It might be a smartphone that you’ve never heard of well it’s from a brand that’s, a little lesser known right now, they’re called red magic, they’re part of another brand of smartphones Nubia. But this is the gaming centric gaming focused brand within the brand. What you need to know is that this smartphone in front of me has some features on it that I’ve never seen in a smartphone before and most importantly, or at least the thing I’m most excited to check out the display 144 Hertz on a smartphone display. I thought we were done at 120. Of course, we’re not done because gaming smartphones exist and when gaming exists 144 Hertz exist. Will I be able to notice a difference. I don’t know I’ve been using one twenty, of course on the latest Samsung stuff. So I’ll do a comparison. This is the new red magic 5g. Look at the unboxing experience, my goodness cyborg status over here back of the package, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5g built in 6.6, five inch, 144 Hertz AMOLED screen turbofan, liquid cooling, there’s, actually, physical fans on the inside of this smartphone Sony, 64 megapixel ultra wide triple camera. It has gaming shoulder triggers built right into the smartphone, so it doesn’t require some kind of external attachment. There is an external attachment you can get for it if you want actual tactile buttons, but this has touch sensitive, shoulder buttons, similar to a controller we’re, going to test those out to esports inspired RGB strip gaming stereo DTS 7.

1. Now you know I love to test the audio on smartphone, so we’ll do that as well. Ddr5 ram through point O storage and a 4500 milliamp hour battery now that’s the only kind of surprising spec if you’re going for the powerhouse status. If you’re trying to say we get to age 65, we got the 144 Hertz display your gaming, your lights out, you might want. I don’t know a five thousand milliamp hour battery, but whatever I’m nitpicking it’s got some cool specs. Now this one is Eclair, so black in color, eight gigs of RAM 128 gigs of storage. Alright, let’s get this ghost in the shell’ type of sideboard type of anime situation off the top and look at the phone red magic 5g and you can see. It’S got the gamer aesthetic going on as you expect in a device like this, you have the red and the black and the gray it kind of reminds you of a sports car or something, and here at the top in tiny little lettering. It says powered by Nubia so again, a sub brand of Nubia here is the triple camera setup, a kind of small little setup, not extending too far outside of the shell of the smartphone itself, and then the 5g indicator, this red magic logo in the center that’s. Actually, going to glow it’s, also some paperwork in the package. A SIM card tool is in there as well a black and red USB cable, because it’s got to go with the whole.

I mean check it out. You have to have the whole aesthetic going on black and red in the cable in the phone and then the last thing in the package is gon na, be this power brick. This is an unusual phone. You have this X on the back. This sports car style of design, and then things get even more strange as you flip onto the side of the unit you can see here. You have this grille in an unusual place. No, it is not a speaker grille. This is an actual exhaust area for heat, because the phone is running hot, well, it’s trying not to run hot, obviously, but you’re gaming, a lot and it’s heating up, and you want it to continue to perform at its top potential. So this has extra cooling at it and it’s, not just on that side. It’S gon na be over here on this side as well. So both sides have these vents and actual active cooling that you can turn on or off. When I get into the settings here, I’ll show you how you can do that on this side, you’re also gon na have your volume up and down you’re gon na have your power switch, and I kind of appreciate the fact that they moved it down the chassis Here, since it is such a large phone it’s a little easier to reach, you can also notice your shoulder buttons up here on the top touch sensitive little grooves in there, for where you touch and you’ll kind of you’ll just be holding it like this.

When you’re gaming, this could be, this could be cool for games like Club G shooter games also racing games. I suppose you put your accelerator over there and so on and you can actually map these things. So if you’re, if you’re wondering hey Dizz, does a game support this? When you start the game up, you pull down a little software indicator of the area of the screen. You want these shoulder buttons to activate. So if there’s a button down in the bottom right corner, you want to have mapped to the right shoulder button. You can do that left. Shoulder button, same story, bottom of the device is going to have your speaker port, as well as a USB type c connector. This is also where you’re going to insert your SIM card and then on the top believe it or not. You’Re still gon na see an analog headphone jack. This is probably a feature that’s important to gamers out there. They want no latency, no lag. They want to plug a headset in so they’ve included a headset here, there’s this port. This is going to be utilized for certain accessories controllers, there’s, a dock actually that’s gon na use this particular port and then at the top here. This is your game mode switch. So all you’re gon na have to do to pop into game mode, is just switch this over and then it’s going to enable all kinds of various settings that you might want, while playing a game like the ability to quickly disable phone calls put the phone into 144, Hertz and so forth.

