We’Ll talk a little bit more about that later, but ‘9, so basically Apple just came out with the 2020 iPhone se at the same price, and this is Samsung’s answer and there’s some attractive things here, notably the very attractive Super AMOLED display, which is 6.5 inches. Unlike the iPhone se, that has a quite small display and we have quad cameras on the back that’s a lot for a mid range phone. How good are they we’re gon na talk about that and we’re gon na look at the rest of it now so at this price? This is a 4G LTE phone you’re not going to get 5g yet it’s offered by ATampT Verizon Sprint, not by t mobile t, mobile doesn’t out on Sprint and there’s, an unlocked version that Samsung just announced today, no matter which one you get it’s ‘9 and the United States says the four gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage version, and there is a micro SD card slot, so you can expand storage it’s also available on Xfinity, slash Comcast for those of you who are doing in that way. I even though t mobile isn’t selling it directly, it will work on t mobile. It has their band 66 and 71. It has a huge range of LTE bands, typical of Samsung’s phones like the s20 family as well, and Samsung tells us it’s the same physical phone. No matter which one you go if it’s really just a matter of software and firmware as to controlling the band’s there, and it has Android 10 with one, your ID 2.

0 onboard and it’s a nice clean, enjoyable experience, 1ui 2.0 from Samsung is a good thing. It depends on which carrier you go with this, how much blow where you’re gon na get. If you get the unlock version, you won’t get any blow where we did win win other goodies on the phone include not just a very nice 6.5 inch, full HD plus 1080 by 2400 display, but it actually has the Infinity Oh camera on it. So you’ve got a little oho camera there, no ugly unsightly notch. Thankfully we’re done with those things, at least in Android land for the most part and it’s a flat display it doesn’t have those very curved edges, so no accidental edge presses. I actually prefer fer that so Schwing it’s 625 bits of brightness, which is pretty much just like the iPhone se 2020 edition, so not nearly as bright as an its 20 family. I can hit like 1300 nits and brightness, but for those who don’t spend a lot of time in the bright Texas, sunlight like we have here, it should be sufficient. One thing near and dear to some people’s hearts is a headphone jack, and this one actually has it. The bonny on this is Gorilla. Glass, 3 on the front, and the back samsung calls a clastic, so it’s, a glass plastic infusion that gives it. That kind of neat, shimmery and patterned look that you see so the pattern: they’re infusing, the plastic underneath the glass or, however, that works the frame is polycarbonate and then not metal.

But at this price, it’s fair and to look at the phone, you couldn’t tell it’s a nice looking phone and have you been those who have any 172 grams enough weight that it feels like quality but not like something’s going to drag your pockets down? This runs on a samsung exynos processor, the 96 11. The previous generation 850 had the 96 10 just a small change, mostly to increase the support for higher resolution cameras and boy. Does this have a lot of cameras going here and we have a 48 megapixel main camera that’s up from 25 megapixels in the a 50 you have a 12 megapixel wide angle, camera and a 5 megapixel portrait mode lens, basically the depth sensing lens and then a 5 megapixel macro camera, which I could live without just like the one plus 8, with its dedicated macro camera, it’s, not autofocus. So that means you’re gon na have to find that very narrow, plane of focus it’s not so easy to take a shot. And honestly, the main cameras do a fairly good job of close up photography, as it is there’s that since you have a portrait camera you get it. You have a portrait lens, it’s, not a sophisticated in terms of the bokeh and the look and part because the lenses are not so fast on this versus a flagship level camera. But it does create some black background blur and it does a pretty competent job of controlling things like strange fringing around your head and all that sort of thing and the Exynos processor on this is not the sharpest knife in the drawer that’s where it falls down Compared to the iPhone se in that regard or any higher end flagship phone I and that’s, why? Probably they couldn’t do as much of the image processing mojo that they can in something like the s20 family, which cost twice as much so hey, it’s, fair the images on this they’re confident and pleasant.

