This is probably the biggest smartphone I featured possibly ever it’s I in the old days they would have just called it a tablet. The smartphone inside this box has a seven point. One inch display it Dwarfs even the Galaxy S: 20 ultra it’s a monster with a focus on gaming, and that explains all of these extra components around the box that actually go with it. It is the black shark 3 Pro there’s a non pro version for those that don’t want to go all the way to the extreme, which is what this one does. It has fancy cooling, it can be overclocked, it has a 270 Hertz touch input it’s. The entire focus is on the ultimate gaming experience. It has shoulder buttons that pop up from the frame and then go away when you’re, not in game mode huh. Of course, it has RGB lighting. Has this accessory over here, which gives you tactile controls if you want them, it has this giant cooling component, which actually functions as an enormous air conditioner for your device that actually works and for some reason they gave me two of them. One in the retail box am I gon na throw two coolers on a smart phone yeah. Maybe I will maybe I will for that little advantage cuz. I need it and I deserve it. It has a 65 watt charger 65 watts for a smart phone, crazy let’s. Do the phone first and we’ll get the accessories it’s? Obviously a massive video so kick back and relax.

Why don’t? Just I don’t know if it’s the final retail box, because the device isn’t officially out yet but that’s what you’re looking at for now, you see the 5g on the front because it does support 5g. It has the top tier snapdragon, as you would want in a device like this it’s, a snapdragon, 865 5g. Ok, very cool black shark little bit of paperwork. 10 cent games. We have a sim tool, they’ve included a case. This is about a standard, as you get of course, the fact that you, these cutouts cuz, you got to show off the geometry, so people know you’re gaming, oh and then of course, the shoulder button still need a spot to pop out, so that cutout is gon Na be important, you have that on the first party case included in a box, this looks like an esports inspired sticker smartphone gaming is blowing up even in the competitive sense. If you’re talking places like China it’s crazy blow me away so anyways, they got the stickers in there to go with it. This is the phone holy moly. Alright, just take it all in look at this enormous beast: let’s just do a quick size comparison before we continue look at that puny little s 20. Ultra this thing Dwarfs it in every way: height width. What can I say, it’s it’s, it’s tremendous, but hey that’s. The idea it’s like a gaming PC in your pocket, well it’s, definitely not a gaming PC, but you see what I see or one of these people.

You get the big gaming setup at home now it’s time to think about it on the mobile as well that’s. The idea that’s, who they’re focused on you know and, of course, in those markets as well, where people just don’t even think about owning a game console or have a game console there’s places, there’s people that just want everything portable and that makes sense too so that’s. Another target for this okay – just let me put that down for a quick second here also in the package PO here, some specs 7.1 inch 2k AMOLED display 90 Hertz, but it has that even faster touch, input 5000 milliamp hour battery 65 watt fast charge is because The device actually has two batteries in it, that’s how they’re able to achieve that charge of both rapidly. This is the North American charge, brick for some reason. They gave me the European one as well, maybe just because they have both and identified right on there. Just so you don’t forget it 65 watts right on the brick that’s tremendous power. You guys know I’m, always talking about charge, bricks, it’s too much now, we’ve heard it already Luke relax, but I, like a 65 watt braking means. I don’t have to just charge my smart phone. It can also I get charged a laptop anything 65 watts. Ladies and gentlemen, also in the package, we have a type C cable. Obviously, now how about this? This is the.

This is one of the two coolers that they’ve included in case you don’t know many smartphones will toggle back the performance when they start to get really hot because they can’t dissipate that heat. This phone is designed internally and, of course, externally, to allow for greater heat. Dissipation and also presumably some degree of overclocking by clipping this thing on which also happens to be powered by the way it has a USB type c connector right there and then clipping it on to here and having it sit. Overtop of the internal components of the smartphone, this is gon na pull heat and blow it out the back and dissipate and then also, at the same time, exchange that heat for cold, and this pad is going to cool down this section of the phone. What does this mean for you? What means you can have longer gaming sessions, let the phone heat up and still get the same performance and in certain games. This phone will actually be able to deliver the high settings for those games along with 90 fps. So you may actually be capable of taking advantage of that extra cooling, so they both have mechanical onoff switches, but they will need to be plugged into the USB cable to be operational. So you’re gon na need to be in a fairly static position in order to power. This up, you could power it off of a portable power bank, but I think this is more of an at home kind of environment situation, and this is spring loaded to fit on the phone and you need that spring loaded miss to get around the jeonyul phone And then this thing is also in there, because, my goodness I mean it’s, just it’s a whole accessory setup.

