Note 3 pro. So what has changed in the new model? The Snapdragon 615 chipset is now gone that has been replaced with a mediatek helio X, 20 CPU now let’s see dicker core cpu with Mally T 880 graphics. It has up to 3 gigabytes of RAM and up to 64 gigabytes of internal storage, which can be expanded via a microSD card. You’Ll see now that the design is very similar to the redmi pro with their new housing and the rear camera has been downgraded from 16 megapixels from the redmi note. 3 pro down to 13. So let’s have a look at the mobile in greater detail. So the front of the device has scratch resistant glass that has 2.5 D edges a front facing five megapixel camera and hardware navigation, buttons, volume up and down and power button. Now these are made out of metal and what looks like a toggle elde speakers is in fact just one loud speaker, microphone and micro, USB 2 port. Unfortunately, no type c, like the redmi pro left side, the dual SIM tray on the top: a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack IR blaster and secondary microphone for noise cancellation and video, rare fingerprint reader dual tone LED flash and a 13 megapixel camera. The screen that shoumei used is a very decent 1080p display. It has very vibrant nice colors on it and stands out as big. What are the better 1080p panels that you’ll find in a mobile of this price range out of the box came with Amiga Y 7.

5. Now I was able to up that debt with the over the air update system I’m, now running a me UA 8, and that promises quite a few improvements. Now you see a simplistic look of the icons and you’ll notice that there’s no apps drawer, so you have widgets and icons for your apps all in there all together. If you don’t like that, you can install apex or Nova Launcher now. The performance of it is very good it’s, quick, it’s fast, I haven’t had any problems free memory. I get about 1.2 gigabytes on first boot. Now this is the 2 gigabytes of RAM version and I only have 16 gigabytes of storage on my one, but you can get other models which support 32 and 64 gigabytes of internal storage there, and it does support things like tap to wake to now. Mio i8. Actually brings some new features. One of the interesting ones is dual apps and what you can do, because we have the dual Simpson here. You could have two different phone numbers and run two different wats app accounts, so that’s quite handy. So what looks like a two speakers is, in fact just one: we have a speaker here and a microphone let’s have a listen to how loud it sounds: Music Applause battery life, one of the most important things in a mobile phone. Luckily, this one’s got a really good, better life, now 9 hours and 17 minutes. This is the PC mark result with the display calibrated to exactly 200 nits of brightness there now you’re.

Probably thinking is this actually better or is it worse than the note 3 pro and in fact it’s about one hour less well, the note 3 pro in my testing got 10 hours and 16 minutes so it’s an hour and one minute difference there. But you do get some extra performance out of the mediatek helio X, 20, with a 10 cause and you’ll see the finer details there. The work performance score of just over 5000 is not a bad score. That is, I had. The mobile network signal was in the green most of the time Wireless was on. You see the screen on an awake and finding the screen on time, 7 hours and 23 minutes isn’t bad. Now, remember that is continual time on there. So I think, it’s safe to say, you’re, going to get about 2 to 3 days with medium use out of this mobile, which is really good now to quickly go they’re benchmarks that I like to run on these devices. I know some people don’t agree with benchmarks. It’S more and how snappy the operating system is and how it performs in real world use, but this still is a good way to gauge. I feel the performance of mobiles and tablets, its internal storage speeds there. You can see that that’s not really the fastest but it’s, not too bad for a mobile phone, and here this is the Epic Citadel score. Almost 60 frames well 54 frames per second on the ultra high quality sitting ice storm, extreme that’s 3d mark that was maxed out slingshot ES 3.

1 and Iceland unlimited now on 2 2. Now this is faster than the redmi note 3 pro, which got 78000. In my tests so it’s about ten thousand, more, which isn’t really a lot, but it is faster slightly and Geekbench for the newer version you see on the multi core comparison. It gets quite a good result, that’s because it does have 10 cores there and the single core score their doubles, use with wireless or 3G and 4G download speeds. You can see here, it’s performing quite well and the rear fingerprint reader that works. Fine, no need to even wake the device I mean II. Simply do is just place your finger on the back and it will unlock and it seems to work about 9 out of 10 times. Gbs performance is very good. It gets a quick lock and I did not lose my position driving around town at all, so the camera is only a 13 megapixel one and it can shoot up to 1080p. It does have phase detection autofocus and if i quickly show you the camera mode here, there’s a few modes just quickly bring those up there for you and now the shutter rate, isn’t too bad and good lighting conditions and the photo quality. I found to be quite disappointing and worse than the note 3 pro so here’s a few samples Music Music. Now it does have software stabilization. I have enabled that just to show you what it’s like here, I’m walking along and it does a reasonably good job, considering we don’t have optical image stabilization and there are some focus issues, you’ll notice, that it does seem to pulse in and out like that.

Just then Music here’s a front camera sample, so it’s got a five megapixel camera with an average of 2.0 gem like the rear camera and can record at 720p maximum and a low light. Video sample can see the framerate suffers quite a bit. It dips right down. Struggling with these conditions now, for you gamers out there so 10 cores does that help gaming? Well, not really because it’s, the GPU that does most of the work and you’ll find that the Mele t8 80mph perfil GPU, but it can still handle demanding games with high visual settings at 1080p. Without a problem, you’ll see the older micro stutter, but you’ll be getting at least 30 frames per second in every game out there. So gaming performance is good, no problems. If you’d like to see more gaming check out my gaming review of the redmi note 4. Now, to quickly recap, the screens great, a very nice 1080p screen, it’s one of the best I’d say for the price and speaking of price it’s 160 US for the base model, at least at the time of this review, which is very cheap. The battery life is good, ok, it’s about an hour, less and PC mark. Then the redmi note 3 pro performance over it can play all the latest games. You get smooth frame rates. Ok, there might be a tiny little micro stutter here and there, but it is really quite good and the camera performance is a huge letdown.

I don’t like the camera on it at all. Really, I think it takes quite a poor shot, very poor post processing. It tends to over sharpen the contrast is wrong. This very little dynamic range so do not buy this mobile for the camera, but for the good screen for the battery life, the nice build good audio quality and the other thing should redmi note. 3. Pro owners upgrade to this one. Well, honestly, i don’t really think it is worth it sure it’s a little bit faster, but you do lose a tiny little bit of battery life there. Thank you so much for watching this review.