Why? I am doing comparison and I’ve used both these devices. This is the 1 plus 70 and half now even used iku and in terms of looks again, I won’t say anything. It looks are so very subjective, I would say so. I won’t say what is that, but Ike was lightly more dense and slightly heavier because it has a bigger battery compared to the 1 plus 70. But now let’s talk about the first thing. Obviously, you know let’s talk about the processor and here obviously the IQ goes ahead because it comes with the new Snapdragon 805 SOC, which is the fastest that we have from Qualcomm, whereas the 1 plus 70 comes with the Snapdragon 855 plus what’s in terms of RAM. The ICO actually has the newer lpvr firearms, whereas the one class has the lpddr4 and even in terms of storage, it has the newer a: u FS, 3.1 storage we’ll just a fastest, whereas this one has the? U FS, 3. So in day to day usage. I would say both these devices are very fast, so you won’t notice any lag, enos or anything. So what I did is I ran. What do you say benchmarks on this? I ran Geekbench and I store the results and here, as you can see, there is quite a bit of difference both in the single score as well. It has multi, for example it. So you much bigger difference in the multi threaded score.

As you can see single we got 796 and on the ID you got the 932. So definitely yes, iq is faster because it has the new processor and again I also wanted to run and to do. But sadly I had to do is out, but when we have hand to do – and I ran on this one – I think so – I got a score of close to about 5 lakh 92000 that’s, one of the faster that we have seen so yes and benchmarks. Definitely this goes ahead now. If you talk about speakers here, I would say the oneplus 70 has an edge, because this one has a stereo speaker. Let me do one thing: let me try to play the same track on both these devices. Let’S just go to my own youtube channel and let’s first play it on the oneplus and then so yeah regarding Phi G, for example. This is the new real me. So let’s do one thing now: let’s run the same thing on this single speaker, so this has a single speaker in terms of loudness. Yes, I would say the one plus cos I head and again, as has the stereo speaker, so definitely I in terms of speaker, I would say the one tusk goes ahead. I wish this also had speed castelia speaker, but one thing I like on this echo. Is it still retains the headphone jack and guys the headphone jack quality is very good.

It actually has a high fight back, so the music output was very good in this. Sadly, with one class we simply don’t have any headphone jack. So that is something that I missed now, if you talk about another thing, that is the in display fingerprint scanner that are actually very fast. If you see so, I would say neutral in that I mean it’s blazingly fast on both the devices. So I can’t say that one is faster than the other, as you can see both work very well. So that is, you know, but one thing that I’ve noticed is that both of them actually have an AMOLED screen, but we don’t have the always on display on the oneplus 70. That is what I have been complaining about, oneplus from almost two years. I don’t know why they don’t give it. Yes, if you tap in it, shows two display, but again the handset is far away, always like this always on display. It gives more information that we don’t have. So that is something that is missing. But if we talk about to display your again, you know one plus does have that ninety hurt screen option, whereas it’s a regular, sixty Hertz clean on this one. But one thing was strangely that I’ve noticed is if you can even go to that benchmark score again. If you notice, you just go back and open this, if you notice here clearly I’ve said they try to set the brightness to almost the same on both their devices, but the display is slightly yellowish on the oneplus, whereas on this ICO it is actually much more Vital, as you can see, the color difference it’s the same page as you can see at this benchmark score, but this is something that I’ve noticed and even encountered so slightly.

The color temperature is slightly on the Year oversight on the oneplus MP, which again you won’t notice and every day, but again as we are doing the side by side comparison as I noticed it quickly and now. If we talk about user interface, I don’t have to talk about the one plus it comes with the legendary. What are you saying one plus UI oxygen OS is something that we actually love, so that is very familiar and again, 1. Plus s been good with updates with this icon, they have their own UI. Again, we do have the app tree, as you can see, and general day to day usage. I never actually faced any issues of lag enos or something, and it has everything, quick, toggles and stuff. But again I will take a day or two to get you straight, but again it has all the options and front also has a dedicated gaming. More I’ll show you that so again after a day or two you will get used to this, it has all the options, but again might be a learning curve for a or so again, as you can see, we have all the options even ultra more, and we Also have this monster mode which again for heavy apps you can use while gaming and it changes the I couldn’t, colors and stuff. Also like this, we also have a dedicated ultra gaming mode. I will talk about that later. In fact, it has those physical triggers.

If you want to use that you have to enable that mode now, if you talk about gaming again, both these smartphones will play any game. You throw on it fine again the Snapdragon 855, also very good in gaming, so don’t have to worry about it and again. Obviously this is the new Snapdragon 865 in gaming performance is very good, and I feel this is sort of a gaming centric smartphone that they have built. Yes, it doesn’t have the 90 Hertz or 120 Hertz display, but in terms of touch response, when you enable Ultra gaming mode or all this and just activate this, and here, if you go here, these are the settings that configure it for call of duty. We have game assistant and also, as of today, we have physical triggers, they call it monster touch of whatever and you can configure them. I have configured it for call of duty and I will show you that so you have these mode and you can set all those things so let’s just fire up this call of duty and I think so, yeah let’s just go back and fire it up from There itself and it’s called load and, as you can see, you get the game assistant over here. I’Ll just confirm, and we have that 108 P, Hertz patched responses and general of what he says: smartphone it’s 120 – and here as you can see, you can even control the pressure sensitive buttons.

