So better they also han yunxi Nonya. If you bring a biome brand betel same London, so it’s called the print boss, so Philippines line cuz it then I could from a search on Amazon in bus, like signature like photo printer, really cool yeah. So if you want to know how it works and you’re in by the way, oh really need, i just given okay guys so, first off a donkey fix, i think that’s, how you pronounce it like: keep it gazecki. Ok, i fite VIX keep XO, vanilla, casa, amazon, the cardinal on my own ass. If they all again, you know at all like when you open this, they don’t let again get on film. This one. I guess you can see me feel so. Young film is young in stuxnet Fujifilm, the movie, so by usually maybelline for your in stocks i polarizing, and so I actually bought by you except around August namaste. I know something went wrong: aah ha aah gon na see. I got super amoled, a telegram about you. So many nice long handle and assign you is a better man, nagamma Kamini mama I’m, not there right now, I’m in afraid of you, so like mama that low, so so so so so a tournament in Ottumwa that’s a detail of us. You picture you so at our young friend like it did waste your father, I don’t know it’s easy nominee different thing. Some people might find it but I’m also from everything in you but I’m too much a phrase.

No man in business, we’re, gon na see guys. I know like cellphone more like from the phone, but they come happen on picture like Garland’s of on my beeper, so that’s really good yeah, so it’s a nothing shop opinion so how you’re gon na open it so actually guys it’s available three colours pair on the Coma had a being blue Tribune pink so on the Hannah column is no black. I can wait better. Okay. Now I see I like black and white. This one in blue has a long, long Mahalo, and I only bought this for only 24 pounds and 35 pence. I don’t, like canina, sit in an ordinary uncle don’t, believe vanilla, conscious, Amazon and no no, no him price. Today, in Mahara I say that a 40 pound store that’s never had Alicia Alex Alicia from 40 pounds to 24 pounds 30 by the ceiling know how to tailing in 22, Konstantin it’ll get to go down to this normal traffic at home. Guys don’t put in a frame yeah in frame Ilana games, for example a Python iPod I mean young. So I get a new pair of me me at the pattern, exists: accessible, no parity shop around my leg, loud gun and puppy bleep, a high or resting na gagawin you up in open your box and then hitting he told uncle in you Padme sticker camelino. So again and then unique sheikha object and she starts getting iPod Corey.

So again, then, like a pendulum, and I am which one was, I was telling very simple that they will never send me pictures of your own. You wash clockwise like natatorium colombian on a holiday animal brain, so clockwise so behind and Musa equip ring. There are absolutely for that fella. You know how to use this. Let’S move Music, I’m Carl and my London disease yeah. So first thing is Flanagan triumphal engine. So, as you can see here, I am never getting by on my neck, I mean you’re, so I get a new joy new picture, cool cool fit. I like I said Ian – can guess a Python bug in the you know like than a Hindi, pantai or well. As explained in Swahili, for my brain number is like him even more fit than some small film potential, 13 yeah, so people the bacteria like a little shot of people taking shelter so, and so it twists knocked off clockwise for it’s, not a like a shadow. Oh, my god, you know maybe reflecting I am getting Daniel Bartelt edition of AHA I’m, like oh, my god. Oh, my god, also in potential developed, not sure like fully quite of all, is so then I can picture na minha boyfriend calling the Louis Hill up and turned up very, very wrong. I still can use this. Am I so? First Canyon, like there’s a black thing, as you can see me bound black side and indigo so much.

I don’t know what’s on my iOS thanks again dad are you afraid about that? My shadow I don’t know my. I was in this one too, like this one. Like me is not being shot there over down a man and looks good and no wife. I came along palpable when I told battery house kid like look I’m on a shovel, a shaman fire eater charge. Mopar amok work in detail addressed. It had a game, belonged olivine, film and you’re good to go like no Wi, Fi fujifilm, instax, mini fundamental on you and very handy like you, can literally bring this anywhere, my god there is building a high like a whole like in Egypt. Golic, boo million are in stock soon fujifilm the polaroid you a castle me gusto, offer you some Mahajan piranhas are hundred pounds, something soku soku, so oil up a song. Now I know how a little I said about canals a previous video nearly before I so long. So champagne, oh Allah, there’s, no veneering up, collet, so subconscious economic at a potato and then may not hand up up on a marrow. So I say there’s no need for me to buy an X that expensive for the right film. I can literally just use my phone and then I can just print it out on here, but make sure to buy yourself a saying, English, a hostile mass of keep X so yeah guys that’s about it for today’s video.

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