Today we have the launch of a new hawaii, p 40 pro so we’re just gon na talk, for it give you my first impressions and review so without further ado, let’s get started if you’re new to the channel and want to stay up to date with all The latest tech reviews hands on and first impression, videos make sure you hit that subscribe button down below right now, so yeah a notification as soon as I release a new video okay. So this is why ways latest flagship phone – and it falls on from the p30, which was launched just last year at the p40 – is Wobblies first phone without Google support, so it comes without Android and it’s. Our own Mui operating system, which is based on that of Android 10, as always I’ll put some of the main specs on the screen here and then we’ll go and talk through a couple of the main features and give you my first impressions and whether I’d recommend This phone to you, firstly, we’re going to start at the display, which is a six point. Five eight inch display, which is a lot smaller than some of the phones such as the Garces, 20 Ultra lineup, but it’s, still quite a large screen, and so something to think about before you purchase the phone to the six point. Five eight inch display is a OLED display with 90 Hertz of fresh rate, as opposed 120, like we’ve, seen in some other reasons, actually smartphones.

While we are calling this the quad curved overflow display and because of all the corners, how they round off and which is, unlike we’ve, seen on other flagship phones before moving on to the processor, now that always included and it’s their own Kirin 995 G chip that They’Ve included in the p40 Pro this yeah, so it’s their own chip, and it should work really really well on the p40, you can give you some good power and performance as well. This is an octa core processor, but it has eight gigabytes of RAM and it has a base storage model of 256 Cooper, which is, of course, a lot of storage for a base model phone and which will give you a lot of storage. Fill all your daily tasks on the p40, as I mentioned before, briefly the operating system, it runs on his mu, I, which is Hawaii’s brand new operating system which they’ve used to replace that of Android. This operating system is based on that of Android 10, so it has some similar features, its Android and obviously is not Google’s operating system. One thing to remember hobbies own operating system is that some developers montage to put their applications onto the p40 Pro at first. They might have to wait a little bit longer to get some with the apps that are more mainstream. Other app stores, it’s really nice, to see that Holly have included a four thousand two hundred million power battery, which is quite a significant amount of battery power.

To put in the p40 Pro, not quite as much as something like the gold cts 24, but that five thousand million power battery, but four thousand two hundred should do no problem to get you through most of the day in terms of charging. We’Ve got a supercharged, 40 watt, Aberdeen to charge wired and then we’ve got a 40 watt ability to charge Wireless, which is incredible and yet to find a wireless charger that actually supports 40 watts. But when it can get your hands on a 40 watt fast wireless charger, then the p40 probe does. But one of the major improvements in this phone is the camera department which you can see on the rear of the phone and while I’ve done a lot of work and to really improve the camera on the p40 Pro first off we’ve got a 50 megapixel wide Angle, camera, which will be used as your main shooter and that’s, an F 1.9 I’m sure so a lot in a lot of light to the photos that you take, which is something that really really good on them for IP 40 pro as well. Next we’ve got a 40 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera, which has a F 1.8 aperture so again, lats in is so much light to those shots and should be really nice. For those point five times images did you use in your ultra wide shots? I love you to no orbital. Why camera I think it’s fantastic it that’s, so many capabilities to the camera and is so good to have in your pocket on a smartphone.

Finally, we’ve got a 12 megapixel periscope telephoto lens, which is really good for getting those close up shots and cut a 5 times optical zoom and quite incredibly, can go all the way up to a hundred times. Zoom using this software based zoom of things packed into the back we’ve got a depth sensor for that time of flight camera. So it can pinpoint exactly where things are in the room, and it also has a flush on the back as well. I’M sims the front facing camera and we’ve got a thirty two megapixel selfie camera, which would be really good for taking those crystal clear image selfies as well as video calling as well. This is all packed into a pill, shaped hole, puncher camera on the front of the phone, which also has a depth sensor, included in it as well, which has an IR blaster, so infrared blaster, so you can use face ID on the p40. Finally, a couple of other things: we’ve got a new optical sensor, fingerprint scanner on the front of the phone which is built underneath the display, a quad we’re, claiming that is 30, larger and 30 faster than the previous iterations. The fingerprint sensor is higher than it was on previous generations of the phone, and that does work really well on the most occasions, although you have to sometimes shift your finger around to get a really accurate reading. So, as I mentioned briefly before, we’ve got support of 5g, which is obviously quite standard for 2020 and we’ve also got things like ip68 certification for dust and water resistance too.

As always, if you’ve got any questions about p40, pro make sure you comment down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with their response. If you do like this, video make sure you give it a big thumbs up, as it really really does help the channel and if you’re new to the channel make sure you subscribe for all the latest tech reviews, hands on and first impression videos. Thank you very much for everyone for watching this.