I have done that. Let the game load, and I will give you an idea. These are actually triggers the that you can use and let me just log in and give you an idea so guys we are playing the Call of Duty and I’ve nabbed these buttons left and right left. As for reloading the weapon and right there, as you can see for zooming – and I just press this for reload – those are not that this I’m using for zoom guys as you can see, I can quickly zoom in so definitely these triggers, we can map, I mean It will help you in gaming. So again we have these two physical buttons over here. You could say like that, and you can map it to anything while gaming, so certainly I would say in gaming, as you can see, if i zoom image image of this like this very easily, and even if I go here, you can click this and you have All the options, like pressure, sensitivity, what you want you can reset you can save if you just want to use one bath with a Orbeez and do that plug in. Let me just develop this game so again it gives us these options or with this one. So I feel if you game a lot, this might be better. It is sort of designed more as a game, eccentric smartphone, I would say now again both of these actually comes with very good chargers.

The oneplus 70 comes with a 30 watt of bra charge about the IQ one set up. For example, it comes with a 55 watt charger, which is definitely faster than the one plus 70, and I would say you can get that around 50 percent charge in just about first 15 minutes. So again, very quick charging that you are getting on this one. Also in terms of what is a battery life, if I would say definitely, the ICO has slightly better battery life. This has a bigger battery, that is a 4440 milli ampere, whereas the 1 70 has a 3800 million bond so in day to day usage as both are fine, I could even the 1 17 also last for a day, but definitely the IQ last slightly longer. Internal screen on time, anywhere between about 45 minutes to about 1 hour more time that you can get on this ICO, so the battery life is also go down this one. Now, if you look at it from the back, I would say – and let me disable this gaming mode. We also have that cameras on the these one. We have a triple camera on the oneplus 70, whereas we have actually quad camera setup on this one, as you can see from the back. Actually, the oneplus has a forty eight megapixel. Then we have a 12 megapixel. That is a 2x zoom. Then we also have ultra white that’s a 16 megapixel, whereas on this IP we have that quad camera setup than using, but the primary is the same as forty eight megapixel on both, whereas the second camera is a 13 megapixel that’s that zoom camera it’s a hybrid Zone than what they say, and then you also have ultra wide on this one that is again 13 and we also have a 2 megapixel that’s for use for portrayed and ok, I mean camera specs are not something that we harp on.

So what I did is actually I took a lot of camera sample shots with put the smartphone side by side. So here are the samples that you can see. So these are the sample side by side, and if you notice closely, there is a difference in the colors, and I would say the oneplus 70 has very less contrast compared to the ICO. As you can see, if you look closely, this is clearly evident in this picture and even in outdoor pictures, the oneplus 70 has slightly yellowish tint, whereas the IQ has slightly bluish tint. As you can see with these samples, this was the regular shot, and this was the zooms and in terms of detail with both of them. The details were same, but again you notice that slight difference in color this was the tantrum wide and in very low lighting situations. The eye cool lets up the subjects a lot more, even in detail. I would say the ICO got slightly more detail and these are samples taken in indoor lighting and notice my face if you notice there’s slightly more skin smoothing. The contrast levels are definitely better on the ICO compared to the oneplus 70. As you can see, with these samples now moving to the front facing camera, both do good, but again again the IQ lights of the face, a lot better compared to what the oneplus 70s front facing camera is doing. So I would say the front facing is also better on the ICO.

Both are actually very good devices and in terms of pricing also, they are very close to each other again. Yes, this is having the 865. Obviously, if you go for the higher end weight – and you also have 5g but even the oneplus 70 is a good device, but now it’s slightly getting slightly old, and I would say if we talk about the Downers of this iku, I would say the biggest Downers Would be that it doesn’t have the 90 hurt screen, but again I don’t mind it that much, but the screen quality as of quality is curved. The whites actually look right on this one and if we also talk about another core that I don’t like, is it skips on that stereo speaker setup? But the plus points of IQ would be again that snapdragon 865 SOC with that ddr5, so it’s a blazingly, fast smartphone and again, I would say in terms of gaming. I would say this goes slightly ahead because of that physical triggers of what they like to call. The monster touch or whatever it’s configurable. So if you play a lot, you will have that slight edge compared to other users. I would say, and also the camera performance as we saw – and it was surprising for me also – was actually pretty good on this one anyways guys that’s it for now. For this very quick, practical comparison, but this one plus 70 and the ICO.