As always, I’ll throw up the link in the video description. If you want to check it out, pricing is gon na be steep at 44.99. I believe, is what it was check around for some coupon codes. I think there’s some a little bit to knock it down. A little bit, I think I was able to get it for like 40 bucks, if I’m not mistaken, but I’ll check it out, I’ll, throw it up in the video description. If you want to check it out, this can be one of those carbon fiber style cases. Now I’m, not gon na lie. I got a case like this for my iPhone 11 pro max. When I first did the review, I wasn’t a big fan of it, but then I started using it and I really liked the way it actually just felt on the phone. It almost felt like your raw dog and the phone, but give you some basic protections. So we’ll check this one out to see if it’s a hit or miss nice presentation, you get a little branding up top nice white box should be a little tab right here and to bust it open like that and that’s pretty much it very clean presentation. Put that to the side and that’s nice, so we’ll put it to the side and here’s what you’re gon na get now you’re gon na get just basic protection. Very soft finish feels very premium. I would say this is very, very premium feeling carbon fiber material got your camera cut out, you can see.

The bottom part is exposed. Top part is exposed now the one thing I’m. Really, I think they can’t get it done a better job. I know it’s just basic protection, but why not cover up the top, even if you’re leaving the bottom part exposed not surely what the purpose of to keep that exposed at the top? Now, obviously, the ports and stuff like that’s open, but it is what it is. Overall is the hard piece of plastic, but it’s got that premium. Carbon fiber finish that just feels super nice to the touch. No fingerprints, just a nice feeling nice to the touch and again it’s gon na add a little 2 0 book for your already small iPhone. Se so let’s go and pop it out and see if it’s, a hey guys let’s, do this let’s wipe it down, wipe it down, get that black. Looking beautiful for the camera make shine it all up, make it look clean like we do all right and then we’ll pop it into place like this all right, very nice. So look at this. You got that black on black look looks really really clean carbon fiber. Let me zoom in a little bit. Look at that premium. Carbon fiber feel very nice to the touch gon na, give you some nice grip as well. I like the camera protection. You can see what they did there, so you just got the single camera setup, but you can see how it to raise.

The actual protection is raised above that, so we just raise up like this and then around natural and circular fashion, so it’s really giving me some decent camera protection for a slim fit case. Now lip cuz everybody does like a fat lip. This is not any lip protection at all. You can see. 0. 0. 0. 0. So anybody looking for some lip protection. This is not gon na be the case for you anyway. Looking for some big boy protection, this is not the case for you. This is just for anybody looking for some basic protection, that’s gon na cover for some scratches and, if you’re, very careful and not worried about drops and stuff like that, this may be for you, otherwise put a pass on it. Obviously, everything’s exposed volume up and down easy access, no problems. You can see the top part really. I don’t really know what they did that just cover this up. Do me a favor if I’m spending, this type of cash flow cover this up? For me, you know I’m saying guys covered up bottom part. I see what they did, but you can see. You got a little bumper right here on the very bottom that’s, where it’s kind of curved in a little bit speaker, grille and the powers exposed, but they give you a little bit of protection right there and then the power button is Cle key and responsive. Give you guys a look at it, just basic protection that black on black looks really really clean together, very nice.

Looking case, I guess the question is: is that it hit or miss, and I guess more importantly, is it worth 45 bucks and I say no that’s not worth 45 bucks really it’s, probably worth about 20 to 25 bucks. But I guys say I really like the case and I’ve been using it for my iPhone 11 Pro max. I know there’s some you know questions about. Is this a ripoff of uh? Is it petechiae or something like that, but talk whatever, but I really like the way this one feels I’m gon na say is going to be a mini hit because it’s not gon na, be for everybody, but anybody looking for a nice carbon fiber case. Yes, this is gon na, be for you and anybody looking for some basic protection, so I’m gon na say it’s a mini hit. Let me know what you guys think about this one in the comment section.