It starts at 899, which is pretty steep for a oneplus phone and it marks the company’s entry into real flagship territory, but but but but it’s full of new features like wireless charging. It has one of the best displays on the market and it has the new snapdragon 865, with 5g support, so let’s get into it. With the oneplus 8 pro, the company introduces a couple of new changes to its brand identity. The branding on the back is now in all caps, while the number one in the logo has a slightly updated font. The phone itself doesn’t look very different from the oneplus 7 pro, but there are some changes in its design. It does feel different in the hand since the tapered edges feel rounder than the seven pro’s, but in a good way, I feel like it’s, gotten curvier in the right places and it’s more comfortable to hold the camera setup is both wider and longer, and the camera Bump does stick out much more than before because of that new camera sensor. So if you use this on a table, you’ll definitely be rocking and rolling back and forth. The selfie camera is now in a punch hole, so it doesn’t pop up as it did on the seven pro which I’ll kind of miss. It was pretty cool. Thanks to this, though, the phone is now ip68 certified for water resistance now, I’m. All about fancy finishes and flashy reflective glass, but the deep, blue and soft matte finish makes this easily one of the nicest looking phones around this one is called ultramarine blue and when the light hits it it’s almost looks like satin.

The curved edges of the screen are deeper than before, which makes for a noticeable drop off at the edges that wasn’t really there on the seventh row. This doesn’t really bother me as much as it might bother some of you guys. Can you see the slight distortion towards the very edges of the screen? I don’t mind that the design looks the same as last year’s. I think it’s, clever of one plus to use a design that’s recognizable as its own and doesn’t try to copy another brand. The screen on the eight pro is a six point: seven inch AMOLED screen with qhd resolution and a slightly taller 20 by 9 aspect ratio. This makes it exactly as wide as the 7 pro, but just a little bit taller. This is the brightest display of any one plus phone reaching a max of 888 nits in our tests. It’S honestly, one of the brightest displays I’ve ever used and I’ve never had an issue trying to use the eight pro on a bright day. This display is also of the 120 Hertz variety, just like Samsung’s phone’s system, animations and supported games, look silky, smooth and even if you’re, coming from the 1 plus 7 pros 90 Hertz screen there’s still a noticeable difference, it’s not just bright and fast, but the 8 Pro screen has great color accuracy and a number of color profiles to choose from as well. It supports both DCI, p3 and srgb as well, and I can honestly say this – is one of the best screens I’ve used on a phone.

I did have some issue with palm rejection at first, but one plus is managed to fix them quickly in the first wave of software updates, which you should see install themselves out of the box. The oneplus 8 pro has stereo speakers, which are plenty loud. If you want to use wired headphones, though, make sure you have an adapter since there isn’t one included in the box, the eight pro runs oxygen OS 10.5, which isn’t a big jump from the previous version. It brings support for more apps in the dark theme and some slightly new system icons, but otherwise it’s pretty much exactly what I saw on the 7 Pro and the 70 a lightly customized stock, Android skin that’s very fast and super responsive oneplus did promise that it Would bring an always on display option, but it’s still being worked on and should come with a feature update. It goes without saying that this will obviously have a slight impact on battery life. Speaking of battery life, the oneplus 8 pro has a four thousand five hundred and ten milliamp hour battery, which isn’t as beefy as we’ve, seen on other phones like the galaxy s, 20 ultra or the LG b 60. But it did do well enough in our endurance tests it actually scored just as well as a seven pro did last year with 82 hours. Overall, with the default 120 Hertz refresh rate and an overall score of 91 was achieved when the screen was set to the industry standard 60 Hertz.

But that comes at the expense of the smooth experience that oneplus intense. I can get a solid day and a half of battery life with the eight pro, but there are definitely other flagships with better battery life. What does make it worthwhile, though, is warped charge, which is very fast, and the charger brought the phone to 63 percent in half an hour, and if you decide to splurge 69 bucks, you can get a 50 percent charge in the 30 minutes, using the warp charge. 30 wireless charger on this charger, the phone warms up quite a bit, so it needs this active fan to blow air in through the back and up the backside of the eight pro to cool it down. I thought the fan was pretty quiet, but it might be distracting for some people. Oneplus added a bedtime schedule option in the power settings, so the fan doesn’t come on when you recharge at night. Of course, this means you will get those super fast charging speeds. As an added bonus, the 8 pro can also share its charge with other cheap, our phones or accessories. So oneplus really did wireless charging right the first time around inside there’s, the latest snapdragon 865 chipset paired with the ex 55 5g modem. But you should know that the eight pro won’t be compatible with Verizon’s millimeter wave 5g network that’ll only be possible with the one plus eight non pro that’s sold directly from Verizon in my area.

I only get t mobile’s 600 megahertz 5g signal, which is cool, because I see the 5g signal in the cluster, but it doesn’t reach the really super high speeds that carriers have been promising us since 5g was first introduced so now we’re at the camera. The camera is one of the biggest areas of improvement over the oneplus 7 pro. The main sensor is a sony imx6 89 and it has 40 larger pixels than the main camera on the seventh pro, which translates to better low light performance and improve resolve details. This new sensor uses all pixel omnidirectional autofocus, which makes focusing quicker and more accurate, even in low light. Next up, the ultra wide camera now has the same sensor as the main cameras had on the 7 pro and the 70. So you can take full resolution ultra wide shots and since it has autofocus it doubles as a macro camera then there’s, the 8 megapixel telephoto camera, which is the same as it was on the 7 pro same sensor, same aperture, no change there and the fourth camera Is something that oneplus calls its color filter, camera and it’s a quirky one I’ll show you that a little bit later, the 12 megapixel shots from the main camera are crisp and well detailed. Colors, though not true to life are vivid but not too saturated, while white balance was spot on. Dynamic range is quite good too, but it tends to brighten up shadows more than in real life.

