You would never believe me, but this day has come that in these days you can get smart phones that look like that and they cost around nineteen dollars. There are so much more to this story than it might look like. So, first of all, this phone is called Xcode II. Note: 8. Okay, as you can see over here, I’ve got it over here. It’S got pretty cool design and pretty cool like metallic back with, like four cameras on the bottom top over here with flash over there and then the screen with a teardrop screen over there. As you can see over here, it comes in a box like this inside the box. Is the phone we’ve got your charging cable, which is USB C, which is pretty cool instruction manuals, and then there are actually a spare case in their spare clear, clear case. If you want and glass screen protector, color, okay, so it’s it’s, full glass tempered glass over there, so you can put that on top of your your screen. So if you asking me, are you gon na be reviewing phones on this channel? Is this gon na be completely like phone review channel? No, definitely not only phones, but I thought this is very interesting point in the history. Where and no one knows, what’s gon na happen with the economy and there are something so cheap available and the question is: is it worth it or is it not? You know, maybe the economy is gon na.

Go that way that we can’t afford anything else, and these are the only phones we can afford, but it’s good, to look back into what we’re actually using here and compare some of the specs over here. What they are offering and then some of the mainstream phones. I’M gon na go through some advertised specs and then some of the specs that I actually tested and then what the actual reality is. Okay, here’s the first like a little alarm bell: okay, so this is a six point, three inch screen and they are advertising this. As a 504 40 pixels times, 10 14 pixels, okay and the advertised pixels per inch is 240 PPI. Now I don’t know who did those measurements, but if you actually calculate how many PPI is 540 times, 10 14, then it’s, not 240 PPI it’s, roughly around 182 PPI. Now, when our screen shot the actual screen and then look at the actual measurements, what the screen sizes actually are – and you know what has the picture been saved at then the screen shot size is actually 480 times, 10 14, which is actually more 178 PPI. So, even less so inside there there is a CPU that is a quad core, mtk, 6, 7, 3, 7 and GPU is Mali, t7, 2 and T there is 2 gigabytes of RAM 16 gigabytes of storage and the storage can be expanded up to 64 gigabytes. On a micro SD card, there are two cameras front facing camera and then back facing camera 5, megapixels and 8 megapixels, and you are wondering, wait a second didn’t.

You say this four cameras: they they aren’t, actually cameras. Three of these are fake, and one of them is for real. Only the top one is a camera. All the bottom ones are actually fake. Just looking like a camera but there’s, nothing there’s, just a black plastic cover, so it’s, just just for show the testing the megapixels of the cameras they actually measure of what they advertise: it’s 8 megapixels in the back and 5 at the front. Now the interesting thing is, it does record video at 1080p resolution let’s go to the camera app and then, when we’re going to put this let’s go into the settings and then look at the video settings over there. There is electron image electronic any image, stabilization on microphone on audio mode normal and then video quality let’s put it too high and then, when I’m recording the video at higher settings, it is actually 480p, not 10, a teepee okay. So the max revolution that it can actually record is 480p, which is standard definition it’s, not even HD it’s, st okay it’s, not 720p it’s one below okay. So if you’re wondering how does this compare to 4k, then at the moment you see in 4k and if I’m, laying this SD footage on top with no crop or anything, then this is what the size is. Okay, at the moment, you see I’m filming this and then you’re gon na get this see that okay, nice little plant over here there we go inside here – is a two thousand eight hundred and fifty milli ampere Patrick it’s, running an Android 9.

0. It can be charged via USB C and it has a screen lock as a security feature now, it’s also advertised that it does have a face ID security feature for the life of me. I cannot find it inside the settings for the life of me. I just found the face: unlocked so let’s have a look. How does it work I’m gon na lock the screen over here? Okay, I’m gon na lock it the screen is lit. Let’S have a look: okay, that’s the slowest face recognition in the world so check this out. Okay, can you see screen on mmm, not bad, not bad, not bad? It actually works. So that is quite good, so it’s a little bit puzzling for me. Thinking that okay, it looks you know quite good, but there’s, so many lies about this phone. Okay, first of all, design, right, there’s, four cameras, looking like four cameras but it’s, actually just just one. This one is real. They’Re fake, like I mentioned before it just makes me question like okay. What so, why would you put your big logo over here, just make it so much smaller or somewhere on the side or put it this way it? It looks so tacky this. However, this is put on it does not look good. Also, this flashlight on the back of here inside the hall, the flashlight is in an angle, it’s tilted it’s, not straight inside the hole. Next up. There is a little button over there next to the power button.

