Video about the scene appear gimbal that I am testing right now and test all the possibility and all the tests that have been inside because it’s only around 79 and it could be a perfect starter, gimbal Music. You can show where you see. One of the key features for this gimbal should be the price coming at around seventy nine dollars, and sometimes even less. This could be a great starter, perfect gimbal for users that are just starting out in the box. You will not get so much will get just the gimbal and a soft shell case even with this small tripod. Well, you have to order it online or tanks per gear for sending me over one. So you’ll get just the gimbal and nothing else. Well, you will get the cable for charging and that’s one thing: you get just a micro, USB, cable and come on 2020 micro USB. It should have been a new SBC, cable, Music. I’M. Pretty much surprised about the tracking option of this gimbal and it’s tracking. My face pretty much all the time, no matter what am i doing and well I have this kind of scene and maybe it’s really easy to drag my face in this kind of environment. But yes, I didn’t have so much great experience with zly app on Android and tracking my face. This is an exception and it’s doing kind of a fairly great job: Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music.

This gimbal has a really simple design and doesn’t have actually a trigger on the back, so you will be presented by a zoom option up and down a stop record on and on off button. Then we have the most selector for the modes and just a joystick on upper part. It will have a blue light flashing that your battery it’s kind of powered and nothing else. At the back side, you can find a new SBC upgrade port it’s, not for anything else just for upgrade and on the side, the mentioned micro, USB it’s, designed for in the zy app and it connecting through bloated and you get a standard layout. So you will be able to record get a time. Ups moving time, ups for a panorama shot and a panoramic Panoramio option on this gimbal makes a decent job doing stitch panorama photos in JPEG in the menu system you will be able also to choose some setting. Just like the video resolution from 720 FPS 1080s pas and 4k 30fps, there is no 24 25 frame per seconds and it will always depend on which type of smartphone videos you will be also able to turn on and off. The stabilization on a phone and put some girls or diagonals centre point or all together. There are also stabilization parameters like follow, gimbal, walking and motion, and in the end you will find the device information. Gyf actually has some filters like dreamed. Time twilight lemon, so you can choose some built in burning filters to get some creative shots.

If you are in that field, after 2 hours of shooting the battery is almost full, so you should get a whole day experience with this gimbal in this price category. There are a lot of gamers and a lot of option to choose. One of them is the most mean yes, that’s also foldable, so we will get a better folding experience and more space in your backpack. Well, this is not using a lot of space, so he will get what you paid. There is nothing to hate about this product, but I would actually love to get an USB C charging port rather than an micro USB. That was all for this vlog style. Review of the scene appear thumbs up if you liked it subscribe with the Bering icon to get notified every time.