You may remember the first Besler smartphone. It was basically from sharp. It was very interesting. They did set a trend, and now they have the first smartphone of 240 Hertz and maybe dead, is going to be a trend in the future. Now sharp sent me the smartphone and sponsored this video, but there’s always guys. You will always get my honest opinion about it and now before we kick this off and I’ll show you what this thing you can do. Let me know down below into the comments. Do you think that we actually need 240 Hertz because I’m really interested in what the community thinks now? I think it really depends, but we’ll find it out during this video Music so guys there we go now here’s the smart phone and well, as you can see, it is really snappy and fast, because the display is right now running with 120 Hertz, but I’ll just Show you some more about the smart phone in a second, because before will quickly have a look at the box so, as you can see very basic box. Well, it comes directly from Japan, it’s not available yet in Europe, but it will come to Europe now. Regarding the specs, we have a six point: four inch OLED display with full HD plus resolution and 240 Hertz refresh rate. It comes with Android 10. It also comes with the snapdragon 855, but it doesn’t come with the 855 plus. So there is no 5g.

Yet on the smartphone, but probably it’s, going to launch also with a different chipset i’ll read on now, then it comes with 8 gigabytes of very fast ram, 256 gigabytes of storage and also we have ufs, 3.0 storage and well the dual cameras about which we’ll talk In a second all right, then let’s quickly check out the charger, because while it is a sample that means this is not the official retailed package. So there is a USB cable missing right now, but I think the charging specs should be kind of final and this one here I’m, not sure if you can see this, this has actually an output of 10 watts maximum, so well, that’s not really a lot, but Also, the battery is not really big, so that should be actually quite sufficient and the key specs of this smartphone are actually the fast processor and the display, and if you take the smartphone for the first time, if you pick it up for the first time, it Is really ultra lightweight? This is really crazy. It almost weighs nothing now compared to an iPhone really. This feels like a dummy but it’s, really it’s a working, smartphone, that’s, absolutely crazy. So now, let’s take a closer look at the phone itself. Now guys there we go here’s the smart phone and before we go indef on some features, I want to do a quick walkthrough on some of the features of the smart phone and show you how the smart phone looks and feels in general it’s a well first Of all super lightweight, this is really crazy.

I fought really it’s a dummy but it’s a fully working smartphone. Then here you have that six point four inch display it’s an older display, Full HD plus resolution here also with this water drop notch design, which I think is looking quite cool and sharp, was always known for really great display technology and they had the first bezel A smartphone, and now they have another smartphone that is taking probably the industry to the next level, and this is it already guys so well um, if you check out to the back side as you can see, this is plastic, but it shines pretty nicely on the Light so different color, always between light blue and dark blue, looks pretty okay to me. Here we have the LED flash and here dual camera it’s, not a triple a quad camera, but the cameras are actually quite decent, as you will see in the camera test. All right now here we have two type C port, as you can see, and also we have here a speaker. It has actually stereo speakers because it’s also using the front speaker so the earpiece as a second speaker, 2yeah, emulate stereo sound. Then here we have the SIM card tray, as you can see, and the whole frame here is made out of plastic, but it’s a really slim frame, and it feels pretty good buttons on the right side, power button, volume, button and yeah feel pretty good to press There’S, nothing wrong about it, it’s just a little bit weird that is so light alright.

