This is the black shock 3 Pro, which is a sub brand of Xiaomi. I have the 8 gig 256 gig version over here prices at the top right corner transferred from the current Chinese exchange rates. We get a nice snazzy cover in the box better than any others, and I have a seen some stickers in the box here too, which look quite great here is the phone at the box extremely heavy. You can see some standard specs there, which we’ll get to in a minute. We have a USB type, a 2 type C code in the box, and we also get a wonderful 65 watts charging block and, unlike the mean turn pro, it can actually charge at 65. Watts, which is great we’re gon, na move on to the actual device. This is the armored gray version of the black shock 3 Pro. It is the only version, besides the black version that you get for the pro version. The regular black shock 3 comes in an extra color variants. It looks absolutely stunning, but it is seriously heavy at 253 grams. So give you our idea. The rock phone 2 is pretty heavy, but that was just to 40 grams. Any Samsung is 20. Ultra is seriously heavy and that’s just 2 to 2 grams. It is much bigger than the rock phone 2 over here, as you can see in width and height, and it is quite a bit thicker too. So thankfully we have the headphone jacks on both phones and the rock phone 2 is actually lost generation, so based on aesthetics.

What do you guys think looks better? Let me know in the comments down below and looking at some other massive phones. We have the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra over here. It absolutely dwarfs it. It makes it look tiny and its parent brand xiaomi have released its flagship phone. The me 10 pro, which looks tiny. We get some fingerprints on the glass back over there, though we do have some nice metal framing on the back, which run through to the side borders which look great with a very high power button over there, and we have the shock switch over there to go Into shark space, if the game triggers over here, but they will raise up later when we turn on game mode and we do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. This was missing from the black shock, 2 pro so I’m glad they brought it back. We also have a volume rocker that is not split and we have a dual channel. Will dual SIM slot over here, but no expansion for microSD, unfortunately we’re limited to USB 2 transfer speeds. So it’s not going to be too fast when transferring between your phone and your PC. If 65 were charging, we also have an option for 18 watt magnetic charging, which can come off of the back of there, though you’ll have to buy that separately. With that massive five thousand milliamp power battery, you need such force charging what’s. They have dual facing front stereo speakers, but unfortunately it lacks Dolby Atmos.

Even the less. This phone looks absolutely gorgeous. It is a mammoth of a phone I’m, not quite sure how I feel about the blue, around the camera and the magnetic strip at the bottom over there, but it looks pretty snazzy with the cover on the cover feels really great much better than any other cases. I have seen with previous gaming phones, it doesn’t really make it much bigger, but it does block the LED lights in the middle over there. The little shocked logo take that off and there is the light. It looks pretty cool, but you do still have the LED effects with the cover on when it shows the LEDs on the camera and that magnetic strip at the bottom. Then, moving on to the actual effects that you can choose, there are a bunch of them and you can pre save them and add it to a whole bunch of different features such as when you’re getting a call, a notification. We have different implementations on that, such as the rogue phone to. Let me know what you guys think looks better. We have a seven point. One inch AMOLED 1440p resolution screen over here with HDR teen plus five hundred minutes in ninety eight refresh rate and a two hundred and seventy Hertz touch refresh rate on this panel. It is an absolute monster to feast your eyes on and when you pair it against the rock phone to left, any is twenty altra on your right.

It really makes them look pretty tiny. When you look at the borders on the phone, though it they are quite bigger than that of the s20 ultra, but the s20 altra is not a gaming phone, they are actually slightly slimmer than the rock phones whose borders over here but the side, the left and Right borders are not a quite as slim as the rock phone. We have 2k resolution and we have intelligent lines here. It’S. I guess it kind of fluctuates. 60S on the Left, 90 Hertz on the right let’s. Do a quick fluidity taste over here, we’re going to drop down to 25 speed over here, really slowing down the clip to show you guys the difference here and you can see a massive difference going to 10. Look at how much faster the page moves on the right hand, side showing that 90 Hertz refresh rate panel. This is great for scrolling through things such as Instagram and Facebook really great job yeah, though it would have been nice to see 120 or 140 for Hertz Yashar me. Hopefully you can get it next time around, though that 2k resolution is absolutely awesome, can change the color schemes over here, which is great, and we even have a sunscreen mode over here, so that your phone can get brighter outdoors, making that 500 and it’s really shine Every 20 megapixel ft 2.2 selfie snap ova with 1080p 30 frames per second recording the selfies never looks great, especially in portrait mode.