That’S, probably like resetting the phone okay it’s, not the actual SD card, tray that’s on the other side. This is over here and the button is over there. So you can actually restart the phone by pressing that button, which is why why would you have that type of phone? What type of reset button anyway, very very questionable. So when you look in also the adverts and all the pictures that have been online about this phone, you can actually see that it’s got pretty good screen to body ratio. You can easily see that the screen goes all the way to the end, whereas when we’re looking at this screen over here, there is a massive bezel all around the screen. There is a massive chin there’s, a massive notch and a teardrop notch, as well as bezels on the side so screen to body ratio is not what it looks like on those phones on the advertised model over there. This is definitely photoshopped on there. You can see it does not look the same compared to what are some of the photos over here. So let’s talk some more so they’re advertising that it’s quite good processor 2 for gaming, so I’ve got a small date over here and then just pay attention to the actual phone phone screen. Okay, I wouldn’t call this a game. I would call this more like a slide so show this does not look good, oh my word. Can you see that my word? This does not handle this well at all.

This is absolute lag fest over here. So just an idea of the gaming – it doesn’t doesn’t really work that well, but also when we’re looking inside the software over here. So you can see that there is a there’s, some apps and things like that. Ok, so that’s cool that, like swiping up it goes to the apps and things like that. Then we’re gon na go left and right. So we can see that this music app over here right it’s got a very, very familiar logo to it, which is Spotify, but believe me, this is not fortified. Ok, this is some kind of built in music app, but it’s, not Spotify, which is like ok. So to me, it looks very much like a Samsung skin on here. Is that a Samsung s8 before and then this do looks very similar to what was over there. So they’re kind of like copied some of the skin of things like that, which is which is a little bit odd to me. Okay, look at this I’m. Actually downloading YouTube app because it wasn’t installed at first, because maybe in some countries where this phone is used, YouTube is not actually allowed. Another thing that I noticed is that it says that 16 gigabytes of free storage inside, but actually when you open the phone there’s, probably around ten and a half left, because the actual software uses about five gigabytes. Just so you know you don’t have sixteen gigabytes of storage.

You have actually 10 gigabytes of storage, which is 30 rate less than actually advertised to phones over here. Okay, two screens this one over here is my huawei mate 20x, so it’s quite large phone, but leave it at that. I just want to show you the the video quality difference. Okay, let’s watch this over here, make it a boss – okay, there’s a another CPU over here, so that was maximum volume over there as well, and what I noticed was that this screen only can play 480p videos from YouTube. Okay and now this is the hallway here. This 20 and it’s 10 days of issue and give it a little bit of an injection and make it okay. Basically, as you can see, the screen is so inaccurate and very very bad quality. Okay, it’s it’s only kind of just survivable. So if you’re getting this phone and you’re expecting some kind of like a screen pleasure time where you’re looking at some really nice pictures on the screen, then things do not look good on this on the screen. They they look just okay at last. Okay, I just want to show it like a comparison between something that actually has a good screen, it’s, so faded out colors on this and everything plus the speakers there’s only one speaker on the bottom over there it’s it’s, quite bad as well let’s clip in it’s, Not clear at all things like that, so let’s try to conclude this video and about this okay.

So the thing is the good thing about this is, it is very, very cheap and then let’s say sometimes you just need to kind of call someone text, someone and maybe look something up on the internet and that’s. Why you need your smart phone? You need don’t need anything fancy you don’t need gaming. You don’t need nice screen. Then I guess this is a perfect phone for you. You know USB C charging. It works it’s, alright, but now, if you put it in the bigger perspective and we’re looking at and some of the advertising lies, I would say there’s a big question of art mark for me. Why would you make your phone better than it actually is? Why would you lie about some of the specs that’s like a big question for me, and I mean maybe maybe this is all right these days I don’t know. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below, but to me that is just a little bit, not not fair. This is not fair to people who buy it. This is not fair to you know to you guys. You know it’s it’s, just putting a bad mark on new who’s through selling this. So instead of doing this, I would just put like one camera over there. Okay, you don’t have to put for it look, looks ridiculous to me. It doesn’t actually give you any features of this. It just shows you that our look would put some fake cameras on it’s like what’s.

You know it’s like running a Jeep with having like inflatable balloon in them in the back on the hood. Instead of actual back tire it’s like why are these there do? You know I mean I’m a little bit puzzled about this. I feel a little bit let’s say hat in my technology, heart that there’s, so many kind of lies and secrets about it. And you know this. The Spotify logo on the music, which isn’t Spotify and you know, lies like these – that that aren’t completely honest it’s, just not completely honest to me, which I don’t really like very much but at the same time it’s very cheap and it kind of works. So maybe the economy is gon na go in a place where these are the phones that we can afford only so what do you guys think? Do you think this is a scam, or is this a good deal? What would you say? Hmm. Thank you very much guys for watching this video hit that like button, if you found it helpful or at least entertaining comment below I’m gon na meet you in the comment section below subscribe, if you haven’t already and see you next time, thank you very much for Being here, stay safe, I’ll see you later bye, bye, here’s a little selfie. Video of this camera checking this over here lights over there world that looks quite bad. Let’S, see Walter days, laughs, yikes, okay, so it’s very, very like fuzzy.