTA, but that does involve having to and get TW up here on there and It’S a bit of a process but other than that it’s, not bad. The performance of it is good and you do get used to it and keeping with my other videos here are some benchmarks that I always like to show.

So the wireless performance speed wise, is quite good, very good speeds. Out of that 4G speeds as well, and the 3G that I was connected to didn’t have any problems there, but those speeds getting similar speeds on other mobile phones. Testing in the same location. Here is the antutu score, of course, this snapdragon 820 is very quick and gets a nice score there now it’s, not the highest. I have seen probably let down a little bit by the UI school there being a little lower performance wise. It is very good, as the 3dmark sling shot score 2020 for iceland extreme maxed out, I still unlimited almost 30000 and the Geekbench 3 score, and here is our battery life, so the working battery lifetime was almost 7 hours. This is about a good hour, less or so from the Samsung Galaxy s7, so better life isn’t quite up to spec as other ones, but only a little bit short. You can still normally get from light to medium usage, you’re going to get about 2 days. Out of it and it’s very quick to charge as well, this thing can charge up to 50 in only 30 minutes to fully charge takes about an hour and 25 minutes. Charging times are good and the screen on time there that I managed to get was 5 hours and 46 minutes. If you can’t read that and 2 sorry, the Geekbench fourscore, which has just been recently released for those interested that’s it right there so GPS performance.

I have found to be really good. I have used Google Maps in town and seek GPS, never lost lot. A quick look at the stock camera application. Here, we’ve got quite a few settings. We can adjust and tweak in the photo mode filters. Whatnot expose your sharpness. Our picture size goes all the way up to 21 megapixels 4 by 3, and when it comes to video mode, we have literally no settings here only the video quality, which is adjusting the resolution from 4k. All the way down to 720 Peevy also have panaroma. So we can take a panoramic shots there. You me that up and down I’ll have to write and it will take the photos there and slo mo which records in 720p. Then I didn’t find these slow mo quality to be very good at all. I probably wouldn’t. Even use that, to be honest now the shutter speed when you’re taking photos isn’t too bad and good lighting. It is very quick here: you’ll see that it’s pretty much instantaneous there, but when it is in the low light conditions it can take a while to get that lock and focus and then take the photo so shutter lag and lower lighting isn’t very good. So this is a 4k video sample here and I found that the quality it does record a lot of detail, it’s very sharp, but there’s a couple of flaws with the 4k video and first off, you notice that it’s a little bit shaky.

Another thing is autofocus, so autofocus is not continual and video mode, even though it does have phase detection autofocus. With this sensor, you need to constantly tap the screen to get a focus lock, which is quite awkward and another problem. I have noticed that you get a lot of artifacts from possibly too much post, processing compression with blue skies. For example, you can see the blue sky and you see a lot of those artifacts there, which isn’t good to see so let’s have a look now at some photo samples, Music, Music and here is a front facing video samples. So the 8 megapixel camera can only record in 720p. All right. I have switched over to a different microphone here, just listen to the loudspeaker on the bottom, as it’s only got one held speaker Music so that actually doesn’t sound too bad it’s, not the loudest I’ve heard, but there are some bass and there. Hopefully, you could hear that from the microphones quick, look at gaming now and charging at the same time trying to generate as much heat as possible, so the volume is at 100. The brightness is right up there as well and see how hot it gets and see how it performs. This is Marvel teacher 5, Music clash of clans. Now you may think this is a light title, but when you do get larger towns, can’t get a little bit. Laggy on some systems, Music title is injustice, so after that, but a game in let’s have a look and see how warm it is getting.

So furnace screen is up to almost 38 degrees there, and the rear of it, where it tends to get to warmest, is actually a little less warm there around 37. So my conclusion, after using this phone now for two weeks, what do I think of the Lemax? I think it is a phenomenal phone for the price sure it’s got some major flaws there. It doesn’t have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. This particular model only has 32 gigabytes of storage and it’s only coming and that rosy gold color. That is not going to be to everyone’s liking, just like the EUI as well, not everyone’s, going to like that, but I’m slowly getting used to it, and you can always jump on XDA forums and download a custom ROM without any bloatware on there and a slightly Tweaked version of it, the build in general, is good. Okay, there’s a little bit of shaking noise. Coming from that volume rocker, the rare fingerprint reader is now working flawlessly after the 16s firmware update. The camera can take a very good photo with plenty of detail and good lighting conditions, low light it’s, not that great and the 4k video it has a lot of artifacts and a focus issue that hopefully, the echo is onto and they’re going to fix that the Battery life is ok, you can still make it through a full day sure it doesn’t get higher scores like the Samsung Galaxy s7 that can get an hour more and PC mark, for example, with a similar battery size, and the performance of it is great that Snapdragon 820 is very fast, comply all of the latest games and with the 2k screen with 515 PPI, it looks great.

So all in all, I can recommend this mobile phone. I don’t think you’re going to find anything better, spec wise than this for 230. Us. Thank you.