This is too steep from this review. Just wanted to give my review on real me X, and this is very cheap phone, which I got a long time ago and yeah. I spend fairly good amount of time with this overall opinion I would say and it’s a very good phone, no problem at all and cheap budget, and you get a pop up, camera and it’s really good performance and but at the moment I’m. Switching over from this one, so in case, if we wondering what it is and this I got it from my company, so this basically helps to just make it stand, and I can also put it in my car, so this phone um, I bought it from India For sixteen thousand rupees, which is approximately and two hundred twenty years or something I live in Ireland, so this book, this phone works fine, a no problem at all call signal everything is great and so far so good, but at the moment I’m switching over to something Very incredible, which I’m going to show it to you and in the end of the video, so say, stay tuned and make sure you subscribe and which, which is going to help me a lot well, first of all, I’m going to remove this because I’m, giving this Phone to someone else and I’m gon na stick it to the case later on. Alright, so in case you’re wondering where’s the case. This is the case which I caught with the phone and it’s fairly strong as you can see, but it makes it very bulky and it doesn’t look good.

It does look very cheap, but yeah I’m, giving this phone to someone who is probably gon na break it. If there is no no case, first of all, the fingerprint it’s the best I ever used just look at it. Alright, the performances, okay and I got some apps pre, loaded and pre installed, which I could not uninstall, but most of them. I did and the reason I’m switching over to something something else is because I got an iPad and and I’m trying to use that instead of this for the full time, but for the phone calls on switching to something else, which I’ll show you soon. The main problem with this phone is the lag enos sometime I actually never seen a turtle or like phone is freezing or something never seen it, but the problem is like opening up the apps. It does take that the time as it gets agency and yeah YouTube and the main problem I have to with this is the sensor which basically tilt the screen. So that has a big problem with this, like it doesn’t understand where I’m tilting the phone. So, if I’m sitting here for us, the video is going on the other way, and so it is very annoying and the speed is issue. If you’re wondering how’s the gaming performance gaming performance. Is it ok? I used to play poverty in this, but um it’s very difficult to locate enemies in that game, because I do play a lot of table G but it’s very difficult to play the game on this on this phone because it’s just it’s just slow.

It takes time to lose put up at all and by the time you locate the person it just you’re already dead. I don’t know if it’s the likeness, if it’s the network, or is it if it’s the ping but uh that’s very difficult. One thing I like from this phone is gesture like teaser code, but the problem is like imagine if I open something: okay, see how long is taking this. If I open this, so if I click this it’s supposed to close everything right now, it did three, but usually it doesn’t like. If I this, I do this, of course, it’s gon na. Do it right now, but when I’m, showing it but usually the app which is on the screen, it doesn’t close it and that’s very annoying. Okay, what else camera is fine, show you some pictures if possible, okay, so these are the picture I clicked with it. It’S, fairly, okay, but not great by any, mean see how long is take two, and I almost used this phone for six months with me and so far so good I didn’t have a problem. The best thing I like about this phone is very, very sturdy. Very strong: I dropped this phone without any case many times. Nothing happened to this beast. This work, slow and pop up can I can show it to this takes time. Charging is great at the moment I’m not plugged in with a fast charger included.

Charger is like. I guess is 45 volt charger or something and it’s blazing fast. It does make phone a little bit hot, but it it charges fairly quickly, no problem and all up there, but I do charge a bit the I have the extension and it has a USB port. So a charge of that that’s very good. Actually, I don’t want to use that book charger because I just afraid of is just I don’t trust it, so I don’t use it so and yes, the chart in here is also very good. I takes around maybe one and a half hour and to charge completely and battery backup. I would say if I use this phone cold day it wouldn’t wouldn’t finish. I barely barely charges some time I charge it for forty percent. Sometimes charges for fifty percent, but in term of usage in a battery life it’s great, no problem there arrow rest, say: Sun lock is fairly good. It does the job. I don’t have that much problem with this, but I want to switch over to iPad my god. Ipad Mini, which is very, very fast, very good for him and for the phone calls. Let me show it to wit, but I’m switching over to hang up Nokia 105 uncertain over to this. So if you want to see the unboxing and review and the switching process just stay tuned for the next video and I’ll show it to you or you can click on the side and you’ll be able to see one best point and one worst point.

Okay, so not many people knows about this phone outside China, India or some other country, where it is this phone and sells up basically here in our and you won’t be able to find this one at all. Maybe in some websites are still selling this phone, but they’re selling on the name of poco real me have not not a real me, you know it’s a sub company of Oppo anyway and so turns out it’s very difficult to sell this one. Nobody knows about this phone and if someone sees the ad, they just think it’s the cheapest in Chinese phone. Nobody, I don’t think so. Anyone anyone bother still ok, look at the review of this one. So I tried to sell this phone. I couldn’t so I’m giving it to someone else and a suit University, not k105, for it and rest of the things I’m gon na do it on my iPad, and so it will be challenged, but I’ll see how I’m going to face it. I’M gon na get the new phone soon and most probably Samsung a51 and I’ll give you the review of that phone as soon as I get my hands on. So the best thing is just budget friendly phone, which is very sturdy, give most of banks for the back, and you want you won’t regret it screen is not time. It’S code, everything is okay, nothing is nothing inside the phone is for some things like window print.

Are exceptional right screen is good, but I don’t like the OS, like this beard really color OS. You call it, but rest is all good, and this is what he kept the money spends. You can, let me know if we have any questions or if you want to buy this phone, where you can cut it and so on.