Look at that no edge detection and let’s shoot through to video what’s up guys. This is technique. Recording a 1080p 30 frames per second selfie or video recording on the black sock 3 Pro. It is limited and completely capped at 1080p, 30 frames per second, let me know what you guys: think of the video and audio quality using the selfie cam video on a black sock 3 Pro at the back of the black sock 3 Pro we have a 64 Megapixel Sony I make 686 sensor with an aperture of f 18, a 13 megapixel 2.3 ultra wide lens and a 5 megapixel. If 2.2 depth sensor here’s the 13 megapixel ultra wide. This is a raw shot. 64 megapixel main yeah, now we’re going to do a 300 crop on that 64, megapixel main it’s, quite fuzzy and blurry. So I don’t suggest you crop it much here back to the 64 mains to show you guys the difference with the 16 megapixel been shot over here I have two times digital, unfortunately, no telephoto lens, so we have 5 times digital as well, but this is actually The max zoom so that kind of sucks we are using our 5 megapixel depths, shot there, which looks fantastic back to the bench shot and to show you guys the macro mode of yeah. There is no dedicated macro camera at the macro mode, looks fantastic, here’s, 1080p. Recording at 60 frames per second, there is no optical image stabilization over here, so things are slightly wonky when recording at 60 frames per second, if you drop it to 30 frames per second things, get slightly more stable.

I’Ll show you guys in a minute. Here is 4k 60 frames per second, but unfortunately there is no 8k option on this phone, as you see with other snapdragon 865 processing chip. Phones. Here is the 30 frames per second ultra wide at 1080p, as I said, slightly more stable at 30 frames per second, but a little bit more jittery over there, 4k 30 frames per second ultra wide. Once again, both the 1080p and 4k at ultra wide are capped at 30 frames per second, which is a bit of a bummer. Since the me 10 pro can do 60, with both Ultra watts in the software Department. Things look pretty much like any other meat. You iphone, though this is using joy, UI, so very similar they just rebranded the name over there. There are some really interesting things with this phone when using it as your daily driver over over here and not just for gaming. We have dark mode, which is pretty standard these days with AMOLED panels. It looks pretty great on all system apps and we have always on display options over here, all the same options that you’ve seen on previous Xiaomi devices and then some such as this awesome black shock one over here, more customized ability over here with reducing the size Of the icon or making it bigger or smaller, it looks absolutely great. We also have a process manager similar to something that you would see in a Windows.

Computer looks absolutely awesome and you can really keep on track, of which apps are using the most amount of RAM and processing power. We also have an under display fingerprint sensor, which is good to see, as most phones are doing these days, though it is really high up, so you really have to stretch with such a big phone. Nevertheless, that massive, well, that tiny power button at the top over there is really hard to reach, but once you do reach it, there is also face unlock, which works pretty quick too. The biggest thing with this phone when it comes to software is that shock switch over there switch it across and you get into shark space shark space. Is the gaming hub for all your games to keep you secluded from everything else in the world and just get back into gaming? Who needs a switch guys? We are using game for peace OVA, which is the chinese version of pub G, since it actually allows for 90 frames per second listen to that. That is just epic guys. So we have this a little monitor over here, which can show us the frames per second battery temperature and CPU frequency, which is great we’re gon na shoot over to pop G over here and play some games and we’re gon na jump from a really high rocky And almost kill ourselves. Thank goodness. We have a little teammate right close by to revive us. Listen to this those dual stereo speakers, sound, absolutely incredible! Applause, better get this guy.

