So after almost two weeks of using this amazing really six pearl in a smartphone. I can finally give you my final thoughts on Sulak now by telega I’m smartphone. Here, though so let’s start right away. So I think, building design, as you can see, I have a beautiful, lightning red in the corner palace’. I think really six pro with the Lightning effect the design. So I think liquid guys, as you can see, saw Brandon Anya at Paris erotic display. We have a six point: six inch, IPS LCD display with 1080p resolution ‘9 PPI density and 20 by 9 aspect ratio, but what’s good thing about this phone. Specially for the real me six series, the near the bust area, all in the Hat, none phone has a 90 Hertz refresh rate they sopra smooth at so from ballista, Lagaan and screen, or not phone NATO and so far guys I’m really happy and satisfied when it Comes to the caller accuracy, very vibrant, very accurate, the my father’s guys, as you can see, saw Brandon. I just hope, like engineer who smile and unreal me in providing us an AMOLED display or AMOLED panel instead of an IPS display, but mark convenient, also grow up. Innovate Elega you quality in and display palace’. I think real need six bro I’d better September, the performance, the man – and I think we owe me six Pro. As you can see, we have a dual punch hole for the salty camera, with 16 megapixel, with F 2.

1 aperture, wide camera and 8 megapixel, with f 2.2 aperture ultralight camera and for the rear camera minaton guys made about a quadruple setup for this phone. The first camera is a 64 megapixel with f 1.3 quite camera. Second, one is a 12 megapixel with f 2.5 average short telephoto lens and indirect camera, and that 10 is an 8 megapixel with f 2.3 aperture ultra wide camera, and the last would be for the 2 megapixels, with f 2.4 aperture dedicated macro lens for video recording Guys, you know beer camera, nothing can actually shoot up to 4k resolution at 30 frames per second volume front camera. Nothing can actually shoot up to 1080p resolution at 30 frames per stand before I show you guys, I’m on a sample picture, Conan Hunico using the real me 6 Pro. Let me show you guys one on one about melon of features acting camera parasitic real me, 6. Pro, as you can see, we have an HDR mode, a chroma boosts the feature and also we have different kinds of filters and we also have a night mode. Of course, the video photo with 1 times 2 times 5 times, zoom up to 20 times. Digital zoom guys – and we also have a portrait mode, 64 megapixel and a dedicated the camera, and also we have the time lapse: ultra macro expert mode, slow mo and the pan arab. So, overall guys when it comes to the pictures very shard beetle – and I really like the dynamic thing spot as acting really six bronec camera and I’m really impressed when it comes to the portrait mode, organ bokya, feckner, sovereign Venus, guys I mean this is the second Time and in paragraph four, when it comes to the boat fimo effect, but Ursa, I think camera, I think the person in Priscilla Gaza boki effect now real me is the real me fired.

I saw Gungans are in the bokeh effect or sub and Venus in telegin and bokeh effect, palace’ really 55 and not less chance when it comes to the bokeh effect on desk bones show them Venus, as so blonde and Daniel guys. I thought as a hardware performance and operating system. I think really six Pro. This phone runs in the latest, really UI version 1.0 and I must say: it’s a subpoena family Ness at the gustan co operating so far, manila bus before stock on Drake, very stock Android game look yeah, but again, man jumping is Minami. Pairing bloatware need a mechanic army, but meirin mahealani, lymphatic bloatware. I just hope now mobile company should start putting any ABS Nandina mental again. I think Alana so just give the consumer the Liberty to choose wan na loosen it up a plain sponsor for Neela since come hardly know, mantle Akasha, no memory say sound smartphone. So I have right now in front of me. The mobile legends, let’s try and check kun capable back at KU, kaya, Banja and mobile legends. Paris are acting real nice, Explo, Music, Music I’ll be showing you as well the antutu benchmark, score Nanako, Honiton palace, I think only six pro and also a bigger screen capture na mila roof on asphalt, nine paris, adding real nice extra and overall Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause And overall guys, I’m happy and satisfied when it comes to the performance, I think Qualcomm Snapdragon, 720 G, very capable dementia in terms of Heavy D mains and also some multitasking or beneficial guys in terms of heat in a mansion.

