This phone brings stellar hardware and good, yet Elbit different or what Huawei calls a visionary user experience to the consumer. In other words, the p40 series devices shipped without Google services. But who are we so NAB gallery and huawei mobile services are meant to replace them all together more on that later on, just before we start I’ve teamed up with Steven from tech magnet to make this video check out what he has to say about the p40 Pro and you’ll find the link to his video in the info card and in the video description down below, you simply have to give credit to wowie for making great looking smartphones, even though the design of the phone may look a little bit familiar. I love how the device sits in the hand, despite the size, I have to admit it. The ip68 certified before t pro is quite heavy, but it feels substantial and very premium thanks a solid metal frame, excellent, build quality and glass, backlit matte, grey color of the phone has this nice matte glass finish that does attract some fingerprints and smudges, but at least They’Re less visible than on glossy surfaces in terms of size, the overall footprint of the p40 Pro and the May 30 Pro is similar, but the p40 pro is narrower, meaning that it is more comfortable to hold in one hand the overflow is hua waste marketing name For edge to edge display, which I found to be really beautiful, to look at the glass that covers attack sharp and vivid OLED panel has seamless curse on each side that give you that bacillus.

Look one of the highlights a 90 Hertz to refresh ratio, meaning that the peril is smoother than conventional 60 Hertz screens. I have to say that this refresh ratio changes the entire user experience as the phone feels super fast and smooth Steven from the tech magnate has made a great video comparing different refresh ratios and I’m sure he has a lot more to say about that before tea Pros display in his video I found both the in display fingerprint scanner face, unlock features to be really fast thanks to improved sensors, both P and main serious phones usually have one of the best camera systems on the market and the p40 pro is no exception. The camera module protrudes quite a bit from the phone for a reason: it packs four sensors, with a ton of megapixels optical image, stabilization and five times optical zoom on periscope telephoto lens one of the most important aspects of the system. The main 50 megapixel sensor is the largest we’ve seen on a smartphone. As a result, it absorbs up to 40 more light and it should assure excellent all around image quality, no matter what the lighting is. The camera system is enhanced with third generation AI image and OS X, diffusion engine and other imaging algorithms Stephan, and I will talk about image quality in detail in our dedicated camera review. But my first impressions are really good. Images come out nice and sharp and zoom picture quality is one of the best we’ve seen on a smartphone, at least in good lighting.

Camera performance is really impressive in low light too, especially if you use wow is signature night mode. However, the zoom performance does not really impress, but keep in mind that the phone still runs on an early software built a 32 megapixels dual selfie camera that now has autofocus produces really nice. Pictures too. I especially like portrait images, as my head is nicely separated from the background thanks to the secondary depth sensor 4k 60fps video is really nice and smooth, but if you want to learn more subscribe to the tech line for an in depth, camera review that I’m already Working in collaboration with a tech magnate, as you may expect, the performance of the p40 pro is excellent. Thanks to powerful hardware and a lot of internal storage that is expandable via hua with memory cards. But the overall experience is now different. Since there are no Google services on this phone same as on the Huawei May 30, Pro I’m, pretty sure that you’ll be able to silo’d Google services yourself, but Huawei has been working really hard, developing its own app gallery that all has most of the apps. You need some me think that app gallery is a completely new thing, but wow he has been working on it for years. In fact, I made a dedicated review of it back in 2018 and since then, this application store has improved a lot, even if some apps are missing WOWY promises that they are coming soon or you can silo them yourself.

This is what I did using websites like apk, pure, I like how Abba gallery is organized and, most importantly, there are plenty of apps to choose from whether you’re interested in games or productivity. You can also use Huaraz, quick app that allows you to run the apps without even installing them so far, the overall Android, 10 based user experience has been pretty good, even though you need to silo some of the applications yourself. I wouldn’t say that the app gallery is going to revolutionize the app market but I’m glad to see that Huawei is really serious about their own app ecosystem. That already has plenty of applications, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. The more competition to Google and Apple, the better for the end consumer, as you may expect, from a high end device. Gaming performance has been excellent as all of the latest 3d titles I’ve tested, run without any issues, a four layer, super cool system and other enhancements. I hear smooth gaming experience and the phone stays cool to the touch even after hours of playing it above gee wowie phones have always been one of the best when it comes to battery life, and the p40 pro proves that again. This is easily a 2 day battery phone for most users, unless you start laying 3d games all day. If you use the p40 proaches for video and social media, we can easily get over 14 hours of screen on time.

If you use the phone more intensively, we can get over seven hours of SOT, which is still a really good result. You can charge the battery in just over one hour with a supplied, fast charger, but the star of the show is superfast wireless charging feature that assures the same 40 watts charging speed as using the cable, which is pretty amazing. How this feature is compatible only with a huawei’s wireless charger. At the moment, as you may expect, connectivity has been excellent on the p40 pro from call quality the signal reception to Wi Fi. Everything has been working great. The p40 pro also has 5g and is compatible with even more networks than before. Huawei p40 pro offers a lot, and its hardware is pretty much second to none. We get a beautifully crafted and premium peeling device with great display, one of the best cameras, excellent battery life, great overall performance and user interface, that is loaded with features but missing one important thing: Google services. However, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the App Gallery has a lot to offer and it shows how serious Huawei is about the development of their own ecosystem. That already has millions of users site loading. Some of the apps is still an alternative option, but having excellent hardware and the company that invests billions of dollars in RampD that result in constantly improving these smartphones, the Wow a p40 pro chips up to be one of the best phones of 2020.

Yet, even without Google services pre installed out of the box, tell me what do you think about the Huawei p40 Pro and make sure to check out stephen’s, video and you’ll find all the links and show notes down below the video.