This is the channel where we thought about sneakers life in tech and for this episode, we’re going to do both sneakers and tech. I actually have a new pair of Nike Air Force, ones that I’m excited to unbox and share with you guys put it on feet as well, and we also have a new smartphone. This is the real me 6i, so we’ll be taking out of the box thing. A closer look all that fun all that good stuff by the way, one of the best smartphones you can buy for under 10000, pesos or 200, and that excites you let’s go. I haven’t subscribed to the channel. Yet please make sure to do so because we are giving away a real me. C3 smartphones hit that subscribe. Button. Follow me on Instagram, like my facebook page and then click the link in the description box. So you can see the rest of the mechanics of our giveaway okay, guys so let’s jump right into the smartphone. This is the new real me 6i. It hasn’t released pick two. This is 36. I it hasn’t released in the Philippines, yet it will be officially launching next week May 13 7 p.m. on the real me Philippines, Facebook page or you guys might want to check out their Facebook page, give them a like. Who knows they might do like a launch. Promo come launch day now, just to give you guys a quick background. This is part of the real me 6 series and there are currently 3 phones in that line.

You have the really 6 I, which is their entry level, less than 10000 pesos option. You have the real me 6, which has a better display, better camera, and then you have, of course, the really 6 pro which brings a lot of advanced specs to the table that we will talk about very soon so for the day we’re going to focus on This, the entry level, bad boy of the real me 6 line, which is the real me 6i, as you can see, yellow box 6. I pop the box open actually played around at the phone already, so this is kinda unbox 3 box, this it’s. What the phone looks like and one of the first things that I immediately noticed, was how the back kinda reminds me of removal luggage. You know all of those aluminum luggage cases freemore with the lines running across that’s, the vibe I’m, getting with the plastic back of the phone right here by the way, if you’re wondering this, the front is, I think, it’s. A gorilla glass 3 display get this 720 pixels, so it’s, not 728 P, pixels, so it’s, not necessarily like Full HD, but the fish still HD and the great thing about that. Sometimes people think that’s such a bad thing. The great thing about that is that they paired the 720p display with 5000 Mille amperes battery, so you have a ginormous massive, ridiculously cavernous I’m running out of adjectives battery combined with a 720p display.

So what you can actually get is ridiculous battery life on this phone. I haven’t tested it. I just got it today, but I’m, pretty confident that, regardless what it is that you’re going to do videos playing games, the battery should hold. That also has a 14 megapixel camera sensor, quad camera sensor here at the back, and then you have a 16 megapixel shooter here at the front I haven’t tried either of the cameras yet so watch out for my full review when it drops next week now powering This bad boy is a hell, Yoji AP processor, which is one of the new processors of mediatek, which should be more than enough to get you through. Your gaming fix beat mobile legends NBA 2k plenty as long as you optimize the settings, so we’ll set the phone aside first and take a look at what else is inside the box, of course, as with most really smart phones, you get the free silicone jelly case, Which is much appreciated and it doesn’t come with headphones, but you do have your typical USB to USB C cable and then you’re charging block again guys watch out for the full review coming soon and make sure you tune in to the real me Philippines. Facebook page come May 13, okay, so that’s it for the four and, at this point I’d like to do the unboxing of the sneaker. Now, if you guys have been following this channel for a while, you know that my favorite shoe is the Nike Air Force One one of my favorite shoes, and you probably know that I am totally madly well, not on manly.

But I really love the Nike Air Force. One react and I have a couple of pairs. I have the black one, have the black red and white one and add the white with black red one, so yeah all of those colors, and I saw that be recently released. A triple white version of the Air Force One react and seeing as it was Arya first one and it was a triple wipe. I just couldn’t pass, so I bought it from the Nike Philippines website and it just arrived today well yesterday, so I just wanted to show it to you guys. So, as you can see, comes in your typical Nike Air Force, One box, you have details over here and it go true to size. If you pop the box open, you have tissue paper that says a f1f1f1 and then BAM. Oh, clean AF. You have the Nike Air Force, one react so you have that leather upper and then it becomes some sort of like soft mesh, which is more breathable here along the side panels. You have the printed swoosh which a lot of people heat. They prefer the attached leather swoosh, and then you have the dimension six branding here along the medial side, and then you have air on the midsole with react written on it. If you pop this one open, if you just in case you guys haven’t seen my earlier reviews of the Nike Air Force, One react: they actually have a massive react: midsole drop in midsole or insole.

That also is your midsole over here. So this is what gives you that super mega constable like memory, foam feeling as you are walking in these shoes, it’s kinda, like you’re waking walking on them for Air Force Ones, that’s like the vibe and that’s the feel that they get with this shoe. So this one, I got it for a little over six thousand pesos, I kind of forgot, but they are really happy to add this to my growing Air Force. One collection as well as my Air Force, one react collection. I want to give you guys a teaser for the next vlog, because it’s still kind of early it’s, just like I don’t, know like six seven minutes on the vlog. This is a sneaker that was customized by an artist who was looking to pay tribute to our front liners of kovat 19 front liners, especially the medical staff, the doctors, the nurses, those guys are just saving people, not just in the Philippines, but around the world. Even Piers, Morgan in London in UK had to say publicly during a show, he had top knowledge Filipino nurses in London and how they’re out there you know key with enas and iha forgot what it’s called, and I asked national NHS National Health Service there’s. Nothing that helping everybody who was sick so anyway, this is a custom Nike Air Force, one paying tribute to nurses. I will be talking more about this in the next vlog, so watch out for that most likely.

That would be the vlog that succeeds this one or that follows this one. So I am uploading this in a Friday, so this should be on the blog Saturday, so yeah guys that’s actually for the vlog. For today we got to unbox the real me 6i smartphone, and we got to unbox and check out this new Nike Air Force. One react that’s it for now.