This is that marques and I, I think, we’re the only two youtubers to go hands on with xiaomi’s meanings alpha and that fern got me thinking we’re. In a time when we’ve got 360 degrees, wraparound displays we’ve got foldable phones, we’ve got rollerball phones, this smartphone mark. It looks like it could go in a hundred different directions, so I’m kind of excited to see where marques thinks we’re headed and then we’ll bring it back to the present what’s, the best current 2020 smartphone Music Marcus welcome. Can you hear me hello, darkness? My old friend yeah got ya how you doing Marcus I’m great. I take it you’re alone yeah empty studio, so we’re gon na break down the different ways that future smartphones could go. So one option is wraparound displays so we’ve both used the mimics alpha in your video. You can round it off by saying it’s cool there’s, a cool charging animation, but that’s pretty much it. So having had time to think about it, do you think there’s ever a possibility of like a wraparound screen being useful? Yes, it could be useful. The idea of like how do you improve on the current smartphone wrap the screen around the back. What does that get you versus? What are the sacrifices is is a really tough one because there’s a lot of challenges, so I don’t necessarily think that’s the future that all smartphones will have. I think it’s a cool idea that could be useful, but I don’t know if that’s the the ideal future part of what I said in my video is.

I talked to the public and I kind of showed them the phone, and I said what do you think and the general consensus was that it is cool, but why do I need apps on the back shortly? I could just flip to the right, which I was like fair point. Yeah, a lot of the usefulness is like the screen wrap around the back, like the only advantages we saw were flipping it over and having like the separate space but yeah you can just swipe over and then this sort of wraparound animations, which are very cool and Hard to replicate, but also not necessary, so it’s that’s more of a form over function, type thing for sure and with you, and so we can put the wraparound screen as a probably not yeah, yeah, okay. So what about foldables? Last year we had our first look at foldables. It wasn’t anything like one killer feature and there were a lot of problems, but we forgave it because first generation it’s fine they’re experimenting but now we’re starting to see second generation foldables. Has that, given you like more or less over hope for the future, I think so the main feature of foldables this is where I have like a little more optimism is the general concept of just fitting some bigger screen, but there’s as we’ve seen like 900 ways To do that, whether it’s, like a regular sized phone, that flips down into smaller thing in your pocket, which is kind of refreshing or just like a huge tablet, size that you normally wouldn’t pocket.

But I think it’s gon na take a couple more generations to really get that down. Okay, so, like you said the easy flip you like so, which is your favorite style, you know the flipping or the the kind of folding. So I haven’t played with the mate xs yet I want to, but as of right now, my favorite folding style is the regular galaxy fold. I think having it like a real tablet, size versus closing it up and having like a regular phone yeah. I completely agree: you probably face the aspect ratio problem as well right. That kind of you don’t really need a square for a lot of things right yeah. I only people talked about that enough, like a square is weird. It is where is weird but yeah. If you could open it up to like a 16 by 10 tablet, but then, when you fold it, what is that like that’s, why it’s weird cuz? What how do you answer that question? Do you sacrifice the outside of the inside? Was there ever a point when you thought you know what can someone make a triple fold because then you could actually open it into like a an actual widescreen. You know I didn’t think about it until I saw it so that does solve the aspect. Ratio problem is 16 by 10, 16 by 9 tablet that folds up into a regular sized phone. I could see it super earlier, though yeah okay, so so so, where do we stand on foldable thin? Is it like the same kind of cautious optimism that you had before they started, or is it more than actually it’s more looking like, probably not what we thought it was no I’m, definitely still optimistic that affordable.

I would put them in wait and see. I think when we see like the next couple, attempts next couple ideas and we start to get a couple generations in that might be where it’s at the reason I ask is that TCL showed off a rollable phone and that’s completely rocked my confidence in foldables, because It’S one of those things I looked at and for the first time I was like holy cow that makes sense yeah yeah, so you could put that in. I guess that’s like a different category: it’s, not folding it’s, just using the flexible display differently and and sort of rolling it out same idea of like having two different form factors accessible to you in one device. But you don’t have to worry about a crease anymore. So it seems like an advantage, but then how does the rollable thing last over time? Where is the tech on that? But I think I think things like that, like things like durability, that stuff gets ironed out, if the form factor makes sense, things will progress, right, yeah and, I think that’s a form factor that does make sense. So a lot of things that could potentially be a problem, but this is kind of this – is a this – is a hopeful yeah yeah I’m very curious about this? Again. All we have is the one TCL paper prototype so cautious optimism, but I like the idea – and I suppose what that leads to is as soon as you can start shape.

