So the me 10 is kind of embodying the same design, philosophy that Samsung and oneplus and pretty much all modern phones. These days are doing it’s a glass slab with curved with a curved screen, so it’s a tall phone with the screen at 6.6 7 inches. So it is tall very difficult to use with one hand, but if you put this up against like a Samsung or oneplus, you put them all together. They’Re gon na look the same, but I will say this phone does come in like a really cool, bluish, greenish turquoise thing. If it has any green in it, I’m gon na love, it so I’m actually very pleased with the design of it it just it feels it feels starting, and it feels like it’s got a nice amount of heft to it, and the resolution of it is surprisingly 1080P, which at this screen size you’d, expect the screen to not be great but it’s 2020. So I thought this was like a 1440p display I’m, just really good at knowing my screens so 1080p resolution. Yes, it is on the lower end, but it fooled me now when it comes to glass durability, which I know is a topic on everyone’s minds. This actually does not retain the Corning Gorilla Glass 6, like last year’s model, did yeah it’s, yeah it’s, definitely grilled. Last 5 – I don’t know why again might’ve been just for budget reasons, but I would have liked to a half girl glass 6.

So that way you know when I’m out on a zipline – and I actually drop this thing, which is a daily common occurrence. I at least know that growing last 6 it’ll keep it more intact, then Gorilla, Glass, 5. The phone does follow the very popular and personally I’m, not the biggest fan trend of in screen fingerprint readers. Now again, those are the future, but I will say that this one is good, I guess I’m starting to come around to it. I just love having a physical fingerprint reader that just my own personal preference. This has a 90 Hertz refresh rate, not the latest 120 or 144. Again, I guess I just don’t, observe or know the differences between them super well, just by looking at it so 90 Hertz having that in there that’s nice. But it also is like why didn’t you go 120, if we’re being a super spec crazy here, unlike last year’s me 9, this one goes with a hole, punch camera in the top left instead of a teardrop in the top center. So I definitely approve of the hole punch style that they’re doing it’s less obtrusive, something I do really like about the phone is that it does have dual speakers not a surprise, given that it’s 2020. However, this actually doesn’t funfact use the earpiece as another speaker, you may ask: well how do they do it? If you know you’re curious about speakers, they actually just put another different speaker on the top of the phone, which I honestly haven’t really seen in many phones.

So we have the bottom firing one and a separate one on top, and then you have your earpiece as well, but then there’s an issue, because when I found myself gaming on this phone I kind of covered the speakers. So when I started gaming I was like you know. I really remember this being louder and then it took like way longer than it had any right to for me to realize my hands were covering it. So I appreciate them using it at least creating a new speaker grille essentially, but it does definitely interfere with gaming that’s, something that’s, definitely a rarity to see on phones. These days is an IR blaster on the top now Troy. What is an IR blaster? You invisible person in the room with me mask well, I’ll tell you I hire black ster is essentially just this little feature on the phone that allows you to take control off certain appliances in your home, so I can totally screw with my roommate while he’s watching Tv and I can literally turn it off with this that’s professional use for at this point, a lot of phones have kind of gravitated away from having an IR blaster, but honestly I’d, rather them cram more features in my phone and then take them out now, when It comes to quirky things. I also don’t expect to love in a phone. Is the vibration motor? Now I have touted the s20 as having really nice one.

This one’s up there so haptic feedback on this has been surprisingly like. It just feels like a premium vibration. Motor in this thing – and you really feel it during certain games and just even what I apply my my fingerprint to unlock the phone – it just is like, like oh okay, we’re in business. Now the full name of the device is the Xiaomi 10 5g, and with that information that means the phone itself is rocking the latest 865, which means that 8 is 5g ready, whoo, so they’re doing the whole future proofing with that all phones right now are coming Out with 5g, we just need the 5g itself to catch up because it’s not really widespread, like at all. Now the model itself does come in eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage, but my I got here is actually with 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage. Now I’ve said it before. I don’t think I need 12 gigs it just. It seems like a lot and it’s unnecessary, but I have it so again like no stuttering or lag or even like any problem. Switching from app to app. This thing moves really fast and I will probably never fill up 256 gigs of storage, but I have it problem is, is that this phone itself does not have any memory expansion. So if you think you’re gon na put up more than 128 you’re gon na want to hop for the 256 now when it comes to tall big phones, I kind of hope for, but really like expect a big battery, and this one does not disappoint.

