Just a launch behind the latest me 10 pro now the b10 and the mi 10 pro are pretty similar phones with a few differences here and there i’ll be checking out the meat 10 today it’s, not a budget phone, so the expectations are high. This thing retails for 2600 dirhams in the uae, which is about e 700 us dollars, i’ll, be testing all the seven main features which anyone looks for when buying a device and we’ll see. If it actually is worth the big bucks it is charging inside the package. We have, as usual, the cardboard box containing the sim tray, pin a clear silicon case for the phone, a 3.5 mm to usb c audio jack adapter and some user manuals. Then we have the phone right off the box. It delivers a premium feeling in hand. I’Ve got the coral green color and it comes in two more colors: the twilight, gray and peach gold. Also, this is the 8 gb ram 256 gb memory version. These are also available in different variants of 8 and 12 gb ram and 128 and 256 gb memory. Finally, in the box we have a 30 watts fast charging brake and a usb usb c cable, no headphones, though the phone’s overall design definitely screams flagship. The back is absolutely flush and has a very prominent premium feeling you can see the phone’s dimensions on the screen. Right now and it weighs 208 grams, we’ve got all the rear cameras here, alongside the flash on the bottom, we have the speaker, a usbc charging port, a microphone and the sim tray it’s, an unusual spot for the same tray, i’ll have to say you’ll notice.

The absence of a headphone jack, and that is why the adapter to usb c is supplied along with it. The sim tray holds one nano sim, although they also have a dual sim version, and no additional storage is supported, so you’ll have to decide carefully which variant you want. Luckily, i think both the 128 and 256 gb should be sufficient for most users on the side. We’Ve got the power and volume buttons on the top. We have another microphone for noise cancellation and ir blaster, which is their staple and another speaker. So they’ve got a dual speaker setup, which means the sound should be great, but we’ll come to that soon. The back is curved near the edges, and so is the front screen which bumps up the flagship and premium factory even further. The fingerprint sensor is an in display type. It lights up when you raise or tap the screen and the detection is spot on and quick. The unlock animation, however, could be more faster. Another neat feature is when you continue placing your finger after the phone is unlocked, you reach a shortcut to a browser or a qr code scanner. The punch hole front. Camera is located at the top left corner the front and back has a corning gorilla, glass, 5 protection and the body frame is aluminum. With this, we can conclude that the overall design aspect is no short of a 2020 flagship phone. Now we move to the second thing: the display it comes with a 6.

67 inches super amoled display 89.8 percent screen to body ratio and 19.5 to 9 aspect ratio 1080 by 2340 pixels, full hd, plus with hdr 10 plus standard support. In simple terms, it is a good looking display with lively, colors and super deep blacks. The front camera fades into the shadows and is barely noticed when watching videos or playing games. There is no visible shadows near the edges, which is usually a concern when it comes to a lot of up and coming phones. On top of that, it has a 90 hertz screen refresh rate, which makes using the phone playing games and watching videos a pleasure, the ones that support it. Of course, so yeah the display is one worthy of a flagship phone. The phone is running the latest miui 11, based on android 10. i’ve, used it on the redmi 9s. It was wonderful and it’s the same here too. It moves fluently, has a contemporary feel and the responses are snappy. Some features that are not unique but worth mentioning are gesture controls. I think we all should be grateful. Uh to apple for coming up with these makes one handed use very easy. You’Ve got a dedicated space for fetching wallpapers and themes directly from xiaomi, which you can directly apply from here. You don’t need to download them like third party apps, and their collection is large and high quality. And finally, we have a game boost a dedicated piece of software which will enhance your gaming experience.

I’Ll show it to you in detail when we come to gameplay uh, the ui is fantastic, sufficient and comprehensive, absolutely no complaints. Here now we come to the cameras, the xiaomi mi, 10 sports, some serious gear and they’ve also been recognized by certain grading authorities for its cameras and speakers. We have, from top to bottom the 2 megapixels depth sensor for portraits the primary 108 megapixels camera below that we have the 2 megapixels macro lens and finally, the 13 megapixels ultra wide lens with a 123 degrees field of view. The 108 megapixel lens is truly impressive. When switched on, the pictures turn out amazing, the colors are more vibrant. The essentials of the pictures like shadows highlights and saturation are balanced and the details are immaculate. Even moving objects captured unintentionally are not complete blurs, even without the 108 megapixels mode switched on. The pictures turn out great there’s ai scene detection, which helps in some cases to take a better shot based on the scene. You can zoom in all the way up to 10x hybrid zoom, of course, uh it’s surprising how the phone keeps it’s cool shooting at that zoom level and is still able to preserve most of the details wide angle when it comes to quality. It is relatively better than the ones i’ve tested from me earlier, mainly the clarity and details. However, it is still not top notch and can use improvement. Night mode is usually a namesake feature which over exposes the pictures with unnecessary sharpening in most recent phones.

