Then this video is for you here is the ideal vision. One actually is well known brand in Asia. I tell mobile was born in Hong Kong and I tell is an entry level mobile phone brand now let’s have a look into the box: smartphone air phone charger data, cable user manual, one year warranty card and the back cover now. Let’S talk about the build quality, build quality is nice on the right side, the power button and the volume button left is laying on the bottom microUSB port microphone and the loudspeaker on the top 2.5 mm audio jack on the back left, top corner, rear camera, flashlight And the fingerprint sensor back part is removable to nano SIM slot and dedicated micro SD card slot, expandable storage up to 128gb now let’s talk about the display. The display is 2.5 D, curved 6.08 edentia water drop. Full screen display resolution is HT plus 720 into 1520. Pixel aspect ratio is 19 to 5 to 9 IPS touchscreen display with multi touch now. Let’S talk about the hardware. 1.6 is gigahertz octa core processor, yunusov, SC, 9, 8, 6, 3, a 28 nanometer technology, chipset use the GPU is the power GE 8g double to Graham is 2gb, and the internal storage is 32gb. So there’s play some games Music now move into the camera. The camera is a I dual rear. Camera main camera is eight megapixel autofocus and the front camera is primary. Pixel here is a few pictures sample daylight.

Camera performance is great, but in low light, not at all, and also both camera have brought create mode, and both camera can record 180 pixel video at 30 frames per second Music Music font. Camera can take great selfie in daylight. This device is powered up by 400 million per hour. Non removable battery had users can get almost 12 to 16 hours, backup and the regular user can get easily one day backup using default box. Charger took almost 4 hour plus for full church. The device is operating by Android 9, the room is customized, but the room is smooth and lag. Free fingerprint is fast and accurate. Five fingers can be added face. Unlock is good, but low light. Now let’s talk about the price you can get it for 80 bucks. I think this is a great smartphone with this price. This smartphone is for regular user. This is not gaming device and you should not expect with this price, so there’s today’s video, let us know and comment below. How do you like to this video comment? What the next video will be hit the like button and subscribe. My channel stay home and pray to Almighty Allah for recovered this situation.