It is vital to keep your handset clean, especially as it has been discovered through research that most mobile devices carry 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom. So cleaning your smartphone is extremely important. Bone soap has created this form of phone sanitizing, with two UVC lamps to break down any walls of bacteria and viruses, killing 99.9 of any harmful germs that live on your phone. When opening the box, you are greeted with the cleaning, curb mains power, plug and two options of plug adapters. My first impression of the device is that it is rather large so when purchasing do take account of its size and think about where you could place and store it to begin. The cleaning process ensure you’ve connected the UV herb into the mains. With this don’t lift the lid and place your handset into the compartment due to its large compartment, the hood fits almost every mobile device, as well as any other items that can fit in it. When you close, the lid you’ll be able to see the light on top illuminate. This indicates that your phone is now being sanitized. When the light is no longer present, it means the cleaning process is finished and you are free to remove your phone. The process usually takes around 10 minutes. The lamps do not generate any Heat, so do not feel that your device will be damaged by this cleaning method. 10 minutes may seem like a lengthy amount of time to clean.

Your phone, though, feel assured that this is one of the best sanitizing treatments available to your handset. It is ideal for cleaning your device after a day out to ensure you will not bringing any harmful germs into your home, keeping yourself and your family safe. Whilst your phone is cleaning you’re able to charge your handset via the USB and the USB C input situated on the back of a herb, there is a small hole integrated into the cleaner to ensure your phone is accessible to the charging cable, which means you can Complete two tasks at one time. I think this works really well. It means definitely a beneficial feature of the sanitizer when the lid is closed. I am still able to hear my alarms and incoming notifications, so I do not feel disconnected from my phone, even when the lid is shut. If I need to access my device during the cleaning process, I’m able to do so by just lifting the lid and the lumps will turn off automatically this way of sanitizing, your phone is rather pricey and doesn’t grace and dirt from your device. Wear a spray cleaners leave your phone looking, visibly clean and also removes bacteria, though I have found that phone soap sanitizer is more efficient when tackling dangerous bacteria due to its UVC lamps, as they provide all round sanitization to your phone with this device, your handset cleans Effortlessly with only having to lift the lid and allowing the herb to do all the work to leave your phone germ free, I have found with other cleaning methods that can be fiddly and non reusable.

However, this way may not be so portable, but it is reliable and long lasting. The sanitizing curb comes in white gold and orchid. Therefore, you’re able to pick a color of your choice, allowing it to be suited for the area which it is based in. Thank you for watching to purchase the phone soap sanitizer and charger. Please check the description and the comments below to find out where you can get your hands on it for more content like this. Please here are subscribe button once again, thank you for watching and enjoy the rest of your day.