Pre orders open on 14th of April, and if you want to be one of five lucky winners hits my description down below. They are currently running an MVP campaign on their website, which starts today April 1st until April 14th, when the phone goes up for pre order. We have a sim ejector tool over there and we have a little booklet with a Quick Start Guide. It’S nice to see it least it’s in all languages, and we have our USB type c to type a cable with USB 3.1 speeds, which is really good. They have improved that and we also have an 18 or what charging Block in the box, though red magic have informed me that they will be selling 55. What blocks sold separately on the global website after the release of the phone I’m hoping to get my hands on that for a charging speed, taste so stay tuned for that one. This is the Eclipse black version of the phone, and I must say it looks absolutely stunning if you are one to once a gaming phone, but you don’t want it to look too flashy. They do have gradient versions as well as transparent editions as well. I could not get my hands on one of those yet since this is indeed a pre production unit and I only have the black version in pre production units so far, but in my opinion this is the best. Once again it is so subtle and neat.

Looking sometimes it doesn’t even strike me as much of a gaming phone, though turn on those RGB LED lights at the back, and you get that we finally have gloss on the back panel over here, which means that we have support for NFC, which is great, and We have a triple camera setup, which has moved away from the single camera set up in the previous raid Magic 3 and 3’s. We have a cookie volume rocker over here, as well as power button, and we also have touch triggers at the top. These are 300 Hertz touch response rates Pro triggers and we have a 16000 revolutions per minute. Turbo fan over here. Another physical fan, which goes in from the one side and are through the other. They have moved the vents, the intake vent from the back to the side, which is better so that when your phone is on a flat panel, it can still breathe properly. Like I said earlier, we have USB 3.1 transfer speeds, which is upping it from the last one, and we have a dual SIM tray here: no support for micro sd. We have dual channel stereo speakers with DT the seven point, one software built into them and they sound absolutely fantastic. I will show you that in a later date, when I can release more information about the phone whatsoever, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a 6.6 five inch AMOLED 100 DCI p3 panel with a hundred and forty four Hertz refresh rate and two hundred and forty Hertz Touch response rate panel, it looks absolutely gorgeous and the main feature here.

The main talking points is that a hundred and forty four Hertz here’s a quick sneak peek and later on in the video. I will get into more detail about this one in 444 Hertz panel. Moving on to cameras here we have a 12 megapixel selfie snapper with 1080p at 30 frames per second with selfie video recording here here is the 12 megapixel selfie I’m limited on what I can show you guys here, but I can show you a quick sneak. Peek of the picture, as well as some video quality, and I must say that it does not have too much light noise when recording with the selfie, which is a good thing. Every 64 megapixel. I make 6 8 6 sensor from Sony on the back here with an 8 megapixel ultra wide and 2 megapixel macro sensor. We have 1080p 4k recording at 60 frames per second and 8k recording at 30 frames per. Second, there is the 8 megapixel ultra wide roll shots, shots on Pro Mode 64, megapixel main raw sensor button dance a 16 megapixel over here, and we have a bin pixel shot over here. Moving on to macro, because we have a 2 megapixel macro sensor, dedicated macro sensor, as my friend Yoda over here main burned and shot through to portrait, which looks absolutely fantastic on a gaming phone. If you are just going for a gaming phone, you will be pleased to know that it has a pretty damn good set of cameras.

1080P at 60 frames per second looks great and remember a camera improvements will be happening. This is a pre production unit of the phone and will improve drastically through software updates, 4k 60 over there and 8k 30 frames per second. This is most likely up scaled from 6k in order to get 30 frames per second, instead of Samsung’s 24 frames per second, as seen on ES 20 devices. We have the latest red magic a3 software skinned over Android 10 and feel free to pause over there. For more specs back to these wonderful refresh rate panels, 60 Hertz on the left, 90 Hertz in the middle hundred and forty four on the right hand side. I would like to slow this clip down and I’m going to slow it down even more for you guys in a second just so that you can see the difference here. We go slow down Tampa 100. True time. Look how much more fluid to the 144 Hertz panel is. It looks absolutely insane. This is the first mass produced phone with a 144 Hertz panel on it. I could not tell you guys how excited I was to see this and test it out. It is absolutely incredible: we have a whole bunch of different color modes to lights, up that wonderful display, as well as srgb mode, which is great and some awesome. Looking dynamic live wallpapers to boot straight from the gallery of Nubia in a wallpaper. Now we do have a bit of a bezel on around the phone over here top and bottom, especially though, when we’re gon na be playing games, you don’t want your palms to get in the way, so I kind of understand why they didn’t take away the top And bottom bezels what’s they have dock mode over here.