I don’t know minute guys like what I’ve experienced with the Exynos 990 para sake: Samsung S 20 plus so I must say, Sabra Oakley, Tanaka and battery performance, and also the hardware performance, Pallas, Athene, real nice extra dimension tonight in Amman and battery performance and real me, 6 Pro, so this phone has a 4300 milliamp hour battery capacity and take upon Alicia now fast, charging up to 30 watts by a book flash charge 4.0 and overall guys, I’ve tried this for a Danis top rung heavy usage like not shoot up on a video There are often on games like the no top on the movies man, man, I mean movies and also in a big push as a smart TV, Co Minami. I think you know why that day and I must say, sobre, ok, no official guys. So I started the day in 1917, my 100 of all, and I ended that they were. She not call it on finito now 410 and have fun with 80 and 18 left neva Teresa acting real me, 6 bro, and before I end this video guys remember. I posted something on my Instagram and also FB page, and I actually asked you guys to come a mountain on bhai regarding the real me, 6 Pro and I’ll be answering some of your question and Iligan yo, Socky, FB, page or sub comment on FB page and Also Instagram so I’m Konami, Michelangelo tombow, my telephoto lens Poobah and really six pro.

Yes, this phone has a 12 megapixel telephoto lens the camera pan on the money, Earl general della serena, real me 6 or real me, 6 pro. So right now guys in deacon metallica masters, our economist, Morgan, the lawa, but again you know, mentality, first sure, NACA highlighted in price. Like you really fight to really fight proof, if you have mattifying ponte motta, para then go with the pro version and since must versatile, you can wear chiffon, nato and okay, no okay, no Metallica new hardware performance, organ chipset in a Snapdragon, sweat, 720 G. So I think I’ll miss explore and along then need or the cow as an unfair phone. Actually he’ll have the money at and I’m real me phone, so act like a salmon earphones or any headsets detail box. Correct me, if I’m wrong guys, but based on my experience and be Samana Billy Kuehne phone from ringing, what animal tell aggression, kasama and he had set or earphones and a lot of you guys asked me Concannon. But then I got a lunch date, though, and also who make official pricing the banpo NATO at kusa, I’m gon na be layin for NATO actually got this online for nineteen thousand pesos I’m, not sure cool intro game. Will you give official pricing? Yes, a Philippines, but if you’re gon na ask me sobre, often open a Formica price, long shaft from 17000 to 18000 for 16000 to 18000, so Blanc doable that often optimum price.

Now you cut back that you mean again Elam price that’s, a phone date. Oh, I understand no me lunch though I think like per price lump shun from 14000, but again same compensation. We know tofu mana Puma kinda by every Makani, who had a Diana paradise, a bumpin side and also once function if let’s the NASA hat. Then definitely me monitors and other charges per yard, so we don’t talk like a fool: McConnell yo, McGee official pricing. Further only six pro and they’re really sick, but I’ll give you an update guys once the universe, the official price, a I’ll be posting on. My Twitter account, and also on my FB apart FB account or FB page comic, on a McGee of special pricing at Caitlyn, either large or Alana bus, real nice x, pro after only six. I think I’m Sam, but I guess guys call my purpose in securing ecq. I think that’s the only time my Sasabe, I think okay let’s examine it on the bus, yo phone Neto. What do you think of the real me six pro guys? So please leave a comment down below and subpoena Chaka Khan, any man at least one new, a convenient Augusto, honza phony at all, and also who worth it now, but that Selena Metallica unfounded, though, and also guys. I would like to invite you something ongoing giveaways to happen. Channel so I’ll be putting the link on the description box and also sub comment, section, Panama for sonica yo, and this is for the varsity pro 220 subscriber.

But I will get the chance to win, or one lucky subscriber will get a chance to win a human dg8, 3x smartphone and a huawei fries. Please do so on your own foolery good! Go for the real me six pros. So please don’t, forget to like this video guys subscribe to my channel and also don’t forget to tap the ball icon, but I’m a notified ice on my future unboxing video co.