Pro a gaming smartphone before starting up subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button for the latest updates. Let’S get started: black shark has launched its highly anticipated black shark 3 gaming phone, not just that the company has also launched a pro version of the device, as well as a bunch of accessories for a better gaming experience. This might be my most surprising gaming, phone’s hair down, yet the black shark 3 pro is one of the most interesting gaming smartphones that we’ve come across this year, especially with its pop up mechanical buttons, black shark 3 and black shark 3. Pro have already launched in china, and now they are making their way to europe. Both new devices fall under xiaomi’s sub brand, exclusively known for producing high quality gaming devices being a high quality gaming device. Black shark 3 pro has big displays of 7.. One inch is a mold display, 1440 by 3120, with an aspect ratio of 19.5 to 9, as listed on the company’s website. This gives it a pixel density of 483 ppi. It has the same peak brightness of 500 nits as the standard version, but only covers 97 of the dc ip3 color gamut. The black shark 3 pro also has a 90 hertz refresh rate with a 270 hertz of touch sampling rate, whereas black shark 3 has a display of 6.67 inches with having a 90 hertz refresh rate same as pro variant. Black shark 3 pro is powered with qualcomm sm 8250 snapdragon 865, which is obviously a 5g support.

Therefore, it is a price worthy gaming processor. Moreover, the phone comes in two versions: one with a ram of 8 gigabyte with a rom capacity of 256 gigabyte, whereas a slightly more expensive unit comes with 12 gigabyte of ram with a capacity of 512 gigabytes rom. Your next android smartphone will probably have more ram than your pc. It is the third generation in the series and the first to sport, 5g radios when come to the cameras, the front and rear cameras on black shark 3. Pro are the same as the standard black shark 3, with the only difference being support for laser focus on the pro variant. It has a triple camera, with the main lens being 64 megapixel, with a 13 megapixel ultra wide and 5 megapixel depth sensor. Therefore, it allows you to record a video of 1080 pixel with off firm 30 frames per second. This phone even has a decent selfie camera at 20 megapixel, which matches up with its predecessor the black shark 3. Pro comes in only one storage option, which is 256 gigabytes of universal flash storage of 3.0. The device has the same connectivity options as the non pro variant there isn’t an under display fingerprint scanner as well. The black shark 3 pro have a larger 5 per hour battery and it comes with the 65 watt standard charger as compared to the 4720 milliampere per hour battery on the black shark 3, with a 30 watt charger.

Those batteries discharge simultaneously a practice that may reduce, wear and tear and extend their useful lives in addition to usbc type port for charging. The owners also have the option to charge magnetically with certain accessories talking about the dimensions. The pro is slightly larger than the non pro at 177 79 by 83.29 into 10.1 millimeter with the thickest part being 10.48 millimeter. It weighs the same as a non pro variant at 253 grams. The design is excellent, almost giving the phone a console like appearance, the black shark 3 pro comes with dedicated and large gaming triggers and an independent lifting control with zero delay, while the non pro version does not when put into landscape mode. These buttons are like shoulder buttons inside. There are a few other features that should help with those intense gaming sessions, including liquid cooling. Black shark says that the cooling fan can bring down temperatures by 14 degrees celsius in just one minutes and a special antenna layout, which should prevent signal loss at key moments. The black shark 3 is available in armor gray, lightning, black and star silver, while the black shark 3 pro comes in armor gray and phantom black other accessories include some gaming earbuds, as well as both wired and wireless. These bluetooth, 5r buds are protected at a rating of ipx4 and are equipped with nulls balance. Our mature drivers, including a 10 millimeters dynamic coil in each bud, plus they have the power to last up to 14 hours along with usbc type charging.

Along with these a variety of cases as well – oh and of course, there are rgb lights here too. Finally, the black shark 3 pro will be available to reserve for at least 675 approximately, although shark 3 and shark 3 pro are launching in europe on may 8th, and we are hopeful, the aomi fans could see the phone in the local market soon.