Sometimes it has problems with white balance, particularly white out and bright. Sunny sponson the buddha picture, you can see how there’s some whiting out going on on the ground there it’s, not bad. It has super steady shot, which means a stabilization feature, but only for 1080p video, if you’re recording 4k, which tops out at 4k and 30 frames per second no stabilization, and it shows so without stabilization in 4k. You can see what it looks like bumpy bumpy bumpy. So you might want to stick to 1080p unless you’re standing fairly still also, you have the normal and the wide angle lens only and when you’re shooting video you can’t dynamically switch between them. The way you can, on some other higher and camera phones that’s pretty fair on a lot of higher end camera phones, it’s, not exactly seamless. It looks a little jerky when you do that. Anyway, it does have night mode and the night mode is okay. Color saturation. Really takes a hurt here. Sorry, thanks to the pandemic, I can’t go out and take beautiful night shots for you, but having tested it it’s not up there flagship but it’s ‘9, so that’s, fair, the selfie camera is 32 megapixels and it’s fairly confident it does a pretty nice job of doing A sort of portrait effect on it, so yeah good bet. This has a mano down firing speaker, not stereo speakers. I was surprised actually that they didn’t include the earpiece to make it stereo.

It can get fairly loud, but it sounds pretty harsh and brash and anything above 50 volumes. At least you have the headphone, jack and, of course, Bluetooth 5. So you can use Galaxy buds or whatever you want in terms of wireless earbuds also has Wi Fi 5. It has NFC and it has MST so magnetic strip payments. So if you using Samsung’s pay – and you like that, more old fashioned technology, that’s supported in more places, you’ve got that and should also do. Google page is fine for biometrics there’s a usual facial scanning technology. The 2d kind that’s, not the most secure, can be fooled by a picture of you. But again I don’t think most people are have a lot of reason to be worrying about that too much and has an in display fingerprint scanner and I’ve actually found it. A little faster than the s20 Plus that I have surprising that it’s still not the fastest compared to some optical scanners, that are the market, but it it works. Okay and again, and if all of this price it actually is pretty cold to have an in display fingerprint scanner and the Infinity o front selfie camera. So this have a few higher end features here, so it about performance for that Samsung, Exynos, CPUs, nothing against X! No CPU, so the higher end ones can often do really well, but this one is not really the fastest thing: you’ll see occasional lags in the user interface.

It plays games. Ok, no complaints, they’re, the most demanding games. You might see a little juddering here and there, but for the price that’s pretty fair, it did it’s a little bit of heart because the iPhone se 2020 model has one of the fastest process and if not, the fastest processor you’re gon na find on any phone. But this does bring other things to the table like a bigger screen, for example, and OLED, and more cameras, though, when it comes to the camera quality and the iPhone se 2020 is really holding its own. You, even if you don’t, have as many lenses to play with Samsung fights back with a four thousand milliamp battery, given the fact that we have that mid range II, CPU, not the hugest highest resolution display and all that sort of thing battery life on this is, As you might guess, it’s pretty good. I think for the average person they’ll easily make it for the full day getting up in the morning all the way to going to bed at night we’re talking about five and a half to six hours of screen on time. That’S, what auto brightness on and that’s it incredibly bright and that’s, not while playing games or using the GPS a lot you get the idea just for average everyday use the things we do with our phone, so that is a plus! You know in the United States there aren’t a lot of solid, mid range phones.

We have a whole lot of flagships and we have some very low end phones and not too much in the middle, often manufacturers and carriers, so one or two generation old phones is coming the closest to that. So in the United States, the 851. It looks like a pretty good value proposition, I would say, as big as competitors, probably the Google pixel in 3a XL XL, because this one’s a pretty big screen phone. You can get that for a pretty nice price and if you really care about photography and getting lots of OS updates in a timely fashion, the pixel is still worth a look. Certainly. But if neither of those are the most important things to you and you like the Samsung and I get it but overseas we’ve got things like Xiaomi we’ve got far away and we’ve got Nokia phones, so those we who are in Europe or in Asia who are Watching this or India, you might find other phones that you find more compelling in terms of say, CPU performance. That sort of thing Samsung really here is trading on their brand name and a very nice and modern. Looking offering I’m Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and hit the like button.