Me. 5S now has a Snapdragon 801 processor, which is the fastest you can get on Android. At the time of this review. It now has NFC support a new alloy air housing, as you can see, no more glass and what we have lost as the IR blaster from the top is gone. We also lost optical image stabilization with the new 12 megapixel sensor, so let’s have a look at it in greater detail on the device we have the new ultrasonic fingerprint reader, a USB type c port microphone and loudspeaker. On the left side, we have a dual SIM tray that takes two nano Sims that support 4G on the front. We have Gorilla Glass, 4, 2.5 D, glass or dragon tail. That hasn’t actually been confirmed. A 4 megapixel front facing camera ambient light sensor and earpiece and on the rear, the new alloy body. You can see no more glass and we do have the volume up and down buttons and the power on button made out of metal. Dual tone LED flash secondary microphone and the 12 megapixel camera, so does this same 5.1 5 inch 1080p display. That was end of me. 5 now it’s, not a bad 1080p panel at all, with good colors, deep blacks. But you will notice that there is still the black bezel around the screen and it’s perfectly viewable here in the shade. An indirect sunlight can still make out what is on the screen. Launch applications, send a text message and use the phone dialer without too much difficulty.

So the build quality of it isn’t bad. It has a premium feel to it. The new alloy rear housing that it has on it does feel more solid than the glass that was used in the previous me, 5 and in handy the easy access to those volume on and power. Buttons feels nice and light, and only 150 grams. And I do like the build of it: it’s, not bad, but still not quite up to spec of the latest Samsung and Apple flagships, so the ultrasonic fingerprint reader works really well. I find that it works literally flawlessly 9 out of 10 times it’s going to work for me even with a sweaty finger, wet finger, it’ll unlock the screen without any problems, so how does it perform? Well, I found that the AMIA I ate rom is very quick and snappy, and I haven’t experienced any lags or stutters now nioi is not going to be for everyone. This is a custom skin that is over android 6.0.1 you’re, either gon na love it or hate it. You see that my run because it’s, the chinese and english only version I’ve got some apps there that keep popping up with all those Chinese everywhere that’s something to bear in mind if you’re going to get it early like. I did, but I would say, wait for the global ROM and then you won’t have any Chinese there at all. So the me to I does have some features that are quite handy.

It has double tap to wake. You can actually run dual applications now. Why that would be handing having two of the same app because it’s Jillson we could run, for example, whatsapp twice now. I have tested this out and it is possible to do it. So I have a look at now at some benchmarks and just to show you how it performs in a general it is very snappy and battery life, one of the most important things as well. Here we go gets almost 10 hours in PC mark with a display calibrated to 200 nits of brightness. You see that the mobile signal strength there was quite good Wireless was on and a screen on time of 8 hours and 20 minutes. I think isn’t bad considering it has a very powerful chip set and a 3200 minute hour battery Geekbench for score. You’Ll see that the note seven was just a little bit faster there and two to six point two point: one score see it actually topped out their list there, but that needs to be updated and internal storage. Very quick with a four hundred and seven megabytes per second read, speed and 172 right. That is probably one of the fastest. I have seen on a mobile phone now, 4G speeds very good call. Quality also is excellent and the wireless range also excellent slingshot ES 3.1 score. I still unlimited. This is 3d mark, and that is that for benchmarks. So what about gaming performance, so it has.

The Snapdragon 801 is mentioned and Adreno 530 graphics. Now the screen is only 1080p, so it’s very easy for this GPU to get a smooth, fluid sixty frames per second and literally every single game I have tested. I haven’t noticed any micro stutters that I sometimes see on the Snapdragon, 650 or 652. It works very quickly, super smooth and extremely playable every game out there, you’ll, try and GPS performance is perfectly fine, getting a lock very quickly in a matter of seconds. So a quick rundown here of the camera. So we got camera modes. The typical that you see in a me ui8 manual settings, get menu, controls, air control. Iso focus expose your time, but unfortunately, no control of the shutter speeds. Now we do have various different filters there, swapping to the front facing camera and video mode. Shutter lag is actually really good, no problems with it and good lighting conditions, it’s extremely quick, I would say, instantaneous really now: the modes we get in camera mode, only slo mo, which is 720p and that records a hundred and twenty frames per. Second, I found the quality to be quite disappointing. We can adjust a few settings in here, so video quality goes all the way up to 4k. Now 4k video does not have image stabilization now this is digital. There is no optical image stabilization, but if you drop that down to Full HD, then we do it needs to get digital stabilization.

So I’ll show you now a quick few camera samples, let’s start off with 4k and then the front facing camera followed up with a few images taken on the rear, 12 megapixel camera and now let’s take a look at that rear camera. So it can shoot in 4k maximum and as an F 2.0 aperture. I did find that the audio quality is quite disappointing. Now the bit rate is only 96 kilobytes per second definitely lacking compared to other flagships and with no optical image. Stabilization images tend to be quite shaky and you’re probably going to need a tripod. If you want to get any decent kind of video now it does have phase detection autofocus, which does work. But there are some breathing issues now and then you’ll notice, with the focus going in and out and now a 1080p sample with 1080p. You can enable digital image stabilization it’s, going to walk along now, and you see it does a reasonably good job of keeping things steady and taking the shake out of the image there’s a sample from the front facing 4 megapixel camera. It has an F 2.0 aperture and it can record up to 1080p max now find the video quality isn’t bad at all. But once you get into low light, the frame rate will drop down and it does get a bit choppy and finally, a low light. Video sample this is shot in 4k, again, Music, Music, all right so to wrap up my findings.

Here I find that this is a very fast phone. A Snapdragon 801 performs really well. This plays all the latest games. Super smooth super fluid you’re, going to experience. No lengua to ever and the u FS 2.0 storage that it has is blazing fast for a mobile, so performance, wise, really good. The build quality is good. I find it slightly better than the me5, because it does now have a stronger material which is alloy on the rear, so not susceptible to getting scratched and cracking like glass wood as much, and it just feels more solid in hand and better. Overall. Now the performance of the camera, I find to be very disappointing. They hype the sub to be an amazing camera and it is an amazing piece of hardware that it does have the sensor. But we lost optical image stabilization, which is a real shame and that results in very shaky 4k video now 4k. Video also has a lot of artifacts in it focusing issues and the bitrate of audio and video. I find to be too low for a flagship. Now it does charge very fast: the cool, quality’s, excellent Wireless range and speed really good, so it’s, not a bad phone. Just that chomik really needs to step up their game. When it comes to camera performance, they have a lot of tweaking to do. The hardware is there: they just need to focus on improving that, and hopefully they will thanks so much for watching this review.