Sorry to say that your bed was throwing some lacking around and accidentally dropped. A bolt on the kilt is really tearing me up: gotcha Toya it’s, not you Sookie, Toya! Honestly. This doesn’t quite feel real to me yet still expecting to wake up from a dream Music. So this is the part where you judge me here: no, the resurrected you! You can do that Music to me like you’re. Doing on you can I’m just glad I get to live again at all. Granddad always said to be forgiving of other’s mistakes. I wonder if you saying this you’ve a very kind heart you make it possible for me to keep on using this guy. I have no way to keep it charged there. You should be able to recharge the battery with magic, see what you mean your CV group. It has actual magic with a natural talent for using magic as well. Still, though, I didn’t ask you one thing: if I were to bring a smartphone for my world, would I be able to call people from it? You communicate directly using tool box or read anything you’d like also I’ll set things up, so you can call me if ever you need to understand. Let’S go Music. Okay, so I’ll follow this road. It should lead to something eventually yeah. Me too. I forgot to mention something about your phone. I changed your map and navigation to Memphis the world you’re in now. Try using it thanks for letting me know, that’ll be a big help.

I was just about to pick a direction: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Show me those closes well. Do I have a choice? Well, if you find any other clothes stop by again, please sure, by the way this town wouldn’t happen to have an in with rooms for rent would it I was hoping to find a place to rest for the night before it gets dark out. I know just the place: walk down till you reach the Town Square and take it right at the main road there’s, a fine in called a silver boat. You can’t miss it. Thanks for everything. Look at his shops called the fashion king Sonic Music. That was if the goods were in better shape. This angler has a scratch on it. I don’t want your money just give the amur back to me. Don’T miss Rita sweetheart, we are negotiating. Who are you? My business is actually with the ladies here. What business I was hoping you might be willing to part with that shiny antler for one gold. I appreciate the gesture but I’m not about to break your stuff without paying you back. That I’d be worse than those guys. I only broke it to try and catch them off guard if I’d known it’d be so easy to beat, I could have saved it all right. You convinced me thanks for the assist stranger. My name is ELISA Lu Eska, and this is my younger twin, her name’s Lin.

So Lewis can thank you for helping us, sir hi I’m Mochizuki tolya, no cheese, ookie well, it’s, my family name. You could just tell me too, you know, so you introduce yourself backwards, but you’re from Asian yeah for the time being I’m just trying to find the silver moon in I haven’t played any further than that. The silver the two of us are actually staying at that Inn. Here it is hi there. Do you think I could book a room through the next month. Sure thing: are you finished yeah all set. Sorry for the wait is this friend of yours. He helped us out. Just a moment ago, Music ally had commissioned us to bring them the crystal derailer. They seemed a bit dodgy, but were his market figured? I was against taking that job from the beginning. Remember I really wish you would listen to me more often. Yeah, I guess you better quit freelancing and start taking jobs from the sounds like a temp agency um not to be a bother, but could I come with you I feel like? I should be looking for work myself of course meet you here tomorrow. We can show you the way to thank you for earlier right. Yeah thanks a bunch Music that’s breaking up wonderful, always care about news from home. Music looks like gibberish need to find a tutor as soon as possible, a good reward. Yeah. Anything look good on your side, Toya.

What free trade tell us you’re illiterate. This job is to kill someone least it’ll be 18 copper. It could be six copper for each of us yeah. You seem really strong from what I’ve seen we’d be happy to form a party with you, please, Music, Music, thanks again cool. Is everyone ready to hunt some wolves? Yep limbs here likes to fight from range, but I prefer close combat. Judging from your weapon, I guess you’ll fight with me sure it’s, a nice one, try not to lose it. Your guild card either it’s a serious pain to get those replaced. Music, Music, not bad. For our first job. We were only hired to kill five hornfels. Maybe you will get bonus points for the six Music. Alright I’ve confirmed the receipt of five whole parts. Well, definitely what about that horn? Don’T worry about it. Alright present your girls cards and I’ll update your records and the thing you’ve been waiting for your reward. Eighteen, copper coins. Your first mission is now complete. We thank you for your service I’m glad we partnered up Toya. That job would have been a lot more difficult without you. I think the three of us make a pretty good party. There are many guys who can keep all the cysts that easy sure, quite impressive. I was shaking with nerds the whole time. Those wolves are even more ferocious than I thought they’d be by the way. I have a favor to ask you.