So here you can see now the smartphone and while it is running right now with hundred twenty Hertz in the menu, so usually when you get a hundred twenty Hertz smartphone, at least it scales down in the menu to 60 or depending on the settings. Ninety, but most of them do not run in hundred twenty now. This is not a final software. This is a prototype, so I’m, not sure about the scaling algorithm right now, but right now we have 120 Hertz also here in the menu, and you already feel it because damn this is crazy if you swipe somewhere, for instance, here in the Play Store. This is really fast and I’m, currently filming everything we found 20 Hertz so that there’s no delay from the camera, but yeah it’s, it’s, really crazy, depends on on the application for sure, but it’s really really fast, okay, um! Well, it is stock Android, as you can see so here we have two Google news feed. These apps have been pre installed here. The apps I’ve installed so far so for testing, and it is super fast and snappy that’s, something which is really cool. If you swipe down from the top, as you can see, you have here the quick toggles so also like on stock Android, and here we have Dolby Atmos because well those certificates, they’re, quite expensive manufacturers have to pay for it. Now sharp has Dolby Atmos, Dolby vision and HDR. So for the screen technology we have Dolby vision and Dolby and HDR and for audio we have Dolby Atmos and those certificates are not cheap at all, so that’s actually really good.

So let’s go here quickly to the settings, because I want to show you how it looks like also here you see pretty stock Android. Now, when you go to this play, you will see that you actually cannot do any adjustments to the screen refresh rate for now. At least I’m not sure about the final software. But what do you have here on the image? Quality is HDR video um? You can switch it between different preset cinema, dynamic and standard and there’s. Also, the HDR convert this virtual HDR, which and basically renders the videos to HDR, so at least gives you a little bit more colors and all that as yeah as far as it’s possible. Then we have here the acres, useful settings – and here actually here are the Hertz settings. So this um the display basically only scales up when you launch a game, because there is no use case to use the 120 or 240 Hertz or something like that. If you’re not gaming, now when you are gaming, actually, then you will have this additional gaming menu, so there is a high response mode. Basically, you get a much smoother display and also better high speed touch response will test this later. Also in the gaming test, which we’ll do tomorrow, that will be very, very interesting and yeah here the resolution that is kind of nice, so you can choose it between HD and Full HD. So basically, I think that in Full HD it doesn’t scale up to the full 240 Hertz but I’m, not sure about that and in HD, as you can see, movement prioritized such much smoother and yeah.

That will be very cool to check this out in different games, because I’m already super excited about this already guys. Now the screen is looking fantastic. You also have here different settings, so, as you can see, you can calibrate it outdoor view and it’s a really bright panel, as well it’s, currently at maximum brightness here and indoors, because I’m filming here with a lot of light. But outdoors really no problem to read the screen HDR, as you can see plenty of HDR settings which you’ve seen before, and the screen can be fully adjusted here here. Also, some other useful features like auto scrolling clip now to take a screen, shot and also auto sleep, so yeah pretty cool things other than that. If you check this out here, there is not much more than stock Android and that is that’s actually really cool, because I don’t like it when the menu is too full of crap you don’t need. Now. The only downside is when you have such a high refresh rate displayed that you run out quickly of battery I’ve tested this today as well. I started with 80, I didn’t charge to 100, so just to clarify that and yeah, as you can see 2 hours, 48 minutes from 80 to 52, so that’s 48. I guess you will be. You will get something like 4 to 5 hours of screen on time. Depending if you’re gaming or not that’s, not a lot, but some people actually don’t need more so it’s a one day, smartphone it’s not made for two days, but this is actually made for gamers from media consumers.

So you don’t get the best battery life, but well, if 4 or 5 hours of screen on time are enough for you, it is getting the job done. So this is the maximum. You can get from my point of view of this software right now because, as you see, the screen is running all the time, with 120 Hertz that’s really crazy. Already guys now, let’s have a quick look at the camera application, because I quickly want to show you this. As you see, this is pretty much a stock Android camera application with some customization, and it is really simple and I would say, let’s go quickly outside it’s such a beautiful day and let’s test out the camera of the a core 0 2. Now, regarding the cameras, well, this smartphone here has 2 cameras. We have a 20 megapixel wide angle, camera and a 12 megapixel regular camera. While we also have a 12 megapixel camera on the front, so well dual cameras. I haven’t had too many smartphones with only two cameras on the back for a long time, but the focus on this smartphone is not really the camera it’s actually more about the processor and display, but for sure I’m going to show you the camera quality right now. So let’s walk through my garden because I’m locked in here because of the coronavirus and let’s try to get some amazing pictures. So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s quickly check out the camera applications, as you can see, pretty stock camera application be here currently in video mode.

