I’ve started this script three times.. On an optimistic day, I called the OnePlus 8, the most exciting OnePlus ever because it’s now on two of the three largest carriers in America. On a darker day, I called it the company’s dullest generational sequel. Ever because, frankly, it doesn’t bring much new to the table. And finally, after nearly two weeks of using the thing, I realized that it’s both. upbeat music OnePlus has a cool story right. It started out by appealing to buyers who were price conscious, yes, but also phone geeks., So OnePlus phones have always been fast and they’ve always been buffed up by a few cherry picked features that usually made them more useful. Like the physical quotDo, not disturb switchquot. That I’ve been begging any other manufacturer. Besides Apple to pick off the old palm carcass. Same time, OnePlus has mostly resisted adding extraneous bloatware stuff that doesn’t improve the experience.. The result has been years of products that I could recommend not just to fellow nerds, but to normal people who just wanted a really solid phone at a fair price.. The OnePlus 8 does not betray that legacy, but neither does it do much to push it forward.. For that you need to look to the OnePlus 8 Pro, but then you’re jumping to a 900 phone., The OnePlus 8 here a buck under 700 to start. We’ll come back to that price. But first let me show you something.. This is what’s called a reviewers guide.

Manufacturers, often package them with review devices to showcase what’s new, and the thing is this book could be a lot. Thinner. 6.5 inch HDR display at 90, Hertz, okay, same screen, specs as last year’s 7T, with the bonus that it’s now more readable, outdoors. Uh quote: quotBrilliant contoured design that seems to disappear in the hand.quot Okay, it’s comfortable, and this interstellar finish is fetching. But there’s. Nothing really special about this rectangle.. The return of the curved screen means the return of false taps, with your thumb, meet. And then a hole punch for the front. Camera is far uglier than the teardrop on the 7T.. Don’T, add me, but if you’re gon na there’s, my handle. Okay, let’s, see we’ll come back to the camera crazy performance thanks to a not so spec sheet like always.. Oh yes, 5G. Folks! By now you should understand three things about 5G one. It doesn’t cause coronavirus. So pleas stop burning down cell sites, two it’s, the backbone upon which the future of communications is going to be built. So it will someday be very important, but three today is not that day. I’ve tested 5G on the two carriers. This phone will be launching on and the TLDR is you’ll get slower, but more reliable service on T, Mobile’s, lowband, 5G and much faster, but also much less consistent service on Verizon’s millimeter wave 5G.. If you wan na, know more check out my 5G explainer videos linked below.

, Oh there’s, actually one more thing: 5G does increases the price of phones. That’s, partly because Qualcomm, which makes the Snapdragon 865 processor doesn’t, sell a version without 5G., And that in part, explains the 100 hike in the launch price from last year’s OnePlus 7T.. Those extra bucks helped fund better haptics long, a low point of OnePlus phones. And a slight refresh of OxygenOS. Still the most fluid and restrained version of Android. You can find. A little more complicated dust and water resistant. Certification. I’ll give you the scoop on that and the battery and camera. After a word from my sponsor about one of the first games you might wan na play on this. Thing. Got ta be honest with you guys, I’m, not typically the type for fantasy role playing games, but today’s sponsor combines great graphics with incredible vocal performances and makes it so easy to use that even I got the hang of it.. This is Raid Shadow Legends and, if you’re into fantasy, combat it’s, probably right up your alley., See you don’t have to play a cutesy game to customize your characters. I’m partial to this Dark Elf, because he kinda looks like a Romulan and I’m into that.. But whichever way you go, your journey is a fully voiced battle campaign with modes that let you fight a common enemy together or go PVP against other players and, in my case, lose badly.. But don’t worry if they’re better than you to begin with each time you play you pick up daily rewards that make you stronger.

With mobile and desktop versions: it’s, a great game. And there’s. A special offer for new players join at the link below and you’ll get a 100000 silver 50 gems one energy refill and one free Champion, Adjudicator. Act fast, though this offer is only good for the 30 days after this video goes. Live. Find it at the link in the description. For years. One of the ways OnePlus saved money was by not paying for its phones to undergo the costly testing that certifies them IP 68 dust and water resistant.. Well, the OnePlus 8. Finally, changes that. Now I’m told that only the ones being sold by T, Mobile and Verizon have actually received the IP 68 certification. But I’m also told the hardware of the unlocked model is virtually identical. That’s confusing but it’s good to see. Oneplus finally, fill this gap. Regardless. Speaking of gaps, how about the one that’s always been there in terms of camera? Quality. Well, we’ve got some feature: bumps., Not just 4K video, but now 4K video with stabilization. And while it’s still noisier footage than I’d, like at least it’s now exported in an easier to work with color space. See my 7T review for more on that. For still Shots you’ve got the same 48 megapixel primary sensor and then identically spec 16 megapixel ultra wide as that 7T., But the telephoto is gone replaced by a dedicated macro shooter.. Now I love my extreme close ups, but the resolution on that macro is very low.

And last year’s 7T could already shoot in macro using another method.. So we can’t really call this an upgrade, especially when you look at some of those rough zoom shots. On a whole, the camera is fine, but if you really care about your photos, this isn’t the phone for you. You should either spring for the OnePlus 8 Pro Or save a ton of money and get a Pixel 3a., Just like with the OnePlus 7T I found I can squeeze two days out of the OnePlus 8, with the kind of light use that comes from not being able to leave your house. Be advised my review Sample is an unlocked version, so those of you buying from a carrier should expect different results, particularly if you use this on Verizon 5G. And Warp Charging delivers on its name. From empty to 50 in 22 minutes., Eight that’s more than this phone’s model number it’s. How many times I’ve mentioned its predecessor the 7T in this video, and that should tell you something. When you put that phone in one hand and the eight in the other it’s really hard to see how the OnePlus 8 justifies its 200 premium.. It is rare that I advise anyone to buy last year’s phone, but if you’re buying unlocked you really won’t be missing out on much by snapping up a 7T. At the core of it all things. Sure haven’t changed. You’re still getting one of the best Android experiences for less, sometimes hundreds less than the competition.

, And now you can get it through two of the nation’s three largest carriers. Objectively that’s, a win both for OnePlus and American consumers.. But with that Google Pixel 3a sold just owning the Android value conversation and a Pixel 4a and iPhone 9 each on the horizon.. Well, while it’s never been easier to find a OnePlus phone in the States, it’s also never had more potent competition.. The OnePlus 8 goes on sale April 29th.. If you wan na see what happens when OnePlus pulls out the stops check out my OnePlus 8 Pro review on my channel. OnePlus did not receive copy approval rights or an early preview of this video. Nor did it pay a fee or provide other compensation in exchange for this coverage. That’s. How I do all of my reviews – folks., Please subscribe if that’s the kind of video you’d like to see more of. Until next time, thanks for watching. And stay mobile, my friends.