This is an interesting accessory for smartphones that improves the ergonomics of your gaming experience. It does integrate a power bank, hence the charge play name. In fact, it supports wireless charging using cheap and the battery capacity is 3000 milliamp hours, so it should give you about one full charge, getting you a few extra hours when on the road. So this is what it looks like in terms of a wired mode and the battery pack is actually modular, so you can remove it. If you don’t need to charge up your device, it makes the grip a little bit lighter. So taking a closer look here, the construction quality is made entirely out of plastic, but it definitely feels rather hefty just because of the added power bank unit on the rear here, which is magnetic and detaches pretty easily. Has these three contact pogo pins? That kind of snaps into place and then provides power, but essentially the wireless charging Sheik whales are integrated into the clutch itself, but then the battery part is actually detached. So without this little module, the entire clutch feels a lot lighter, and the top here also features a Type C input. So if you’re at home, you can just plug this directly into the wall. If you still want to have a pass through wireless charging when you’re gaming, but you don’t, want to use the battery pack. Finally, on the front, we have some foam padding that prevents the foam from getting scratched when you’re using it, and the entire controller here can actually be kind of pulled apart to accommodate phones up to 7 inches.

Now the battery pack itself is quite simple. The top here features a type C input. If you want to charge up this power bank essentially and there’s, also an LED status light that you can tap on to see how much juice is remaining for LEDs. It basically operates as any other standard power bank that you just fits into this clutch, so there’s not too much to discuss here, there’s, also a full size, USB port. If you want to again use this as more of a conventional power bank. So if we pop the battery pack here, you can see the LED light here blink a few times and when it stops flashing it means that it’s initialized and ready to be used. So just as a quick demo here I have a Samsung Galaxy S. H I’m. Just gon na snap into place and almost immediately you can see it begins to charge it’s quite sensitive and there’s, really no connection issues once you pop it into the clutch. So we’ve got a title here: that’s loading along and again it does make the entire experience feel very comfortable as far as holding it just feels quite organ, AMA kits not quite as stiff as holding your phone, which, if you have a device that has smaller bezels, Sometimes you have to be careful of how you hold it and other devices that have you know really thin profiles or sharp edges. It can cut into your hands and if you’re kind of gaming for extended periods of time add some stress.

The only thing I will say is, first of all, because it isn’t a real controller you’re, so relying on the on screen controls doesn’t really get in the way of accessing it with your thumbs. But if you’re looking exclusively for a controller for more precise navigation and control of certain games, maybe like pub G again, this is not going to be exactly the same. It’S still relying on you to touch the screen of your phone itself to interact with the game. So so we wanted to can charge it with a device it doesn’t support. Wireless charging – all you need to do is plug in the USB port onto the top use it as kind of a direct power bank source, and the side still allows us to plug in our cables onto our phone and really it works as expected. If you have qi it’s gon na be the most ideal, though just because, although it’s charging your phone, it does provide kind of a wire sticking out from the side that still is okay in terms of ergonomics, but sometimes can get on the side of your hand. A little bit, if you have something like a desk nearby, you can detach the power bank and still have it to function in terms of charging. As long as you have this cable connected, so in the wired mode, it just continues to charge, but maybe we can pop it onto a desk somewhere, and this will make the controller feel more comfortable as well, because it’s lighter it is extremely comfortable and feel super Responsive doesn’t really get in the way of you know anything at all.

It just feels a lot more natural. You can use it for extended periods of time and it definitely enhances the experience a little bit if you are trying to use your phone for again a more ergonomic fueling. When you are gaming, it gives that kind of a controller feel without again adding physical buttons. So that’s more or less it as far as our hands on review of the hyper Exce charge play clutch and interesting accessory for those aimed ads mobile gaming. You want to gain for longer stretches of time without feeling fatigued offering longer game time without the battery draining. As quickly they’re, all pretty nice touches and it’s a neat to kind of chew on one idea with that being said, it doesn’t add physical buttons, unlike some other Bluetooth controllers, we’ve seen in the past, but I do like the overall design here as long as you’re Comfortable with still using the on screen controls of your device, but nonetheless it’s an interesting accessory. If you are looking for a way to slightly improve on the ergonomics of your gaming experience, you can check out more details of interest in the links down below for now.