Whatever settings you want with one switch, which is kind of cool because on mobile games you might not have that much time to go in and reconfigure each time. So as far as unlocking is concerned, there’s an N display fingerprint scanner. Now I want to show you something real, quick with the screen with the display by default. The 144 Hertz is actually not enabled you have to jump in here and head over to screen refresh rate, where they kind of warn you that if you are gon na utilize, 144 Hertz then be aware you’re going to drain even more battery now. Normally, I would think hey, you should have this thing in its top potential spec straight away out of the gate, but actually don’t, mind this in this particular scenario, because they do have that game mode which can shoot you straight into 144. Her and on top of that you’re, not gon na even be able to take advantage of 144 Hertz in many many apps, so I kind of understand it. But, of course, for the purpose of this video, we got to check out the 144 Hertz. The screen picture is smoother, they say silky smooth. In fact. What can I say I mean? Can i notice it difference 144. I don’t really know. I think when I head into the settings here, I mean it’s very smooth and very snappy you pair 144 Hertz with snapdragon 865 and you’re in business, obviously, but it’s gon na be, I mean I’ll just for the purpose of it since we’re.

Here I have an S 20 altra sitting here, so why don’t we do the same thing. Just jump into settings: real, quick, okay settings. Both phones get the focus real, quick settings, both phones, refresh refresh race. I mean obviously you’re not gon na be able to tell the difference. Ah, one thing, that’s obvious to me here, having these two phones side by side is the fact that this one is actually surprisingly bright, it’s about as bright as the s20 ultra and also it’s. Almost the exact same form factor as well now granted the s20 ultra no top bezel very little on the bottom. You have the single little hole punch on the top you’re, getting a better screen to body ratio, obviously, on the s20 ultra, how much that matters to you, I mean it’s, tough to even cross shop. These phones, since the target audience, is a bit different though I guess a lot of gamers would be interested in the s20 ultra, but I have to say just the screen in general from a brightness perspective, it’s comparable to me. It depends, of course, on which frame you have open at a particular moment and how bright that that frame happens to be, but I would say certainly when you’re looking at icons at full blast, they’re very similar from that standpoint anyway, I’ll get the s20 ultra out Of here now, one of the things I’m excited about on here is the audio.

Apparently, they paid a lot of attention to the audio it’s best taken advantage of inside of the game mode, and since this is such a gaming centric smartphone, I think we should just jump in there right away clicking this tiny little red switch up at the top And boom, just like this, you catch the animation red magic, and this is where your games are going to live along with the various settings that you have for those games that are inside of this game mode. And then you see a little indicator in the bottom. Left for your cooling fan and a button for your dazzle light. If I flip this around real quick you’ll see the red magic logo, there is actually already glowing now a lot of the magic happens when you swipe in from the right hand, side. You can see your CPU clock, speed, GPU, clock speed. You have a bunch of different settings here for the fan for the screen refresh whether or not you want to block calls messages you can turn on for these shock, which is supported in certain titles. Pub G mobile included there’s just a bunch of different gaming centric settings that you can have within this game space that can automatically load when you click that simple button right there or it’s actually more. Like a switch same with screen brightness, you can have everything the screen. Brightness goes up, the fans turn on the Refresh goes up and your calls get turned off all within one click, oh, and by the way, the cooling fans actually work.

