Now should you buy the real me x2 or go for the real me 6 Pro in our review of the real me 6 pro we’re gon na find out just that before watching this video be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon so That you get notified when we publish new videos Music with every new model. The real me changes, the design of the back and for the six pro we now have a funky lightning inspired design. The glossy finish of the back makes this phone very slippery, but thankfully it’s Gorilla, Glass, five, so scuff marks weren’t really an issue. The real Mystics Pro is quite chunky at 8.9 millimeters and a bit heavy at 202 grams. The same tree on the left has slots for two nano Sims and a micro SD card, which is good. The real basics Pro features a six point: six inch LCD display with a dual hole: punch cutout, which gives this phone a modern appearance. This Gorilla Glass, 5 here the 90 Hertz refresh rate, makes usage feel smooth, and the good thing is that there’s an auto option, which means it automatically scales down to 60 Hertz to conserve power if an app cannot benefit from a higher refresh rate. Even though this is not an AMOLED panel, we found the colors and brightness to be more than adequate. The side mounted fingerprint sensor is insanely quick face, recognition continues to be quick and it works equally well, even in the dark, just like the real miss 6.

The real me 6 protons on real me UI, which is essentially a version of color OS 7 for real me phones, it’s, based on Android 10, and our unit had the February security patch. You can check out a real me, 6 review to know more about the software, because not much has changed. Unfortunately, there’s a fair bit of bloatware. Here too, the Snapdragon 720 G is a powerful chip. So, as expected, general usage and multitasking was handled superbly. Actual gaming performance is pretty solid to pub G mobile ran smoothly at relatively high graphics settings and other than getting slightly warm. The real miss 6 pro was comfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions. Just like the real me 6, this Explorer delivers a solid day and a half of battery life. Even with heavy usage, we recorded a runtime of 21 hours and 42 minutes in a HD video loop test, which is pretty good. The bundled 30 watt fast charger managed to charge the battery from 0 to about 90 in an hour, which again is very quick. Now let’s check out the real nice explore your camera specifications. We were quite happy with the landscapes and close up shots. We got with the real mix explode during the distant objects had fairly good details. Colors were well represented and HDR worked very well. The wide angle camera is fun to use, but details are not as good. This is evident upon zooming in. We also noticed very visible chromatic aberration around the edges of some objects.

Photos captured by the telephoto camera are decent to autofocus is quick, but it takes a full second to switch between any of the cameras, which is not ideal. The real Mystics Provost’s of up to 20x hybrid zoom, but we noticed that, after about 5x objects, begin to lose their sharpness rather quickly in low light. The primary camera is pretty capable and manages a fair bit of detail with good colors. The wide angle, camera and telephoto camera shoot duller photos in low light. Thankfully you can use night mode with all three sensors which offers bright up with just with slightly better details. We found close ups taken and low light a bit of a hit on this, as the six pro can mess up colors. Quite a lot now, let’s take a look at front camera specs for this smartphone. We were quite impressed with the quality and detail in photos taken with the front cameras. The wide angle, camera is great for taking a group selfie and you can even shoot videos with it, but night more only works on the main selfie camera. The real Messick’s pro can shoot. Videos are up to 4k, but only at 30fps. At this resolution you cannot switch to the wide angle, camera and any zooming you do will only be digital. At 1080p you can choose 30 or 60 FPS and shoot with any of the rear cameras. Video quality is generally good at 4k, but footage looks better at 1080p, since there is stabilization at this resolution in low light there’s some noticeable distortion.

When you walk about – and this is due to the electronic stabilization, which can be annoying real me – is making it quite hard for fans to choose the right phone with so many launches in such a short span of time, while the real basics is a no brainer. The real basics pro is not so clear, cut, especially stop and variant with the real me x2 price, just a little bit higher. So the real me 6 pro and the real makes 2 a fairly similar when it comes to cameras and performance now which one you want to buy. It depends on a couple of factors which are mostly to do with design and the display. So the real me x2 has an AMOLED panel and an in display fingerprint scanner. Now, if you need these two things, then you should definitely go that smartphone. But if you want a more modern looking phone with a whole bunch cut out – and you have use for the secondary selfie camera that’s there on the real me 6 Pro, then this is the smartphone to get so. That was our review of the real may 6.