Now this one’s a bit weird on this device, because this device does have these pop up triggers, which again I’ll show you in a moment when I power the phone up, these actually extend out of the unit when you go into game mode and they’re tactile it’s, Not just a capacitive button, like the other gaming phones, I’ve looked at. If you didn’t check out that recent video on the red magic, the new red magic phone go check that out, because it has a capacitive version of these buttons, which is helpful in game. Certainly, but having something tactile might be even better, particularly on something as big as this phone we’ll find out now, Black Shark in the past has also created these analog controls. You have the shoulder buttons pop out, then. What about your joystick? Do you want an analog joystick and some dedicated buttons they’ll sell you this as well, to give you kind of a Nintendo switch like experience on your smartphone, with a 7.1 inch display now there’s two pieces to this particular component, the first one it has your analog Joystick, what else does it have on? It has a couple of shoulder buttons ldlt. It has a power switch on the bottom and it’s very own type, c connector. That looks to be right to me so that piece slides on that’s, pretty cool, so it’s like a ratcheting system and then a release switch in this situation. You would still use your top right.

You would now skip your left side shoulder button and instead you would be utilizing lb LT, so you get an extra button there from what you have on this side. I mean your whole rig. If you get this thing all kitted up, you could have that on the one side, both on let’s just let’s just do the monster rig real, quick. This I don’t think this is officially supported by the way we’re just doing this for the purpose of well. For a couple of laughs, that’s, all there, you go that’s your smartphone in 2020. Look at this beast! If that doesn’t remind you of a gaming PC, I don’t know what well that’s the most extreme looking smartphone package or anything related to a smart phone I’ve ever seen in my life Wow. Looking at the back of the device, you can see this little four pin section some accessories. I guess eventually not really any of these, but eventually some accessories will be able to interface with that 5g logo right there. This section in the middle is going to light up capable of RGB lighting. I like the fact that the camera portion up here with the triple camera setup is not popping out of the body too much like the whole thing has some nice symmetry to it. Yes, there is still a headphone jack, and this is important on gaming devices, because you want that low latency audio with it with a nice amp on.

So you can use a wired headset over on this side of the device is where you’ll find your volume rocker. As well as your SIM card tray, the other side is a bit more interesting. It’S got a dedicated switch to launch into a game mode, and it also, of course, has those shoulder buttons that are recessed. The power switch is up here now. This is an enormous phone just holding it like this. It that’s a weapon right there. I just switched from the s20 ultra to the latest, one 8 Pro, which was a slight improvement in portability. This thing is completely in the other direction. This one says I don’t care what you talk about portability, trying to game over here, Mac’s full frame rate. I want to juice everything out of that snapdragon. 865. 5G. Then you get this right there. Alright, you don’t care if the coolers in it once you’re carrying these things around you tell them you care about a slim phone. I doubt it part of the reason that this phone is so big is also because has these stereo speakers facing at you when it comes to gaming. All of a sudden, I feel, like you, have a real proposition for why phone should be huge. You’Ve got to deal with cooling you’ve got ta, do sound you’ve got to deal with battery life like these are all of a sudden now you’re saying to yourself. Alright, this is a proposition I’m willing to hear, and I should also mention that for some reason by default, it was only in 60 Hertz straight out the gate you jump into settings, you want to go to display and make sure that you are in 290 Hertz And you flick the little switch on the side and all sudden you go into this shark space now I’ve got a few different games installed.

There’S of course, Call of Duty mobile. You have pub G mobile bullet force because it’s one of those titles it’s a it’s, a first person shooter but it’s, one of those titles capable of going up beyond 60 fps. I do expect that to change as these types of phones become more popular and people are starting to ask for those higher frame rates and have the refresh on the device that’s actually capable of taking advantage. There is tremendous configuration on a per game basis. I can clock up the performance on a particular title. I can modify my display setting touch sensitivity, controls the ability to turn off edge, anti, miss touch or turn on anti miss touched your palm taps, an onscreen control. I mean it’s a lot of features in here that are specific to gaming and are things you didn’t realize we’re annoying until you’ve messed with the feature, and then you realize it straight away: priority stuff for background traffic, which you can limit. You can limit your external notifications on a per game basis. There are device settings for the accessories, whether it’s this particular controller, a keyboard style controller, the cooler or your gaming headset that you have associated with that particular these are things that you can adjust system wide through the shark arsenal as they’re calling it or you can Adjust it on a per game basis. This is quite different than some of the other implementations that you’ve seen out there, whether it’s, through some sort of accessory or through a capacitive button which doesn’t give you that same tactile feedback as a trigger gives you, I mean it’s, a totally I’m telling you it’s A totally different experience, so the other cool thing about these triggers is not only do they jump up in the motorized fashion when you actually go to play a game, they also detect if the phone is gon na drop and retract for that purpose, as well, if You’Re gon na drop the phone’s.