We have here two different lenses nor the regular lens, and the wide angle lens wide angle goes up to 20 megapixels and the regular one goes up to 12 megapixels. You can actually shoot 4k within both of them, but funny thing is that you can only shoot HDR and 60fps on the wide angle lens for some reasons, as you can see now we have 60fps, and now here we have HDR as well, but you cannot shoot Hdr with 60fps or 4k it’s only in 1080p, there are some few things which are really working good, and this is the wind noise cut for the noise reduction and also this ai audio feature. Basically, it takes video snap snippets from your video and renders it into a new video with music, and this worked pretty good, all right so that’s regarding videos now let’s quickly come to the pictures. So, as you can see a shoot most of my pictures here in the Pro Mode, you have a few smart things like here. The focus, help, object, detection and focus points, and also here a level to get your picture perfectly straight. You can check out theater settings, so it has here optical image, stabilization, which you can switch off. We have here HDR, which you can switch off. Multi autofocus display intelligent framing, so actually some pretty cool features here inside, as I’ve told you main camera 12 megapixels wide angle, camera 20 megapixels there is slow motion.

Video enter is time lapse then there’s also something which is a little bit hidden, which I found out. A little bit later, if you go to picture – and you go here at the top, you can actually switch back from the manual mode to AI, auto, auto portrays and yeah. There are also a few manuals, so basically you can shoot close ups after image light painting. It has really quite a lot of modes, and it tells you here also how to take the pictures. So I think the camera app is really cool, it’s, very basic it’s, not that overloaded, like some camera, apps and other smartphones, and it gets the job done really well. So let me know down below in the comments um from the pictures you see right now. If you like, the camera quality or not Music, now slow motion goes up to 230 FPS. So let’s quickly try this out right over here. There we go, so you need to keep it as steady as possible for ultra slow motion that it looks good but 240 FPS. I guess that will be done in 720p, but let’s check it out in a second. This is the same test in HDR on the smartphone, so you can shoot 1080p up to 60fps, but when you’re using high frame rate like 60fps and 4k, you cannot use HDR so check out here. The sky, maybe it’s, walk a little bit in the shade here.

For HDR, so on the display right now, just I can’t see a too big difference here. Maybe the shadows a little bit race, as you can see, so the difference between highlights and shadows looks a little bit more, even and not that strong anymore, but yeah that’s. The video quality here in for 1080p HD are on the sharp, a Casio to. Let me know your thoughts down below now guys here’s a quick front facing camera test on the sharp, a cost 0 2 in Full HD. So you can choose between different video codecs. You can choose h2 to 65 unlight or ultra quality and h.264, which we are using right now and well, as you can see so with different lighting situations. It deals pretty good focuses on point, but let me know on the big screen on the computer right now and yeah there’s a little bit of distortion, but this is due to the stabilization which is currently turned on. It has a few pretty handy features. It has video stabilization for the front facing camera and also then wind reduction mode, so for better audio quality, so also listen to the audio quality right now there is not much wind, but let me know what you think about it: alright, we’re now watching here a Fast motion movie – and I like this kind of movies, they’re, really cool and well usually, when you watch this on a slow display, you really see some stuttering, but oh my god check this out here on the sharp.

How smooth is this with 120 Hertz display? This is actually crazy to watch. It really it’s, really a lot of fun to watch such movies, who have super fast movement, as you can see now check this out really really sick I’m actually impressed now. That’S really cool, but also the screen has pretty nice colors. Viewing angles it’s kind of bright and sharp really shows here how advanced they are with screen technology and I’m really curious. What are we gon na see in a couple of years in our smartphones, because I think it could beat this kind of technology now guys have also downloaded a full dolby atmos clip it’s around 1 gigabyte and yeah just check this out. That will transform your viewing experience so guys I’ve seen this demo. Quite often when I test Dolby Atmos devices – and I have to say it sounds pretty good because it’s utilizing the right speakers so Dolby Atmos is definitely working on this thing and whenever you watch something with Dolby video, it works like this. Like then, I’m the source. So the players controlling the back light that’s controlling several things, several settings from the display and this place with Dolby vision, are actually not quite common, so that’s, really really cool and also Dolby audio um sounds pretty nice, so, while I’m good chop chop so guys, we Are now applying Pepsi and, as you can see, I mean I hope the frame rate from the camera catches it.

