So we are doing this. Video on my Sony, XA altra, plus it’s gon na be a review. I’Ve had this phone for a good I’d say like five six months and I’m, just gon na give you the good and the bad of it. Okay, so the good it’s, cheap, it’s, a Sony phone it’s cheap first time, I’ve ever owned a Sony phone. I like the way it’s designed I like the way it looks. It’S got a big screen. It’S got it’s supposed to have anything comparable to a a note 8, which is what I’m recording this from ok so here’s the here’s. My impression of this ok um the camera isn’t all that great the camera isn’t all that great, ok, the camera isn’t. All that great and the reason being is that you know I haven’t known eight so I’m, comparing it to my note 8 camera. The pictures that take they’re, okay but I’m, just pretty much just not used to to the to how this camera works for lack of a better word, I’m, not impressed with it. I prefer my Samsung phones and this this is probably my last non Samsung phone being that most of my phones in the past have been Samsung notes. Samsung Note, Samsung phones. I actually went back to my notes, five that I kept, which I’m glad I did. Okay, so basically I don’t know if it’s this particular phone, but I’ve noticing lags lags as far as you know, what I’m typing stuff like that lags as far as me surfing the internet.

You know stuff like that. I am NOT a fan of obviously no one’s. A fan of that it’s got no could be the fact that you know I’m, pretty sure, it’s missing something from the network. You know I’ve got t mobile it’s supposed to be unlocked, it is unlocked for the most part. The internet looks works fine, but when, when it’s kind of slow, you know it really frustrates me economically. As far as where everything is I’m, not a fan of that I’m, just really it’s, like all the non Samsung phones, I’ve had I’ve always had Android, never been an iPhone. Guy I’ve always had Android all the iPhone all the non Samsung phones that I’ve had I’ve. Never been a fan of like there’s, always you know it. This possess the same specs as a Samsung. A similar phone to a Samsung are the same of the same. You know you know the specs they’re supposed to be comparable to a Samsung of the same Samsung phone for lack of a better word. I haven’t had breakfast guys, but but you know it starts out good and then you start noticing stuff I’ve had LG phones. Those are crap they’re supposed to have like that. You know if I was to get like an lg phone in the same specs as a no.5 didn’t know. Five will work in you know, remarkably better than two LG and it I’m gon na have to say this.

It’S the same with the Sony I’m, not a fan of non Samsung phones. At this point now, I’ve always been wanting to get. You know just to move away from the price enos of Samsung phones. Just you know the notes and stuff like that. Just moving away from the price enos of it and – and I always go back to the Samsung phones – I always do because, for whatever reason I don’t know what it is, Samsung phones have better as far as you know, ooh videos it’s like surfing the internet and Stuff, like that, it’s just a lot better, you know typing it’s, just a lot better. You know you guys noticed that there’s no crack his phone. I mean I one thing. I could say that this phone held up pretty good as far as there’s no cracks on this phone on the screen. I wish I could say that for all my Samsung phones, but every single one of nine Samsung phones, I’ve, had have cracks on the screen. This one doesn’t I’ve had this for five months I’m: very surprised that I haven’t there’s no cracks on the screen, but that being said, even with the cracks on my samsung 5 phone, and I thought that Samsung 5 phone is it’s a lesser phone than this okay. This phone is, it has been out a lot longer than Samsung I’ve done. My samsung 5 it’s got better specs I’m 5, but my Samsung 5 works a lot better than my Sony.

Xperia x8 x, a XA ultra. This is the X 83 ultra, something like that. I’M, not quite sure I don’t know all right. I don’t know, as you know, it’s like I change up. Phones, maybe like once once a year or two, maybe like once every two years I’m, not one of these guys who gets a new phone every every every. Every model that comes out per year and me and like I said I have the only reason why I go away. Why I move away from from Samsung phones? Is the price enos of it, but considering that a note, 8 is going for. Like 200 unlock note 8 going for around 200 250. I probably should have gone a note 8, instead of paying like 130 for this now now, to be honest, if this was a better phone, I would have given it a real okay. I do. I do a lot on on my phones, I you know, I you know I. I do a lot of comments, video comments and stuff like that. I do a lot on my phones as far as texting and stuff like that now autocomplete. As far as words, a concern now that’s really a problem with every phone that I’ve had where not only does it correct the words and it corrects it incorrectly, it wants to recorrect it once I correct it originally to the to it. Back now, from what I’ve experienced with this phone it’s ten times, it’s just absolute worst after that Samsung phone as far as autocorrect is concerned, I’m, not a fan of autocorrect or or filling in words, auto, auto, fill in words, and it never quite gets get it Right, as far as you know, the word that you know it should be a simple thing as far as the next word is concerned, but it never gets it right, so I’ve been having so many issues with that I’ve been having so many issues with autocomplete, but But outside of that, I do like that it has a SIM card.

No, I do like that. It has a memory card. My no.5 doesn’t have a memory card slot, but guess what I’m going? Back? To my note, 5, the the sound on this phone is amazing, is it’s, pretty good, it’s design wise, I really like to design, but just just a little just a little quirks. That makes makes a phone an ideal phone for me. Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t have it and essentially no phone that I’ve had outside of Samsung Samsung notes them, but that’s, probably why the white they cost as much as they do, because they’ve actually gone out of the way to make their phones as good, as can be So this was my tryout. I was hoping that that you know I could just move away from sent. Pricey Samsung phones, but you know, concerning the note aids are, you know, are going for a pretty good price. These days, I’ll probably say that, if my phone’s from now to whenever and let until unless Samsung changes, you know what they do as far as internet surfing is concerned, you know, as far as overall usage comfort of over usage is concerned, I’m definitely definitely definitely gon Na stick with Samsung phones and yeah I’ve tried LG not going to go back. That I’ve tried blackberry when blackberry. You know a blackberry when we know after after they did the whole Android thing. I’Ve tried, Sony’s I’ve tried yeah. I I’ve tried a variety of different phones and Samsung definitely is the best and and and if the Samsung phone is 100 more than the Sony, I would definitely just go and get the Samsung phone instead.

The only reason. Why is why I switched up from a no.5 to this was because the Samsung phone did not have the note. 5 did not have a memory card slot and if you guys ever had situations where a phone just goes out on you and all that information is just stored on the phone, and I mean this cloud these days, but still still this cloud these days. But I don’t I haven’t, I haven’t done done the cloud thing but um, but that’s my video for this and you guys are looking for a simple phone where you guys aren’t doing much on it. Besides making calls text, you know, light internet usage and stuff like that, just watching videos, you know I I mean I couldn’t say this was a bad phone, but if you guys are doing a lot more than that, like you guys are making videos off the phone Etc, etc, just just stick with the Samsung’s guys. Alright hope this guy hope this helped you guys now, if you guys are looking for this phone, probably not considering this has been out for for a while. Normally I don’t do these kinds of videos on cell phones and stuff, but since I’m gon na put this on eBay, which I will within a day after I move everything to my back to my no 5. This will be gone and just completing this. As far as this video is concerned, alright guys, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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