Yes, this is a phone it’s, a folding smartphone it’s, not Samsung’s. First folding phone either remember last year’s Galaxy fold, so not Samsung’s. First rodeo! This is a different type of device, though, as you’ll see it’s not really designed for the same user as the Galaxy fold. This is an entirely different type of customer on the design side. Samsung has done a pretty good job, because this is an entirely different approach to the Galaxy fold. The galaxy file was meant to be two devices in one: a phone that folds out like a book to a tablet. This is just to give you a convenient form factor, so you’re not lugging around a big device. It opens up and reveals a six point, seven inch screen, but then, when folded down it’s actually quite compact and really fit easily in your pocket, so great great worker by Samsung there to be able to give someone a larger screen device that folds down into such A compact size, the again the secret source, is in the hinge they’ve taken a lot of the learnings from the Galaxy fold and they’ve placed it into this device as well that they did learn a lot from that first Galaxy fold, especially when there was a problems With the initial device, so they’ve come a long way. Since then, this hinge gives you the ability to open, open and close the device. Hundreds of thousands of times now one thing, you’ll notice, is that the hinge it doesn’t quite close flat.

You can just see this. A slight gap in there I think that’s, a smart play by Samsung, just reduces the tension on that hinge. You don’t want that too. Don’T want that to be a problem for your device. One other thing: you’ll notice too, is there a zero, really there’s, a really small display on the front of the phone as well it’s there to give you notifications to tell you when a calls coming in, you can even actually frame yourself up. You know selfie in that tiny little screen. Personally, I would have liked that screen to be a little bigger to make it a bit more useful, maybe to read messages completely see notifications in full, but Samsung decided to go with a smaller window on the front, but they’ve still provided a six point. Seven inch device a screen inside that allows you to do everything you would on a normal smartphone performance wise this isn’t going to be the fastest and sleekest Samsung device, the specs onboard the galaxy’s. It flip are behind even the Galaxy S 10 from last year, but it is still good enough for you to use in terms of speed and performance and everything that you expect from a smartphone. This delivers it just doesn’t deliver those flagship features in terms of performance. Processor speed, the camera is not not quite as good as those flagship devices either. What you’re getting here is a little bit of a fashion statement, it’s all about the design it’s all about the slick nature in which you can flip it open and flip.

It closed again that’s going to be the attraction for customers. I don’t think that a person who’s going to buy the galaxy Zed flip is attracted to that high end performance and and the the best camera and all of those best features it’s. All about the look and feel of the device that people are going to be interesting, but let’s talk about the camera that’s a very popular feature of any smartphone. The galaxy Zed flip is no exception. It does have a dual camera system and like like every other recent smartphone, actually takes very good. Quality pictures takes also very good quality videos, but the thing people are going to really like about this device is its ability to take really good selfies and the reason it can do. That is because the hinge can be opened up at various different angles. So it’s not stuck at one position: it’s, not just either open or closed. You can angle the screen at any angle there so that’s that comes in handy when you want to take selfies, because you can actually rest this on a surface line up your photo. All you need to do actually to activate your selfie line yourself up in the image, so you can see yourself really clearly hold up your hand and it’ll sense. Okay, you want to take yourself here to give you a three to one and ball captures your selfie picture. Quality is actually above average, as you can see from some examples that we’re talking about right now, it does take a great shot, whether it’s a close up, whether it’s a landscape and also, of course, your selfies.

The ability to have the phone open at this angle. As well, apart from it being great for your selfies it’s, also great for viewing content, so you can rest this anywhere on a surface and watch whatever you need to watch on the top half of the screen. It’S also handy, if you’re doing, video calling a lot of us are doing that now, and this is handy as well, because again you can rest it on a surface and be able to make your call without having to find any other stand or any other way To support the phone, so what is it like using a folding phone instead of a regular phone? It does take a little bit of getting used to for one. If you need to look at the screen, it’s, not just a matter of unlocking the device, you’ve actually got to unfold it and the mechanism to unfold it. Is it very easy to do with one hand? I found that, if I was to say carrying a coffee, for example, and the phone was closed, I’d have to put my coffee down and open up the phone with two hands, closing it no problem with one hand, but opening it up again. It does take some effort trying to do it right now, but it does it. It really is a two handed operation, so that’s number one. If you want to look at your screen immediately, you need to have two hands free to do it and, of course, when the screen is opened up, you’ll notice that the screen is actually quite tall, it’s it’s, a very long and narrow screen, it’s it’s got that.