But, oh, my god, this is extreme graphics and check out how responsive and fastest is. This is really absolutely crazy, so, while I’m for pop G, this is really cool. I mean even though 120 Hertz is only supported by and the Chinese version I’m not really sure, which version is that, but it runs already smooth like butter compared to some of my other phones. I have here well tomorrow, testers with game bench. Game bench is a industry standard software which really can monitor everything framedrops and all that and how yeah, how fast it is really running and I’m really curious to have a closer look with the software adds the phone to check out how it feels because now well, You can probably see it on the camera, but I can tell you what I feel, and this is crazy, crazy fast. This is really really crazy. So, oh my god check this out. How smooth this is really really amazing for gaming and tomorrow there will be the big test, also with some other smart phones, so stay tuned anyhow guys yeah let’s play a game which really supports 120 Hertz on the list, so guys now a quick round of dragonball Because this is a very fast game with a lot of fast animations, as you can see, and only 240 hertz display. This is actually a lot of fun, and this was also one of the examples which sharp has shown that they’re released in Japan and yeah it’s.

Actually, not a hundred twenty Hertz games if either no, but oh my god, um these animations look really sick and fast and smooth that’s, really cool. So I’ve seen this game on some low end devices as well, and it looked definitely different. All right guys done. It is time for a big bang, all right guys so we’re now here at the end of this video and have to say this was really one of the most interesting smartphones to test because well you just have to camera. So it made me actually think a little bit more about my shots and not just comparing like 1000 lenses with each other. That was pretty cool. Now the camera quality I didn’t expect it that it was actually quite decent because of what like dual cameras. Is that still a thing in 2020, but yeah they’re actually getting the job done? There is nothing wrong about it now. Regarding the performance, the Snapdragon 855 is not the lights chipset from Qualcomm, but it’s still a very decent one, so it’s very fast you’ve seen it in gaming and the speakers. Speakers are really good. The only thing it’s very lightweight, it feels so weird. First trust me guys: I have an iPhone 11 Pro and I was picking this up and it was like it’s this real phone, or is this a dummy because it’s so lightweight now here it comes really down to personal preference. Do you prefer lightweight smartphones or not? And for me, while I got used to heavy smartphones, I would actually prefer a bigger battery inside of a smart phone now talking about the battery.

Well, you will make it through the day it’s. Now four o’clock – I still have 60 it’s for sure because of the higher screen refresh rate, not that good in terms of battery life, like those battery flagships like Huawei, is putting out, but still in terms of other features. This is not marketed as as a battery found. This is a gaming and multimedia phone. Another thing for this it’s getting the job done, so let me know down below if you think that we need 240 Hertz now I’m, not really sure if we need it. But, and the fact is that we’ll see in the future a lot of smart phones with high refresh rates, and I think it will be quite challenging for all the smartphone manufacturers to get the right software behind it, because not only the screen is important. Also, the software that you don’t have any negative effects on the battery side and yeah I’m. So far, it looked pretty good on the shop and I’m looking forward into the future. If you’re more interested in the smartphone I’ll try to leave you some more information down below into the description and I’m, pretty stoked that it finally comes to Europe, because all the sharp smartphone’s you could only get them in Japan. Also this right now, but they finally make a step to Europe I’ve seen some AdWords in emerging countries, but I wasn’t really sure about Europe, but now yeah very, very interesting, already guys big thanks for watching this video.