It sounds incredible and honestly, these touch triggers are, unlike anything I have seen before. They are really addictive to press onto bullet force over here. I can’t wait before pub G and Cod mobile. It shows 60 frames per second over there, but once we change the refresh rate some 90 Hertz over here there is no FPS cap on this game and we get 90 frames per second, which is really awesome, CMOS and fluid and f 2k resolution. I must add, it looks super crispy, especially at high settings, go ahead and shoot some people – those theory. Oh speakers, though guys those sound, absolutely amazing. Now, we’re moving on to dead trigger 2 also no frames per second cap it’s locked at 60, but we have to change it back to 90 once again to get that wonderful, fluid 90 frames per second and there it is Applause, Applause shooting over to a 60 Frames per second cap game, which is Call of Duty mobile oviya, we’re gon na run things at very high across the board and, as you can see, it is capped at 60 frames to a second. Even when we change it to mine see hurts, it is still capped at 60 frames per second, so you cannot take 60 FPS games and upscale them 290 FPS. That would be frame skipping and it would pretty much end with the same result. Just showing you the numbers once again, those speakers are phenomenal: let’s drop it to high and throw it on max ApS to see if we can get 90 here, it’s over here, nope still stuck at 60 frames per second.

So if you have a 60 Hertz game guys, this phone cannot jump it up to 90, as many people have told you only if you have the K, 30 presume Edition, Blackhawk 3 pro in the middle enemy attained pro on the right hand, side. This is the Xiaomi family going hit to here in antutu, benchmark, run both panels on the right hand, side I’m, limiting the black shot 3 Pro to 1080p resolution here, and both panels on the right hand, side black shot 3 Pro in the me 10 Pro both Stick with 90 of its panels, the cake 30 pro zoom addition just has a 60 Hertz panel over here we have the battery at the starter in percentage and in degree Celsius, as well as the CPU in degrees Celsius over here, we’re gon na check that, at The end of the test I’m gon na speed this test up a lot I’ll bring you guys a more in depth test next week sometime, but for now, let’s just jump to the results and the results of these phones when it comes to battery is the black Shock 3 Pro with the biggest battery actually drained the most over. Here we have the hottest phones being the K, 30 Pro zoom edition and meets in pro both adding on nine point, seven degrees Celsius and the black shock 3 probe, with its liquid cooling. Only adding, on four point, seven degrees Celsius. That is very impressive when it comes cooling, the same thing can be said when we speak about the CPU degrees in Celsius, the K 30 Pro and meats and projym top by 10 degrees and the black chalk 3.

Pro only by 5 degrees – that is absolutely incredible guys, but we have first place over here going to the meat in Pro with 587 thousand points. Second place going to the K 30 Pro zoom edition with 585, very close there and 574 thousand points for the Blackhawk 3 Pro we have the best CPU GPU and memory departments in nikkei 30, Pro the second best user experience for the Blackhawk 3 Pro leaving the Best user experience for the Shamy mean 10 Pro, and I completely agree with that. The black shark 3 Pro is one unusual looking device, though, if you’re a gamer, it will please you for sure it is a tank of a phone. It is seriously heavy and seriously big and it is really hard to use as a general phone, but for gaming it is absolutely fantastic, get those wonderful LEDs over there and try reach for that part button. It’S quite hard, though, we do have shark space pretty low down over there to reach and that’s the thing you’re going to be using the most of you are a gamer anyway. Have some absolutely epic features when it comes to gaming and we have those pop up triggers, which are honestly the only of its kind on any phone in the world exit shark space and those triggers disappear. And then, when we move onto using this phone as a general day to day device, it is quite massive. The software is pretty great, I must say, and then ultra 2k resolution is insanely gorgeous with that high intelligent lines here, it’s refresh rate panel.

It looks absolutely stunning, even up close, but I’m, not too sure it’s a day to day driver. Obviously this is one of three of the best gaming phones out at the moment, that being the rock phone to any red magic 5g will both have comparisons to it. Very soon, and of course, you can save some cash and go for the Redmond k3 pro or shammies flagship, the medium pro. So if gaming is not for you, then pick up any of those devices, but if you are a through and through gamer, it is very hard not to recommend the sharmee black shock 3 pro guys.