But here it is quite impressive. When you take a picture with night mode, it appears decent at first glance, but on zooming in you can see how much details have been captured at such a low level of light it’s remarkable. Even if you don’t use a night mode, the aic in detection will take low light pictures and they also turn out good. However, the saturation, i think, is a little off. You can see a side by side comparison of a picture with a i off a i on and then dedicated night mode. Wide angle in dark is not good. Pictures turn out blurry and nothing is basically praise worthy about it. Me’S portrait cameras are great, even in their budget phones, so i assumed it’s impossible. They would fall short on it in their flagship model. I do think the subject has been over contrasted and sharpened, so not super impressed with this one and finally, here are some shots from the macro lens, not bad at all. Now videos there’s 4k recording at 30 and 60 frames per second 1080p, also at 30 and 60 frames per second and somehow there’s also 720p, at 30 frames per second and cherry on the cake here is the 8k recording it’s capped at 6 minutes. I personally think it might be an experimental feature but it’s a good one. Nevertheless, it’s pretty good, not super stabilized as the 4k or 1080p recordings comparatively, but still good. It does take up a lot of storage, though i mean this 13 seconds.

Clip is 170 megabytes. I’M, going to show you a couple of samples recorded at 1080p and 4k. Uh cannot go into super details, cause of time limits, there’s so much to the camera here that i can make a separate video on it. Just one quick, nifty feature here is the vlog templates. Now you can simply record video and then it will compile it into sort of a vlog layout and they have multiple templates built in. So this is something cool, there’s, inbuilt optical image, stabilization, which works great in 1080p, 30 frames per second anything above that, and it is a downhill from there. Slow motion is only available at 120 frames per second, which is not that great, because majority of the phones, even budget phones nowadays, are offering at least 240 frames per second. Finally, we move to the front camera. This little hole is 20 megapixels and is capable of recording videos at 30 frames per. Second, more importantly, it can take decent, portraits. Xiaomi has stepped up in terms of processor by throwing in a qualcomm snapdragon 865 octa core with an adreno 650 gpu. I was slightly shocked to get a benchmark score of 583.5 000 because it’s actually the highest in the list beating the rogue 2 gaming phone by a substantial score. However, i can’t see some phones in the list which were here earlier, like the samsung s20 ultra and uh. Even they were below the me 10. I don’t understand how anyways when it comes to performance.

No doubt it is a show stopper at high graphics settings. Heavy games like pubg call of duty and asphalt 9 run super smooth without any hiccups. As i mentioned earlier, there is a dedicated game boost which activates automatically when you launch a game, it helps you hold off notifications when playing or even better it allows you to access the apps, like whatsapp facebook browser inside the game window itself, without having to pause Or leaving the i played a classic game of call of duty, followed by a classic game of pubg for 30 30 minutes each straight one hour, and after this hour of torture, there was a slight rise in temperature, but no noticeable throttling. Of course, credit has to be given to its vpc liquid cooling system, the haptic engine delivers synchronized feedback and the vibrations are very decent and not overdone. The battery inside is 4780 milliamp hours, which comes with 30 watts fast charging, whether it be wired or wireless. It took me an hour of five minutes to charge from zero to 100 and lasts about a day and a half on average use. It also comes with reverse wireless charging, where you can charge another phone or accessory from it, wirelessly simply by placing it on the back. If the battery is more than 50 percent, it comes with a dual speaker setup and the sound is super loud and clear. No complaints here, Music announced their latest note model called the note 9s last month and it was released in early april.

I’Ve got one today with me. It also offers the latest wi fi, 6 and 5g data connection, even though it’s not of much use now due to the absence of 5g infrastructure. But when it does come out me 10 is sure to be ready. All right, you’ve heard it. The seven features which define the flagship, beautiful design crisp display, smooth and snappy user interface, powerful cameras, a heavy duty processor, with liquid cooling, big battery with fast charging and loud and clear speakers. However, nothing is perfect. The absence of extendable storage and the fact that it is not ip68 rated is meant to bother some people even if they come with as much as 256 gb. You simply want the option to be there if your phone is labeled as a flagship and you’re paying a small fortune for it. If you can overlook these two things, it’s a great phone and a real contender in today’s flagship game, i’ll leave links to it in description box below in case. You want to check it out, that’s it for now guys if you enjoyed this video, please hit that like button below and share the video with your friends while you’re there don’t forget to subscribe to my booth for more gadget, reviews, diys and life hacks.