, But no. This is not a luxury item. And while that may be the case, the G7 is a highly capable value: smart phone with some enhancements and durability, which focus on function over flourish. Practicality. Over theatricality. And let’s be clear about something from the top.. You can snag this phone for 250., Maybe it’s time you said Electronic Female Voice, Hello, Moto. upbeat electronic music. So, if any reviews here any videos have helped you make a decision on anything purchasing not purchasing hit that thumbs up, hit the subscribe and hit that notification bell. So you can be notified be aware when the latest videos on products gadgets and services drop., upbeat music. So what does saying hello to Moto get you Well. Let me start off on the opposite end of that question.. What doesn’t it get you You’re, not gon na get wireless charging.! You aren’t going to get three cameras.. You aren’t going to get the top of the line. Processors. You’re, not gon na get an AMOLED display. But here’s what you do. Get. A splash resistant device with a 6.2 inch 2270 by 1080 display with thick bezels and a center camera teardrop notch. It’s fine indoors. But could be a bit brighter outdoors., But at 405 pixels per inch. The human eye can really only discern a bit over 300. The icons and text on display look sharp and scale really well.. I actually enjoy watching content on this phone rather than some others, because its display is wider than others.

. Your mileage may vary there but I’m, not a huge fan of the trend of tall really narrow, displays.. The right side of the phone is where you’re going to find the ridged power button and the volume rocker. There’s nothing on the left.. The bottom has your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack USB C charge port with 15 watt fast charging enabled.. That means you’re gon na get about nine hours of power with 50 minutes of charging according to Motorola.. Also on the bottom is a speaker and that’s it. Top of the phone you’ll find a SIM tray, which also doubles as the micro SDXC holder. And below that a speaker grille for calls. Around the back of the phone is where you’ll find the fingerprint sensor, which Worked reliably and consistently for me. That’s, also where you’re gon na find a 12 megapixel camera and five megapixel depth sensor for effects. And that’s, pretty much all you’re gon na get out of the hardware.. Like I said in the beginning of this review, this is not a luxury device., But what is luxury Embellishment on design Flourishes to fit and finish High end parts which provide for a high end functionality, Little and big things which add perceived value or real value to An item In this case Motorola, has been adding value to users via their user interface enhancements for some time. Now. Moto Actions, Moto Display and Moto Voice are all user interface enhancements, which are well thought out and add solid functionality to Android’s operating system.

. If you’re new to Moto devices I’m gon na walk you through them briefly, because there are a few. Moto Actions are a gesture based shortcuts which allow you to interact with phone functions.. Quick capture allows you to launch the camera with the twist of your wrist. Fast flashlight allows you to turn the flashlight on and off with two chopping motions.. One button navigation is an intuitive way to use the single pillow navigation bar option in Android. Turn it on and then choose your swiping options to navigate the operating system.. Three finger: screenshot is just what it sounds. Like. Once activated tap three fingers on the screen to take a screen grab and go directly into edit mode.. There are several more in the Moto Action menu that you can choose from, but these tend to be. My favorites. Moto Display allows you to do a few things.. If you don’t necessarily want to have an always on active display, you can turn on peak display.. What this option does is allow you to see notifications on your lock screen, but only when they initially arrive, or when you interact with the phone by approaching it.. You can then interact with the notification itself to dismiss it or launch and look at it.. You can choose how much info is displayed here as well as which apps are allowed to display information on your lock. Screen. Moto Voice is fairly basic here, but it can be set to automatically detect when you’re driving and announce incoming calls and messages.

. It can be set to do the same automatically when it detects that it’s connected to a supported device like a Bluetooth earpiece for example.. One aspect of this feature, which is pretty cool, is that you can make Talk to Me activate based on location.. So when you arrive to the office, it knows and will automatically begin announcing, incoming calls and texts based on geo, location., upbeat music, Now let’s get to that camera.. What do you get for 250 worth of smartphone camera technology? Quite a bit., As I stated in other reviews, you won’t be blowing up eight by tens of these images or making billboards, but you do get a phone which produces some pretty darn solid captures at this price point. Under ideal conditions, the rear and front facing cameras. Both take solid photos of course. Images are sharp and colors look. Great. Saturation may be a bit much for some folks’ eye, but I tend to like warmer images personally.. You can see some of that heavy color saturation in the selfie I took in the middle of the day with plenty of sunlight., But in this image on my patio, the camera does a solid job of balancing the shaded areas of the image against the brighter areas And keeping the contrast in balance., The shadows on my balcony were actually darker, but that sky was so bright that the camera compensated, but did so without losing a great deal of detail in the stucco fence posts or that tree in the background.

At night. The camera sensor still does a quality job of capturing images which have solid color reproduction and contrast, even if they can be a bit noisy in the darker areas. And while you don’t get a night shot mode with the G7. You do get a manual mode. So you can adjust ISO shutter, speed and other functions in low light situations to get the most of what light you do have.. So, are you ready to say hello Moto As a father of three I’m in love with this phone as a device for tweens teens and anyone living in your home who doesn’t have a job to buy their own phone. Sure? I know a lot of parents buy their kids iPhones, but when my children were younger, I wasn’t that parent.. I actually bought my sons, previous generation versions of the Moto G series, and they were just fine. And they’ve gotten even better. Since then, this G series., The great thing, is that this phone is fine for people with a job who just don’t want to spend a lot on a phone.. Those folks do exist. Despite what manufacturers will try to sell us., They really only want a phone so that they can make calls and send a text and maybe snap the occasional photo if some extraordinary situation arises. For that user I’d say you should definitely say, Electronic Female Voice: Hello, Moto., Hey, if you have any questions anything I didn’t address here, maybe in the review.

Please leave a comment in the comments section below and I will get to it absolutely and help you out.. We don’t take it lightly that you’re watching this video. When there are so many things you could be binge watching in your day. So we appreciate you. Look forward to seeing you on the next one.