I think that 21.9 by nine aspect ratio so it’s quite thin, quite long really easy to hold in your hand as well once it is opened. But that was something that I had to get used to the Front’s. The front display was handy when I did since notice. I had a call coming in or had an application may be running the background. I was maybe listening to an audio book. I could press pause little. Things like it was okay, but, as I said that little screen is too small would have been better if it was larger front screen a more useful screen so that I could do a lot more on the device without having to open it up now. Let’S talk about this screen now this is an ultra thin layer of glass that is able to bend and fold so that’s, a remarkable bit of engineering there and the screen itself is quite glossy, quite shiny and feels like a regular touch screen. You can feel the hinge in the middle when you’re, when you’re using different apps, and if you rub your finger along the hinge there, you can easily feel it. You can also easily see it depending on what’s on your screen. If you like, you hold it up in the right light, you are gon na see that little crease in the middle, so it isn’t completely flat, even though the device itself, when it is folded, open, it’s, actually quite thin, and what I did.

I actually left the screen open when it was just sitting on my desk in my car, or I left it open like this, rather than having having it folded all the time it just made it more convenient when I wanted to use it straight away, so that The screen was ready, they’re ready to go so I didn’t have to worry about opening it up so I’m. A fan of the screen. I think it looks quite quite glossy a little a little bit more glass like than than previous folding phones, including the Galaxy fold. The Galaxy fold had more like a polymer plasticky look, whereas this is a lot. Glossy err, a lot shinier and looks like a real glass display. Now let’s talk about the galaxy zed flipped battery and i got to say i was really impressed. It lasted a day and a half nearly two days in some cases, i’ve been using this for over a week as my daily driver. So I got my sim card in it, I’m. Getting all my messages, I’m doing all my social media, you name it. Everything was going through the device and easily lasted a day and a half so battery, not an issue. Now, who is the galaxy Zed flip customer? Is it your Samsung fan boy or girl? Is it your regular Samsung user? Is it any other regular user? What I’m thinking this isn’t going to attract your flagship, high performance, high end user, the high end user, wants performance, wants to be able to do things really once once that speed and what’s everything at their fingertips right away, I think this is going to attract a Customer who’s more into design, maybe, is a bit more fashion, conscious someone who just wants to be that early adopter, who wants to impress their friends with a device like this, that folds so it’s, not it’s, not for everyone, it’s going to be priced at two thousand.

One hundred and ninety nine dollars here in Australia, so it’s also not something that everyone can afford. I think the typical customer would be your millennial may be probably a female. There are different colors, there’s, pink and purple, and this is the black of course, so plenty of choices for whether you’re a male or a female user. But I think this is going to be more someone who is a bit more fashion, conscious rather than someone looking at a device that’s going to be their workhorse, that they depend on every day. So there it is our Samsung galaxys there to flip review, check out tech guide comm that are you for our full review as well on our website. But overall, I think I’m really impressed with this device I really enjoyed using. It was a fun phone to use. So being able to open up and then fold it down into a really small size that was really handy as well, if it’s really easily in my back pocket, where I normally carry my phone, I often be. I don’t be leaving this on my desk and would walk off and not forget to take it as it was so small I’m used to picking up my phone when it’s a large shape on my desk, but because this was so small I would often leave it Behind so a yes it’s good, if you like us a device that has a big screen that folds down small it easily fits into your pocket into your bag.

So it does have that plus as well, if you’re a user who demands a bit more power you’re more of a photographer, you want that sort of the next, the a level camera that’s on the flagship devices as well. Then this this camera wall, it’s, really good, is not going to match the quality of the the top of live Samsung’s, the the iPhone 11 pro all of those other devices that have up to 50 times 100 times zoom, but overall, as I said, a fun phone To use my only real downside is probably the price it’s a bit expensive. The other thing is that small screen, it’s it’s, not very useful, most of the time, would have been better if there was a larger screen on the front, but they’re not deal breakers.