The galaxy s. 20 is a very expensive phone, but you can say for it: by selling your old devices to gizmo. Go that buys all sorts of tech at the highest prices online and they are the sponsor of this. Video Gizmodo offers instant quotes and payment 15 days guarantee and free shipping check out the link in the video description and start selling. Unboxing is usually the most boring part of each review. But here are a few points worth mentioning these 20 ships with a brand new 25 was a fast charger. Samsung calls it a super fast charger, even though it’s not the fastest out there. There is also a pair of good sounding aeg branded USB type c earphones. The design of the phone is Samsung premium, built metal glass we’ve seen this before, but what I love about. The Galaxy is swanee the most ergonomic and weight distribution. The phone feels really comfortable to hold in one hand, that can be said about the majority of phones. These days, that’s because we have a 6.2 inch display, which is not small by any means, but it uses a 20 by 9 aspect ratio, meaning that the phone is narrower but taller for easier. One handed usability, I don’t have the biggest hands out there, but I can easily scroll through the menus, social media or websites. With one hand, the display is probably the best you can get on any phone along with other s20 series devices it’s, not only sharp vivid and bright, but 120 Hertz refresh ratio changes the entire user experience the phone feels much smoother than any other device with a Conventional 60 Hertz display a caveat 120 Hertz works only in full HD resolution, but the panel still looks amazing in 1080p.

Once you try 120, if it’s hard to go back to 60 Hertz honestly, I prefer smoothness overt excel eating on the back of the s20. Has a triple camera setup that consists of a wide ultra white and telephoto lens on the front. There is a 10 megapixel snapper. I will talk about how the sensors perform in practice in just a bit. The rest of the phone is kind of familiar to the previous generation Samsung’s flagship. We have a dual stereo loudspeaker system. That sounds really good. Ip 68 waiting for water and dust resistance is always useful to some card slots are convenient for traveling or doing some fishy business or living a secret secondary life. The micro SD card slot gives you an affordable storage expansion option. I also love always on display feature. A fingerprint scanner that is implemented under the display is pretty fast and reliable. But if you don’t like it a face, unlock feature works. Well too, there is no headphone jack but I’m used to wireless earbuds. So much that I stopped caring about a lack of this feature: galaxy buzzer, probably my favorite, two wireless earphones and they work seamlessly with the s20. There are also plenty of amazing budget options out there that I revealed on my channel. I will leave a few video links down below in the description year after year. Samsung makes his flagships with pretty much the best chipset on the market, lots of memory and storage the galaxy s 20 is no exception.

The phone is made to perform like a champ, whether it is the latest 3d game or a simple task that he want to complete in the future, packed yet clean. Looking and super fast user interface. That 120 Hertz screen adds a lot to the overall speed of the phone. The s20 is really smooth and responsive, no matter what you do with it. I suggest you go to the retail store and try the smoothness of the UI yourself, because the camera doesn’t do justice just like any Samsung phone. The Android 10 base as 20, gives you a ton of customization options and tweaks to play with. So you can make the phone look your own. I feel like repeating myself in each and every Samsung phone video, but if you have used the smi device recently you’ll feel right at home. You can customize and tweak the phone in a variety of ways. They like image quality is among the best we’ve seen on a smartphone, whether you take pictures using wide angle or the main camera three times. Hybrid optical zoom images also look pretty good, but I expected to see a little bit more detail in some of the shots. Everything beyond three times, zoom is okay, but this is a digital zoom. After all, so it can’t expect much from it. You can zoom in up to thirty times, which is great, but the results may not always impress you. It can also take 64 megapixels pictures that have a lot of detail that is useful for cropping or remote.

Does he pretty good job in low light? But if you want to unleash the full potential of the cameras, night mode is the way to go. I wouldn’t say that all the images are perfect, but the quality is among the very best. However, the wide angle and zoom lens could perform better. I like selfie image quality, whether you take them in auto or ported modes, both in good and poor lighting. A high quality selfie shooter, portraits, are taken with the main camera. Look really good too. There is also a single take mode that takes quite a few different pictures and videos at the same time so can pick and choose the best shots you want. I think this feature is really neat. The galaxy s 20 is one of the first phones that can record videos in 8k resolution. Some may say is Jesse gimmick, but I always like innovation and I’m happy that Samsung brought this feature. The video has a lot of resolved, detail and sharpness, but you need a powerful device to play back my two year old maxed out. Macbook Pro can play it, but the playback is ill bit choppy check out uncut video sample that I uploaded on YouTube and be the judge for key video quality is one of the best. The footage is really sharp, detailed and very smooth and stable using all camera lenses it outside. It can switch between different cameras only in 4k, 30 frames per second mode 4k.

60Fps video is also nice and smooth, but there is more noise than in 30 FPS video. The phone can shoot great quality, 4k 60 30fps video with a front facing camera, to check out a dedicated camera review, where I talk about image, quality in detail and cover features that were not mentioned in this video like. Why focus video super steady video, slow motion? Pro camera mode and so on and so forth, subscribe to the tech line. If you haven’t already so we don’t miss that battery life really depends on how you use the s20. For example, if you use the phone on average brightness and 60 Hertz refresh ratio, mostly for YouTube web browsing and social media, you may get over 12 hours of screen on time, which is a really impressive result. However, if you set the screen brightness to the maximum and use 120 Hertz, refresh ratio setting take a lot of pictures, record videos and so on. You should not expect to get more than five hours of SOT is still a respectable result when using the inbox, 25 watts charger, the Aswany will recharge from dead to fall in about 75 minutes as usual to Samsung’s flagship. There is a wireless charging feature. You can also rest assured that all the connectivity options on the s20 will work just fine. I had no issues with a call quality signal, reception, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, and there are all the sensors you could ever need on a smartphone.

The conclusion of this review – the samsung galaxy s 1e – is a great smart phone, the main caveat 120 Hertz refresh ratio only works in a full HD resolution, but the panel still looks amazing in 1080p. I also expected a bit better image quality when using digital zoom. As this is a feature that is highly praised by Samsung, despite his flaws, the Galaxy S 20 is a pretty much perfect compact flagship smartphone. It has created a sign premium. Build amazing display excellent overall performance, one of the best cameras, great battery life and even though it is expensive as it cost about 1000 bucks, the s20 is probably the best compact Android smartphone the money can buy at the mall. A thousand bucks is a lot of money, but you can save it by selling your old, smartphone or other tech to gizmo go whether it’s, a previous generation galaxy or an iPhone or any other device. Gizmo go offers. The best prices online check out the video description to learn more. What do you think about the samsung galaxy is 20 which buy this phone, or would you choose another device as always liked the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already follow me on social media for the latest updates and as Always it was lioness.