I just wanted to show you some wireless mics that I’ve been using for live streaming, and I am very happy about it because they work really good. I didn’t buy them for live streaming initially, but they’re very good mics. For this lot cameras. Merliss cameras, mobile phones for computers, whatever you need to do, you can see right now, I’m using one of these it’s right here. This is a transmitter it’s, a comic CVM, WM 100. I do love comical microphones. I have one more shotgun mic right here. I also have this USB see mics my coziest great, so let me go back to a comic SCV mwm 100, two transmitters in one receiver. Let me grab it right here, I’m using this right now, as you can see, it has monitoring, so you can plug it in on your headphones you’re using headphones right now. So I can hear what I’m saying and the output that goes to your phone, your camera. It has different output options, so you can choose whatever you want to use it with. It has a lot of channels you can select and it syncs the receivers via infrared IR right here. But what I love there is two specific things. First of all, the transmitters have line in it’s, not just wireless mics. Any audio source can be turned wireless, so you can plug in your audio mixer right here right here. You can have an entire band and send the output to a to another speaker.

You can do mainly many different things with this, for example, what we are using, where we have a there’s, a Behringer, mixer and we’re, using one of the outputs of the mixer to the second receiver right here. So it gets all our instruments and the entire mix, and then we have this using the actual microphone. You can grab the cellphone and be wireless let’s, say this with the transmitter and the receiver so line in the first thing that I love, which I did not expect in the beginning, when I first saw it, I was like that’s not gon, na work with it. Well, it works amazing and then the second thing is this magic port right here you be so even if you run out of battery you don’t have to work. You just plug it in where USB power bank or in your computer and you keep going battery, never runs out pretty much. So I got these from Amazon for around 250 and they also come with this pouch, which I do love pouches and they have the wind muffs. They have the XLR out which, which you can plug in on your camera, this lot or in the mixer, and you can use this cable for lining or again for an output from your phone. It also comes with a small amount for tripods shooting the mount. I have something right here: you can mount it on top of this, as you can see it right here.

This is it there we go. It comes with this. The signal is great. The reception is great, really really good. I haven’t had an interruption or any break at all. It also has some cool features. You can press the power button one time and it meets it, mutes the microphone so and there’s no noise, as you noticed, we need to turn it back on. It turns out turns back on slowly, which I loved and the transmitter has some cool options as well.