But I couldn’t figure out how what was the best way to show you of it in action other than in front of a mirror. So this is the little tripod part. So if you were doing pictures or just doing a video of yourself, you just put back down and it will fit and it will be hands free and then you can still video on the actual hand and I’m, not an expert I’m still trying to mess around And figure out how to use this thing, but on me, I’m, going to show you and the mirror here see there is a button and that button will tilt it will tilt up. It will tilt down all of that fun stuff. So you just press the little button until up and down you can go left or right, very study movement. You can go faster, you can be slower. There is also a zoom button there, but I absolutely love this it’s been extremely helpful with some YouTube videos that I’ve done that way. Cuz, usually I have my son help me make videos – or I have my husband, help me and then, with this little list, nifty thing I can make videos on myself and hands free. I just fed up fed similar to a tripod, but I love that it zooms in I love that it swivels as long. So that is fun. This is the box that it came in. This is the box that it came in so that way you can see that free nice box and then this is the bag that it actually comes in and it’s a zippered case, which is really nice it’s under a powder.

It comes with a charging cable that way you can keep your device charged Music. It will take on time lapse, videos for you. It will take still pictures for you and all that kind of fun. Stuff, I’m, still learning how to maneuver it around but I’m. Loving that I used it in my smoothie review video – and I used this in my Dr Seuss strawberry skiers, and I used this in my grocery store. When I went to Save Mart with my little guy, I used the candy little things to take all the footage.