I don’t know let’s test that real quick here we go, yeah, look, their gun, master, trigger alert, the cell phone is dropped and the master trigger is automatically retreated. Let’S go ahead and play a match. I’Ll show you how this is mapped out for this particular game. This whole deal goes in your pocket. You have a massive display. You have a big battery. Of course you have tremendous performance with the cooling and the Snapdragon 865. Now you have the tactile feedback, the ability to multitask in the game in a way you couldn’t previously, because your thumbs are more available to you. Now that you’re utilizing your index fingers the sound is detailed and loud and facing you, and it almost makes up for the fact that you have these big bezels on the side. They needed some space for those those large front facing speakers, but at least they did it in a symmetrical way, so it’s, symmetrical top and bottom and it’s also symmetrical bezels on each side with these games. So many of the on screen controls get jammed up on smaller displays, and so that brings me back to what I said earlier about the idea like why. How do you justify a 7.1 inch display on a smart phone? Well did that’s one of the reasons if your deal is primarily gaming. Oh we’re gon na have a fight right away. Look at this okay, fine somebody are they gon na get a gun first, I’m gon na run this way.

Surely someone is gon na come looking for me here. Has this been looted already? Still not what I’m looking for there we go now I’ll show you how it works. We can look down the sights like this and I mean like look at this experience right now. Now one thing I’ll mention it’s different than say a console controller, because you tap to look down the sights and you tap to remove the down the sights look boom. You guys see what I’m saying now it just makes more sense in your brain and the experience because of it. It just becomes a totally better thing there’s, so many touchscreen controls and your thumbs can only do so much and obviously we learned a lot with control. Just over the years, the shoulder buttons triggers are super useful, and this is just one title. This is pub G. All the FPS games benefit from it. I mean so many different genres benefit from it I’m, starting to see the light. As far as gaming smartphones are concerned, I’m kind of starting to see the light here, we could Ratchet it up. Look at this ludicrous mode, unleash the potential of the soc push it to the limit, boosting our performs. We don’t care about battery life, not right now. If the thing starts heating up like crazy you’ve got the cooler potential, this game with the gunshots and stuff I’m telling you plus to the device it rumbles as well, and this is a thing that you would do.

One time down the sights and fire, and just like that, down the sights and fire. Now this game is capable of a higher framerate. There we go. You can see like this kind of movement right here having the shoulder buttons let’s your thumbs focus on the important part. I want to show you the controller as well. Obviously you got to make sure that the shoulder button is down you put this on. These are gon na replace your shoulder button. Just like this. I mean this is a different level. Now now I do still have the problem of the Sprint thing where you have to reach over here to sprint, but while you’re playing now that at that point, once I have this thumb, stick I really start to feel like it’s an advantage because it’s just that Fine tuning fine movement, I mean you get the idea, there’s many different ways to use it there, trying to figure out they’re trying to land on sort of the ultimate scenario for how to interact with mobile games and each mobile game is different, so it’s requiring these Kind of sophisticated approaches from the smartphone makers to give you different control schemes, letting you map out your hardware to your particular title, you’re you’re playing – and it is a bit of a headache. Certainly, when you install a game that said once, you have a configuration in there and saved it’s just a matter of booting up the game from within your shark space start playing with the shoulder buttons say: hey that feels great and then maybe upgrade to the accessory.

After the fact I just look, I don’t know I think it’s kind of cool, as we know, there’s such a wide variety of homogeneous devices that did aren’t taking aren’t trying to be a different thing. I like the fact that there are these options out there for people who might want something different if somebody is doing something different, plus it’s, not crazy, ridiculous, expensive it’s, probably gon na, be around 700 bucks. So again, if gaming is a thing that you do in a big way on your smartphone or if it’s something you want to do in the future or you’re interested in it’s hard, I don’t think there’s a better experience than this particular phone right now far as An all in one package when you’re watching a video it’s a zero distraction, no notch no cutout experience, and this is becoming harder to find. Obviously, in 2020 – and you have these enormous speakers facing your ears and when I talk about the speakers – it’s, not just the volume it’s like a detail thing, and so much of it just has to do with the implementation we got used to listening to down firing. Speakers because manufacturers had to go after these aggressive screen to body ratios and detail. Just inherently suffers when the sound is firing. A different direction than your ears start to say to yourself: hey, that’s, starting to look like a valid substitution for some of the more traditional gaming experiences it’s getting closer and it’s because of devices like this black shark and the red magic device.

Just when you think every smartphone you look at is gon na be the same thing over again.