Shifting like this, do you not think that opens like a whole other can of worms like what? If my smartphone was my SmartWatch and like I could just clip it round and all of a sudden the UI changes or what, if my smartphone was also my laptop? Do you have any ideas on what the future phone form factor could be in 5, 10 years, when I ever, I think about this. I feel, like maybe I’m gon na, be that old guy that’s, like not forward looking enough, but I don’t see phones also being other things I feel like I’m. Just always gon na want to have a thing that I use and then put away and stop using and then use you’re gon na be that you’ve got to be that old. Guys like get off my lawn, maybe I’m. Scaring me, I hope, I’m not but like that’s that’s, how I see it at the moment with the limitations of the tech, so, okay, so just before we get to kind of the end of it, which is the top current smartphones there’s. A couple of things that I kind of just thought I want to ask you just misc questions so Escobar, so we both made videos on Escobar for two and we kind of said a similar thing. We explained the background we peeled off the stickers. We kind of said we didn’t recommend it, but in your video you went hard were you at all worried about security, because I was, I was the first person to make a video on it and to be frank about it like I wanted to make it clear.

I wasn’t recommending it, but I didn’t want to get shot that’s there. I don’t think I ever really had any genuine security concerns than them now having my address, but I think I said what I felt needed to be said: okay, so moving on. So your iPhone 5s review it just popped up on my feet. Your videos have a weird way of doing that. They just just free up there. Yeah they’ve got me thinking every year. It feels like we use phones that are the biggest they’ve ever been, and yet somehow the year after they get bigger, do you ever kind of wish that, like you, could have the best phone that isn’t a 7 inch? You know tablet almost yeah. This is why I made a best small phone category in my smartphone Awards is cuz like five years ago. That exact question you just asked me was still a huge question, like phones just keep getting bigger like what about the small flagship, I still think people like small flagships like when we get the new small iPhone. I think that’s gon na be pretty popular but yeah. I think we’re also still gon na keep getting bigger and bigger phones, but it’s like it’s crazy, because, like a lot of women, a lot of kids, they can’t use flagship phones, but obviously they still want flagship battery life best cameras. Do you think it’s companies like being a bit negligent like what do you think’s going on? Well, I think fundamentally, people feel like they’re getting more for their money when they got a larger thing.

A bigger screen, especially so I think people are gon na, feel like they want a bigger screen more often and it’s great for the user experience and everything, but miniaturization is also really hard. If you call it negligence, oh you could just call it a challenge to make a really good small phone. So like s 20s, which was your favorite size that’s such a good question, I really like the s20 ultra, but using the regular s. 20 was sort of refreshing to have a flagship phone, be smaller and it was still a 6.2 inch screen, but it was smaller. The ultra is my favorite size, but I really like having smaller phone. Ok, so last thing is the best current small phones and I’m curious about your answer, because I think a few months ago you would have said iPhone 11 Pro, but now that we’re starting to see like the new wave of 2020 Android flagship. Do you think that they’re doing enough enough? Well, what is enough mean enough to kind of earn? Your recommendation does let’s say someone who’s coming from an outsider ecosystem like a blackberry phone? Well, if the answer is, is it gon na be a good replacement for your blackberry? Yes, there phones, like the galaxy s. 20 are looking pretty sharp, like that’s quintessential, refined Samsung. I don’t think they’re all doing great. I think there’s there’s some others that have been a little lacking, but yeah. We got some good ones already this year.

You know friends like find x2 Pro. You think these phones are really like top tier um. Hardware was yes again if you’re, if you’re talking about like whether it’s a good replacement in this market that’s like now, you got a look at the OS and the software support. But if you’re, just looking at the tech, they’re they’re right up next to Apple with the tech that’s, what I was a little worried about like I watched the the Oppo livestream and I was just kind of thinking in my head. This phone is the ultimate spec sheet, but at the same time it could be just software not being tailored to like a Western market, yeah it’s, although that’s a big problem for a lot of these companies that have such big customer bases in other markets. Frankly, it’s an afterthought trying to sell a lot of phones here and if you are trying to compete here, you’re up against Apple and Samsung, so that’s tough yeah markets are actually super important when it comes to competition. Okay. So just so, we can get like a clear answer. So person coming in owns no smartphone. What would you recommend them so they don’t have any any foot in an ecosystem at all no fee. Do you have a budget let’s say they could afford any phone out there, but you know their value matters. Okay, I would start with galaxy s 20 and then you could sort of figure out what you like or don’t like about that and go from there.

So if you’re like, oh, I love galaxy s, 20 wish it was bigger. Well, we have the plus, we have the ultra or if you wish it was a better camera like we can go pick. So we can go other other phones. Okay, so you only see choosing a smartphone it’s like a journey. You want to send them down a path: it’s uh, yeah it’s, one of those like we call like a choose. Your own adventure like there is no one answer, there’s, like 17 different answers, depending on how you answer the questions. If it was like someone like me and, like you said, no allegiance, no budget restriction go for whatever phone you want. I’D probably say just get an iPhone 11 Pro max and like that’s, a good phone for like two years, probably but yeah there’s a there’s, a lot of good stuff out there that’s pretty much it thanks for joining yeah thanks to isolation, isolation, exactly okay, these markers. Okay, so that was that was pretty cool that was mkbhd. I’Ll drop this channel in the description, if, for some reason you haven’t heard of him and yeah, that was our thoughts on current and future smartphones.