These are the latest from real me. I have the 6 and the 6 Pro and you’ve probably already noticed that there’s some extras on the table that’s, because real me has actually sponsored a giveaway. So go follow me on Twitter I’ll put out a tweet very shortly. You can have a chance to win either a real me, 6 or 6 Pro and then Willie do will actually get your contact, details and ship it out to you so a chance to win one of these guys and in the case of the real me, 6 You’Ve got a device that comes in under 200 USD and then on the 6 Pro you have a device under 250. This is gon na, be your snapdragon variant, we’re also talking about a 90 Hertz display at that value price point so it’s interesting, whether or not this device is available in your specific market, because what it means is progression towards better value for money and better specifications For your cash, regardless of the market, that you’re in ok, so let’s get started well. Let’S get started with this pro model right here, so this one is an 8 gig. 128 it’s got the Snapdragon 720 G processor, a 90 Hertz smooth display, not sure if this is the first time that there’s been a 90 Hertz display sub 200 or around 200. It might very well be the first time in display dual selfie camera 30 watt, flash charge 4300 milliamp hour, battery 64 megapixel quad camera, and this one is gon na have 20x hybrid zoom with some optical at the early part.

Another thing real me has been known for is the kind of glass effects on the back with the different polishing and so on. You can get these glass patterns first thing in a package here we have a case to get. You started it’s like a smoked, clear color. It always surprised me how the budget models, the value for money models, are the most likely to give you the extra case. This is the device I’m gon na put it down for a second also inside the package. We have a USB cable to charge it up and you’ve also got your 30 watt flash charge inside the pack. Last up is a little sim card tool in there so I’m, not sure which color we’ve actually got here. Ah it’s, like a dark blue sort of reflective, you see that little s pattern in there. Let me just remove this piece. You see that’s what they’re kind of famous for it’s, actually kind of cool. Being such a dark, blue actually almost appears black around the outside of the frame, but it is a really really deep blue one, two three four camera units, and if you look closely over here at the reflection, you can actually see an almost sparkle pattern. Inside of the glass treatment as well now, another interesting thing about this device is the location of the fingerprint scanner it’s, actually where your thumb goes right over here. One thing that’s nice about this thumb fingerprint is the fact that it has a clique to it and there’s.

Also two settings as I understand. So if you found in the past that thumb, fingerprint scanners might have been too sensitive for you, you can set this to be less sensitive and require a harder press. So that’s within the settings of course, is gon na be advantages and drawbacks. The advantage is that that’s right, where your hand lands when you’re holding the device. Obviously, in this location, if you had it on the front, maybe in display you can unlock the device just while it’s on the table say with your index finger that’s, not something that I do. But people are always telling me: hey, that’s, one of the benefits of the display, that’s true, also there’s, a cool factor with the in display, but then again you’re kind of nitpicking. At this point, if you’re asking for a feature like that, given the price point now, the other thing you’ve probably noticed on the front of the device, is the punch, hole, camera setup so, on the pro model, you’re gon na get dual front facing selfie options, whereas On the regular real me6 non pro it’s only going to be a single front facing camera, so that’s. Another difference. Coming back to that idea that the camera Department is the reason you might choose the pro model over the six, whether it’s the rear camera or the front camera alright. Now the first thing I want to do is kind of peek into the settings here because for me the standout feature at this price point is gon na, be that 90 Hertz display.

Ah alright. So here it is, you can set it up in different ways. You can have it on auto, select it’ll toggle between 60 Hertz and 90 Hertz, depending on the app you can set it to 60 Hertz permanently in order to prioritize battery life over refresh rate, or you can have it at 90, Hertz constantly, which is what I’m Gon na do look I’ve been using high refresh rate phones for a while now it’s really hard to go back once you had the experience of the sort of snappy flavor that comes with that increased refresh, and what that gives you is this kind of it gives You this kind of twitchy nature to it. Alright, now let’s go ahead and get a feel for these cameras. Real quick, I’m gon na place this remote so let’s kick it off with the ultra wide one, the 1 X 2 X I mean you could read the the font on the remote control. You can see the text on each of the buttons here. Is your standard focal range – and here is your ultra wide, so you’re getting four perspectives, and this is what you come to expect, obviously, with a multiple camera setup now one thing I’m noticing in here is that the color balance shifts on the ultra wide. This. Of course is on the default setting, I could just jump into expert mode, so it does have a pro mode and, as you can see, I’m able to adjust my white balance accordingly, pro mode looks like a better move in general I’m.

