This now is the successor, the Li pro 3, and it has a faster chipset, which is a Snapdragon 801 4 to 6 gigabytes of RAM 32 to 128 gigabytes of internal storage. It has a larger battery now, which is 4070 milliamp hours, a 16 megapixel rear camera. Still has the same hardware for the fingerprint reader and it also retains those deal breakers, which was no microSD card support and no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, and it still has you can see those ugly black borders around the screen. So we have a look at it. Now in greater detail and see, if it’s worth the upgrade over the lis max or not at the front of the li pro 3, we have a 1080p screen now that has been downgraded from 1440p from the Li max to same 8, megapixel front facing camera, the Earpiece now contains within that a second loudspeaker that’s good. So we have a front facing speaker ambient light sensor and proximity sensor in there down the bottom. We have those hardware and navigation keys. They are backlit and now there’s a li eco logo. There on the ready, fingerprint reader dual tone LED flash, the new, F, 2.0 16 megapixel camera Lee echo logo and the antenna lines there on the left side, you’ll find the dual nano SIM tray and, as mentioned there’s, no micro SD card support, which is a real Shame and it’s going to be a deal breaker for some people on the right hand, side, metal volume up and down and power on button.

Now, unlike the Lemax 2a, a bit of a problem with the volume button it just used to rattle a little bit, I can confirm that this isn’t happening now on the lepra three USB type c, port, loud speaker and microphone. And lastly, on the top of the ly pro 3, there is the IR blaster secondary microphone and we are missing a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. You have to use the included type C, 23.5 adapter terms of build quality. It feels great. It feels every bit the premium device, there’s no flex on the design, it’s all metal, the unibody rare on it. Okay, we have those antenna lines and we do have the ugly bezels and it’s mentioned in the start of the video, but it’s very well put together feels 100 premium and I have no complaints now. The fact that the volume rocker doesn’t make anymore rattling noises now the new 1080p screen is bright, but it’s, not quite as bright as the 1440p panel that was used in the Lemax to outdoors. You will find that it will struggle a little bit. Trying to read was on the screen indoors, it’s perfectly fine at the moment. With these cloudy conditions, you can see the screen looks bright, but I still think it needs to be a couple of notches brighter. So in my unboxing I rushed things a little bit when it came to the fingerprint reader, but I can’t confirm that it does work really well and it unlocks literally nine out of ten times I haven’t had any problems with it.

It’S fast, you don’t need to wake the device to unlock. It simply place your finger on there that you have scanned and it unlocks straightaway really good Sulli. Pro 3 is running android 6.0.1 and it has a custom skin on there. That is called a UI any UI five point: eight is a course for Emily. Echo and I’ve got a slight few tweaks and things so your toggles and your recent apps are all from the recent apps button. You no longer swipe down swiping down from the top. That is only for notifications, so it takes a little while to get used to and the operating system itself. Isn’T too bad RAM management can be a little bit aggressive. It does tend to kill things off in the background and I struggle to run the PC mark benchmark because we’d always kill it off and not actually let it finish its test. Performance solver in general seems. Ok, I have noticed it now and then some of the animations, as you might see, then sometimes they can be a little bit sluggy a little tiny micro starter here and there from them. But overall performance is good. Things launch really quick and, as you see a might speak comparison against the meet 5s plus it doesn’t actually do too bad so to quickly run through the benchmarks I like to run on my Android devices. First up is the geek bench for score. Here. Is the antutu six point two point, one score quite a good score there I don’t actually think I’ve seen any higher.

This is probably one of the highest scores. I have seen the internal memory speed, so it has a u FS, 2.0 spec, that you go right to this version here with 460 reads and 176 writes that is actually very fast, and here the wireless speeds. I was testing that out as well as the wireless range speaking of the wireless range quite good. This is on the same floor as my wireless router. I then went downstairs. The signal drops a little bit that is actually not bad at all and better than some other cheaper mobiles I have tested out now the battery life on this is really really good. So here are my little test that I did my own personal test. I set the screen to 200 notes of brightness and proceeded to deplete the battery life by playing some GT. Racing, Chrome and YouTube. Have a look at the time on I got so 11 hours of screen on home was the main consumer had wireless on the screen on the whole time, using a program and application just to keep the screen on disabled that wait block just to keep it on The whole time – and you see that GT racing to was used for one hour. Chrome is for an hour and 20 minutes and YouTube for one hour and five minutes. So I was using it as much as possible during that time and I can easily make about three hours with my own personal use from the Li pro 3 here so battery life is for me phenomenal for it Snapdragon 801.