It does do a good job of blending these exposures, so they don’t look artificial with this larger sensor, there’s a much more noticeable bouquet surrounding an object, that’s up close, which is something to keep in mind if you want to take a photo where everything is in Focus ultra wide shots match the main camera as dynamic range, colors and white balance, but details are noticeably softer. Now here are some macro samples shot from the same ultra wide camera. The autofocus pulls in very close, so you can get up to 3 centimeters between you and the subject. Looking at these details and colors, they look almost unreal. You can get some really cool shots with this mode. As I mentioned earlier, the telephoto camera is exactly the same one from the 7 Pro, so it really works best in daylight. These are 8 megapixel photos and their details. Look pretty good, but dynamic range is slightly different from the other cameras. I noticed that this camera lets shadow stay a bit darker, where the main camera would otherwise brighten them up. Photos from the main camera look good in low light, but there’s a noticeable loss of details and sharpness. Nightscape mode restores much of those lost details with exposures that are both accurate and evenly blended in the shots honestly it’s hard to believe some of these were shot handheld. You can also use the ultra wide camera to shoot nightscape photos, but they don’t look as good as the main cameras.

These are more hit or miss when it comes to nighttime. Photography I’d actually recommend using a tripod for these portraits look convincing and you can shoot them from either the telephoto camera or the main camera. But I prefer the ones that are zoomed in still portraits with either. Camera are consistent with exposure that have convincing bouquet separation and, most importantly, the capture, my essence of beauty. Okay, moving on to stuffy’s the 8 Pro has the exact selfie camera found in the seven pearls pop up mechanism, and I liked that selfie camera it took really diced shots and the same can be said about the eight pros. Selfies looked great and although it doesn’t have autofocus selfies are always in focus with softening, apply to the right places and like the main camera, the portrait bouquet is pretty convincing as long as there’s enough light. So remember, I mentioned the five megapixel color filter camera. Well, first of all, it’s buried in the camera’s UI under the filters and there’s only one filter that activates it don’t get me wrong. These shots are definitely interesting and it really puts a twist on our perception of color, but I feel, like people might find this interesting for maybe the first week or two and then never use it again. Now I could be wrong, but what breaks it for me is that most of the details are completely lost when shooting with this camera. Finally, we get to video viii.

Pro can record 4k video at 60 frames per second with high levels of detail. Dynamic range and contrast are accurate, with bright vivid colors there’s, a cinema 4k video mode which shoots a 21 by 9 crop of 4k video, so that you can watch it on the entirety of the 8 pro’s screen, but it’s a crop. So it’s vertical resolution is 1644 and not 2160. Super stable video uses the ultra wide camera to better stabilize your shot and it’s been updated to shoot now in 4k, thanks to the updated 48 megapixel sensor behind the ultra wide one plus has evolved and matured over the past few years and it’s visual brand identity Is very well defined today, but oneplus is no longer the company that disrupts and shakes up the phone industry that it once was today there’s a lot of competition from Chinese brands that really push smartphone value in the mid range and that’s brands like red me. Real me poco and IQ, but oneplus doesn’t really fall into that category anymore. The oneplus 8 pro is the most expensive phone that company has made to date, and I find it interesting that oneplus first emerged as the flagship killer and today it’s become the very thing that it set out to first disrupt. That said, the oneplus 8 pro is a very nice flagship done by the book. It’S got all the flagship features like wireless charging, large and bright 120 Hertz display the latest processor from Qualcomm, with 5g support and a fairly nice all around camera experience.

I do have a couple of complaints and the first one is battery life. Warp charge is fast and everything, but battery life is just good enough. Battery life is above average on the 8 pro, but oneplus isn’t in the above average price range anymore step it up. Then there’s the camera. I gave one plus kudos for improving the camera this year with a larger sensor and the high resolution ultra wide. But I feel like the color filter. Camera is a throwaway and it only is really there so that oneplus can say that it has four cameras. I give one plus credit for taking a risk, but I don’t think it’s one that’s gon na pay off in the end. So the reason that you’re all here is wondering: should you buy this phone if you’re coming from the oneplus 7 pro or the 70, I would recommend you hold off on getting the 8 Pro it’s expensive, starting at 899 and there’s no rush right now to get A 5g phone, especially in the u.s. since 5g, is barely getting off the ground and the benefit doesn’t outweigh the cost, at least not yet because 5g phones will eventually get cheaper and 5g coverage will eventually become more abundant. Now, if you have an older phone like the oneplus, 60 and you’re, not really fond of Samsung or Apple or the Google pixel, but you still want a stock Android experience, I would say: go with the 8 pro it’s gon na age very well.

The screen is one of the nicest looking displays and the brightest that I’ve used. The performance is untouchable, software is buttery, smooth the box and oneplus is one of the top OMS when it comes to monthly updates on time.