Seeing a lot more detail here, hang on, let me show you that let me show you this alright. In my opinion, I think you’re gon na want to use pro mode ideally, but I guess that kind of makes sense. You’Re, gon na store a bigger file size. So it is good to know that you have this pro mode built in you can see. I tweaked the white balance as well to match the cameras in here. What about that selfie camera I’m already in natural, supposedly, although I’m, looking a little prettier than natural hold up? Oh yeah, there we go that’s really me: does she all those lines in a face and whatnot and we’re gon na go zoom in a little for the beard, hair test they’re all there each and every one now supposedly there’s, also a macro mode on here. Do you select ooh ultra macro, ok, let’s! Try this out. Do I have something very small old Ultra macro I’ve always been a fan of macro photography when they baked it in or just in general. I have macro lenses on cameras dating back to when I got started as an enthusiast with cameras, you can see the texture of the table, the word hoop, which is one of my favourite words in the English language, even though it’s not Luke super Luke it’s audio Time hang out as we’re doing right now, it’s kind of amazing, so you probably caught the title of this video of this live broadcast.

So it is a mono speaker, setup well, he’s been in the news he’s, usually in the news and as I’ve explained in the past, the benefit of jamming it down in the corner. You can see here watching a relatively dark frame, and if this were in the middle, you would notice it more than if it’s down in the corner most people that are making video content for you to watch whether it’s on YouTube, Netflix or anything. For that matter. They’Re not gon na put some critical key component benefit. There is it’s slightly less distracting. Drawback is, of course, that when you take a selfie, you have to adjust for the fact that it’s in the corner and not central or when you’re videoconferencing, I just realised speaking of that hole punch. I forgot that there’s two front facing cameras on here. The selfie that I took at first was a 1x. Oh, quite a wide one check this out hold up. Look at this. That is quite wide, so this is, I mean you could get multiple people into the frame because I’m more likely to take a selfie when there’s a group of people together, family members, something like this and it’s like hey everybody get in the frame and someone has To take the photo, but you don’t want you can’t you don’t want to be. They don’t want you to be out of the photo. So now you got a situation where you could conceivably fit one: two: three: four: five: maybe six people let’s go ahead and try out this side, fingerprint scanner and, of course, there’s a clique to it as well so here’s, your setting for what type of touch is Necessary which type of touch you like? Do you like a light touch or a firm touch? Ooh it’s, quick it’s, a pretty quick unlock it’s, a foreign experience to me because of how little, how few times I’ve actually used a side fingerprint scanner.

I mean your thumb. Just lands there it’s really not bad. Now, let me go ahead and try the firm touch out. Oh, is that it’s basically a clip? I would probably go for that personally, it’s in your pocket. You don’t unlock it. How was it you gon na lock the ones in your pocket? You might inadvertently have your hand there. You just pick it up off the table put in your pocket, so I also just noticed this thing: has a headphone jack right beside the USB type c port and I don’t have my knife: I don’t have a knife: it’s called unbox therapy, quick spec refresh on This one single selfie camera on the front 90 Hertz display this one is probably the cheapest phone out there with a 90 Hertz display the USD equivalent on this particular device. I think, is around one hundred and seventy seven dollars still got the 30 watt flash charge. Still got the 4300 milliamp hour battery, you still have the quad camera set up on the back, but you’re not gon na have as much zoom and, of course, the chip is different. This is a Helio processor instead of a Snapdragon I’m curious about the color. Oh it’s a light one I’m glad we can do a comparison it’s like a lightning bolt on the back whew that’s, like a that’s like an icicle pops up on the word real me and then, as you flip around. It goes to the other side from like a purplish violet up through a sky blue.

So much going on. This is the trend. You know how it goes you hold this thing up in the right light, then send a reflection back people gon na notice, you that’s the idea. The displays on these two devices. Look pretty comparable to me looks like the pro model is a tiny bit tiny bit bigger, display performance wise. I know the snapdragons gon na be most attractive to people driving the 90 Hertz display. I presume either of these chips will be able to do it. As you can see here, blue boo, boo – this of course, is not incredibly resource intensive, but there have been processors in the past that have had trouble with the high refresh rate screens that are out there. You have the new real six Pro on the left and you have the real neat six on the right: crazy. How far we’ve come in smartphones, what we can get now at a budget cost, including things like quad camera, including things like a ninety Hertz display. Oh and don’t forget about the giveaway as well real me, six and real me. Six pro it’s happening on my Twitter account go. Follow me there it’s for a couple of lucky subscribers, I’ll pin it to the top of my profile. All you’re gon na have to do is retweet. I mean it’s gon na be really easy for you to participate and then Willie do will contact a lucky winner anyway. So there you have it real me.

Six real me.