So what about GPS that’s? Something that’s? Often overlooked – and I personally like to use sync and Google Maps to drive around town and when I need to go on trips and things I always use GPS on my devices. So let’s have a look and see how long it takes to get a lock where I currently am did not take long at all, and I have actually used this driving around in my car and it doesn’t lose the lock whatsoever. So GPS performance from the snapdragon 8 to 1 and the optimization that lyoko have done it’s it’s working just fine the antenna reception, also fine there. You can see very strong signal there, some of those satellites. So just how is gaming performance on the lead pro 3? Well, it’s actually really good, because it’s only running at 1080p screen and that is a lot easier, less demanding for the audrina, 530 graphics. So does one of the fastest GPUs you can get on android at the moment is you’re looking around there. The frame rate is really good. I have noticed that does occasional stutter here in there, but you get that really literally on every single device. You might have seen that just and it was a tiny little pause where the explosion was everywhere, Music, so gaming performance is very smooth and fluid won’t apt problems with all the latest games and the most demanding games. So what about audio quality so to use your headset you’re going to have to use and carry around the type C? 2.

3.5 millimeter adapter plug that into the bottom, and that is actually a real pain. But I can confirm that the quality that comes out of it is exceptional, it’s, really quite good, and you can get really high volumes on it as well. Very clean audio I’m, very happy with that and when it comes to call quality audio. Also nice and clean good reception there and the microphone seems to pick up a lot of noise there. It does remove some of the background noise, so let’s have a listen to how the loudspeakers sounds. We’Ve got one loudspeaker down here on the bottom and actually one right next to the earpiece Music. Now a quick look at the stock camera application tap to focus, shutter 8 does seem quite quick, and these lighting conditions is very quick, almost instant there. And if I move over now and have a quick look at the settings we have, we can control the white balance. Iso contrast exposure picture size goes up to 16 megapixels 4 by 3 aspect ratio, unfortunately not a 169 sensor, which would be better because that would have suited the 1080p screen, of course, being also 16 by 9 there’s. A few other options in here you get got scenes scene modes, nighttime, HDR, moving over to the video mode can shoot right up to 4k video no options there for the focus mode, and that is really it so I’m going to quickly show you now some video Samples from the front and rear cameras, as well as some stills and good and low lighting conditions, so 16 megapixel rear camera with f 2.

0 aperture can record up to 4k. Now it does have phase detection autofocus the sensor, but for some reason there is no autofocus in video mode, and the bitrate in video mode is around 48 megabits per second. The audio was quite low. That is only 95 kilobytes per second, and if you want to focus, you have to use tapped, focus there’s, also, no optical image, stabilization or digital image stabilization. So you need to hold it really still. Abalos videos are going to be quite shaky, so just focus on the CRO feety there and down at the shore. So overall, their video quality is quite good it’s, not the worst. I have seen. I do believe it’s a slight improvement from the Li max to in terms of compression artifacts and video. You don’t see as many as that model so front facing camera is the same as the Li max. It has an 8 megapixel camera with an F 2.0 aperture same aperture as the rear camera and the quality of it. As you can see at the moment, doesn’t look too bad and the exposure seems to do a reasonably good job of adjusting to the lighting conditions. Here you do, of course, need to hold it really still there’s, no digital image, stabilization on the front facing camera, all the rear, one to 4k, a low light sample now notice, there’s a lot more grain to the image. Now, Applause and finally, a low light.

Video supper from the front facing camera as well and it’s brighten things up a lot more than what it really is here, because it’s actually a lot darker, but on camera. For some reason, the audio exposure has really pumped up the brightness because he’s a bit of a grey into it, but it’s not doing too bad and the frame rate seems to be alright so far: Music, Music, Music Applause. So if you can get past those deal breakers like having no microSD card support or a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack you’ve got yourself a very solid decent phone performance really well, one of the highest and tutu scores but benchmarks and everything there is the occasional slight little Stutter in E UI I’m, not really too sure why it could be the fact that it just needed a few more updates from the echo and the performance of the battery is really really good. This has a top battery life, I believe for a Snapdragon 801 device and the camera quality. Well, it’s, okay, it does suffer a little with low light performance and the video quality isn’t that of other flagships, because it doesn’t have any optical image. Stabilization so should Lemax to owners or people looking at the Lemax and the li pro 3 here, which one should you get well, I would say: save a hundred bucks and go for the Li max. Thank you so much for watching this review.