This comes with a four thousand seven hundred and eighty million power battery, which is a number for battery that I’ve never seen it just is like oddly specific, but forty seven. Eighty definitely gets me through a full day of usage, even if I’m going pretty hard on this phone. I just watching videos all day because again quarantine but 47 80 has definitely helped get me through a day and if I’m going pretty moderately, I can get through to so big battery in this phone. So that’s always really nice to see, and I will say that the me 10 Pro has a smaller battery. One of my biggest complaints about this phone unfortunately is while this is incredibly spec down. You would just expect us to have the everything that a 2020 phone should have. I think, there’s, never an IP rating Wow. Why not to me, I feel, like an IP rating should absolutely be included in this, and given these specs I’d even be fine with paying a little bit more. If that just gave me the peace of mind of having an IP rating of some kind. So the fact that it doesn’t have one it just it. You know it just doesn’t feel very 2020 of you shall me. This is rocking Android, 10, so it’s the latest in grace from Android, and this is running it. The user interface of me, UI 11, with all that that just means that you get the dark mode.

That Android now has great. I love having that thing and also you do get the system wide gestures, but this is kind of up there with newbies gestures and that they don’t it’s it’s, not Google’s implementation. It’S fast and you don’t have to pill at the bottom, so going home going back. That’S all really fast, the problem is, is that there’s no way to really switch from app to app specifically, which is something I do often, maybe it won’t point the out bone board, but right now the gestures are fine. I just really wish that they had the pill, so I can easily switch from have to happen something I don’t love about. The user interface of this, though, is the fact that by default, there’s no app drawer. So when you have all your apps or if you download eight new ones, they just kind of get sprawled out over the home screens and that’s, very reminiscent of what Apple does Apple just has home screens of apps and that’s. Something I’ve always loved about Android. Is that they’re all kind of they’ll congregate in one specific area, they’re unobtrusive? So I love having an app drawer for Android and, if you’re going to give me an Android phone that and that setup that’s, just it’s a bummer cuz it’s like that’s, not that’s, not Android. Now let’s talk about the big camera hump on the back. We got four cameras on the back here, as most phones are doing these days.

It just lets cram as many cameras onto a phone as possible. So, on the back here we have a one hundred and eight megapixel main ready, big 13 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel for depth sensing. I will say that photos taken with 108 megapixel camera have been surprisingly good detail. Grab from. That is really really top notch, especially in good lighting conditions. It’S, just the photos themselves are very vivid, colors are great and it could be a little bit at the times like a little bit oversaturated similar to what Samsung used to do with their photos. But the saturation is not too much. I will say that using this as a regular point shooter, it has been very good. I will say that having the 2 megapixel macro it’s cool, but I guess I’m, just not big in macro photography, so I don’t use it a lot. So it’s been fun and then you have the depth sensor too. So it’s it’s, just an interesting array and it’s not like I feel like I don’t, get a whole lot of flexibility with this. I just wish they kind of went with a different setup here, but overall I’m not the biggest when it comes to photography on a phone. So what I get from the main camera has been very good. It does struggle a little bit more than the competition in low light, but other than that I mean this has been a pretty great shooter from zombies, so probably the best I’ve seen from them.

Yet when it comes to their me series, the front facing shooter on this is also 20 megapixels, and that also has been very solid when it comes to all the selfies that I take all day because again, dunk or with everything you’re getting here from the jammie B10 it’s it’s a good package. This is a great package deal sure there is no IP rating which to me is the biggest issue and the navigation for gestures is not it’s, not my favorite of the plantation either. But overall I mean it’s a solid device. It’S. Definitely premium it’s got a solid camera experience. The software is OK and I really don’t have many issues with the phone so for a phone that’s under six hundred bucks. You really can’t go wrong here, so I would highly recommend it if you’re interested in looking into what other options there are from China and in the android base, then yeah I’d say definitely check this out. Well guys, thank you for watching. If you liked what you saw feel free to click that like button, so that means that maybe you’re into these interesting Chinese phones, if you want to see more of these or just any phones in general, click, Subscribe because that’s. What we do here also leave a comment down below if there are any phones out there, that you’d like me to look at or if you just want to tell me how sick this color is because yeah it’s sick well guys that’s gon na, do it.

For me I am Troye.