This was pretty hard to turn on and off with previous devices. You had to actually switch themes, but this time around they make it really easy. Also have a screen on clock over here which they have lacked in previous Nubia red magic devices and they look absolutely awesome. We even has some awesome Impressionists of video ones over here, and I think it looks really awesome showing the Nubia CP over there we’ll. Obviously the snapdragon 865. We also have our notification tray at the top over here, which is editable, of course, and changes with dock mode. We have full screen gestures. The nice thing to see is that you can pull in from the left and right for gestures, but my favorite way the Samsung, where you can actually pull in from the bottom right and left corner of the phone. In order to go back, we can also lock apps over there and we can do a some general multitasking which you see on most phones guys. This is a gaming phone, yes, but it is also in everyday phone. If you ask me and honestly, I think this is gon na be my new daily driver, especially with the fact that we now have an under display fingerprint sensor, previous iterations of the phone in the red magic, three and three years. Obviously, the original red magic and reg of Magic Mars all had physical sensors at the back of the phone. Now this software is absolutely great, but the best thing about the software is that we can go into game space 2.

1 and before we do that, i just want to show you guys the light bulb at the bottom over there of the phone it can breathe and It can also be static right over there. You cannot change the color, but it looks absolutely awesome. That is the red magic logo. I like the fact that we can check out the cooling fan in regular settings and not have to go into game space for that, but here it is game. Space 2.1. Your hub of all your games with tons of settings. You can keep all your games here. You can get accessories such as the for the phone as well, and we also have the option for customizing the red magic logo at the back there. The writing over there looks absolutely fantastic and you can change it in many multiple ways. We have 16000 revolutions per minute, turbofan multi layer, graph cuts and liquid cooling. It sounds pretty loud and pretty effective when you are gaming over here, we’re gon na shoot over to some games to test out the frames per second, i am using game bench pro see. The description for more details on that, if you are indeed a developer, we will be testing our call of duty mobile first, and it does indeed have a 60 frames per second cap, so we’re not going to be seeing anything more than 60 frames per second, even Though we have a 144 Hertz display on the red magic 5g over here, any phone will be able to play this game at 60 frames per second, of course, on lower settings.

We have max settings here, and it has no war is shooting at 60 frames per. Second, now on pub g mobile, it is called game for peace in china, and it is the only version of the game that actually allows for 90 frames per second, so 90 hertz refresh rate on here can definitely handle it, especially 144 Hertz, though even with 144 Hertz enabled it reverts to 90, because the game can only support 90. The irregular pop G mobile is capped at 60 frames per second, as I said earlier, so a game for peace can run at 90 frames per second, but only on low graphics settings over. Here, though, it is having no sweat whatsoever running this game had a full 90 frames per second I’ll get into the results of all of the games laid out on the average frames per second we’re gon na shoot over to bullet force, which came much before pub G mobile and Call of Duty mobile – and it is doing a fantastic job – no frame rate cap over here – guys look at the top right corner of the screen over there. 146 147 frames per. Second, it is mocking it at the park. I cannot tell you how big the smile was on my face when I saw this moving over to dead trigger 2. Also, no frames per second cap over yeah 146 frames per second 143 frames per second back to 146. It is keeping it really stable and it is really tasting at the snapdragon 865 processing chip from qualcomm a run on seven animated technology to the max is really giving it a run for its money.

Here, with the max Hertz refresh rate, you will ever see on a phone – well, probably this year anyway, I’m, not sure anything more than this would make too much of a difference and Real Racing 3 game. Bitch actually did taste us out and got 144 Hertz across the board. I wanted to test that out too. It looks absolutely gorgeous on the 6.6 5 inch AMOLED DCI, p3 color gamut display and look at that 140 647 frames per. Second, it is doing a breathtaking job guys. This is absolutely incredible. Here are the average frames per second 60 on Collins 1890 on pop G, 146 bullet Falls 146 a trigger to 146 Real Racing 3. Have you ever guys? This is the red magic 5g. It looks. Absolutely stunning: I love this Eclipse black edition. I cannot wait to see the other color variants of the phone. The 144 Hertz is definitely the standout feature of the phone it doesn’t have too many drawbacks. If you ask me – and I am really enjoying this phone so far – stick around for more videos on the red magic 5g and as for now I’m gon na go play.