So if I put this up to my ear, I was curious at first I was I was skeptical. I guess that is that real and I don’t know if you’re gon na be able to hear it or not on the microphone I’ll give you a chance at it. I mean it’s, very unlikely. You week, you can even hear it to be honest. It’S it’s super quiet, but there is a kind of like a small little hum to it, which indicates to me an actual physical fan in there blowing a little bit of air out, giving you that giving you that high clock speed on your snapdragon 865. Alright! So let’s go ahead and boot up pub G and what I’m gon na show you here is how you map these shoulder buttons to any game that you want to play, oh and by the way, there’s an actual Rumble to it. With the 4d aspect: Wow Music. Now again, this is optimized I’m, just gon na turn down for say this is optimized for game type experiences, possibly movie type experiences; it’s a kind of DPS it’s like a surround type of environment; you’re, probably not gon na see as much of a benefit on things Like music it’ll sound like a more typical smartphone speaker there’s a thick, we pull out from the right hand, side, and we hit the touch button and check this out. If I want to move my right trigger over to see where the punch is boom, no problem left.

Where do I want to put left? Oh, I don’t know how about this other one right here. The other punch touch sensitivity, low normal high on each one. You can turn the buttons off completely and you can turn vibration, feedback on and off that’s a haptic feedback and, as you can see now, I don’t need to reach there with my thumbs. So I can keep my thumb somewhere else right. I guess on the under on the joystick I’m gon na play pubsey in a while. Oh man, I’ve been playing so much Call of Duty. Lately that I forgot, I forgot, if you can’t, put your you can’t put your parachute back it’s a real parachute, it’s, not a glider, so once you pull it it’s out, I totally forgot call dude you got my brain. Am I gon na make it here? Yeah I’m gon na make it okay cool somebody’s, already shooting at me, that’s, not good, those aren’t them that’s some loud gunfire on their dick. They weren’t lying above the audio over here there anything. I need to remember how to play this game right now. I got a pan. I got a pan right now: okay, fine we’ve, ish, oh and let’s. Go let’s, go! Try it out. I’M gon na die I’m gon na die. Guys really hitting me here. We’Re gon na try and get him with the pan real quick Music. Oh, my that’s, not what I expected to happen.

Wow all right! Well, yes, it’s the very first round on a brand new account, so I don’t know if that’s a bot or who that is, but anyway a better chance to hear that audio. Again, no more than two Music yeah I’m telling you it’s uh it’s cool to to see some smartphone company paying attention to the sound and trying to give a better experience when you don’t have the headphones on. I know most people are wearing the headphones, but sometimes I just don’t want to wear headphones, whether it’s a video I’m watching or a game that I’m playing to have that more immersive experience, or at least the option for it, it’s kind of cool. So to back out of this mode, all you do is click the switch in the other direction and you’re back to a regular phone. The styling is gon na, be really specific, it’s for a particular type of individual, so it’s gon na be for a particular buyer. That’S into this kind of aggressive look I’m, not saying that I’m, not I’m, just saying that not everybody will be it’s, certainly not subdued it’s, not making any excuses. It’S it’s coming right out front and telling you what it is: it’s a gaming phone. We have gaming, smart phones. Now it sounds good. It obviously games good one more curious question. We have to address. Obviously, before we take off what about the cameras now, I know it’s not the main focus for a device like this, but you’re still good you’re still going to want to take a picture here and there, so is it gon na be any good? I don’t know we’ll pull out the trusty remote here and we’ll try to capture a1x real, quick that’s, a 1x.

What else does it have? It has a 3x. It has a 5x now, of course we’re in the digital lens, but actually it doesn’t look very bad. Well, I mean you can tell it’s a digital zoom at that point, that one looks kind of usable. You see a texture and a remote control. This one looks really good. Actually, these two look really good we’ll. Do a selfie, real, quick as well or you know. I got to turn off the beauty mode, real, quick in three two one, even phones, where I feel in 2020, where I’m curious about the camera performance or I’m thinking to myself man. How much focus did they put into it because they don’t really have to? But then you remember that so many of these smartphones are sharing similar components, in particular the camera sensor, which in this case comes from Sony, so kind of hard to screw it up too much in this case, both on the front camera and some quick samples on The rear camera they look usable and I think, for a gamer for a person who’s interested in this type of power, who’s interested in this type of styling right here and the lighting and the shoulder buttons you’re, not starting your journey with the camera anyways. So if it can take some decent photos, that should be good enough anyway, there.