The note 7 model details are in description below for anyone thinking of purchasing. So a couple of things worth mentioning about this phone has android 9 2 gig of ram 16 gig internal memory can support micro, sd cards up to 32. Gig has dual sim and the front and rear cameras are 5 megapixel, so let’s open it up and see what you get in the packaging Music. If you like, this video hit the subscribe button and click the bell icon to turn on notifications. Don’T forget to give this video a thumbs up and drop me a message. Let me know what you think if you don’t like it, make it count by hitting thumbs down twice so i’ve laid out all the items you get in the packaging. So let me quickly go through them, one by one get a power brick in a separate box and coming in close, you can see it’s 5 volts, 1 amp. You get a charging cable usb on one side and micro usb on the other side, 90 centimeters in length and build of the cable seems good. So you get a rear cover for the phone and that’s, actually not in the box, for some reason not sure why they’ve done that and there’s a protective film on the back of here which can be removed. I’Ll, do that later, just to show the inside and it’s all plasticky finish reasonable quality to it. Then you get a instruction manual, multi language, just giving basic details how to get set up with this phone.

Next, we have a case for the phone and a screen protector for it, build quality of both seems reasonable. Then we have the phone so comes with a battery, obviously not plugged in at the moment some details on the back there regarding it coming around the front. Just to show cover on there, so i can pull that off. That’Ll reveal the screen looking at the battery there’s some tape covering the connectors to avoid it accidentally connecting to the phone looking at the back. It just says: 2 800 milliamperes. Installing the battery is very easy, just take it plug it in placing the cover on just to know. It says please open the back cover and remove the insulation paste from the battery before use and that’s the actual tape they mean so that’s been done and we can put the cover on like so and then we can pull this off the back just to show What it’s like pretty cool design on there and there’s a sticker on the camera as well? So let me take that off and there you go that’s. What that reveals coming around the other side, that’s how it is, and now, if i take the cover and just put it straight in there case – is on and just to note, there’s already a screen protector on there. This is just an additional one at the side showing the connections on there, you got a headphone jack and then bringing it.

This way you can see the charge point microphone and speaker alignment is slightly off, as you can see, even if you jiggle it, i guess it’s, just a manufacturing thing. Looking at the side, you’ve got a power button, volume, control and nothing on the other side. So if i now hold on to the power button, let’s turn it on there you go it’s turned on i swipe there, you go, no setup looks like it’s gone straight into starting up and that’s the interface you’re presented with now. Looking at the phone you can see, the bezels are quite thick all the way around, not at the top in the middle. If i drop this down, come down again, let’s go to settings about phone and you can see android 9 on there coming back from there storage and you can see total space is 16 gig available is 12 gig. So keep in mind if you do purchase. This is this going to be a sufficient storage for you, obviously, 16 gig isn’t a large amount, but for basic apps and basic usage. It should be fine. Many apps can be moved onto the micro sd card. Next, let me go back back again. Just drop this down and just confirm the brightness at the moment, that’s the minimum, and it was on the maximum. Now, comparing the screen brightness to my samsung, s10 plus. Obviously the s10 plus is a premium phone, but just give you an idea of the levels of brightness on the screen next, just to show the performance of playing a youtube video.

So this is a video from our travels channel called geek street travels. We actually do 4k travel videos as well so check it out. If you haven’t already seen it now performance wise, the maximum resolution you’re going to get off this phone is 720p, so clicking on here. You can see there performance wise, it’s, reasonable i’d say if you watch the picture quality now you can see slightly jerky at certain points. Doesn’T go smooth all the way, it’s sufficient for general usage, but not surprising, really now, just to give a comparison with my samsung s10 plus gives you a better idea what to expect. So you see down here, it’s just smoothly moving, and you just saw a quick movement there and again it’s done it again, so it’s not too bad. It does do the job, but you can see the difference in quality. Next let’s test out the sound levels coming out the speakers on this phone, so there’s, only one speaker which is there got my sound level meter here, see if i go quiet for a moment. Ambient noise levels in the room come to around 36.5 decibels. Now the phone volume, if i put it on maximum and hit play now a little bit of distortion, as you can. Applause, tell Applause, okay, so we’re getting 88 decibels from there and a slight bit of distortion at maximum level. The user interface performance isn’t too bad on here, just to show coming back, go into something go back again start something else up takes time.

Obviously, is a low end phone coming back out again going into news again so not too bad next let’s test out web browsing performance on here. So if i click here on the browser, click here to search for news click, the search scroll down it’s, not too bad slight delays, it’s loading things in click on news, okay, go back; let’s, go to the bbc website; reasonable, have to admit it’s, not too bad. At all, you can see for yourself, it’s not struggling in any way and while that’s running in the background, let’s flip over to youtube and obviously now there’s two apps running it’s loading away at the bottom skip the ad come back to browsing, yeah it’s, not too Bad it’s reasonable next let’s test out some gaming on the phone, so i’ve got real racing 3 installed on this, and if i tap to continue different view positions on there, Music performance, wise, it’s, reasonable nothing major to complain about doesn’t struggle too much i’d say is Playable, you can see it’s fairly, smooth Applause. There you go not too bad at all. Next let’s run a benchmark test on this phone, so i’ve got al benchmark on there start test. Ai, the benchmark test has completed and it’s got a score of 757 and it says feels like a flagship from 2012., so not surprising there. It is a budget phone next let’s test out the camera, so i’ll click on the icon.

There show you the options available. So if i go to settings there, the options, camera wise picture, size, 5, megapixel and standard and full screen you’ve got going back in going to video video quality, low, high and fine picture quality and video quality is reasonable. It’S, obviously, only a five megapixel camera not high end in any way so i’ll show next pictures and video quality of what to Music, expect Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music. Just to give you an idea of sound quality, you can expect from this phone. So obviously the recording i’m making is from the phone and the sound you’re hearing is from that recording. Okay, so you’ve seen the unboxing and setup of the x goody. Note 7: a budget phone coming in around 72 dollars performance, wise it’s, okay, for a budget phone picture, quality isn’t too bad either brightness levels are reasonable on there and you’ve seen the sound quality coming out of there as well. If you’re looking for a cheap phone with basic functionality, this is ideal comes with all the accessories even a case for there. So there you go hope, it’s helped.