What is it? Do you think you could teach me how to read and write it’s a rather inconvenient skill not to have especially I mean you can’t tell what job you’re taking well? If you want to learn it lends us the one to have teach you. She reads for fun. Sometimes it’s a genius thing. Wait that’s, not true I’m, not that smart, but I am willing to try I’d, be great thanks, a million and well I’m at it. Guess I might as well ask would you mind teaching me magic as well I’d really like to take a crack at it, huh that’s a difficult question to answer: do you have an aptitude aptitude? The type of magic someone can use is dictated by the aptitudes that they’re born with those who are born without any aptitudes. Can’T use, no matter how hard they try interesting. I mean I’ve never done anything magical before, but I recently talked to someone who seemed very confident that I’d be able to use magic sometime soon and who might that be might be. These are called spell stones, they’re used to store release and amplify magical energy. How to do this, I guess water would be the easiest to demonstrate come forth water. No, this is what you would call active magic watch. I make a command to channel energy into the stone and it creates this water and responds and by the way, come forth. Water, if you don’t, have an aptitude for water magic, then, frankly, you might as well be talking to a regular pebble wait, so you can’t use it even though her twin can it’s not something I’m, proud of so don’t be so direct.

On the other hand, police can use fortification magic that I never could it’s not that either. One of us is more magical it’s just that we have different aptitudes. We do probably a big part of why we work so well together. Everyone alive possesses magical energy, but cook the toons are what allow us to channel that energy into spells. So if I try to make water like you did well now, if I have that aptitude that’s right, you just need to hold the spell standing or you focus your mind and say: come forth water come forth. Water, Music, Music and that’s generally considered pretty rare, but that’s incredible Music. The Simmons stone is used to channel no magic. No magic is unique, so there isn’t any single incantation for it. So then, how do you activate it? That depends on whose magic it is and what it’s doing at least just has to say the word boost to use hers. We know the similar strength enhancing spell called power rise. There are also spells like gate, which lets the user teleport that ones extra rare Wow. I can’t even start on how useful that spell would be. I prefer my boost any day. Thanks to that single spell. Every man who’s ever underestimated me because I’m, just a girl has paid for it explains why you’re so tough. That is crazy, useful, no doubt so. How do you figure out what kind of null magic you can use? Do you just try everything at some point? The name of the spell just comes to you: yeah that’s, right, no magic is also known as personal magic, because it’s very rare for any two people to be able to use the same spell.

So, even if I can’t use no magic, I won’t be able to tell for a good while no, we can figure out if you have the aptitude at least just pick up the stone and try casting something. Even if the spell doesn’t actually work, the stone should show a reaction to your power like it’ll blow or shudder a bit. Why don’t you try casting that teleport spell just say the word gate yeah sounds good to me: gate, Music, it’s. The force will allow the caster to travel to places they’ve been before wonder why it took us here. I guess this place was on your mind when you cast it. I still can’t believe that you can use every element that’s a little more than unusual and with no magic you’re like the most versatile magic use there ever Wow yeah charmazing. You know we do this stuff because God felt bad for me, we’re getting praised for it. Hey sorry to interrupt your fun, but do you have a second to spare hey Myka what’s, going on my friend, eh you’re here need some advice: she’s, an employee that cafe down the street in your travels that you could try and steal? No, were you looking for another cake, I’m sure I’ve had somewhere desserts, look come up with their crepes and ice cream frozen feet; well, it’s, not totally frozen serving a song. I guess ice cream isn’t a thing here: Music, it’s, a magical item that helps me learn things.

Sorry for the read requests but I’d be grateful. If you didn’t, ask me too much about it, excuse me: could you burn out a piece of paper and write down what I’m about to say, 3 X, 200 milliliters of heavy cream and between 50 gradients for the same year, good, all right, hey lens, can you Make ice with magic, yeah no problem ice is just another type of water sweet. What do we do next? This is fun Music, incredible it notes in your mouth, so tasty, it’s, a pretty popular treat in my country, think you might want it for your cafe. Yes, thank you very sweet like these could make a cafe famous I’ll have to try making it again. I should learn the recipe between this and that device of yours.